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              (TENDER No.                      /2005-2006)
                   (ADVERTISEMENT NO. DAVP-8057/37/2005)

                    Deputy Stores Officer,Surveys
                      Surveyor General's Office
                           Survey of India,
                   Hathibarkala Estate, Dehra Dun.
                    Tel.No. 091- 0135 – 2742390

                         (Please refer corrigendum-2)
         Prebid Conference at Mini Auditorium, GIS
        Technology Centre(SGO), Hathibarkala Estate,
            Dehra Dun on 21-02-2006 (1100hrs)
                         (Please refer corrigendum-2)
    Technical Bid opening at Mini Auditorium, GIS
     Technology Centre (SGO), Hathibarkala Estate,
         Dehra Dun on 28-02-2006 (1600hrs)
                     Telephone No. 0135-2741806

TO BE SUBMITTED BY : 28.02.2006 (1530 Hrs)                 PRICE : Rs.2000/-

                                    SURVEY OF INDIA


                                      TENDER DOCUMENT


                       (COMPLETE WITH PERIPHERALS)


      (a)        Designation and address of the           -   The Deputy Stores Officer, Surveys
                 authority inviting Tender                     Surveyor General's Office,
                                                               Survey of India, Hathibarkala Estate
                                                               Dehra Dun. (INDIA)
      (b)        Tender No.                               -              /2005-2006

      (c)        Last date for sale of the tender         -     28-02-2006 (11.00 hrs)
                 document                                       (Please refer corrigendum-2)

      (d)        Last date of receiving the tender        -     28-02-2006 (15.30 hrs)
                                                                (Please refer corrigendum-2)

      (e)        Place of sale and receiving of tender    -     Deputy Stores Officer, Surveys
                                                                Surveyor General's Office,
                                                                Survey of India, Hathibarkala Estate
                                                                Dehra Dun. (INDIA)

      (f)        Date and time of opening of              -     28-02-2006( 16.00 hrs)
                 Techno commercial Bids                         (Please refer corrigendum-2)

      (g)        Venue of opening the tender              -     Deputy Stores Officer, Surveys
                                                                Surveyor General's Office,
                                                                Survey of India, Hathibarkala Estate
                                                                Dehra Dun. (INDIA)
                                                                (Please refer corrigendum-2)

      (h)        Date and time of opening of              -     To be intimated after
                 price Bids of short listed                     opening of Techno
                 Tenderers                                      Commercial Bids.

      (i)        Total No. of Pages in this tender        -     24


      Three Map Publishing Systems along with associated peripherals as per specifications
      consisting mainly of the following sub-systems:-

      (a)        Map Publishing Hardware and Software ...........................6 + 17 = 23 Nos.
      (b) (i)    Digital Laser Plotting System (Image setter/ Film setter).............= 03 Nos.
          (ii)   Automatic Film Processor.............................................................= 03 Nos.
      (c) (i)    Digital Laser Plotting System (Image Setter/Plate Setter) (CTCP).
          (ii)   Plate Processor.


      Hardware and Software should be from international brand of repute and in tune with
      the latest state of art technology and already in use in India. All the hardware and
      software including the operating system should meet the following minimum
      specifications, however, the systems with better specifications and additional
      facilities will not be a disqualification:


                 3.1.1     Hardware

                      A.     Server

                          Dual Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz Processor or better
                          Intel E7520 Chipset
                          2 GB RAM ECC DDR2 SDRAM up-gradable to 8 GB
                          4 X 300 GB hot plug SCSI Hard disk with Raid Controller
                          Combo CD Drive
                          3.5” Floppy Disk Drive
                          Gigabit Network Interface Card
                          19” Monitor with standard graphics
                          Other standard server features
                          MS Windows 2003 Server OS (or latest) with minimum five user
                          Slots : Total of 6 slots with 2 PCI express slots

                      B. Client
                         Pentium based workstation

                          80 GB Hard Disk
                          PCI Slot – 04
                          AGP Slot – 01 (For Monitor)
                          USB – 06
                          Parallel Port - 01
                          Serial Port – 01
                          RJ 45 (Networking) – 01
                          RAM – 1GB in single slot
                          CD ROM – 52 X
     Floppy Drive – 1.44 MB
     19” Monitor
     64 MB Graphics Card frame Buffer Memory
     Optical Mouse

  C. Proofer

      Based on Inkjet technology with postscript support and with following
    128 MB RAM or higher
    20 GB HDD or higher
    Print resolution for max quality 1200 x 600 dots per inch.
    Media types:
          Coated paper, Bummers, Photo Imaging Gloss, Photo Imaging
          Station, Studio Canvas, Color fast Adhesive Vinyl, Station Poster
          Paper, and Color lucent Black lit UV.
   Size 60 inch/ 1.52 m.
   10/100 Network Card or better.

