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					       With reference to accompanying presentations:
        - YES, Sport Court and Sustainable Models, power-point
        - Bacau-s, Sport Court DV video

       This serves as an information, design and plan concept with pricing for consideration by
        sponsors, investors, schools, clubs, hospitality, sport associations, offices/office parks, city
        parks, municipalities, etc

A turnkey project in the strategic sport facility development and sustainable planning for
whomever to consider, partly or wholly, and whatever needs and requirements to be
determined and agreed in a cover letter or agreement or order confirmation


First Ready Development 839 (Pty) Ltd is a section 21, non profit organization, trading as Youth
Evolution in Sport (YES) and are geared to community sport facility development, and in particular
township and rural areas

YES has a network consortium of business associates and partners geared to providing a full turnkey
project design and construction and providing of equipment and services to complete the desired
facility and ensure its sustainability

YES includes and structures the sustainable model via:

    -   Xconnect, would provide a mobile device for data and information capture and sport talent
    -   Action Sports, as a 22 year business in franchise operation would provide the operational
        management and utilization control
    -   Start Sport for sport coaching and structuring of utilization and events

       The Start Sport involvement might change in company name and personnel from region to
        region and town to town but the same service applies by / from whomever

       The info and detail relating to the sustainability is included under separate cover in the YES,
        Sport Court and Sustainable Models, power-point

The following provides a design, detail and pricing for the Sport Court consideration

The synthetic turf (TigerTurf) option and consideration of full fields and or 5-a-side or multiple 5-a-side
designs and prices is separately compiled if and as required

The following design and development / construction are based on a community facility for optimal
use and involvement with lowest maintenance requirement, optimal affordability and longevity of use,
and importantly to fully appreciate requires your reference to:
            - The YES, Sport Court and Sustainable Model, power-point
            - The Bacau-s Sport Court DVD video
These documents allow a full understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the following:

        Sport Court as a product, a sport surface and a sport facility
        Its quality and highest level approval for sports
        Its high aesthetic appeal, safety and longevity of use
        The value and benefits through it‟s multi-function, multi-purpose and multi-sport use
        Options for inclusion, ie where it can be installed

There is a lot to comprehend to fully appreciate Sport Court and we have tried to provide as much
information as possible BUT importantly to keep it simple so not an „over load‟

There will be some duplication amongst the various documents but hopefully only that which is
important for you

For more information refer:       www.sportcourt.com


Sport Court is best summed up in the document separately provided

“Qualification – Product and Company”:


A hi-tech, quality product, with over 25 years experience, patented and tested to ASTM standards,
ensuring safety of lateral forgiveness, friction, flexibility, load bearing, hardness, flatness, heat
deflection, resistant to bacteria, mildew, etc, easily maintained and long lasting

It has a 10 year warranty and life expectancy of 20 years +

It is approved by sport associations/bodies for futsal, tennis, basketball, netball, badminton,
volleyball, roller hockey, indoor hockey.

It is highly aesthetically appealing coming in almost any colour or combination of colours


It can be fixed, ie a permanent facility or it can be mobile

A Sport Court can be installed in a morning and similarly removed in the same time

It can be installed on any hard, flat surface, anywhere


Can be indoors or outdoors

Indoors will require a sound absorption pad below the court which is either a thin (2mm) rubber, or felt
type carpet or carpet tile or similar.

This absorbs the ball bounce, player feet movement and noise sound

Indoors can simply be retrofit over an existing floor or gym or whatever

Fixed is typically where the use of the court is a permanent nature, ie everyday it is utilized so that
taking it away to elsewhere is not an option so it would not be a „mobile‟
Mobile (Transcourtable):

Allows the flexibility of say a hall or conference centre or a mall parking lot or an event manager or a
sponsor being able to lay Sport Court for a sport event, and literally whatever sport event they prefer,
and then simply dismantle and stack away or transport to wherever

It allows the opportunity of taking the court and the game to the people, ie take Sport Court to any
region, or area or venue.

It becomes the perfect “mobile activation” sport event

Consider the „retrofit‟ (convert an existing) of either fixed or mobile:
   - School gym
   - Basketball „hard courts‟
   - Tennis courts
   - Roof tops of offices and buildings
   - Car parks
   - Township „combi-courts‟
   - Shopping Mall courtyards
   - City roads and pavements

Picture Views of Install Options

Car Park                                            Office Roof

Tennis Courts                                       Apartments Court
Parking            Indoor Hall / Conference Centre

Parking            Shopping Courtyard

Residential Park   School Gym

School Yard        School Yard
Disabled in the Street                                     Community

Communities                                                 Logo / Sponsor opportunity


When considering the above, ie

    -   Versatility of sport, fixed and/or mobile, quality, longevity and its aesthetic appeal and the
        photo‟s of where it is applied

Then one only need think of the situations in South Africa where a Sport Court is so desperately
needed and would be immense value to:

    -   Township Schools, Parks and Sport & Rec where all those old, run-down, un-used, concrete
        combi-courts or tennis courts would be re-created as healthy activity sport centres for a
        number of sports inclusion

    -   Schools or Clubs (established) where they have a number of tennis courts and/or a
        basketball court, and/or a indoor hall / gym where converting a court/s would provide them
        the highest quality surface and additional sport surface area for tennis, basketball, netball,
        hockey, etc

    -   Roof tops of offices, hotels, apartments, etc where a recreational area would add value

    -   Hotels, Casino’s, Malls, etc where parking areas, or roof tops, or courtyards, etc would add
        value with a Sport Court

