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Chapter Members - Chapter Members - R- S -T

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Members by Chapter
  Royal Palm ............................................................................. 2
  Space Coast ........................................................................... 6
  Tampa Bay ............................................................................. 7
  Treasure Coast .......................................................................11

                                               Royal Palm Chapter Members
Chapter Members
   Royal Palm

                                                       A W Kelley’s Gardens, Inc.            Big Tree, Inc.                           Certified Slings, Inc.
                                                       A.W. Kelley                           Kit Bock                                 Mark Henderson
                                                       6901 Hendry Creek Dr                  Joy Oehser                               2015 Arcadia St
                                                       Ft Myers, FL 33908-4279               5175 Country Lakes Dr                    Ft Myers, FL 33916-4861
                                                       Phone: 239-481-1555                   Ft Myers, FL 33905-5110                  Phone: 239-334-1343
                                                       Fax: 239-481-6623                     Phone: 239-694-9700                      Fax: 239-334-4822
                                                       Email: awkelleys@msn.com              Fax: 239-694-5979                        Email:
                                                       Web: www.awkelleysgardens.com         Email: lisa@bigtreeinc.net               fortmyersmanager@certifiedslings.com
                                                       BRK GRW                     M13       CON GRW LSC                              Web: www.certifiedslings.com

                                                       All Native Garden Center, Nursery &   Bokeelia Tree Co., LLC
                   Chapter                             Landscapes
                                                       John T. Sibley
                                                                                             Scott King
                                                                                             5552 Tice St
                                                                                                                                      City of Fort Myers Parks Dept.
                                                                                                                                      J.B. Schuetz, Manager - Parks &

                    Officers                           300 Center Rd                         Ft. Myers, FL 33905-6521                 Recreation
                                                       Ft Myers, FL 33907-1513               Phone: 239-690-2333                      4500 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
                                                       Phone: 239-939-9663                   Fax: 239-690-2334                        PO Box 2217
                                                       Fax: 239-936-8504                     Email: scottkingfl@earthlink.net         Ft Myers, FL 33902
                  President                                                                                                           Phone: 239-461-7155
                                                       Email: nolawn@iline.com
                  Kendell Wherry                       Web: www.nolawn.com                                                            Fax: 239-461-7181
                  Wherry Truck Lines                                                                                                  GRW
                                                                                             Bonita Bay Community Association
                  PO Box 61008                                                               William H. Lynn, III
                  Ft. Myers, FL 33906-1008             American Farms, LLC                   3531 Bonita Bay Blvd Ste 200
                  Ph: 239-768 -1293 Fx: 239-768-6552   Jim Pugh                              Bonita Springs, FL 34134-1800            Collier County - Transportation
                                                       1484 Keane Ave SW                     Phone: 239-495-4680                      Division
                                                                                             Fax: 239-415-1416
                  State Board Representative           PO Box 990490                                                                  Bob Petersen
                                                       Naples, FL 34117-2926                 Email: williaml@bonitabaygroup.com       2885 Horseshoe Dr S
                  Carolan Mahr
                                                       Toll-free: 800-953-0300                                                        Naples, FL 34104
                  Ted Mahr Supply, Inc.                Phone: 239-455-0300                                                            Phone: 239-213-5871
                  407A SW 2nd St                       Fax: 239-455-1755                                                              Fax: 239-213-5899
                                                                                             Busk & Associates, Inc.
                  Cape Coral, FL 33991                 Email: csomoza@american-farms.com
                                                                                             W. Christian Busk
                                                                                                                                      Email: bobpetersen@colliergov.net
                  Ph:239-574-2214 Fx:239-574-2880      Web: www.american-farms.com
                                                       CGR GRW                     M13       816 Myrtle Ter
                  mahrsupply@earthlink.net                                                   Naples, FL 34103-2815
                                                                                             Phone: 239-263-7133                      Collier County - Transportation
                                                                                             Fax: 239-263-2751                        Division
                  Vice President
                                                       B.T. Growers, Inc.                    Email: wcbusk@cbusk.com
                  David Hyder                                                                Web: www.cbusk.com
                                                                                                                                      Pamela Lulich, RLA
                                                       Joy Oehser                                                                     2885 Horseshoe Dr S
                  C & S Farms LLC                      5175 Country Lakes Dr                 LSA LSC                            M13
                                                                                                                                      Naples, FL 34104
                  5880 Staley Rd                       Ft. Myers, FL 33905                                                            Phone: 239-213-5871
                  Ft Myers, FL 33905                   Phone: 239-694-9700                                                            Fax: 239-213-5899
                  Ph: 239-694-2452 Fx: 239-694-2682    Fax: 239-694-5979
                                                       Email: joy@bigtreeinc.net
                                                                                             Busy B & B Nursery & Sod                 Email: bobpetersen@colliergov.net

                                                       CON GRW LSC                           Curtis Blocker
                  Secretary                                                                  301 N 15th St
                                                                                             PO Box 970                               Collier County Extension Service
                  Alan Shaffer
                                                                                             Immokalee, FL 34143-0970
                  Forestry Resources, Inc.             Barron Collier Partnership            Phone: 239-657-7887
                                                                                                                                      Doug Caldwell
                                                                                                                                      14700 Immokalee Rd
                  4353 Michigan Link                   Dave Basquin, Manager                 Fax: 239-657-7886
                                                                                                                                      Naples, FL 33964-1468
                  Ft Myers, FL 33916-2301              1320 N 15th St                        GRW                                M13
                                                                                                                                      Phone: 239-353-4244
                  Ph: 239-334-7322 Fx: 239-334-2952    Immokalee, FL 34142-2817                                                       Fax: 239-353-7127
                  alan@gomulch.com                     Phone: 239-658-1383
                                                       Fax: 239-657-6237
                                                       Email: sodfarmbcp@aol.com
                                                                                             C & S Farms LLC
                  Treasurer                            Web: www.barroncollier.com            David Hyder                              Cortes Family Nursery
                                                                                             5880 Staley Rd
                  Debby Perkins                        GRW                                                                            Robert B. Cortes
                                                                                             Ft Myers, FL 33905
                  Perkins Nursery, Inc.                                                      Phone: 239-694-2452
                                                                                                                                      16020 Cook Rd
                                                                                                                                      Ft. Myers, FL 33908-3022
                  PO Box 2460                                                                Fax: 239-694-2682
                                                                                                                                      Phone: 239-454-1516
                  La Belle, FL 33975                   Bay Colony Community Assn.            CGR GRW                            M13
                  Ph:863-675-3006 Fx:863-675-8281      Francis X. Kitchener, Jr.
                  spalmetto@aol.com                    Eddie Feliciano
                                                       8791 Bay Colony Dr                                                             Linda Coyner
                                                       Naples, FL 34108-7757
                                                                                             Calusa Palm Liners, Inc.
                                                                                                                                      Linda Coyner
                                                       Phone: 239-566-2141                   Marc Patrick Gingras
                                                                                                                                      3705 17th Ave SW
                                                       Fax: 239-566-8056                     1960 23rd St SW
                                                                                                                                      Naples, FL 34117
                                                       LSC                                   Naples, FL 34117-4600
                                                                                                                                      Phone: 239-530-2383
                                                                                             Phone: 239-564-6813
                                                                                                                                      Fax: 239-514-3567
                                                                                             Fax: 239-348-1407
                                                                                                                                      Email: lcoyner@naples.net
                                                                                             Email: angel7734117@yahoo.com
                                                                                                                                      CON LDD LSC RGC
                                                       Bernsen Nurseries, L.L.C.
                                                       Michael J. Bernsen, Owner
                                                       6370 Hunters Rd
                                                       Naples, FL 34109-0530
                                                                                             M.E. Betsy Carr
                                                       Phone: 239-290-3636                   Betsy Carr
                                                       Fax: 239-566-7258                     10706 Red Cardinal Cir
                                                       Email: boskoop2@aol.com               Estero, FL 33928-2401
                                                       CGR GRW                               Phone: 239-273-8391
                                                                                             Email: bnbcarr@aol.com