3.1.2 Software

     Topographical maps are being generated using standard conventional
      symbols. Symbology is very important for user to understand the
      ground features/ objects. Hence, software must maintain map
      symbology as defined by Survey of India.
     S/W should offer vector GIS data compression methods for efficient
      handling and faster display of large size databases.
     S/W should support Purely Vector data based workflow, Purely Raster
      databased workflow & Composite data (Vector+ Raster) based
      workflow for publishing.
     Seamless display & handling of vector topographical maps &
      imageries with annotation layers, which can be modified & updated as
      and when new input are available on near real time basis.
     Upgradation of software (s) will be supplied as and when new version
      with enhancements released during AMC period.
     The system should have the capability of raster data display, data
      capture/editing, map finishing, feature definition and generation of
      files for CYMK colour composition.
     Should support data import as per user defined data model structure.
     The out put files should support various formats preferably Digital
      1 Bit Tiff file and PDF.
     RIP software should support various formats including TIFF, PS- level
      1-3, JPEG, PDF, DCS2 and EPS.
     Control of print priorities, masking/selective masking and ink
      Softcopy display of proofs of finished maps (WYSIWYG).
     Capability to generate one plot per ink.
     Capability to generate plots with digital screen(with dot gain

             compensation facility) for 4 colour printing process.
            Facility of raster image publishing and hybrid vector-raster
            Collate facility for multiple image publishing layout.
            Project management tools, use of templates, user defined symbology
            Facility for automatic patterning and software screening
            Resymbolisation options.
            Utilities for manipulating and translating raster files, e.g. mirror,
             rotate, flip etc.,
            Convert vector elements into binary raster.
            Capacity to generate real pattern and screen tint with selectable screen

      SETTER (CTCP):-

            Material Format                :       820x1030 mm.
            Plate thickness                :       0.10 mm to 0.45mm.
            Operating temperature          :       17oC-25oC.
            Relative humidity              :       15%
            Resolution                     :       900 to 1500 dpi
            Two exposure heads
            Fully automatic/semi-automatic plate handling & punching system
             (Quote separately for automatic and semi automatic systems).
            Flat Bed System with vacuum table.
            Exposure on conventional pre-sensitised offset printing plates.
            Day light operating conditions.
            Suitable screening technology.
            Control for analysis of print quality proofing and its preview.
            Capability of the system in terms of production of minimum number
             of plates per hour to be mentioned.


      Forwarding system to the on-line plate processor.
      (a) Cassette loading (under normal light) of multiple plates of 0.30 mm (820 x
      1030 mm) and 0.10 to 0.45 mm (820 x 1030mm).
      (b) Full automation right from removal of slip sheets and punching to the
      stage of forwarding to the line exposure and processor. The processor should,
      however, support on-line and off-line processing.


         A high speed laser film recording system for plotting on black and white,
         orthochromatic, continuous tone, lithographic and line art films. The
         system should conform to the following specifications:
          Input data from already existing digital cartographic systems.
          Generation of films in Positive & Negative with right & wrong reading
             Plotting modes: Line art, half tone, 256 level continuous tone.
             Plotting size 800 mm x 1100 mm or more
             Film thickness 0.076 mm to 0.254 mm
             Resolution 1000 to 5080 ppi.
             Full reproduction control for continuous tone and half tone.
             Capacity to generate real pattern and screen tint with selectable screen
             Accuracy : (+/-) 0.005 mm
             Choice of elliptical, round, square and rounded square for good output

       It should be capable of accepting output from Digital Laser Plotting System /
       Film Plotter. It is essential that the exposed films are processed to give a
       very high quality of image, fit for printing on off-set machines. The
       processor should have in-built checks for providing the quality control


      One metal plate shredding machine of 820 mm width alongwith strip packing.


      3.7.1   Besides the manufacturer‟s bench marking standards for factory and
              on-site commissioning and acceptance tests, which should be specified
              in the techno commercial bids, the vendor will carry out printing of at
              least 5 maps of different categories on different weights of paper in
              continuity as decided by the purchaser, right from the generation of
              CYMK separates to final printing of the maps.
                      Bench marking will also include generation of five replica
              maps of different categories using CYMK colour composition

      3.7.2   Among other tests following will be the criteria:
              Bench marking standards for all standard accessories must conform to
              the MAP PUBLISHING SYSTEM and with our existing system of
              registration. Dimensional accuracy and registration accuracy of colour
              composites output of Image Setter / Film Plotter of the Map Publishing
              System must conform or be better than that acceptable for automated
              registration in the printing machines.

      3.7.3   REGISTER

             Image should be identical and their positional accuracy consistent in
              relation to the sheet format.
             Deviation in printed image in both dimensions not to exceed 0.2 mm.
             Start-up register tolerance to be within 4/100 mm or nearest, to be
              specified by the Vendor.

       3.7.4 DOT

              No colour deviation overall and specially in sensitive grey tones.

       3.7.5   SOLID PRINTING


       3.7.6   Make-ready-time to one colour exposure and finishing may be
               specified and demonstrated in actual trials.

