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 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
  5550 Munger Road, Dayton, Ohio 45459
   (937) 434-9422 FAX (937) 434-0573
Greetings and Congratulations!

On behalf of the Zion Family of Faith, we want to assure you of
our prayers and best wishes as you plan and then begin your
married life together. We rejoice that you are seeking the Blessings
of God as you offer your vows in a Christian Worship Service.

The Lord has promised His special peace and presence among
those who believe. Secular studies continue to show that couples
who sincerely seek a marriage centered in faith remain stronger
and are generally much more able to endure the emotional and
circumstantial swings of marriage.

This booklet is designed to help you with your wedding plans. We
ask that you read it over carefully.

A note on church membership: In general, it is our practice to
perform weddings for active members of Zion Lutheran Church.
Active members are those who participate in the life and worship
of the congregation and who partake of the Sacrament of Holy
Communion. If at least one of you is not currently an active
member of this congregation, we urge you to develop a
relationship with this family of faith by attending weekly worship,
and discussing membership with the pastor. Please understand
that due to the time involved in preparing for a wedding, non-
members are married here at the sole discretion of the pastor.

                       The Pastor & Staff of Zion Lutheran Church

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                         Where Do You Begin?

        Call the church office to find out if the sanctuary is
         available on the date and time you have chosen and to find
         out if our pastor will be available then. Normally there is a
         minimum of three months between the time the church is
         notified and the actual wedding day.

        Set up a meeting with the pastor to discuss this booklet.

       
        Set up a meeting with the pastor who will be officiating at
          your wedding. This meeting takes place at least 3-6
          months before the wedding date. This meeting will be the
          first of three pre-marital counseling sessions.

       
        Contact our music director to make sure that he will be
          available on the date you have selected.

        Contact the wedding coordinator who will work with you
         to help with the details of your wedding that involve the
         church. If your wedding includes only the two of you and
         your witnesses, a wedding coordinator is not necessary.

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                   Frequently Asked Questions
What is an active member?
Active members are those who participate in the life and worship
of the congregation and who partake of the Sacrament of Holy
Communion. If at least one of you is not currently an active
member of this congregation, we urge you to develop a
relationship with this family of faith by attending weekly worship,
and discussing membership with one of the pastors.

What happens in Pre-Marital Counseling?
You will be expected to participate in at least three pre-marital
sessions, each one lasting approximately one hour. In these
sessions you will be discussing your relationship with each other,
the issues and adjustments you will be facing in marriage, and the
wedding ceremony itself.

When Do You Get the Marriage License?
Within sixty days of the wedding date, both of you need to go to
the courthouse of the Ohio county in which one of you resides to
obtain a marriage license. If neither of you is an Ohio resident,
you may go to any Ohio county
courthouse to get the license. Call the courthouse to find out office
hours, costs, and what documents to bring.

When Should Fees Be Paid?
A $50 non-refundable deposit for the use of the facilities is due
from non-members at the time of scheduling the wedding. The
balance of all remaining fees is due at the church office two
weeks prior to the wedding. Make the checks payable to each
individual for his or her services and to Zion Lutheran Church for
use of the facility.

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Fees and Services Offered:

The Pastor: A fee of $200 will be charged for the pastoral
services if neither one of you is an active member of our
congregation. While the pastor requires no honorarium for a
wedding in which at least one of you is a member of Zion, it is
certainly acceptable to give one. If you choose to have an
additional pastor assist with the ceremony, you must clear it with
our pastor.

The Music Director: A fee of $150 will be charged for these
services: (a) a consultation to discuss the wedding music; (b)
attendance at the rehearsal; (c) 20 minutes of pre-wedding music,
music during the ceremony; and post-wedding music, which will
be played until all guests have left the sanctuary.

          The music director must approve all music selected for
           your wedding. The music you select should reflect an
           attitude of praising God. Some secular musical selections
           are not appropriate.

          You must use our music director if you plan on using our
           organ or piano. If he is not available, then an outside
           musician will be permitted, providing that person contacts
           our music director.

          A fee of $150 will be charged for a substitute organist if the
           wedding is scheduled to take place on Saturday evening
           during the same time frame as our regular weekly worship
           service. This frees our music director so he can be at your
           disposal while the substitute provides music at the regular

The Custodian: A fee of $100 will be charged for the initial
services of our custodian. There is an additional $50.00 fee for
each additional area of the church that is used (for example:
Garden or Gazebo, or Mullen Hall). These fees for the custodian
are payable by both non- members and members of Zion.
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Use of the Sanctuary: If neither of you are members of Zion,
there will be fee of $150 to have your wedding at Zion. If one of
you is an active member of Zion, there is no fee.