                             Royal Palm Chapter Members

                                                                                                                                                                    Chapter Members
                                                                                                                                                                       Royal Palm
Crawford Landscaping                   Dorman Landscaping                    Forestry Resources, Inc.             Gulf Coast Palm & Tree, Inc.
Timothy Felts                          Dave Dorman                           John Cauthen                         Bill Rogers
3000 Immokalee Rd                      10261 Angus Ln                        4353 Michigan Link                   15880 Summerlin Rd 300-168
Naples, FL 34110                       Ft Myers, FL 33905-6702               Ft Myers, FL 33916-2301              Ft Myers, FL 33908-9612
Toll-free: 888-581-5151                Phone: 239-910-2770                   Toll-free: 866-GO-MULCH              Phone: 239-337-7256
Phone: 239-438-6372                                                          Phone: 239-334-7322                  Fax: 239-437-8232
Fax: 239-594-9832                                                            Fax: 239-334-2952                    Email: gcpalmsntrees@earthlink.net
Email:                                                                       Email: service@gomulch.com
tfelts@crawfordmanagementgroup.com     A. Dean Dozer                         Web: www.gomulch.com
                                       A. Dean Dozer                         M13
                                       5566 Montilla Dr SW                                                        Gulfshore Wholesale Nursery
                                       Ft Myers, FL 33919                                                         Steven Brodkin
Creel Tractor Co.                      Phone: 239-481-1993                                                        17720 Durrance Rd
Mark Creel                             Email: dozers@webtv.net               Fred Geist                           N Ft Myers, FL 33917-2211
Clem Bachmeier                                                               Fred Geist                           Phone: 239-731-6606
Roger Watson                                                                 15270 Briar Ridge Cir                GRW                                     M13
Jerry Purvis                                                                 Ft Myers, FL 33912-2303
3771 Palm Beach Blvd                   DuPre Imports                         Phone: 239-898-0714
Ft Myers, FL 33916-3725                Dave DuPre
Toll-free: 800-282-7949                3060 Warehouse Rd                                                          H M Buckley & Sons, Inc.
Phone: 941-694-2185                    Ft Myers, FL 33916-7615                                                    Tom Buckley, Jr.
Fax: 941-694-6059                      Toll-free: 866-406-POTS               Gerber Design                        7501 N Airport Rd
Web: www.creeltractor.com              Fax: 866-416-POTS                     Roberta Gerber                       Naples, FL 34109-1720
                                       Email: dave@dupreimports.com          47 9th St W                          Phone: 239-597-1123
                                       Web: www.dupreimports.com             Bonita Shores, FL 34134-7422         Fax: 239-597-5136
                                                                             Phone: 239-992-8252                  Email: tom-hmbnaples@earthlink.net
Davenport Nursery                                                            CON INT LDD                  M13     Web: www.hmbuckley.com
Greg Davenport                                                                                                    AZC CGR GRW LAC PRC TXC M13
9064 The Ln                            E J Gardner Ent., Inc.
Naples, FL 34109-1554                  Jerome Gardner
Phone: 239-657-4800                    PO Box 367449                         Gowan Co.
Fax: 239-304-5910                      Bonita Springs, FL 34136-7449         Parker Oswald                        Hanley Landscape West, Inc.
GRW LAC TXC                  M13       Phone: 239-948-7733                   Steven Farrington                    Charlie Clancy
                                       LDD LSC                               215 Polliwog Point                   19381 State Rd 31
                                                                             La Belle, FL 33935-9604              N Ft Myers, FL 33917-5523
                                                                             Phone: 863-675-7351                  Phone: 239-731-9950
Dee Oaks Nursery, Inc.                                                       Fax: 863-675-7354                    Fax: 239-731-9960
John Lawson                            Earth Management, Inc.                Email: poswald@gowanco.com           Email: hanley1@earthlink.net
5659 SW Owens School St                Stephen West                          Web: www.gowanco.com
PO Box 1294                            17342 Alico Center Rd
Arcadia, FL 34265-1294                 Ft Myers, FL 33912-6061
Phone: 863-494-3444                    Phone: 239-267-9225                                                        Horticare Landscape, Inc.
Fax: 863-491-7482                      Fax: 239-267-5800                     Green Heron Landscapes, Inc.         Greg Johnson
Email: deeoaksn@strato.net                                                   Michael G. McNeill                   3155 66th St SW
BRK GRW                        M9                                            3636 Tree Farm Rd                    Naples, FL 34105-7319
                                                                             Naples, FL 34120-3909                Phone: 239-262-0903
                                       Ecom Atlanta                          Phone: 239-352-6000                  Fax: 239-262-4382
                                       Daniel R. Franjac                     Fax: 239-352-1001                    Email: gj828@aol.com
Deluxe Trees & Shrubs                  4021 Gulf Shore Blvd                  Email: mmgreenheron@aol.com
Charles A. Foster, Owner               Naples, FL 34103-3471                 CTR GRW LAC LSC TXC
6306 SW Carlton Ave                    Phone: 239-434-0305
Arcadia, FL 34266-7944                 Email: dfranjac@comcast.net                                                Island Garden Center
Phone: 863-494-1488                                                                                               Jeff Biden
Fax: 863-993-9369                                                            Greenscapes                          1882 San Marco Rd
Email: deluxe@strato.net                                                     Linda Rae Nelson                     Marco Island, FL 34145-3828
Web: www.deluxetrees.com               Eden Landscaping, Inc.                Jay Sockriter                        Phone: 239-394-1123
BRK CGR GRW                    M9      Morgan J. Halle                       14370 Collier Ave                    Email: jbiden@swfla.rr.com
                                       8521 Cypress Dr S                     Naples, FL 34119-7712                RGC
                                       Ft Myers, FL 33912-3228               Phone: 239-643-4471
                                       Phone: 239-482-3929                   Fax: 239-643-3025
The District School Board of Collier                                         Email: lnelson@greenscapesfl.com
Bibiana Mendez-Barrett                 Elata Natives, LLC
5702 Cougar Ln
Naples, FL 34109
                                       Kara Sebbert-Alfaro                   Greenscapes of Southwest Florida,
Phone: 239-377-0631
                                       5170 Buckingham Rd                    Inc.
                                       Ft Myers, FL 33905-7407               Linda Nelson
Fax: 239-377-0631
                                       Phone: 239-694-8500                   14370 Collier Blvd
                                       Fax: 239-694-7483                     Naples, FL 34119-7712
                                       Email: kara@elatanatives.com                                               Certifications and Codes: AZC - Arizona
                                                                             Phone: 239-643-4471                  Certified, BRK - Broker, CAC - California
                                       Web: www.elatanatives.com             Fax: 239-643-3025                    Certified, CAS - Certified all US listed, CGR -
Doria’s Landscaping & Bobcat           LDD LSC RGC                           Email: lnelson@greenscapesfl.com     Contract Grower, CON - Consultant, CTR -
                                                                                                                  Contractor, EUC - European Certified, EXP -
Services                                                                                                          Exporter, FRC - Foreign Countries, GRW -
Rey Doria                                                                                                         Grower, HDC - Hydroculture, IMP -
                                                                                                                  Importer, INT - Interiorscaper, ISC -
14290 Collier Blvd                     Fish Branch Tree Farm, Inc.           Grey Oaks Community Services, Inc.   Interiorscape Contractor, LAC - Louisiana
PO Box 8262                            John Conroy                                                                Certified, LDD - Landscape Designer, LSA -
Naples, FL 34101-8262                                                        Michelle Rowland                     Landscape Architect, LSC - Landscape
                                       1680 Fish Branch Rd                   2386 Grey Oaks Dr N
Phone: 239-455-1419                                                                                               Contractor, PRC - Puerto Rican Certified,
                                       Zolfo Springs, FL 33890-5705          Naples, FL 34105                     RGC - Retail/Garden Center, SED -
Fax: 239-455-6213                      Phone: 863-735-2242                                                        Seedsman, SHP - Shipper, TSC - Tissue
LDD LSC                                                                      Phone: 941-262-0520                  Culture, TXC - Texas Certified.
                                       Fax: 863-735-2260
                                       GRW LAC TXC                     M10                                        Division Icons: -Allied,      -Floriculture,
                                                                                                                    -Landscape (includes Architect, Designer,
                                                                                                                  Contractor, Maintenance),    - Foliage,
                                                                                                                   -Garden Center,    -Interiorscape,
                                                                                                                    -Miscellaneous, ⌧ -School,      -Trees,
                                                                                                                    -Woody Ornamental

                                                 Royal Palm Chapter Members
Chapter Members
   Royal Palm

                  J W D Trees, Inc.                     Lely Community Development Dist.   Tim K. Miller                         O’Donnell Landscapes, Inc.
                  J.W. Drott                            Jerry Ellis, Land Manager          Tim K. Miller                         Albert O’Donnell
                  PO Box 933                            6815 Wild Flower Way               597 Corbel Dr                         4291 Williams Rd
                  Marco Island, FL 34145                Naples, FL 34113-3347              Naples, FL 34110-1106                 Estero, FL 33928-2999
                  Phone: 239-394-5314                   Phone: 239-775-6502                Phone: 239-566-7798                   Phone: 239-992-8842
                  Fax: 239-394-5341                     Fax: 239-775-9304                  Fax: 239-263-7996                     Fax: 239-992-2188
                  Email: jwdtree@yahoo.com              Email: lelydist@mindspring.com     Email: timbogey1@aol.com              LSC

                                                        Leo Jr. Landscaping                Monaco Beach Club, Inc.               Palmco, Inc.
                  Kaulbars Lawns, Inc.                  Michelle Herrera                   James P. Stewart                      Karen Willecke
                  Jeff Kaulbars                         183 Price St                       4401 Gulf Shore Blvd N                Ronda Dean
                  24208 Production Cir                  Naples, FL 34113-8436              Naples, FL 34103-3450                 PO Box 2198
                  Bonita Springs, FL 34135-7057         Phone: 239-455-6904                Phone: 239-263-2674                   Pine Island, FL 33945-2198
                  Phone: 239-498-9017                   Fax: 239-455-6951                  Fax: 239-263-4314                     Phone: 239-283-1329
                  Fax: 239-482-0209                     Email: leojrlawn@aol.com           Email: mbc4401@comcast.net            Fax: 239-283-4594
                  Email: jeff@kaulbarslawns.com         Web: www.leojrlandscaping.com                                            Email: sales@palmco.com
                  Web: www.kaulbarslawns.com                                                                                     Web: www.palmco.com
                  CTR                                                                                                            EXP GRW                         M13
                                                                                           Moore Landscaping, Inc.
                                                        Les Beaux Palms De Le Belle c/o    Thomas Moore
                                                        Bluff Creek Farms                  12520 Tower Rd
                  Kinzie’s Wholesale Nursery            Bob Eilers                         Bonita Springs, FL 34134-6354         Paramount Chemicals & Plastics,
                  Walter Kinzie                         45 W 699 Jeter Rd                  Phone: 239-992-0016                   Inc.
                  2888 2nd St                           Big Rock, IL 60511                 Fax: 239-992-2928                     Charlie A. Brown, Jr.
                  Ft Myers, FL 33916-1932               Phone: 630-556-4808                                                      14680 Cemetery Rd
                  Phone: 239-332-0210                   Fax: 630-556-4900                                                        Ft Myers, FL 33905-7308
                  Fax: 239-332-8085                                                                                              Phone: 239-849-1041
                  GRW                             M13                                      Morrison Distributing, Inc.           Fax: 239-694-4577
                                                                                           Tony Brockelman                       Email: paramountchem@earthlink.net
                                                        Maintenance Plus Lawn Care Inc     1747 Pebble Beach Dr
                                                        Edward M. Harris, Jr.              Ft Myers, FL 33907-5774
                  Landscaper’s Choice                   5730 Cedar Tree Ln                 Toll-free: 800-243-3434
                  Ron Torp                              Naples, FL 34116                   Fax: 860-482-8610                     Pelican Marsh Community Dev.
                  218 Sabal Palm Rd                     Phone: 239-352-3131                Email: tonyb860@aol.com               District
                  Naples, FL 34114-2567                 Fax: 239-455-2397                                                        John Vanover
                  Phone: 239-774-9311                   Email: eharris941@aol.com                                                985 Pelican Marsh Blvd
                  Fax: 239-774-5325
                  Email: rtorpjr@aol.com                                                   MycorrhizalProducts.com               Naples, FL 34108-2405
                                                                                           Barbara Niland, President             Phone: 239-592-5181
                  BRK GRW
                                                                                                                                 Fax: 239-592-9021
                                                        Marco Mulch                        PO Box 08728
                                                        Kevin Shattuck                     Ft Myers, FL 33908-0728
                                                        441 Hartley St                     Phone: 239-433-1827
                  Lee County D.O.T.                     Marco Island, FL 34115-2747        Fax: 239-433-1827                     Pelican Nursery
                  Jack Klipfel, Landscape Supervisor    Phone: 239-860-3308                Email: plantsuccess@comcast.net
                                                                                                                                 Bill DeMott
                  5560 Zip Dr                           Email: derw334@aol.com             Web: www.mycorrhizalproducts.com
                                                                                                                                 8810 Immokalee Rd
                  Ft Myers, FL 33905-5027               Web: www.marcomulch.com            AZC CAC EUC LAC PRC TXC
                                                                                                                                 Naples, FL 34120-3902
                  Phone: 239-694-3334
                                                                                                                                 Toll-free: 800-226-5251
                  Fax: 239-694-3332
                                                                                                                                 Phone: 239-455-5151
                                                        Marino Landscaping, Inc.           Naples Fertilizer & Garden Centers    Fax: 239-455-0249
                                                                                           Santo Tomaini                         Email: pelicanbill@earthlink.net
                                                        Nick Marino                                                              Web: www.pelicannursery.com
                                                        866 Calcove Dr                     3930 14th St N
                  Lee County Div. of Environmental      PO Box 60812                       Naples, FL 34103-2313                 CGR GRW                          M13
                  Sciences                              Ft Myers, FL 33906                 Phone: 239-263-8858
                  Rick Joyce                            Phone: 239-433-2816                Fax: 239-262-5416
                  1500 Monroe St                                                           Email: info@elawngarden.com           Perkins Nursery, Inc.
                  PO Box 398                                                               Web: www.naplesfertilizer.com
                                                                                                                                 Dan Perkins
                  Ft Myers, FL 33902-0398                                                  RGC                             M13
                                                                                                                                 2575 Case Rd
                  Phone: 239-479-8585                   Master’s Landing Palms                                                   PO Box 2460
                  Fax: 239-479-8319                     Breese Glennon                                                           La Belle, FL 33975-2460
                  Email: questions@leegov.com           16280 Bowline St
                  Web: www.lee-county.com               PO Box 559                         Natural Green Landscaping             Phone: 863-675-3006
                                                                                           Travis Kaulbars                       Fax: 863-675-8281
                                                        Bokeelia, FL 33922-0559                                                  Email: spalmetto@aol.com
                                                        Phone: 239-283-0715                PO Box 581
                                                                                           Estero, FL 33928-0581                 AZC CGR EUC EXP GRW LAC M13
                                                        Fax: 239-283-4929
                  Lee County Extension Service          Email: gr8palmtrees@aol.com        Phone: 239-432-9806
                  Stephen Brown                         Web: www.masterslandingpalms.com   Fax: 800-813-9575
                  3406 Palm Beach Blvd                  GRW                         M13    Email: naturalgreen@comcast.net       R K O Industries, Inc.
                  Ft Myers, FL 33916-3719                                                                                        Patrick J. Lee, Sales Team Leader
                  Phone: 239-461-7500                                                                                            1275 Commerce Dr
                  Fax: 239-461-7501
                  Email: shb@mail.ifas.ufl.edu          McCarley-Letourneau Custom         Neils Environmental                   LaBelle, FL 33935-3005
                                                                                           Kevin Neils                           Toll-free: 866-589-4615
                  Web: lee.ifas.ufl.edu                 Earthworks Design, Inc.                                                  Fax: 561-828-2729
                  CON                                                                      3210 Second Ave SE
                                                        Patrick McCarley                                                         Email:
                                                                                           Naples, FL 34117-3763
                                                        13100 Pinto Ln                                                           recycled.hdpe@rkoindustries.com
                                                                                           Phone: 239-530-3535
                                                        Ft Myers, FL 33912-1844                                                  Web: www.rkoindustries.com
                                                        Phone: 239-454-0300
                                                        Fax: 239-454-0300
                                                        Email: customearthworks@aol.com
                                                        LDD LSC