       3.7.7   Specified time for finishing of one film to be demonstrated.

       3.7.8   Non-stop automatic film changing to be demonstrated.

       3.7.9   POWER SUPPLY

               380 - 440 ± 20 v, 50 Hz, Three Phase A.C. main supply to be fed to
               equipment through UPS/ CVT/ stabilized power supply unit. This unit
               is to be quoted as integral part of the system.

       3.7.10 The Site Acceptance Test (SAT) procedure will be as per the
              purchaser requirement.

       3.7.11 Survey of India reserves the right to revise or alter the specifications of
              the system before the acceptance of any tender.


       The firm must certify that the spares for specified life of the system would be
       available in India for maintenance against rupee payment. Firm should also
       provide their detailed set-up in India and certify that it has a requisite
       infrastructure for carrying out maintenance and repairs in India at Delhi,
       Kolkata and Hyderabad.


       After completion of the one year of warranty period, the firm must quote for
       Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) separately with and without spares for a
       further period of 5 years. The cost and terms of 5 years maintenance with
       spares after warranty should be built in the cost of AMC of system. The
       maintenance cost shall, however, be payable on pro rata basis every year on
       production of consignee‟s satisfactory maintenance certificate for the
       preceding year.


       Firm must provide training to staff/officers in operation and maintenance of
       equipment at their cost in manufacturing plant. Details for training to be
       imparted must be specified including arrangements for visit of the team of
       purchaser for Factory Acceptance Tests.
            The rates quoted in the tender should remain valid upto 30st September, 2006.

5.0         CONSIGNEES
            The system as per the specifications given above will be supplied to the Director
            concerned. However the exact location and the city will be intimated before dispatch
            of the machine. The designation of consignee along with complete address for supply
            of Map Publication System and location for installation of thin client (workstation)
            with editing software is given in Annexure „E‟.


6.1.1 Bids will be submitted in two bid system. Part-I Techno Commercial Bid and Part-II
      – Price Bid. Both Bids will be in triplicate of which each copy will be in bound
      booklet form. All the three copies of each bid will be put in separate cover super
      scribed as follows:

                     28-02-2006 at 15-30 hrs (IST). (Please refer corrigendum-2)

            (b)      Part –II : PRICE BID FOR MPS SYSTEM DUE ON 28-02-2006 at 15-30
                     hrs (Please refer corrigendum-2)
                     Both the above sealed covers shall be put in another cover sealed and super
                     scribed as :

            at 15- 30 hours (IST).
            SETTER / FILM SETTER.

6.1.2 Bids, technical literature, instructions, certificates, diagrams, etc. should be in English
      language only.

6.1.3 Each page of the bid must be serially numbered as x/y = (specific page/ total number
      of pages) and duly signed by the tenderer. Printing leaflet forming part of the bid
      must be duly authenticated by tenderer.

6.2.1 Price bid should indicate complete break up of prices, preferably in the format as per
      Annexure „F‟. Separate sheets may be used for paucity of space. A certificate to the
      effect that the machine as per the purchaser‟s specifications will be handed over in
      perfect running condition, will also be enclosed.
(a)   For Foreign Suppliers :

      (i)         Net Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value (inclusive of all items for which the
                  cost is to be borne by the supplier as mentioned in the terms of the tender

   (ii)          Custom duty will be exempted as per certificate of DSIR (Annexure „C‟).

   (iii)         Freight charges (preferably by an India Shipping/Transporter Company) as Net
                 Selling Price (NSP).

   (iv)          Insurance as per para 6.9 (preferably by an Indian Insurance Company).

   (v)           Commission, if any, to be paid to Indian Agent of foreign supplier. However, it is
                 desirable that the manufacturer participates directly in the biding process instead
                 of through an agent. In case agency commission is to be paid to the Indian Agent,
                 the same would be paid in Indian Currency only.

   (vi)          Any other charges (to be specified).

   (vii)         AMC for a period of 5 years after warranty period.

(b)              For Indigenous Suppliers :

                    (i)     Net ex-factory/godown price (inclusive of all items for which cost is to
                            be borne by the supplier as mentioned in the terms of the tender

                    (ii)    Survey of India can provide custom duty exemption certificate.
                            However basic custom duty etc. has to be borne by the supplier.

                    (iii)   Transportation charges.

                    (iv)    Insurance as per para 6.9.

                    (v)     Any other charges (to be specified).

                    (vi)    AMC for a period of 5 years after warranty.

6.2.2. In the Techno Commercial Bids, besides usual stipulation the following will be
       clearly mentioned/submitted.

           (a)      Tenderers shall enumerate the operational experience in similar environment
                    of the equipments offered alongwith names and addresses of user
                    organisations and dates when the equipments were installed.

           (b)      Each copy of the tender should be a complete document and should preferably
                    be bound as a Volume. Different copies must be bound separately and should
                    include technical handouts etc. technical Bid should be submitted in triplicate.