Use of Mullen Hall for your Reception: If neither of you are
members of our church and you desire to use our Mullen Hall, a
fee of $100 will be charged. If one of you is an active member,
there is no fee for using the Mullen Hall. The reception must be
finished by 10:00 P.M.

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                   Miscellaneous Information

Bridal Party: ALL hair and makeup must be done before
coming to the church!

Dimensions: The nave comfortably seats 300 people. The center
aisle is 42 feet long. There are a total of 29 pews.

Photographer/Videographer: Photographers and videographers
must talk to the pastor prior to the wedding to review the church’s
policies. They are expected to use good taste and not be a
distraction as they seek to capture your special day on film.
Flashes may be used as the wedding party enters and exits the
sanctuary but absolutely are not permitted during the wedding
ceremony. During the ceremony, pictures and video may be taken
with available light from the choir area. They are welcome to take
pictures before and after the ceremony. These policies also apply
to family members and guests who are at the wedding. No
furniture may be moved in the nave without the express permission
of the pastor in charge.

Flowers: Fresh or silk flowers may be used. Flowers may be
placed on the Altar, in the wall sconces on either side of the Altar,
or on separate stands provided by a florist. If you plan on using the
standard Altar flowers provided, please notify the church one-week
in advance and state the type and colors you want. There is some
additional charge for certain types of flowers used. The only
exception would be if the families donating for that week would
not agree, then you would need to furnish your own flowers. If you
would like to donate some of your flowers to the church for
Sunday services, please notify the church office.

Unity Candle: The unity candle consists of one large candle and
two smaller ones. If you intend to use the unity candle ceremony
in your wedding, you are responsible for purchasing the candles..
Some couples choose to use their own baptismal candles with a
larger candle.

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Decorating the Church: All decorations, including bows and
flowers, must be in place at least two hours before the ceremony
begins. Check with the pastor as to what decorations are
appropriate and when you can decorate. All decorations must be
removed immediately after the ceremony.

Responsible Groups: Have a designated person or persons
assigned for decorating the church as well as removing the
decorations following the ceremony. They are responsible for
checking and cleaning the bridal rooms, sanctuary, and the
reception hall, if applicable. This is to make sure no belongings are
left behind at the church. The church is not responsible for lost
or stolen items.

Wedding Bulletins: If you desire to have a wedding bulletin to
convey your wedding theme and to guide people through the
service, we suggest that you purchase the bulletins at a religious
bookstore and have them professionally printed.

Bubbles/Birdseed: Bubbles or birdseed may not be distributed to
your guests until after the ceremony, and after the guests are
outside the building.

Rehearsal: The rehearsal is normally held the evening before the
wedding and lasts 45 - 60 minutes. Bring the marriage license and
unity candles to the rehearsal.

Reception: You are welcome to use Mullen Hall for your
reception and bring in a caterer of your choosing. Please note that
smoking is not permitted in the church building or garden and also
alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.
Receptions cannot be held later than 10:00 P.M.

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                        Final Thoughts

Please give the church your new address.

We pray for you as you prepare for your wedding, and we pray that
your life together will be joyful and fulfilling.

                       Contact Numbers

Pastor                John Mittermaier     434-9422 (office)

Music Director        W. James Owen        293-2392 (office)

Secretary             Jane Teems           434-9422 (office)

Custodian             Gene Wilhelm         434-1350 (home)

                         Fee Summary

              (Due two weeks prior to the wedding)

Pastor                       $200 (non-members)

Music Director               $150 (wedding and rehearsal)
                             $25 (consultation fee only)
Substitute Organist          $150 (if needed)

Custodian                    $100
                             $50 (Garden)
                             $50 (Mullen Hall)

Sanctuary                    $150 (non-members)
Mullen Hall                  $100 (non-members)

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                  ZION WEDDING FORM

Complete the following information when you schedule your
wedding date at Zion Lutheran Church. A $50 non-refundable
deposit is also required from non-members at the time of
scheduling. Pre-marital counseling with Pastor Mittermaier is
required prior to the wedding.

Wedding Date: ___/___/___
Time___:___ ____ (am or pm)
Member of Zion ___ yes ___ no
Deposit Paid   ___ yes ___ no
Date Paid ___/___/___

Presiding Minister_______________________________

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Name: _______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

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Phone: __________________

Church membership ___________________________________
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Additional notes:


Name: _______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

City: ____________________ State: ________ Zip: _________

Phone: __________________

Church membership ___________________________________
                    (name of church)

Additional notes:

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