                               Royal Palm Chapter Members

                                                                                                                                                                         Chapter Members
                                                                                                                                                                            Royal Palm
R S Walsh Landscaping, Inc.          Signature Waterfalls, Inc.                 Ted Mahr Supply, Inc.                  W C I Communities, Inc.
Robert Walsh                         Steven Grimes                              Dennis Mahr, Owner                     Lew Marotti
8050 Penzance Blvd                   23413 Olde Meadowbrook Cir                 Carolan Mahr, Co-Owner                 24301 Walden Center Dr
Ft Myers, FL 33912-1413              Bonita Springs, FL 34134-9133              407A SW 2nd St                         Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Phone: 239-768-5655                  Phone: 239-498-7573                        Cape Coral, FL 33991-1902              Phone: 239-390-3716
Fax: 239-768-2970                    Email: signaturewaterfalls@earthlink.net   Toll-free: 877-574-2214                Fax: 239-468-8466
Email: rswalsh@earthlink.net                                                    Phone: 239-574-2214                    CGR CON CTR LSA
Web: www.rswalsh.com                                                            Fax: 239-574-2880
LDD LSC                                                                         Email: mahrsupply@earthlink.net
                                     Jeanette Smith                             Web: www.mahrsupply.com
                                     Jeanette Smith                             CON CTR                       M13      Wherry Truck Lines, Inc.
                                     12910 Aubrey Ln                                                                   Kendell Wherry
Ray’s Lawn & Garden, Inc.            Bokeelia, FL 33922-2607                                                           PO Box 61008
Raymond Pelletier                    Phone: 239-283-9436                                                               Ft Myers, FL 33906-1008
Bob Cook                                                                        Topiary Creations, Inc.                Phone: 239-768-1293
465 Nursery Ln                                                                  Michael G. Moore                       Fax: 239-768-6552
Naples, FL 34119-9712                                                           1730 Keane Ave SW                      Email: kendell@wherrytrucklines.net
Phone: 239-455-6266                  Soaring Eagle Nursery                      Naples, FL 34117-1101                  SHP
Fax: 239-455-8472                    Rad Hazen                                  Phone: 239-455-6568
Email: growco1@aol.com               7321 Howard Rd                             Fax: 239-455-2999
GRW LDD LSC RGC                      Bokeelia, FL 33922-2607                    Email: tcreations@swfla.rr.com
                                     Toll-free: 800-293-7256                    GRW                            M13     Work-A-holics Landscape Manage-
                                     Phone: 239-283-9282                                                               ment, Inc.
                                     Fax: 239-283-0050                                                                 Cullen Z. Walker, Owner
Renfroe & Jackson, Inc.              Email: info@soaringeaglenursery.com                                               5470 Hidden Oaks Ln
Sandy Dunko                          Web: www.soaringeaglenursery.com           TRANS GRO (Superior Plant Co.          Naples, FL 34119-1100
2550 Garland Rd                      EXP GRW                        M13         Div.)                                  Phone: 239-591-3853
Naples, FL 34117                                                                Neil C. Lewi                           Fax: 239-592-0663
Phone: 239-455-5020                                                             510 Frangipani Ave                     Email: cullen@wlm.cc
Fax: 239-455-3151                                                               Naples, FL 34117-9324                  Web: www.wlm.cc
Email: sld@renjack.com               South Seas Resort                          Toll-free: 800-801-2475
LSC                                  Vicki Miller                               Phone: 239-455-1560
                                     PO Box 194                                 Fax: 239-455-2383
                                     Captiva Island, FL 33924-0194              Email: nlewi@gargiulofarms.com         Yoder Brothers, Inc.
                                     Phone: 239-472-7555                        GRW LAC TXC                    M13     Jeff Bechtel
Rigsby Nursery, Inc.                 Fax: 239-472-7538                                                                 Patrick Crump
David Rigsby                         Email: vicki.miller@ihrco.com                                                     Nancy Rechcigl
18671 Palm Creek Dr                                                                                                    James B. Joyce
PO Box 50910                                                                    TreeSource, Inc.                       2201 Owanita Rd
Ft Myers, FL 33994-0910                                                         Paul Polomsky, Owner                   Alva, FL 33920-3711
Phone: 239-543-3379                  Square Island Landscaping, Inc.            11110 Immokalee Rd                     Phone: 239-728-2535
Fax: 239-543-7115                    James Square                               Naples, FL 34120-2523                  Fax: 239-728-2522
Email: info@rigsbynursery.com        200 Sabal Palm Rd                          Phone: 239-353-7256                    Email: info@yoder.com
Web: www.rigsbynursery.com           Naples, FL 34114-2566                      Fax: 239-592-7958                      Web: www.yoder.com
AZC GRW LAC TXC               M13    Phone: 239-774-1907                        Email: treesource@aol.com              AZC CAC CAN GRW TXC                     M13
                                     Fax: 239-774-4922                          GRW                              M13
                                     Email: jjsquare@aol.com
                                     Web: www.squareslandscaping.com
Rookery Bay Tree Farms               CTR GRW LSA LSC              M13                                                  Zentz Landscape Nursery, Inc.
Gilbert Case                                                                    Tri-Jack Enterprises, Inc. dba Mark    Edward Zentz
216 Price St                                                                    Peters Ldsp Co                         17050 Slater Rd
Naples, FL 34113-8437                                                                                                  Ft Myers, FL 33917-6901
Phone: 239-793-2122                  State of Florida Dept of Children &        Trisha Howard
                                                                                                                       Phone: 239-543-4505
                                                                                7900 Cleveland Dr
Fax: 239-793-3648                    Families                                   Punta Gorda, FL 33982-2057             Fax: 239-543-4541
                                     Warren E. Munroe                           Phone: 941-639-5552                    GRW LSC                                 M13
                                     5820 Buckingham Rd                         Fax: 941-637-9220
                                     Ft Myers, FL 33905-7413
Scrivners, Inc.                      Phone: 239-694-2151
April Scrivner                                                                  markpeterslandscape@hotmail.com
                                     Fax: 239-694-6876
1211 Seaboard St
Ft Myers, FL 33916-1517
Phone: 239-334-7006                                                             Triple J Grassing
Fax: 239-334-1948                    Steele Truck Center                        Doug Padgett
Email: scrivnersgarden@aol.com       Ken Sposato                                PO Box 7258
Web: www.scrivnersgardencenter.com   2150 Rockfill Rd                           Ft Myers, FL 33911-7258
                                     Ft. Myers, FL 33916-4816                   Phone: 239-337-2177
                                     Toll-free: 800-741-6225                    Fax: 239-337-7093
                                     Fax: 239-334-4676
Showalter Landscaping Irrigation     Email: khs@steeletruck.com
                                                                                Email: dpadgett@triplejinc.com
Sidney Showalter                                                                Web: www.triplejinc.com                Certifications and Codes: AZC - Arizona
                                                                                                                       Certified, BRK - Broker, CAC - California
7399 Mill Pond Cir                                                                                                     Certified, CAS - Certified all US listed, CGR -
Naples, FL 34109                                                                                                       Contract Grower, CON - Consultant, CTR -
Phone: 941-598-4475                  Suncrest Nursery, Inc.                     Tropic Trailer
                                                                                                                       Contractor, EUC - European Certified, EXP -
                                                                                                                       Exporter, FRC - Foreign Countries, GRW -
Fax: 941-514-4006                    Dean Hinderman                                                                    Grower, HDC - Hydroculture, IMP -
                                                                                Eli Mendes
Email: elsid65@hotmail.com           PO Box 986                                                                        Importer, INT - Interiorscaper, ISC -
                                                                                9451 Workmen Way                       Interiorscape Contractor, LAC - Louisiana
Web: www.showalterlandscaping.com    Estero, FL 33928-0986                      Ft Myers, FL 33905                     Certified, LDD - Landscape Designer, LSA -
LDD LSC                              Phone: 239-340-5100                                                               Landscape Architect, LSC - Landscape
                                                                                Toll-free: 800-897-4430
                                     GRW                                        Phone: 239-482-4430                    Contractor, PRC - Puerto Rican Certified,
                                                                                                                       RGC - Retail/Garden Center, SED -
                                                                                Fax: 239-482-2386                      Seedsman, SHP - Shipper, TSC - Tissue
                                                                                Email: tropic@usa.net                  Culture, TXC - Texas Certified.
                                                                                Web: www.tropictrailer.com
                                                                                                                       Division Icons: -Allied,      -Floriculture,
                                                                                                                         -Landscape (includes Architect, Designer,
                                                                                                                       Contractor, Maintenance),    - Foliage,
                                                                                                                        -Garden Center,    -Interiorscape,
                                                                                                                         -Miscellaneous, ⌧ -School,      -Trees,
                                                                                                                         -Woody Ornamental

                                               Space Coast Chapter Members
Chapter Members
  Space Coast

                                                         Central Wetlands Nursery                 Florida Tractor & Equipment            North Brevard Tree Farm
                                                         Raymond Krsek                            Sean Trollar                           Steve Johnson
                                                         5582 Hwy 520                             2951 State Rd 520                      PO Box 372447
                                                         Cocoa, FL 32926-2344                     Cocoa, FL 32926                        Satellite Beach, FL 32937-0447