           (c)      In case the system as offered deviates from the requirements laid down in the
                    Tender document, the tenderer should describe in what respect and to what
                    extent the equipment offered by them differs/deviates from the specifications
                    even though the deviations may not be very material. Tenderer must state
                    categorically whether or not his offer is exact to tender specifications and
                    indicate deviations, if any failing which his offer is liable to be rejected.
      Tenderers shall make available full information and technical document on the
      equipments being offered alongwith each copy of the quotation.

(d)   Tenderers shall furnish details of back-up engineering and systems support
      that will be available to the buyer. The maintenance of the system after expiry
      of the relevant warranty maintenance period, spare parts and back-up
      maintenance support must be guaranteed for the life of the equipment which
      would be specified.

(e)   The tenderers shall clearly indicate the time for supply of equipment after
      receipt of firm supply order, and the penalty clause for delay in supply beyond
      the agreed time schedule.

(f)   EARNEST MONEY : Earnest money 2 to 5% of the total tender value in the
      shape of FDR or call deposit of any Scheduled Bank valid for six months from
      the date of opening of technical bid, in favour of Establishment & Accounts
      Officer, Surveyor General's Office, Survey of India, Dehra Dun must be sent
      with techno commercial bid of the tender. The tender without earnest money
      will not be accepted in any case. The earnest money of unsuccessful
      Tenderers shall be returned as promptly as possible, but not later than 30 days
      after expiry of bid validity prescribed by the purchaser. The successful
      Tenderer‟s earnest money shall be converted as part of bid security.

(g)   Certificate as per Annexure „D‟ of the tender documents to the effect that the
      equipment is brand new and fully tropicalised and fit for operation in Indian
      conditions as mentioned in the specification particularly and to be enclosed.

(h)   Any price preferences/discount or any auxiliary/optional equipment for
      placing repeat/multiple order should be clearly mentioned.

(i)   Future updating of system/hardware & software and details thereof in respect
      of system, its accessories should be indicated.

(j)   Warranty or extended warranty for the Machine & details thereof should be
      specified for each item.

(k)   Whether price is negotiable and, if so to which area would it pertain such, as
      extended maintenance after warranty, supply of future update, spares, standard
      accessories, optional accessories or training etc.

(l)   Specify how the price has been quoted whether it is all inclusive, i.e. including
      basic cost, standard accessories, transportation, customs charges, insurance,
      installation, training, acceptance test, stabilised power supply units, cabling,
      loading and unloading, etc. if separate price has been quoted the details of
      items grouped together be given. Survey of India can provide custom duty
      exemption certificate. However basic custom duty etc. has to be borne by the

(m)   Detailed technical literature/specifications for all equipment and accessories
      should be enclosed with each book volume of techno commercial bid.

(n)   Details of foundations of work-flow diagram, total electrical load and
      environmental conditions such as temp, humidity, etc., required for operation
      of equipment to be mentioned.

(o)   Training programme proposed to be imparted to our personnel for operation &
      maintenance with duration and place of training should be specified.

(p)   Assistance under any international programme or company sponsored
      programme for operators & maintenance staff, if any available must be

(q)   Comprehensive maintenance programme and facility for the same after
      warranty period and detailed terms & conditions of the same for a period of at
      least 5 years after warranty period must be mentioned.

(r)   Designated life of the system in terms of running hours or calendar years and
      availability of spares for that period in India against Rs. payment must be

(s)   Mode of payment, opening of L.C. and whether terms of payment
      specified in this document are acceptable and if not what modifications
      are suggested.

(t)   Certificate to the effect that the price quoted is internationally/competitive and
      has been charged by vendors worldwide and the price quoted now for same is
      less than that which has been charged for similar equipment supplied in
      India/Asia with list of purchaser organisations.

(u)   The tenderers should furnish the name and other details of after-sale
      service/repair services as should be extended by them in case of any

(v)   The tenderers will be required to arrange free demonstration of the system in
      India preferably at or near Delhi.

(w)   Latest Income Tax/Sales Tax Clearance Certificate or similar document
      prevalent in their country must accompany the tender set giving the latest
      balance sheet showing the financial position alongwith permanent Income Tax
      Account Number of supplier and their Indian Agent.

(x)   Xerox copy of cash receipt of payment of Rs. 2,000/- (Rupees Two Thousand
      only) for purchase of tender document to be enclosed. The tender document is

(y)   Tenderers who will download tender documents from Survey of India
      website must deposit Rs. 2000/-in the form of
      Bank Draft in favour of Establishment & Accounts Officer, Surveyor
      General's Office, Survey of India, Dehra Dun being cost of tender
      documents at the time of submission of tender, failing which their tender
      will not be considered. In this case sub-para (y) as mentioned above is not
6.3   Cost of preparation of tender and arrangement for demonstration/presentation shall be
      borne by the tenderer.

