; Boys Soccer Team Confirmation Letter
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Boys Soccer Team Confirmation Letter


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									                                           Lehigh Soccer Academy
                                               Boys HS Team

Dear Camper and Parents:

Greetings Lehigh Soccer Academy! This letter is to confirm your registration for the week of July 26–July 29. We have
provided some information below to answer any questions that you might have.

HEALTH FORMS: All campers must submit a health form and waiver in order to participate in camp. For your
convenience, both forms can be downloaded by going to the link below. If you are unable to download a health form and
waiver please email the soccer camp office at the email address below and we will be happy to mail one to you.


                          Please bring the health form with you for registration.

REGISTRATION will take place on Sunday July 26th from 11am –1:00pm. The location is on Lehigh University’s Asa
Packer campus at Dravo Residence Hall. Note: Dormitories are not located on Goodman Campus(athletic complex).

DIRECTIONS to Lehigh University can be found on the website—www.lehighsports.com/Directions.asp . There will be
signs placed around campus for directions to residence halls. Be sure to get directions to Asa Packer campus, University

CHECKOUT will take place on Wednesday, July 29th at 12:00pm. Location will be at Dravo —same location as check-in.
Campers are required to stay on campus until dismissal on Wednesday. Any early checkouts must be requested in writing
from the parents to the camp director.

RELEASE POLICY-** All parents must be positively identified(show ID) to have their child released to them.

KEYS The cost to replace keys and access cards will be charged ($30 for keys and $10 for access cards).

SUNDAY’S SCHEDULE Orientation is on Sunday, July 26th from 2:00pm - 2:45pm. First field session is at 3:30pm.
Dinner will be the first meal provided to campers. We suggest packing a lunch on Sunday.

ITEMS TO PACK Blankets, sheets, pillows, bath towel, toiletries, fan(air conditioners are prohibited), alarm clock,
spending money, soccer boots (indoor and outdoor), soccer shorts, socks, t-shirts, rain top, sweat top, sunscreen, water
bottle, shin-guards (required), casual clothes, soccer flops.

CAMP STORE is open daily for snacks, drinks, pizza and specialty items.

BEHAVIOR All campers are expected to attend all required sessions and heed Lehigh University’s rules of decorum.
Misconduct may result in dismissal from camp and any flagrant misconduct WILL result in immediate dismissal from the
Lehigh Soccer Camp.

Thanks once again for your interest and support. Please call with any questions or concerns: 610-758-5353 or e-mail to:
mbenn@lehigh.edu. We are looking forward to seeing you at camp. See you July 26th!


                                                                     Michael Benn
                                                                     LSA Assistant Director

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