                   Chapter                               Phone: 321-403-5074
                                                         Fax: 321-631-6645
                                                         Email: centralwetlands@bellsouth.net
                                                                                                  Phone: 321-633-9313
                                                                                                  Fax: 321-631-9604
                                                                                                  Email: s.trollar@ftne.com
                                                                                                                                         Phone: 321-779-6669
                                                                                                                                         Fax: 321-779-6669
                                                                                                                                         Email: cejohnson@cfl.rr.com
                    Officers                                                                      Web: www.ftne.com

                  There are no chapter officers for      City of Cocoa                                                                   Riverside Landscape Contractors
                  FNGLA’s Space Coast Chapter and no     Lynn Girling, Assistant SuperIntendent   Four C’s Nursery                       Jeff Boucher, Owner
                                                         Parks & Grounds                          Mike Crews, Sr.                        435 Cox Rd
                  seat on the statewide Board of         600 School St                            242 Alcantarra St NW                   Cocoa, FL 32926
                  Directors. Members in this area are    Cocoa, FL 32922-7807                     Palm Bay, FL 32907-1821                Phone: 321-433-8044
                  encouraged to attend any other FNGLA   Phone: 321-639-7674                      Phone: 321-729-0351                    Fax: 321-433-3695
                  chapter meetings!                      Fax: 321-639-7575                        Fax: 321-952-0768                      Email: jboucher@riverside-
                                                         Email: lgirling@cocoafl.org              Email: fourcsmike@cfl.rr.com           landscape.com
                                                         Web: www.cocoafl.org                     BRK GRW                      M15A      CON LDD LSC

                                                         Ferguson Nursery, Inc.                   Merritt Island Nursery, Inc.           Rockledge Gardens, Inc.
                                                         Shirley Ferguson                         Sal Carullo                            Kevin Riley, Owner
                                                         5025 Ranchland Rd                        3820 N Courtenay Pkwy                  2153 Hwy 1 S
                                                         Melbourne, FL 32934-7850                 Merritt Island, FL 32953-8107          Rockledge, FL 32955-3726
                                                         Phone: 321-259-6473                      Phone: 321-453-2314                    Phone: 321-636-7662
                                                         Fax: 321-255-1492                        Fax: 321-452-9588                      Fax: 321-636-3455
                                                         Email: shirleyferguson@earthlink.net     GRW TXC                          M8    Email: rockledgegardens@aol.com
                                                         M15A                                                                            Web: www.rockledgegardens.com
                                                                                                                                         LDD LSC RGC                    M8

                                                                                                  Nelson’s Wholesale Nursery
                                                         Florida Mulch, Inc.                      Kirk Nelson
                                                         Willard Palmer                           4850 Berry Rd                          Ed Stone
                                                         PO Box 110189                            Grant, FL 32949-0328                   Ed Stone
                                                         Palm Bay, FL 32911-0189                  Toll-free: 800-457-9431                3550 Cedar Mountain Ave
                                                         Toll-free: 866-796-8524                  Phone: 321-984-0908                    Melbourne, FL 32934
                                                         Phone: 407-891-8400                      Fax: 321-984-1973                      Phone: 321-253-8786
                                                         Fax: 407-891-1072                        GRW                             M15A   Fax: 321-253-8786
                                                         Email: sales@floridamulchonline.com                                             Email: gstone5@cfl.rr.com
                                                         Web: www.fmirock.com                                                            INT ISC SHP

                                                                       Do you “Know What Grows”?
                                                                         Tell the world through certification!
                                                                           FNGLA offers the only standard for measuring
                                                                           nursery and landscape knowledge in the state.
                                                                         Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be-
                                                                          come the best industry professional you can be.

                                          Florida Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP)
                                             Florida Certified Landscape Contractor (FCLC)
                                               Florida Certified Landscape Technician (FCLT)
                                                  Florida Certified Landscape Designer (FCLD)

                                          With four levels of certification, you can earn a professional accreditation that
                                  distinguishes yourself from others within the horticulture industry. Contact FNGLA for details.
                                Tampa Bay Chapter Members

                                                                                                                                                                  Chapter Members
3 Pines Tree Farm                    Bill Moore & Co., Inc.               Currie Ranch Tree Farm

                                                                                                                                                                     Tampa Bsy
James A. Reed                        William G. Moore, President          Steve Watson
5101 Bugg Rd                         Karen Arrington                      10401 Elena Ln
Plant City, FL 33567-2553            Liliana Delgado                      Thonotosassa, FL 33592-4025
Phone: 813-737-2665
Email: jakereed@earthlink.net
                                     PO Box 1587
                                     Brandon, FL 33509-1587
                                                                          Phone: 813-376-2882
                                                                          Fax: 941-729-0522                         Chapter
GRW SHP                              Toll-free: 800-237-7794              Email: billycurrie4@verizon.net
                                     Phone: 813-689-6706
                                     Fax: 813-684-5856
                                     Email: bill@billmooreco.com
Archie Hamlin Nursery, Inc.          Web: www.billmooreco.com             Davidson Landscape & Irrigation,        President
Christopher Gramling                 BRK EXP IMP                    M7    Inc.                                    Jerry Cobb
420 7th Ave NE
PO Box 277
                                                                          Jeff Davidson                           Dawn to Dusk Nursery
                                                                          1113 Lady Elaine Dr
Ruskin, FL 33570-0277                                                     Valrico, FL 33594-5821
                                                                                                                  7448 Loghouse Rd
Phone: 813-645-2525                  Boone’s Wholesale Nursery, Inc.      Phone: 813-685-9201                     Plant City, FL 33565-3165
Fax: 813-645-8935                    Charlie Boone                        Fax: 813-689-4089                       Ph: 813-986-6956 Fx: 813-986-0308
Email: enhgator@verizon.net          3201 N Maryland Ave
GRW                             M7   Plant City, FL 33563
                                                                          Email: dlirr@aol.com                    dtdn@email.msn.com
                                     Toll-free: 800-940-3485
                                     Phone: 813-752-3485                                                          State Board Representative
                                     Fax: 813-752-8064                                                            Terry Elsberry
Arlene’s Nursery                     Email: boonesnursery@msn.com         Dawn to Dusk Nursery
Arlene Crosby
                                                                                                                  B T & R Elsberry, Inc.
                                     GRW                                  Jerry Cobb
4508 S Peeples Rd                                                         Wayne Cobb
                                                                                                                  PO Box 3172
Plant City, FL 33565-3570                                                 7448 Loghouse Rd                        Apollo Beach, FL 33572-1001
Phone: 813-752-3319                                                       Plant City, FL 33565-3165               Ph: 813--323-4616 c
Fax: 813-752-7879                    Carencia Native Nursery              Phone: 813-986-6956
GRW                             M7   Rose Nimphius                        Fax: 813-986-0308
                                     16101 Carencia Ln                    Email: dtdn@email.msn.com
                                                                                                                  First Vice President
                                     Odessa, FL 33556-3278                Web: www.dawntodusk.us                  Vincent Tort
                                     Phone: 813-920-2737                  GRW                                     Sun City Tree Farm
B T& R Elsberry, Inc.                Fax: 813-920-7661
Terry L. Elsberry
                                                                                                                  2701 30th St SE
                                     Email: rose@carencianursery.com
101 Big Bend Rd                      Web: www.carencianursery.com                                                 PO Box 1809
Ruskin, FL 33570                     M7                                   Doug Leetun’s Nursery                   Ruskin, FL 33570-1816
Phone: 813-323-4616                                                       Doug Leetun                             Ph: 813-645-9527 Fx: 813-645-9539
Fax: 813-672-8682                                                         1303 Swilley Rd
                                                                          Plant City, FL 33567-3256
                                     Cherokee Manufacturing               Phone: 813-737-3485
                                                                                                                  Second Vice President
                                     Wendell Hollenbeck                   GRW                                     Dawn Carrigan
Baker’s Nursery, Inc.                PO Box 6349                                                                  Dawn to Dusk Nursery
Dale Baker                           Spring Hill, FL 34611-6349
3408 Colwell Ave
                                                                                                                  7448 Loghouse Rd
                                     Toll-free: 877-924-1351
Tampa, FL 33614-1615                 Phone: 800-798-9473                  Dow AgroSciences                        Plant City, FL 33565-3165
Toll-free: 800-226-6527              Fax: 813-985-6407                    Raymond Miller                          Ph: 813-986-6956 Fx: 813-986-0308
Phone: 813-932-6527                  Email: wendell_hollenbeck@msn.com    Russ Morgan                             dtdn@email.msn.com
Fax: 813-931-4815                    Web: www.cherokeemfg.com             18311 Cypress Stand Cir
Email: gemini200255@msn.com                                               Tampa, FL 33647-1816
GRW SHP                     M7                                            Phone: 813-994-5481
                                                                          Fax: 813-994-5482                       Shawn Steed
                                     Circle A Ranch & Landscape           Email: rcmiller2@dow.com                Holmberg Farms
                                     Nursery                              Web: www.dowagro.com                    7703 S CR 39
Barbara Powers Promotions, Inc.      Harold Andrews
Barbara Powers                                                                                                    Plant City, FL 33567
                                     2545 Wilson Rd
4251 Smith Ryals Rd                  Land O’Lakes, FL 34637                                                       Ph: 813-335-8812
Plant City, FL 33567                 Phone: 813-909-2939                  E Z Mulch
Phone: 813-737-4600
Fax: 813-737-4212
                                                                          Paul R. Pizzo                           Treasurer
                                                                          PO Box 10707
Email: barbpowers@tampabay.rr.com                                         Tampa, FL 33679-0707
                                                                                                                  Phil Meyer
Web: www.bpowerfulpromos.com         City of Tampa - Parks & Recreation   Phone: 813-258-4412                     Meyer's Nurseries, Inc.
                                     Dept.                                Email: info@exmulch.com                 9491 Rockhill Rd
                                     Steve Graham                         Web: www.exmulch.com                    Thonotosassa, FL 33592-9322
Beautiful Plants by Charlie, Inc.    Thomas Olson                                                                 Ph: 813-986-5896 Fx: 813-986-7785
Charie Lou Dorman                    Kathy Beck
                                     7525 N Boulevard
10421 State Rd 579
                                     Tampa, FL 33604
                                                                          East Bay High School
Thonotosassa, FL 33592-9767                                               Phil Steele                       ⌧
Phone: 813-986-4473                  Phone: 813-931-2639
                                     Fax: 813-931-2125                    7710 Big Bend Rd
Fax: 813-986-7678                                                                                               Certifications and Codes: AZC - Arizona
                                     Email: steve.graham@tampagov.com     Gibsonton, FL 33534-9733              Certified, BRK - Broker, CAC - California
CGR GRW                         M7                                        Phone: 813-671-5134                   Certified, CAS - Certified all US listed, CGR -
                                     LSA                          M7                                            Contract Grower, CON - Consultant, CTR -
                                                                          Fax: 813-671-5139
                                                                                                                Contractor, EUC - European Certified, EXP -
                                                                                                                Exporter, FRC - Foreign Countries, GRW -
                                                                                                                Grower, HDC - Hydroculture, IMP -
Be-Mac’s Services, Inc.
                                     Ric Curiel                                                                 Importer, INT - Interiorscaper, ISC -
Bruce McClendon
                                     Ric Curiel
                                                                          Emerald Hill Nursery, Inc.            Interiorscape Contractor, LAC - Louisiana
8501 Gunn Hwy                                                                                                   Certified, LDD - Landscape Designer, LSA -
                                     5815 Meadowpark Pl                   Jim Haggard                           Landscape Architect, LSC - Landscape
Odessa, FL 33556-8600                                                     1907 Hawk Griffin Rd                  Contractor, PRC - Puerto Rican Certified,
Phone: 813-920-2247                  Lithia, FL 33547-3805
                                                                          Plant City, FL 33565-5751             RGC - Retail/Garden Center, SED -
Fax: 813-920-6098                    Phone: 813-416-4405                                                        Seedsman, SHP - Shipper, TSC - Tissue
                                     Email: serengeti60@yahoo.com         Phone: 813-754-4751                   Culture, TXC - Texas Certified.
Email: bemac2@aol.com                                                     Fax: 813-752-3811
GRW LSC                                                                   Email: sales@emeraldhillnursery.com   Division Icons: -Allied,      -Floriculture,
                                                                          Web: www.emeraldhillnursery.com         -Landscape (includes Architect, Designer,
                                                                                                                Contractor, Maintenance),    - Foliage,
                                                                          GRW                              M7    -Garden Center,    -Interiorscape,
                                                                                                                  -Miscellaneous, ⌧ -School,      -Trees,
                                                                                                                  -Woody Ornamental