6.4   The exchange rates of Rupee to the currency in which the price bid has been quoted
      would be considered as prevalent on the day of opening of Techno-Commercial Bid
      (as per quotes of R.B.I.) for comparison of price. The rate of exchange as per
      quotation of Reserve Bank of India prevalent on the day of opening of LC shall be the
      rate of fixing the price of the system and equipment in Indian Rupees for placing the
      supply order.

6.5   Incomplete tenders, amendments and additions to tender after opening and tenders
      received late are liable to be rejected.

6.6   TRAINING :

      Successful Tenderer shall make provision for imparting free Pre and post-installation
      training to operating staff.


      Tenderers should include in their tender, provision for such tools and initial stock of
      maintenance spares as are essential for proper maintenance and operation of
      equipment for 5 years after expiry of warranty period. In addition, essential
      requirements of spares and consumption per annum should be indicated. Tenderers
      shall give an undertaking for supply of spares for the life of the system.


      The tenderers shall be responsible for erection, installation and commissioning of the
      equipment at the destination site, free of cost and also for making it fully operational.

      The material required for installation such as
      (a)   Labour                                   (d)    Necessary literature
      (b)   Consumables                              (e)    Instructions material
      (c)   Drawing                                  (f)    Other tools

      shall be the responsibility of the tenderers.


      All goods supplied under the contract/supply order shall be fully insured for all risk
      with Survey of India as the beneficiary. All consignments are required to be
      despatched to the consignee‟s installation-site/final destination and the insurance
      cover shall remain valid till the erection, installation of the main equipment has been
      completed by the supplier and accepted by the consignees. The insurance charges
      alongwith particulars of insurance agents shall be given in the break up details of cost
      as required under para 6.2.1.

6.10.1 Tenderers shall be fully responsible for the manufacturer‟s warranty in respect of
       proper design, quality and workmanship of the system, accessories, etc. covered by
       the Tender for a period of at least one year from the date of successful completion of
       final Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of the system/sub-system. The supplier will furnish
       a warranty certificate regarding quality as per Annexure „D‟ along with techno
       commercial bid. The supplier will replace free of cost all the defective material/parts
       and any other accessory supplied by them under the contract/supply order which is
       found/noticed defective within the guarantee /warranty period/extended warranty

6.10.2 The Warranty period shall be counted from the date of successful operationalisation
       for the up time of the machine/equipment which should not be less than 95%. Any
       shortfall in the up time below 95% shall result in extension of Warranty period to that


6.11.1 In addition to manufacturer/tenderer defined tests, pre-delivery inspection, Site
       Acceptance Test shall be carried out on continuous basis through user interaction as
       per Bench Marking specifications mentioned in Para 3.5.

6.11.2 In addition to checking of deliverables and manufacturer‟s defined tests, the
       acceptance tests shall also involve the operation of the complete system/equipment
       testing of different categories, which will be conducted by the tenderer in the
       presence of a team or agency nominated by the purchaser. Additional charges, if any,
       for carrying out these tests shall form part of the bid.


       Each tenderer shall give site specifications for the equipments being delivered by him
       specifying required area, power and other environmental conditions keeping in view
       the conditions prevalent at the place of installation.


       The tenderer may, with the written permission of the purchaser, sub-let or assign a
       portion or portions of the contract for minor details of any part of the work of which
       makers are named in the contract, provided that any such consent shall not relieve the
       tenderer from any obligation, duty or responsibility under the contract.

6.14. Each successful tenderer shall provide 3 sets of part catalogues, circuit diagrams
      operational & hardware manuals and user guides.

6.15. Tenders from the Indian agent of foreign supplier will NOT be acceptable. However,
      the Indian agent will submit the tender from their foreign principals and may also be
      present during opening of tenders on due date and time with proper authority letter.

6.16. The rate for 5 years AMC after Warranty period should also be separately quoted in
      price bid.

6.17. Each page of the tender should be initialed by the tenderer.

6.18. The earnest money will be liable to be forfeited if the tenderer withdraws or amends,
      impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect within the period of validity of his

6.19. The sealed envelopes containing the tender must be submitted as per instructions
      contained in para 6.1.1.

6.20. The quantity of system may vary at the time of placing of firm supply order.

6.21. Surveyor General of India reserves the right to reject any/all tenders without
      assigning any reasons. Dispute, if any, will have legal jurisdiction at Dehradun
      (Uttranchal) India.

6.22. Only the authorised representative of the tenderer with proper authority letter may
      attend the opening of the Bids Survey of India.

6.23. Price Bids of only those tenderers will be opened if their techno commercial bids
      meet the following requirements. The date of opening of price bid shall be intimated
      after opening of Techno-Commercial Bid.