    -   Mobile Activation and promotional events, taking the event and a game to the people, road-
        shows, etc
The added advantage is the surface is needed for higher level competition and events (Provincial and
National) for futsal, netball, basketball, badminton, etc where the „hard court‟ is not accepted at this
level and is declared un-safe

Then, as well the opportunity exists for the court to be used for leagues and events for corporate, etc
and generating an income (as the 5-a-side soccer arenas are doing)

Picture Views of Areas that with Sport Court would be of such added value and benefit to the
land/site, the institution occupying the site, the local community and sport associations

Before: Township netball/basketball/soccer        After: Soccer (& Hockey) and Netball

Consider the above ‘make-over’ and the difference it would make to the facility and the users
for the following:-

Township School netball/basketball/soccer         Township Park combi-court

Township Tennis Courts                            Township Sport & Rec
Township Park Basketball                              Township Park Basketball

Primary School tennis-cum-netball                     Club x 4 tennis courts

SPORT COURT:                        FACILITY PLAN

Multi-Purpose, ‘Combi-Court’ OR Sport Specific

Futsal/5-a-side soccer, indoor-hockey (5-a-side), netball, basketball, tennis, volleyball – the court can
have all these markings or whatever sport markings of your choice


      -    if requiring any other sport use, other than the permanent line markings, then these lines can
           be temporarily taped on

Typical court sizes:

         FIFA International futsal playing area      = 40m x 20m + 1m run-off = 42m x 22m = 924sm

         Township combi-court (basketball/netball/soccer)                       35m x 20m = 700sm

         Standard tennis court                                                  36m x 18m = 648sm

         Sport Specific    :       basketball        = 28m x 15m playing area   34m x 19m   = 646sm
                            :       netball           = 30m x 15m playing area   34m x 19m   = 646sm
                            :       volleyball        = 18m x 8m playing area    22m x 12m   = 264sm
                            :       Indoor hockey     = 36-44m x 18-22m          40m x 22m   = 880sm
                            :       5-a-side soccer   = 30-36m x 18-28m          34m x 20m   = 680sm

         ½ court / 3-a-side single goal, hoop, basket area                      16m x 16m = 256sm

Your needs & requirements, as well available court/size, and budget allowable, will determine your
preferred court size and sport inclusion (markings) but whichever fun, healthy activity, skill
development, etc is guaranteed on an high quality, safe and long lasting surface
Futsal (Soccer) / Indoor Hockey & Netball              Futsal (Basketball circle) / Indoor Hockey &
                                                           Basketball & Netball & Tennis

             Your choice of colour combinations and sponsor logo inclusion as you wish


Install and Care

    -   Utilise approx 8 (eight) local labour identified or sourced locally by YES
    -   Train these labour in installation of sport court, and care & maintain of same
    -   Care & Maintain is literally just keeping the court clean of debris, grass cuttings, litter, etc
    -   Provide
                 ~ Extra materials (in case of damage and a need to replace)

Facility Utilisation Management

It is preferred a local person/s either be currently in the employ of the land/site owner be employed, in
order to manage, control and monitor the facility operation

        -   The YES sustainable management team (refer the YES, Sport Court and Sustainable
            Models, power-point) would train and work with this manager or managers on an on-
            going basis

Community Open Day

We provide the option for the inclusion of a community open day with the aim of ensuring the
     - Local community is aware and informed of the facility and its plans for maintain, sustain and
         including community programmes, and use for township, schools, clubs, social and business.

    -   Demonstration of games, 3 vs 3 „jam sessions‟ and skills development & testing of various
        sports, and with certain Sport Legends attending
SPORT COURT:                      PROJECT PRICING


    -   P&G for travel to site, base preparation in cleaning and patching

=       R 5 000 excluding VAT

Sport Court

    -   International approved surface for futsal/soccer, hockey, netball, basketball, tennis, etc
    -   Supply & Install
    -   Including all line marking

        Warranty 10 years

250sm =          R 955/sm         =       R 238 750 excluding VAT

646sm =          R 660/sm         =       R 425 700 excluding VAT

700sm =          R 650/sm         =       R 455 000 excluding VAT

800sm =          R 630/sm         =       R 504 000 excluding VAT

924sm =          R 610/sm         =       R 563 640 excluding VAT

Court Equipment

Lights x 3 x 9m gum poles either length with 2 x 400Kw metal halide lights to each (12)

=       R 150 000 excluding VAT

Futsal goals, aluminium, mobile (per set, ie x 2)

=       R 17 500 excluding VAT

3-a-side goals, aluminium, mobile (per set, ie x 2)

=       R 12 500 excluding VAT

Goals & Basketball hoop combination (hoop mounted above goals) (per set, ie x 2)

=       R 22 500 excluding VAT

Netball posts (per set, ie x 2)

=       R 12 500 excluding VAT


YES, as a section 21 company, includes a 3% mark-up for Attorney & Accountant management of
corporate governance, bookkeeping and admin, management and travel, etc, and which is included in
each of the above


The above is subject to a site inspection and final prices/pricing at time of order/agreement but we
expect the above should be „stable‟ for 2009

The Sport Court product is manufactured in the USA so production and then shipping time
necessitates an approx 3 month time-line from order to completion

January 2009

First Ready Development 839 (Pty) Ltd
Youth Evolution in Sport (YES)

A section 21, non-profit organisation, geared to community facility development

Jock Coombes
Operations Director

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