                                                  Tampa Bay Chapter Members
Chapter Members

                  Epps’ Nursery, Inc.                  General Cordage & Packaging, Inc.    Harrell’s Nursery, Inc.                International Used Truck Center
   Tampa Bay

                  Kevin Epps                           Wallace Eslick                       Winfred Harrell                        Wayne Lipsey
                  4770 W US Hwy 92                     8265 Causeway Blvd #C                3308 English Rd                        5909 Alamo Dr
                  PO Box 3419                          Tampa, FL 33619-6522                 Plant City, FL 33567-8503              Tampa, FL 33619-3165
                  Plant City, FL 33563-0008            Phone: 813-620-1186                  Phone: 813-752-0931                    Toll-free: 800-270-0527
                  Toll-free: 800-327-9938              Fax: 813-620-1187                    Fax: 813-754-7427                      Fax: 813-623-5743
                  Phone: 813-752-9620                  Email: gencordpkg@att.net            Email: glenn@harrellnursery.net        Email: wayne.lipsey@nav-
                  Fax: 813-757-2467                    Web: gencordpkg.home.att.net         GRW TXC                           M7   international.com
                  CGR GRW                         M7                                                                               Web: www.internationaldelivers.com

                                                       Good Views, LLC                      Hill’s Raingreen Tropicals
                  Eugene Hearn Enterprises, Inc.       Greg F. Chew                         Herbert Hill                           J & R Wholesale Nursery, Inc.
                  Eugene Hearn                         19420 Pine Tree Rd                   1040 Jameson Rd                        Gregory S. Shiver
                  9352 Wellington Park Cir             Odessa, FL 33556-3977                Lithia, FL 33547-2104                  13262 Hwy 92 E
                  Tampa, FL 33647-2537                 Phone: 813-792-9100                  Phone: 813-685-2392                    Dover, FL 33527-4120
                  Phone: 813-907-1098                  Fax: 813-792-9106                                                           Phone: 813-754-0065
                  Fax: 813-973-7962                    Email: gfchew@yahoo.com                                                     Fax: 813-754-4791
                  LSC                                                                                                              Email: grshiver@earthlink.net
                                                                                            Hillsborough County Extension          GRW                               M7
                                                       Green Tree Landscape Nursery, Inc.   Sydney Park Brown
                  Fern Lake Nursery, Inc.              Ronald Arkay                         Dave Palmer
                  Fred McNairy, President              7007 W Linebaugh Ave                 Laura Miller                           K-Bar Growers
                  7650 Lutz Lake Fern Rd               PO Box 271076                        5339 S County Rd 579                   Brian R. Crane
                  Odessa, FL 33556-9282                Tampa, FL 33688-1002                 Seffner, FL 32584-3399                 712 S Oregon Ave Ste 200
                  Phone: 813-920-3207                  Toll-free: 800-330-GREEN             Phone: 813-744-5519                    Tampa, FL 33606-2543
                  Fax: 813-920-6835                    Phone: 813-933-1267                  Fax: 813-744-5776                      Phone: 813-837-3009
                  GRW                             M7   Fax: 813-933-1070                    Web: hillsborough.extension.ufl.edu    Fax: 813-835-4197
                                                       Email: ronagt@tampabay.rr.com                                               Email: bcrane@dfgmanagement.com
                                                       GRW LSC                       M7                                            Web: www.kbargrowers.com
                                                                                                                                   CGR CON GRW LDD LSC
                  Florida Natives Nursery, Inc.                                             Hillsborough County Extension
                  Laurie Milam                                                              Service
                  17711 Livingston Ave                 Charles Hale
                                                                                            Laura Miller
                  Lutz, FL 33559-5800                  Charles Hale                                                                Kerby’s Nursery & Landscaping
                                                                                            5339 S County Rd 579
                  Phone: 813-948-7477                  12860 Thonotosassa Rd                                                       Kimberly Kerby-Bokor
                                                                                            Seffner, FL 32584-3399
                  Fax: 813-948-2377                    Dover, FL 33527-3700                                                        2311 S Parsons Ave
                                                                                            Phone: 813-744-5519
                                                       Phone: 813-986-2943                                                         Seffner, FL 33584-5903
                                                                                            Fax: 813-744-5776
                                                       Fax: 813-986-2943                                                           Phone: 813-685-3265
                                                                                            Web: hillsborough.extension.ufl.edu
                                                                                                                                   Fax: 813-654-2254
                  Florida Tree Source, Inc.                                                                                        Email: lkerby1@tampabay.rr.com
                  Sean Phelps                                                                                                      RGC                            M7
                  3010 N Frontage Rd                   Hardeman Landscape Nursery           Hillsborough County Extension
                  PO Box 2066                          Jeffrey W. Hardeman
                  Plant City, FL 33564-2066            2207 W North A St                    Service
                  Toll-free: 866-307-8733              PO Box 1980                          Dave Palmer                            Kim’s Wholesale Nursery
                  Phone: 813-707-1426                  Seffner, FL 33583                    5339 S County Rd 579                   Lee Te Kim
                  Fax: 813-752-7629                    Phone: 813-689-5160                  Seffner, FL 32584-3399                 5608 Hwy 41
                  Email:                               Fax: 813-258-1783                    Phone: 813-744-5519                    Ruskin, FL 33570-3100
                  sean.phelps@floridatreesource.com    LDD LSA LSC                          Fax: 813-744-5776                      Phone: 813-645-1769
                  Web: www.floridatreesource.com                                            Web: hillsborough.extension.ufl.edu    GRW LSC TXC                       M7
                  GRW                             M7

                                                       Harrell’s Fertilizer, Inc.
                                                       Dave Edison                          Hillsborough County Public Utility     George R. Kish
                  Florida Wholesale Growers            2709 Majestics Oak Ct                Gerard Watson                          George R. Kish
                  Troy Harnage                         Plant City, FL 33566-7554            925 E Twiggs St                        15018 Meadowlake St
                  PO Box 3774                          Toll-free: 800-282-8007              Tampa, FL 33602                        Odessa, FL 33556
                  Brandon, FL 33509-3774               Phone: 813-478-0244                  Phone: 813-272-5977                    Phone: 813-920-0853
                  Phone: 813-642-9749                  Fax: 813-707-1319                    Fax: 813-272-5589
                  Fax: 813-634-7661                    Email: dedison@harrells.com
                  Email: flagrowers@yahoo.com          Web: www.harrells.com
                  Web: www.flagrowers.com                                                                                          Kit Marketing, Inc.
                                                                                            Holmberg Farms, Inc.                   Kit Hudson
                  BRK CGR GRW                     M7
                                                                                            Jerry Addison                          1049 Axlewood Cir
                                                       Harrell’s Liner Farm, Inc.           13430 Hobson Simmons Rd                Brandon, FL 33511-6267
                                                       Winfred Harrell                      Lithia, FL 33547-1912                  Phone: 813-294-5555
                  Free’s Nursery                       3308 English Rd                      Toll-free: 800-282-3562                Fax: 813-643-6359
                  William Free                         Plant City, FL 33567-3934            Fax: 813-689-0992                      Email: kitmarketing@verizon.net
                  3008 Bonita Dr                       Phone: 813-719-6505                  Email: info@holmbergfarms.com
                  PO Box 1432                          Fax: 813-754-7427                    Web: www.holmbergfarms.com
                  Plant City, FL 33564-1432            Email: dale@harrellsnursery.com      CGR GRW LAC TXC               M7
                  Phone: 813-752-2887                  GRW TXC                         M7                                          Lakeland Oaks, Inc.
                  Fax: 813-752-3961                                                                                                John P. Heinen
                  GRW                                                                                                              18655 Avenue Capri
                                                                                                                                   Lutz, FL 33558-5346
                                                                                                                                   Phone: 813-949-7271

                             Tampa Bay Chapter Members

                                                                                                                                                                       Chapter Members
Landscape Flower Growers, Inc.        Monsanto                               ProSource One                           Thomas Schulte