6.23.1 The equipment/system mentioned in the tenders must meet all the technical

6.23.2 The tenders must meet all the requirement contained in this tender document.

6.23.3 Earnest Money 2 to 5% of the quoted cost of the machine in appropriate acceptable
       mode strictly in terms of Tender Document is required to be enclosed.
6.24 The supply order for the Machine will be placed by ……... on successful tenderer.

6.25   The earnest money of all the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned within 30 days of
       the award of the contract. The Earnest Money of the successful tenderer shall be
       refunded / adjusted after the security deposit has been furnished by him. If the
       successful tenderer fails to furnish the security deposit then the whole Earnest Money
       shall be forfeited without any reference to the tenderer.

6.26   The successful tenderers will have to furnish Security Deposit @ 10% of the value of
       the supply order in the form of Bank Guarantee valid for 15 months from the date of
       supply order with a provision of further extension/revalidation upto the period of one
       year from the date of completion of Site Acceptance Test. The requisite proforma of
       the Bank Guarantee is given in Annexure „A‟. The successful tenderer will also
       execute the Annexure „B‟.

6.27   In case of any defect in supply or manufacturing or not confirming to technical
       specifications observed during SAT or later during the warranty period the tenderers
       will be liable to replace the defective parts/system at his cost.

6.28    The successful tenderer will have to complete the supply and commissioning on site
        including successful Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) of the equipment/software within
        60 days of placing the order or as may be mutually agreed in writing.


7.1 The payment will be made by Estt. & Account Officer, Eastern, Western and Southern
    Printing Group, Survey of India.

7.2 Before the supply order is placed on the successful tenderer, an agreement will have to be
    signed by the successful tenderer at his cost on proper stamp paper as per Performa given
    in Annexure „B‟.

7.3 Certificate by manufacturer that system is fully tropicalised and fit for operation in
   Indian Environment, and that the Machine offered is brand new manufactured and not a
   reconditioned one will have to be furnished by the successful tenderer as per Annexure

7.4 Security deposit @ 10% of the value of the supply order in the form of Bank
   Guarantee valid for 15 months vide Sub-para 6.26 above has been furnished.

7.5 For indigenous Suppliers :

                      (a)     70% payment on delivery of system on certificate by consignee
                              having received the equipment as per delivery challan.
                      (b)     The balance 30% on successful execution of the supply order
                              including installation and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and
                              comprehensive training for personnel at the respective sites
                              after receiving consignee‟s certification for successful
                              execution of supply order.

7.6     For Foreign Suppliers :

                      (a)     Payment equal to 90% of net CIF value of stores will be made
                              to foreign supplier through letter of credit on presentation of
                              shipping documents, manufacturers warranty/guarantee,
                              manufacturers test certificate and bank guarantee valid for six
                              months for the entire cost of equipment by the supplier.

                      (b)     The balance 10% on successful execution of the supply order
                              including successful installation and Site Acceptance Test
                              (SAT) and comprehensive training for personnel at the
                              respective sites after receiving consignee‟s certificate for
                              successful execution of supply order.


         “Force Majeure” means an event beyond the control of the supplier and not involving
the supplier‟s fault or negligence and not limited to acts of the purchaser either in its
sovereign or contractual capacity, wars or revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine
restrictions and freight embargoes.
        If a Force Majeure situation arises, the supplier will promptly notify the purchaser in
writing of such conditions and the cause thereof. Unless otherwise directed by the purchaser
in writing the supplier shall continue to perform its obligations under the contract as far as is
reasonably practical, and shall seek all reasonable alternative means for performance not
prevented by the Force Majeure event.


        The purchaser may at any time terminate the contract by giving written notice to the
supplier, without compensation to the supplier, if the Supplier becomes bankrupt or
otherwise insolvent, provided that such termination will not prejudice or effect any right of
action or remedy which has accrued or will accrue thereafter to the purchaser.


      The Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Union of India.

                                                                   (Ref. Page 13, Para 6.26)

                        PROFORMA FOR BANK GUARANTEE

        In consideration of the President of India (hereinafter called “The Government”)
having agreed to exempt ____________________________ (hereinafter called “the said
Contractor” from the demand, under the terms and conditions of an Agreement dated
________________ made between __________________ and _____________________
for supply of equipment (hereinafter called “the said Agreement”), of security deposit for the
due fulfillment by the said Contractor of the terms and conditions contained in the said
Agreement, on production of a Bank Guarantee for Rs. _______________________
(Rupees ___________________________________________________________ only).
We, (indicate the name of the Bank) ______________________________________
hereinafter referred to as “The Bank”) at the request of the said Contractor do hereby
undertake to pay to the government an amount not exceeding Rs. ___________________
against any loss or damage caused to or suffered or would be caused to or suffered by the
Government by reason of any breach by the said Contractor of any of the terms or conditions
in the said Agreement.

2.     We (indicate the name of the Bank) ________________________________ do
       hereby undertake to pay the amounts due and payable under this Guarantee without
       any demur, merely on a demand from the Government stating that the amount
       claimed is due by way of loss or damage caused to or would be caused to or suffered
       by the Govt. by reason of breach by the said Contractor any of the terms or conditions
       contained in the said Agreement or by reason of the contractor‟s failure to perform
       the said Agreement. Any such demand made on the Bank shall be conclusive as
       regards the amount due and payable buy the Bank under this Guarantee. However,
       our liability, under this Guarantee shall be restricted to an amount not exceeding
3.     We undertake to pay to the Government any money so demanded not withstanding
       any disputes that may be pending or any raised by the Contractors in any suit or
       proceeding pending before any Court or Tribunal relating thereto, our liability under
       this Guarantee being absolute and unequivocal. The payment so made us under this
       Guarantee shall be valid discharge of our liability for payment there under and the
       Contractor shall have no claim against us for making such payment.

4.     We (indicate the name of the Bank) __________________________________ further
       agree that the Guarantee herein contained shall remain in full force and effect during
       the period that would be taken for the performance of the said Agreement and that it
       shall continue to be enforceable till all the dues of the Government under or by virtue
       of the said Agreement have been fully paid and its claims satisfied or discharged or
       till ______________________

5.     Office/Department/Ministry of ____________________ certifies that the terms &
       conditions of the said Agreement have been fully and properly carried out by the
       said Contractor and accordingly discharge this Guarantee. Unless a demand or claim
       under this Guarantee is made on us in writing on or before the _____________ we
       shall be discharged from all liability under this Guarantee thereafter.

6.    We, (indicate the name of the Bank) _________________________________ further
      agree with the Government that the Government shall have the fullest liberty without
      our consent and without affecting in any manner our obligations hereunder to vary
      any of the terms and conditions of the said Agreement or to extend time of
      performance by the said Contractor from time to time or to postpone for any time or
      from time to time any of the powers exercisable by the Government against the said
      Contractor and to forbear or enforce any of the terms and conditions relating to the
      said Agreement and we shall not be relieved from our liability by reason of any such
      variation, or extension being granted to the said Contractor or for any forbearance, act
      or commission on the part of the Government or any indulgence by the Government
      to the said Contractor or by any such matter or thing whatsoever which under the law
      relating to sureties would, but for this provision, have effect of so relieving us.

7.    This Guarantee will not be discharged due to the change in the constitution of the
      Bank or the Contractor.

8.    We, (indicate the name of the Bank) ______________________________ ___
      lastly undertake not to revoke this Guarantee during the currency except with the
      previous consent of the Government in writing.

Dated the _______________________day _________________
       For ________________________________________________
       (Indicate the name of the Bank)

                                                                              Annexure 'B'
                                                              (Ref. page 13 para 6.26 & 7.2)

                        FOR EXECUTING THE CONTRACT

The contract made between ___________________________________________
______________________________________________(hereinafter called the „Contractor‟
which expression shall include their legal representative on the ..... part &
_____________________________________________ as Purchaser on behalf of the
President of India, hereinafter called the Government.

Risk in the Equipment

The Contractor shall perform the contract in all respects in accordance with the terms and
conditions as mentioned under clause ___________to _________ of Supply Order No.
______________________________________________                 dated    ____________.       The
equipment in every respect at the risk of the Contractor until actual delivery to the Consignee
at the stipulated place or destination or, where so provided in the Supply Order until their
delivery to the Consignee as specified in the Schedule, as Interim Consignee for the purpose
of despatch to the Consignee. The Contractor shall be responsible for all loss, destruction,
damage or deterioration of or to the equipment not being supplied as per specification vide
clause ___________________________.

Consignee‟s Rights of Rejection

       (a)     Notwithstanding any approval which the Purchaser may have given in respect
               of the equipments or any part or portion thereof or any materials or other
               particulars or the work or workmanship involved in the performance of the
               contract (whether with or without any test carried out by the Contractor of the
               Purchaser or under the direction of the Purchaser and notwithstanding delivery
               of the equipments where so provided to the Interim Consignee), it shall be
               lawful for the Consignee, on behalf of the Purchaser to reject the equipments
               or any part, portion or consignment thereof (i) within 45 days after actual
               delivery thereof to them at the place or destination specified in the schedule
               and (ii) in the case of equipment within 90 days reckoned from the date of
               receipt of complete equipment with spares and accessories, as ordered if such
               equipments or part, portion or consignment thereof is not, in all respect, in
               conformity with specifications and terms and conditions of the contract
               whether on account of any loss, deterioration or damage before despatch or
               delivery or during transit or otherwise howsoever.

       (b)     That if the Contractor fails to observe or perform any conditions of this
               contract or become insolvent or he or his Agent offers any bribe in connection
               with contract then, notwithstanding any previous waiver of such default or
               action, the Purchaser will have the power on behalf of the Government to
               terminate the contract forthwith and without prejudice to other rights and
               remedies of the Government to forfeit the said Security deposit of Rs. ______

       in the form of Bank Guarantee at his discretion and also recover from the
       Contractor any loss suffered by the Government on account of the contract
       being so terminated prematurely.