                                                                                                                                                                          Tampa Bsy
Robert A. Conkley                     Thad G. Boatwright                     Ron Ostrander                           Thomas Schulte
8221 SR 674                           1089 Forsythia Ln                      Donald Greger                           3402 W Dorchester Ave
PO Box 7                              W Palm Beach, FL 33415                 Audie Ham                               Tampa, FL 33611-2740
Wimauma, FL 33598                     Phone: 561-478-4970                    Matt Miller                             Phone: 813-390-5645
Toll-free: 800-870-7983               Email:                                 Bill Babcock                            Email: twshome@gte.net
Phone: 813-672-4121                   thad.g.boatwright@monsanto.com         Julio Molina                            RGC
Email:                                Web: www.monsanto.com                  Emil Manzo
info@landscapeflowergrowers.com                                              William Probst
Web: www.landscapeflowergrowers.com                                          Cecil Shepard
CGR GRW                        M7                                            PO Box 200                              Sharp Tree Farm & Nursery
                                      Niblett Nursery, Inc.                  Plymouth, FL 32768-0200                 Robert R. Sharp
                                      James Niblett                          Phone: 407-886-4744                     18710 Pepper Pike
                                      1143 Bluefield Rd                      Fax: 407-884-0111                       Lutz, FL 33558-2825
Landscape Pros, Inc.                  Odessa, FL 33556-9364                  Email: nfo@prosourceone.com             Phone: 813-289-5900
Sal Chillura, Pesident                Toll-free: 800-940-NIBS                Web: www.prosourceone.com               Fax: 813-289-1340
509 Finger Lakes Place                Phone: 813-447-5915                    M8A                                     Email: rsharp@aaasouth.com
Seffner, FL 33584                     GRW                               M7                                           Web: www.sharptreefarm.com
Phone: 813-982-1820                                                                                                  CGR GRW LAC TXC
Fax: 813-982-1821
Email:                                                                       Raulerson & Son, Inc.
landscapepros@tampabay.rr.com         Palms of Plant City                    Johnnie Raulerson
GRW LSC                               Shirley Spirnock                       10611 Raulerson Ranch Rd                Simonds Nursery
                                      140 S Wiggins Rd                       Tampa, FL 33637-5337                    Jerry Simonds, Owner
                                      Plant City, FL 33566-7350              Phone: 813-988-3698                     1104 E Colson Rd
                                      Phone: 813-752-7506                    Fax: 813-985-6242                       Plant City, FL 33567-3563
Levy Awards & Promotional             Fax: 813-754-7609                      Email: raulersons@aol.com               Phone: 813-737-4072
Products                              GRW LAC TXC                       M7   CTR LSC                          M7     Fax: 813-737-4874
Madeline Shoemaker                                                                                                   Email: jsezsimonds@aol.com
2614 W Kennedy Blvd                                                                                                  AZC GRW LAC TXC                          M7
Tampa, FL 33609-3202
Phone: 813-879-7775
                                      Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc.        Reeder’s Nursery & Tree Farm
Fax: 813-873-8090                     Peter Fernandez                        Russell Reeder
Email: wheiser@levyawards.com         4615 N Hale Ave                        PO Box 1769                             Speedling
Web: www.levyawards.com               PO Box 14157                           Seffner, FL 33583-1769                  Joelle Doehring
                                      Tampa, FL 33690-4157                   Phone: 813-626-0575                     PO Box 7098
                                      Phone: 813-876-4444                    Fax: 813-664-1921                       Sun City, FL 33586-7156
                                      Fax: 813-876-5328                      GRW                              M7     Toll-free: 800-426-4400
Linder Industrial Machinery Co.       Email: service@prtree.com                                                      Fax: 813-645-1338
Eric Teague                           Web: www.prtree.com                                                            Email: jdoehring@speedling.com
Tom Pyne                              CTR                                                                            Web: www.speedling.com
1400 S Orange Blossom Trail                                                  Reynolds Nursery, Inc.                  AZC CAC CAN GRW PRC TXC M7
Orlando, FL 32805                                                            David Reynolds
Toll-free: 800-989-6560                                                      2701 W Keene Campbell Rd
Phone: 407-849-6560
                                      Pine Lake Nursery, Inc.                Plant City, FL 33565-5111
Fax: 407-422-2342                     Ivan Martinez, President               Toll-free: 800-771-5268                 Spring Valley Tree Farm
Email: bob.minervini@linderco.com     19619 N Dale Mabry Hwy                 Phone: 813-754-2178                     Gary Craig
Web: www.linderco.com                 Lutz, FL 33548-9238                    Fax: 813-752-2646                       4116 Kipling Ave
                                      Phone: 813-948-6209                    Email: reynbiscus@aol.com               Plant City, FL 33566-9520
                                      Fax: 813-948-8179                                                              Phone: 813-763-3210
                                      Email: pinelake@tampabay.rr.com                                                Fax: 813-754-7839
Maintain-A-Plant, Inc.                BRK CGR GRW RGC TXC            M7                                              Email: gckcdc2@aol.com
Diane Martin, Owner                                                          Riverview Flower Farm, Inc.
13009 Hwy 92 E                                                               Rick Brown
Dover, FL 33527-9160                                                         Dave Brown
Phone: 813-659-2164
                                      Plantation Products, LLC               10320 Tucker Jones Rd                   State of Florida Dept. of Transporta-
Fax: 813-752-4464                     David Foushee                          Riverview, FL 33569-7632                tion
INT ISC RGC                           PO Box 152615                          Phone: 813-677-8878                     William Moriaty
                                      Tampa, FL 33684-2615                   Fax: 813-671-2363                       1001 W Baker St
                                      Phone: 727-403-4207                    Email: info@floridafriendlyplants.com   Plant City, FL 33560-4431
                                      Fax: 727-391-1860                      Web: www.floridafriendlyplants.com      Toll-free: 800-226-7220
McMullen Wholesale Nursery            Email: david_fousheer@hotmail.com      GRW                               M7    Phone: 813-975-6683
John McMullen                                                                                                        Fax: 813-975-6278
8028 Cosme Rd                                                                                                        Email: william.moriaty@dot.state.fl.us
PO Box 896
Odessa, FL 33556-0896
                                      Pro-Lawn Garden Center                 Robert’s Nursery, Inc.
Phone: 813-920-3754                   Mary B. Reffit                         Robert Rogers
Fax: 813-920-4898                     37245 State Rd 54                      411 N Kingsway Rd
Email: jfm@tampabay.rr.com            Zephyrhills, FL 33542-6937             PO Box 38
                                      Phone: 813-788-5633                                                            Certifications and Codes: AZC - Arizona
GRW                             M7                                           Seffner, FL 33583-0038                  Certified, BRK - Broker, CAC - California
                                      Email: prolawngc@tampabay.rr.com       Toll-free: 800-742-9811                 Certified, CAS - Certified all US listed, CGR -
                                                                             Phone: 813-689-3030                     Contract Grower, CON - Consultant, CTR -
                                                                                                                     Contractor, EUC - European Certified, EXP -
                                                                             Fax: 813-689-0312                       Exporter, FRC - Foreign Countries, GRW -
Meyer’s Nurseries, Inc.                                                      Email: rob@robertsnursery.com           Grower, HDC - Hydroculture, IMP -
Douglas Meyer, Owner                                                         Web: www.robertsnursery.com             Importer, INT - Interiorscaper, ISC -
                                                                             GRW TXC                          M7     Interiorscape Contractor, LAC - Louisiana
9491 Rockhill Rd                                                                                                     Certified, LDD - Landscape Designer, LSA -
Thonotosassa, FL 33592-9322                                                                                          Landscape Architect, LSC - Landscape
Phone: 813-986-5896                                                                                                  Contractor, PRC - Puerto Rican Certified,
Fax: 813-986-7785                                                                                                    RGC - Retail/Garden Center, SED -
                                                                                                                     Seedsman, SHP - Shipper, TSC - Tissue
Email: info@meyersnurseries.com                                                                                      Culture, TXC - Texas Certified.
Web: www.meyersnurseries.com
CGR GRW                        M7                                                                                    Division Icons: -Allied,      -Floriculture,
                                                                                                                       -Landscape (includes Architect, Designer,
                                                                                                                     Contractor, Maintenance),    - Foliage,
                                                                                                                      -Garden Center,    -Interiorscape,
                                                                                                                       -Miscellaneous, ⌧ -School,      -Trees,
                                                                                                                       -Woody Ornamental

                                               Tampa Bay Chapter Members
Chapter Members

                  Stevens’ Nursery, Inc.                                                         Tampa Wholesale Nursery, Inc.        Turfgrass America L.P.
   Tampa Bay

                  John Stevens                             10000 Hines Rd                        Roy Davis                            Jeff Thomas
                  2711 E Trapnell Rd E                     PO Box 16531                          Steve Davis                          103 Big Bend Rd
                  Plant City, FL 33566-8666                Tampa, FL 33687-6531                  3216 N McIntosh Rd                   Apollo Beach, FL 33572-1401
                  Phone: 813-737-2419                      Phone: 813-985-9381                   Dover, FL 33527-9563                 Toll-free: 800-881-0779
                  Fax: 813-737-6222                        Fax: 813-664-0155                     Toll-free: 888-377-7761              Phone: 813-677-0779
                  Email: jsteven2@tampabay.rr.com          Email: sunrise@sunriselandscape.com   Phone: 813-689-4075                  Fax: 813-677-8236
                  Web: www.stevensnursery.com              Web: www.sunriselandscape.com         Fax: 813-654-8298                    Email: info@plugsrus.com
                  GRW                            M7        CTR GRW LDD LSC                       Email: twn-btn@juno.com              Web: www.turfgrassamerica.com
                                                                                                 CGR GRW                         M7   GRW                           M7

                  Storms Landscaping Service, Inc.         Sunscape Landscape Nursery, Inc.
                  David K. Storms                          Tracie Mason                          Thundercloud Agriculture             Turkey Creek Nursery, Inc.
                  2129 Crosby Rd                           13417 W Hillsborough Ave              Robert A. Walter                     Gerald Barron
                  Valrico, FL 33594-6751                   Tampa, FL 33635-9512                  777 S Harbour Island Blvd Ste 360    2817 Turkey Creek Rd
                  Phone: 813-689-8156                      Phone: 813-855-2121                   Tampa, FL 33602-5744                 Plant City, FL 33566
                  Fax: 813-651-9728                        Fax: 813-854-5774                     Phone: 941-776-0231                  Phone: 813-759-2390
                  LDD LSC                                  Email: sunscapplm@aol.com             Fax: 813-221-5231                    Fax: 813-719-7992
                                                           Web: www.sunscapeinc.com              Email: robertw856@aol.com            Email: tcnursery@ij.net
                                                           BRK GRW LSC                           GRW                                  CGR GRW                         M7

                  Cecil B. Strange
                  Cecil B. Strange
                  2310 Edith Delaney Ln                    Sunscape Tree Farm, Inc.              Tornello Nurseries                   Vopak USA, Inc.
                  Plant City, FL 33565-6203                Tracie Mason                          Robert Tornello                      William Barrs
                  Phone: 813-601-3868                      4205 Bruton Rd                        PO Box 789                           Roy Soderquist
                  Fax: 813-707-9207                        Plant City, FL 33565-7920             Ruskin, FL 33575-0789                3803 Corporex Park Dr #750
                  Email: strangegardener@rapidsys.com      Phone: 813-752-4519                   Phone: 813-645-5445                  Tampa, FL 33619-1185
                                                           Email: info@sunscapeinc.com           Fax: 813-645-4353                    Phone: 813-621-3001
                                                           Web: www.sunscapeinc.com              Email: tlcbamboo@aol.com             Fax: 813-621-3022
                                                           GRW                             M7    Web: www.tornellobamboo.com          Email: info@pestweb.com
                  Sun City Tree Farm                                                                                                  Web: www.pestweb.com
                  J.C. Tort
                  2701 30th St SE
                  PO Box 1809                              Tampa Bay Wholesale Growers,          Treemart, Inc.
                  Ruskin, FL 33570-1809                    L.A.A.                                Scott Bailey                         Wildrose Lawncare
                  Phone: 813-645-9527                      Hugh Gramling, Executive Director     12505 N Nebraska Ave                 Christine Collins
                  Fax: 813-645-9539                                                              Tampa, FL 33612-4461                 1032 Wildrose Dr
                  Email: jc@suncitytrees.com               1311 S Parsons Ave                    Phone: 813-972-4006                  Lutz, FL 33549-5656
                  GRW TXC                       M7         Seffner, FL 33584-4529                Fax: 813-972-4102                    Phone: 813-966-7448
                                                           Phone: 813-655-1914                   Email: treemart@treemart.com         Email: christine@wildroselawncare.com
                                                           Fax: 813-655-8283                     Web: www.treemart.com                Web: www.wildroselawncare.com
                                                           Email: tbwg@tbwg.org                  BRK GRW RGC                     M7
                  Suncoast Plant Nursery                   Web: www.tbwg.org
                  Roger Newton, Owner
                  5512 W Thonotosassa Rd
                  Plant City, FL 33565-8425
                  Phone: 813-986-3713
                  Fax: 813-982-2253
                  Email: newt10@aol.com
                  CGR GRW                       M7

                  Sunrise Landscape, Inc.
                                                  With association leaders having identified the leading business

                                                   challenges faced by Florida’s nursery and landscape
                                                   industry, FNGLA has developed a series of position papers
                                                   that gives background information and clearly identifies
                                                  FNGLA’s position on these public policies.
                                                         Agricultural Labor Reform                                Land Use, Growth, Private Property
                                                         Best Management Practices                                Quarantine-37
                   Go to                                 Estate or Death Tax                                      Water Conservation & Irrigation Efficiency
                   www.fngla.org,                        Farm Equipment Sales Tax                                 Water Supply & Storage Development
                                                         Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative             Workers Compensation Reform
                   FNGLA in Action                       Initiatives Changing Florida’s Constitution              Landscape Irrigation Standards
                   to view the                           Invasive Plants                                          Pesticide Use and Worker Safety
                   position papers!                      Landscape Ordinances                                     Integrated Pest Management

                         Treasure Coast Chapter Members

                                                                                                                                                                    Chapter Members
                                                                                                                                                                     Treasure Coast
Agricultural Services International,    Boynton Pump & Irrigation Supply       Collective Design, Inc.
Inc.                                    Craig Fulmer                           Margaret I. Whitmer, RLA, ASLA
Douglas J. Marine                       3605 Oleander Ave                      151 SW Flagler Ave
1416 48th Ct                            Ft Pierce, FL 34982-6501               Stuart, FL 34994-2139
Vero Beach, FL 32966-2341               Phone: 772-465-1966                    Phone: 772-223-5000
Phone: 772-468-1177                     Fax: 772-461-2915                      Fax: 772-223-5065
Fax: 772-468-7744                       Email: cfulmer@kilpatrickco.com        Email: collectd@bellsouth.net
Email: agriservicesintl@aol.com         Web: www.kilpatrickco.com              Web: www.collectivedesigninc.com

Aiello Landscape of Vero Beach, Inc.    Brewer International
Tomas Aiello                            Norma G. Magee                         Dura-Stone Co.
4370 US Hwy 1
Vero Beach, FL 32967-1500
                                        905 90th Ave
                                        PO Box 690037
                                        Vero Beach, FL 32969-0037
                                                                               James Smith
                                                                               826 22nd Ave
                                                                               Vero Beach, FL 32960-3931
Phone: 772-563-0071
Fax: 772-563-0767                       Phone: 772-562-0555                    Phone: 772-562-5291
LSC                                     Fax: 772-778-2490                      Fax: 772-562-5291
                                        Email: info@brewerint.com              Email: jamess@gate.net
                                        Web: www.brewerint.com                 AZC CAC CAN GRW LAC TXC M15          President
                                        M15                                                                         Alex Fell
Aiello Landscape, Inc.                                                                                              Kraft Gardens, Inc.
Dan Pedersen
Tomas Aiello                                                                   Earthwise Mulch, Inc.                1555 N Kings Hwy
6250 SE Bridge Rd                       Briar Bay Properties                   Rod Stanley                          Ft Pierce, FL 34947
PO Box 1122                             William J. Troup                       4251 SE Commerce Ave                 Ph: 772-460-1611 Fx:772-460-2228
                                        9601 SW Citrus Blvd                    Stuart, FL 34997-5909
Hobe Sound, FL 33475-1122
                                        PO Box 801                             Toll-free: 888-814-5908
Phone: 772-546-9890
Fax: 772-545-0019                       Indiantown, FL 34956-0801              Phone: 772-220-0100
Email: aiello1122@aol.com               Phone: 772-260-4430                    Fax: 772-220-0223                    State Board Representative
LSC                                     Email: wjtroup@direcway.com            Email: rod@earthwisemulchinc.com     Kevin Kraft
                                        GRW                                    Web: www.earthwisemulchinc.com
                                                                                                                    Kraft Gardens, Inc.
                                                                                                                    1555 N Kings Hwy
Airlite Processing Corp.                                                                                            Ft Pierce, FL 34947
Roger Smith                             Calusa Creek Tree Farm & Ranch         Ed Miller & Son                      Ph: 772-460-1611 Fx:772-460-2228
                                        Paul Sojka                             Edward Troy Miller
3505 65th St
                                        Tina Robbins                           PO Drawer 837
Vero Beach, FL 32967-5940
Phone: 772-562-3518                     4505 SW Kanner Hwy                     Stuart, FL 34995-0837
Fax: 772-778-8456                       Stuart, FL 34997-2616                  Phone: 772-287-8000                  Vice President
Email: info@airlitecorp.com             Phone: 772-219-3377                    Fax: 772-287-6345                    Michael McAneny
                                        Fax: 772-219-3397
Web: www.airlitecorp.com                                                                                            Nurserymen's Sure-Gro Corp.
                                        Email: pauls@calusacreek.com
                                        Web: www.calusacreek.com                                                    4390 N Hwy 1
                                        BRK CGR EXP FRC GRW LSA M15            Florida Exotic Enterprises           Vero Beach, FL 32967-1338
Aquatic Systems & Resources, Inc.                                              Pete Walden                          Ph: 772-770-0462 Fx: 772-770-3554
Patrick Faehnle                                                                1053 SE Indian St
PO Box 1462                                                                    Stuart, FL 34997
Palm City, FL 34991-6462                Carow Nursery, Inc.                    Phone: 772-286-2924                  Secretary
Phone: 772-286-9376                     Rick Carow                             Fax: 772-286-1417                    Ken Kropp
Fax: 772-283-9068                       7690 Picos Rd                          CTR GRW LDD LSC                      Pioneer Farms, Inc.
                                        Ft Pierce, FL 34945-3033
Email: asrinc1@bellsouth.net                                                                                        2696 SW 96th St (76A)
AZC CAC GRW SHP TXC               M15   Phone: 772-464-1319
                                        Fax: 772-464-0071                                                           Stuart, FL 34997-8926
                                        Email: rickcarow@msn.com               Floridian Landscape                  Ph: 772-286-0191 Fx: 772-286-3218
                                        BRK GRW                        M15     Tara Schwartz                        pioneerfarms@aol.com
Becker Groves                                                                  4908 SW Cherokee St
Matthew F. Muenich                                                             Palm City, FL 34990-5065
Richard Borland                                                                Phone: 772-223-9778                  Treasurer
R. John Fracalossi                      City of Port St. Lucie - Parks Dept.   Fax: 772-223-9997                    Devon Robinson
PO Box 12104                            Victor M. Lopez                        Email: floridia@bellsouth.net        Westwinds Nursery, Inc.
                                        2195 SE Airoso Blvd
Ft Pierce, FL 34979-2104                                                                                            4690 SW Citrus Blvd
Phone: 772-465-3867                     Port St Lucie, FL 34984-4789
                                        Phone: 772-871-5083                                                         Palm City, FL 34990
                                        Fax: 772-871-5896                      Frank Hill Nurseries, LLC            Ph:561-781-5404
                                        Email: info@cityofpsl.com              Bonnie Hill
Bella Vista Nursery                     Web: www.cityofpsl.com                 6851 SW Springhaven Ave
Rusty Banack                                                                   Indiantown, FL 34956-4108
PO Box 1266                                                                    Phone: 772-597-4235
                                                                                                                  Certifications and Codes: AZC - Arizona
Vero Beach, FL 32961-1266                                                                                         Certified, BRK - Broker, CAC - California
Phone: 772-567-2026                     Classic Growers Co., Inc.                                                 Certified, CAS - Certified all US listed, CGR -
Fax: 772-562-3466                       Roger Remelius                                                            Contract Grower, CON - Consultant, CTR -
Email: sbanack@bellsouth.net            5524 SE Ault Ave                       Gardens & Accessories, Inc.        Contractor, EUC - European Certified, EXP -
                                                                               Joni Keefe                         Exporter, FRC - Foreign Countries, GRW -
                                        Stuart, FL 34997-6433                                                     Grower, HDC - Hydroculture, IMP -
                                        Toll-free: 800-330-3000                PO Box 690396                      Importer, INT - Interiorscaper, ISC -
                                        Phone: 772-287-6019                    Vero Beach, FL 32969-0396          Interiorscape Contractor, LAC - Louisiana
                                                                               Phone: 772-562-8162                Certified, LDD - Landscape Designer, LSA -
                                        Fax: 772-220-7765                                                         Landscape Architect, LSC - Landscape
                                        Email: classgro@bellsouth.net          Email: jkeefe7825@aol.com          Contractor, PRC - Puerto Rican Certified,
                                        Web: www.classicgrowers.com            CON LDD                            RGC - Retail/Garden Center, SED -
                                        CGR GRW RGC                   M15                                         Seedsman, SHP - Shipper, TSC - Tissue
                                                                                                                  Culture, TXC - Texas Certified.

                                                                                                                  Division Icons: -Allied,      -Floriculture,
                                                                                                                    -Landscape (includes Architect, Designer,
                                                                                                                  Contractor, Maintenance),    - Foliage,
                                                                                                                   -Garden Center,    -Interiorscape,
                                                                                                                    -Miscellaneous, ⌧ -School,      -Trees,
                                                                                                                    -Woody Ornamental

                                      Treasure Coast Chapter Members
Chapter Members
 Treasure Coast

                   The Great Southern
                                                                                  Gary Robert Nursery &                Horizon Nursery
                                                                                  Landscape, Inc.                      Chris Smith
                                                                                  Gary Roberts                         Mike Gallagher
                                                                                  437 Rouse Rd                         12501 Indrio Dr
                                                                                                                       Ft Pierce, FL 34951

                    Tree Conference
                                                                                  Ft Pierce, FL 34946-6427
                                                                                  Phone: 772-460-1539                  Toll-free: 800-753-7151
                                                                                  Fax: 772-464-2696                    Phone: 772-464-2152
                                                                                  Email: grnl@bellsouth.net            Fax: 772-464-2153
                                                                                  GRW                           M15    Email: info@horizonnursery.com
                                                                                                                       Web: www.horizonnursery.com
                                                                                                                       BRK GRW RGC

                   Plan to attend or partner with                                 Green Giant Foliage
                                                                                  Ed Mayr

                          this premier educational
                                                                                  PO Box 540986
                                                                                  Lake Worth, FL 33454                 James Vosters, Jr., Regional Sales
                                                                                  Phone: 561-722-0931                  Vice President
                                                                                  Fax: 561-963-2175                    James Long

                          program each December!
                                                                                  Email: edmayrgg@aol.com              1310 NW Lakeside Trl
                                                                                  AZC CAC CAS GRW LAC TXC              Stuart, FL 34994-9545
                                                                                                                       Phone: 772-692-2626
                                                                                                                       Fax: 772-692-2859
                                                                                                                       Email: sales@hortica-insurance.com
                                                                                  Green Leaf Landscape, Gardening      Web: www.hortica-insurance.com
                                                                                  and Nursery, LLC
                                                        Outdoor Demonstrations    Douglas Feek
                                                                                  5820 First St SW
                                                                                                                       Images of Green, Inc.
                                                                                  Vero Beach, FL 32968-9529
                                                                                                                       Jeffery T. Bowen
                                                                                  Phone: 772-778-2550
                                                                                                                       2000 SE Cove Rd
                                                                                  Fax: 772-778-2493
                                                                                                                       Stuart, FL 34997-7620
                                                                                  Email: sales@dlfintl.com
                                                                                                                       Phone: 772-781-1406
                                                                                                                       Fax: 772-781-1407
                                                                                  Haupt-Roberts Nursery, Inc.          landscapesolutions@imagesofgreeninc.com
                                                                                  Justine Roberts                      Web: www.imagesofgreeninc.com
                                                                                  11201 W Midway Rd                    GRW LSC