(c)    That in case of any dispute or difference that may arise in connection with this
       contract the settlement of which is not hereinbefore provided for, the same
       shall be referred for the Arbitration to the Surveyor General of India, or if he
       is unable or unwilling to act as an Arbitrator, to any other person nominated
       by him in writing and the decision of such arbitrator shall be final and legally
       binding on the parties to this contract.


Signed by the said Contractor
Or his Authorised Agent

1. ____________________________________

2. ____________________________________


Signed by the Purchaser
(for and on behalf of the President of India)

1. ____________________________________

2. _____________________________________

                                                                                           Annexure “C”

                                                      [Ref. pages 7 & 9 para 6.2.1 (a)(ii) & 6.2.2 (l)]
                                GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                          MINISTRY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
                                        NEW DELHI-110016

Regn. No. TU/V/RG-CDE (692)/2001                                                       October 10, 2001

Renewal of Registration of a Public Funded Research Institution or a University or an Indian Institute of
Technology or Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore or a Regional Engineering College, other than a hospital
for purposes of availing customs duty exemption in terms of Government Notification No. 51/96-Customs dated
23 July 1996 and Central excise duty exemption in terms of Government Notification No. 10/97-Central Excise
dated 1 March 1997 as amended from time to time.

                            CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION
          This is to certify that SURVEY OF INDIA, DEHRA DUN is registered with the Department of
Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) for purposes of availing customs duty exemption in terms of
Government Notification No. 51/96-Customs dated 23 July 1996 and Central Excise duty exemption in terms of
Government Notification N0. 10/97-Central Excise dated 1 March 1997.

        This registration is valid from 01.09.2001.

                                                                                            (R.V.S.P. RAO)

                                                                              Annexure „D‟
                                                     [Ref. pages 8 & 13 para 6.2.2(g) & 7.3]

                                  WARRANTY CERTIFICATE

        We warrant that every thing to be supplied by us hereunder shall be brand new/ fully
tropicalised and fit for operating in Indian conditions particularly those prevalent at New
Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. All defects and faults in material workmanship and
manufacture and shall be of the highest grade and quality and consistent with the established
and generally accepted standards for material of the type ordered shall be in full conformity
with the specification/drawings of samples if any and shall operate properly. We shall be
fully responsible for its efficient operation.

        In case of any latent defect or inconsistency due to poor manufacturing/repair&
overhaul of the equipment /instrument, or defective supply not conforming to the
specifications if observed at the time of final inspection and thereafter within 12 months from
the date of acceptance, we undertake the guarantee to repair/supply free of cost the defective
items upto the final destination and the inland expenses borne by the indentor, will be at our

        This warranty shall survive inspection and payment for and acceptance of the goods
but shall expire (except in respect of complaints of which the contractor has been notified
prior to such date) twelve months after their successful installation and acceptance by the

       SEAL of manufacturer/supplier Enterprises

       Name & address of manufacturer/supplier


                                                                                Annexure 'E'
                                                                       (Ref. Page 7, Para 5.0)


1.     Director, Southern Printing Group                 -           One
       Survey of India, Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, India.

2.     Director, Western Printing Group                      -       One
       Survey of India, New Delhi, India.

3..    Director, Eastern Printing Group                      -       One
       Survey of India, Kolkata, India.

Thin clients (workstations) with editing s/w -17 to be installed at the following locations :

                     1.     Lucknow
                     2.     Chandigarh
                     3.     Jammu
                     4.     Guwahati
                     5.     Shillong
                     6.     Silchar
                     7.     Patna
                     8.     Bhubaneshwar
                     9.     Ranchi
                     10.    Jabalpur
                     11.    Raipur
                     12.    Jaipur
                     13.    Ahemedabad
                     14.    Pune
                     15.    Bangalore
                     16.    Chennai
                     17.    Thiruvanantapuram.

                                                                                Annexure 'F'
                                                                     (Ref. Page 7, Para 6.2.1)

 Sl          Basic Configuration                     Detailed Specifications     Basic Price
1.  Software
      Raster display/ data capture/ editing/
      CYMK generation.
2.    Hardware
      Client (Pentium based workstation)
4.    Image Setter / Film Poltter
5.    Automatic Film Processor
6.    Film Developer/ Fixer for 200 films.
7.    UPS and Stabilizer
8.    Installation/ Service/ Testing Training
9.    Consumables for initial commissioning
      SAT etc.
10.   Charges for custom duty (Survey of India
      can provide Custom Duty Exemption
      Certificate. However Basic Custom Duty
      etc. have to be borne by the supplier).
11.   Shipping & Insurance up to New Delhi /
      Hyderabad/ Kolkata points.
12.   Freight/Clearance/ Insurance up to
      Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkatta or any other
13.   Loading/Unloading charges.