                          Partner Opportunities                                   Ft Pierce, FL 34945-2314
                                                                                  Phone: 772-466-4834
                                                                                  Fax: 772-466-7876
                                                                                                                       Irrigation Consultants Unlimited,
                                                                                  Email: hrnrsy@aol.com
                                                                                  GRW                           M15    Inc.
                                                                                                                       Sandy Koch
                          & A Traditional Education Program                                                            125 43rd Ave
                                                                                                                       Vero Beach, FL 32968-2308
                                                                                  Hayslip Landscape                    Toll-free: 866-592-7187
                                                                     The Great    Ed Hayslip                           Phone: 772-562-7227
                                                                     Southern     Samuel Comer
                                                                                  6153 S Hwy 1
                                                                                                                       Fax: 772-569-3658
                                                                                                                       Email: support@hic1.com
                                                                   Tree Confer-   Ft Pierce, FL 34982-3994             Web: www.hic1.com
                                                                   ence (GSTC)    Phone: 772-464-8508                  IMP RGC
                                                                                  Fax: 772-489-5463
                                                                      typically   Email: info@haysliplandscape.com
                                                                                  Web: www.haysliplandscape.com
                                                                                  GRW LSC                              Jenkins Landscape Co.
                                                                     attendees                                         Harold Jenkins, II
                                                                                                                       12260 SE Dixie Hwy
                                                                   from various                                        Hobe Sound, FL 33455-5607
                         states. This conference is devoted entirely to tree      Heathcote Botanical Gardens          Phone: 772-546-2861
                                                                                  Cris Adams, President-Board of       Fax: 772-546-6682
                        selection, landscape, production, establishment and       Trustees                             Email: office@jenkinslandscape.com
                        marketing issues in the Southeastern United States.       210 Savannah Rd
                                                                                  Ft Pierce, FL 34982-3447
                                                                                                                       Web: www.jenkinslandscape.com
                                                                                                                       CTR LDD LSC
                                                                                  Phone: 772-464-4672
                                                                                  Fax: 772-489-2748
                   Don’t miss this cutting edge educational event, designed       info@heathcotebotanicalgardens.org   The Kentia Connection
                                                                                                                       Doug Ericson
                   specifically for hands-on training of growers, landscape
                                                                                  www.heathcotebotanicalgardens.org    4305 SW Ranchwood St
                    contractors, arborists, and other green industry mem-         M15                                  Palm City, FL 34990-5038
                                                                                                                       Phone: 772-220-1612
                      bers. This unique concept brings together applied                                                Fax: 772-287-8631
                      demonstration projects with potential users of the          Hidden Fox Nursery, Inc.
                                                                                                                       Email: bevdoug327@aol.com
                                                                                                                       BRK CAC GRW INT TXC              M15
                                          information.                            Michelle Siefker, Owner
                   Sponsored                                                      9603 SW Foxbrown Rd
                                                                                  PO Box 874
                                                                                  Indiantown, FL 34956-0874
                                                                                  Phone: 772-597-2345
                                                                                  Fax: 772-597-3230
                                                                                  Email: SBARCATTLE@aol.com

                        Treasure Coast Chapter Members

                                                                                                                                                                     Chapter Members
                                                                                                                                                                      Treasure Coast
Kraft Gardens, Inc.                  Pinder’s Nursery                      Scarborough Ranch                       University of Florida - Indian River
Kevin Kraft                          Marvin Pinder                         Bill Wiersma                            REC
Alex Fell                            5500 SW Martin Hwy                    408 SW 15th St                          Sandra B. Wilson                        ⌧
1555 N Kings Hwy                     Palm City, FL 34990-5592              Okeechobee, FL 34974-5262               2199 S Rock Rd
Ft Pierce, FL 34947-1420             Phone: 772-286-0284                   Phone: 941-610-6002                     Ft Pierce, FL 34945-3138
Toll-free: 800-327-1775              Fax: 772-286-6523                                                             Phone: 772-468-3922
Phone: 772-460-1611                  Email: pindersnursery@bellsouth.net                                           Fax: 772-468-5668
Fax: 772-460-2228                    CGR GRW                        M15                                            Email: sbwilson@ifas.ufl.edu
Email: sales@kraftgardens.com                                              South Florida Water Management
Web: www.kraftgardens.com                                                  District
AZC CAC CAN EUC GRW TXC M15                                                Steve Fairtrace
                                     Pioneer Farms, Inc.                   3301 Gun Club Rd 2nd Fl                 Westwinds Nursery, Inc.
                                     Ken Kropp                             PO Box 24680                            Terry Robinson
                                     2696 SW 96th St (76A)                 W Palm Beach, FL 33416-4680             4690 SW Citrus Blvd
M & M Greenhouses, Inc.              Stuart, FL 34997-8926                 Phone: 561-682-6473                     Palm City, FL 34990-5007
John Martin                          Phone: 772-286-0191                   Fax: 561-682-5473                       Phone: 772-781-5404
2127 SW Danforth Cir                 Fax: 772-286-3218                     Email: jfairtra@sfwmd.gov               Fax: 772-781-8908
Palm City, FL 34990                  Email: pioneerfarms@aol.com                                                   Email: westwindinc@bellsouth.net
Phone: 561-436-6541                  Web: www.pioneerfarms.com                                                     AZC CAC CAN CGR EXP GRW M15
Fax: 561-738-7640                    GRW LAC TXC                    M15
Email: jwmartin@adelphia.net                                               Southland Growers
CAC CGR GRW SHP TXC                                                        Wade Lawrence
                                                                           PO Box 1232
                                     Plant Haven Wholesale Nursery, Inc.   Okeechobee, FL 34973-1232
                                     Gary McWhorter                        Phone: 863-357-0454
Niehaus Nursery                      10300 Midway Rd                       Fax: 863-357-0454
Don Niehaus                          Ft Pierce, FL 34945-2355              Email: southlandgrowers@earthlink.net
7380 61st St                         Phone: 772-466-0801
Vero Beach, FL 32967-4903            Fax: 772-466-0449
Phone: 772-562-0600                  Email: planthaven1@aol.com
Fax: 772-562-0669                    GRW LDD LSC                    M15    St. Lucie County Extension Service
GRW LSC                                                                    Edward A. Skvarch, Jr.
                                                                           8400 Picos Rd Ste 101
                                                                           Ft Pierce, FL 34945-3045
                                     The Plant List                        Phone: 772-462-1660
Nurserymen’s Sure-Gro Corp.          Dawn Johnson                          Fax: 772-462-1510
Larry Walker                         PO Box 976                            Email: eask@mail.ifas.ufl.edu
4390 N Hwy 1                         Palm City, FL 34991-0976
Vero Beach, FL 32967-1338            Toll-free: 800-226-4834
Phone: 772-770-0462                  Phone: 772-283-4834
Fax: 772-770-3554                    Fax: 772-286-4057                     Sun Mums, Inc.
Email: suregro@aol.com               Email: info@plantlist.com             Mike Luce
Web: www.suregro.net                 Web: www.plantlist.com                220 SW Appaloosa Rd
EXP                            M15                                         Stuart, FL 34997-6310
                                                                           Phone: 772-287-0611
                                                                           Fax: 772-286-9808
                                     Randy Sexton Jr. - Tree Farm
Okeechobee Oaks                      Randy Sexton, Jr.
George Goodbread                     4325 17th St SW
12575 Hwy 70 E                       Vero Beach, FL 32968-5912             Sunshine State Carnations, Inc.
Okeechobee, FL 34972-8181            Phone: 772-567-5055                   Ole Nissen
Phone: 863-763-2838                  Fax: 772-567-5087                     9450 SE Gomez Ave
Fax: 863-467-2900                    Email: sextongrov@aol.com             PO Box 573
GRW                                  GRW                                   Hobe Sound, FL 33475-0573
                                                                           Phone: 772-546-3000
                                                                           Fax: 772-546-3064
                                                                           Email: sunshinecuts@aol.com
P S L Landscape Services, Inc.       Roadside Nursery                      GRW                             M15
George Kijewski                      Carrol W. Word
PO Box 14949                         805 SE 3rd Ct
Ft Pierce, FL 34979-4949             Okeechobee, FL 34974-4556
Phone: 772-879-3766                  Phone: 863-610-0296                   Tropical Landscape Management,
Fax: 772-879-3767                    Fax: 863-763-7190                     Inc.
                                     Email: csoword@wmconnect.com          Michael Anderson
                                     GRW                                   1086 SE Darling St
                                                                           Stuart, FL 34997-6446
Palm City Palms & Tropicals, Inc.
                                                                           Phone: 772-220-2215
Rick Frostrom
                                                                           Fax: 772-220-2589
7390 SW Martin Hwy                   Rock City Gardens
                                                                           AZC GRW LAC LSC TXC                     Certifications and Codes: AZC - Arizona
Palm City, FL 34990-5411             Thomas P. Lowe
                                                                                                                   Certified, BRK - Broker, CAC - California
Phone: 772-781-2626                  PO Box 808                                                                    Certified, CAS - Certified all US listed, CGR -
Fax: 772-219-3903                    Wabasso, FL 32970-0808                                                        Contract Grower, CON - Consultant, CTR -
                                                                                                                   Contractor, EUC - European Certified, EXP -
Email: palmcitypalm@aol.com          Phone: 772-589-5835                   U S Horticultural Research              Exporter, FRC - Foreign Countries, GRW -
AZC CAC CGR GRW INT RGC M15          Fax: 772-589-5019
                                                                           Laboratory - ARS-USDA                   Grower, HDC - Hydroculture, IMP -
                                     Email: philto@aol.com                                                         Importer, INT - Interiorscaper, ISC -
                                                                           Joseph P. Albano, Researcher            Interiorscape Contractor, LAC - Louisiana
                                                                           2001 S Rock Rd                          Certified, LDD - Landscape Designer, LSA -
                                                                           Ft Pierce, FL 34945-3030                Landscape Architect, LSC - Landscape
                                                                                                                   Contractor, PRC - Puerto Rican Certified,
                                                                           Phone: 772-462-5939                     RGC - Retail/Garden Center, SED -
                                                                           Fax: 772-462-5986                       Seedsman, SHP - Shipper, TSC - Tissue
                                                                           Email: jalbano@ushrl.ars.usda.gov       Culture, TXC - Texas Certified.
                                                                           Web: www.ushrl.saa.ars.usda.gov/hb/
                                                                                                                   Division Icons: -Allied,      -Floriculture,
                                                                           albano/albano.htm                         -Landscape (includes Architect, Designer,
                                                                                                                   Contractor, Maintenance),    - Foliage,
                                                                                                                    -Garden Center,    -Interiorscape,
                                                                                                                     -Miscellaneous, ⌧ -School,      -Trees,
                                                                                                                     -Woody Ornamental


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