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Hyderabad An Expat Survival Guide


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									 Hyderabad : An Expat Survival Guide

                              Everything you want to know about living here.

An E-book for Expatriates and NRIs who plan to
move to Hyderabad or have just landed here.

A chillibreeze publication                                                     ISBN 81-904055-5-1
         Table of contents
1.0	 Moving	to	Hyderabad?	                              9
	   Is it fine to move to Hyderabad?                     9
	   About Visas                                         11

2.0	 About	the	City		                                   17
	   Area and Population                                 17
	   Location                                            17
	   Climate                                             18
	   Celebrations & festivals                            21
	   Landmarks                                           24
	   Places of Worship                                   26
	   Parks in Hyderabad                                  26

3.0	 Infrastructure	in	Hyderabad		                      30
	   Rented Accommodation                                31
	   Relocation services :                               35
	   Utilities: Power, Water, telephone, and gas         36
	   Power                                               37
	   Playgroups and Montessori schools                   39
	   Common (Need to Know) Information for all schools   42
          Table of contents
	   Medical Facilities                         44
	   Transport                                  48
	   Owning your vehicles (Car or 2 Wheelers)   49
	   Hotels                                     51
	   Food and Restaurants                       54

4.0	 Other	aspects	of	daily	life	              57
	   At Work                                    57
	   Security                                   62
	   Some Chilli tips while driving             63
	   Recreation                                 64
	   Places to Visit for Kids                   68
	   Weekend getaways                           73

5.0	 Investment	and	Business	in	Hyderabad	     74
	   Hyderabad Turns InfoTech Hub               74
	   Export Promotion Zones                     76
	   Export Oriented Units                      77
	   EHTP’s and STP’s                           77
	   Doing Business in Hyderabad                79
         Table of contents
	   Taxation                                                          92
	   Banking and Foreign Exchange Regulations                          98
	   Real Estate                                                      101

6.0	 Information	Resources	                                          106
	   Which are the top bookstores in Hyderabad?                       106
	   Are there any informative books and webresources on Hyderabad?   106

7.0	 Picture	Reality	                                                108
	   Where do I meet other Expats?                                    108
	   Interviews with expats and NRIs                                  109

8.0	 Index	                                                          124
9.0	 References	                                                     127
    1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                  Is it fine to move to Hyderabad?
                  Hyderabad is the state capital of Andhra Pradesh and India’s 6th
                  largest metropolis. Hyderabad has a colorful history going back over
                  400 years and is called the City of Pearls. Like most major cities of
                  India, Hyderabad is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city. The city is
                  a meeting point for North and South India, both geographically and
                  culturally. Hyderabad is a place where Hindus and Muslims have
                  been co-existing for centuries. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are
                  twin cities, separated by Hussain Sagar (also known as Tank Bund),
                  an artificial lake constructed during the time of Ibrahim Qutb Shah
                  in 1562.

                  The city, like all major Indian cities, is large, confusing, a mix of the
                  modern and the ancient and is bursting at the seams. People here
                  are laidback, warm and helpful – almost too helpful at times when
                  they deluge the bewildered visitor with advice on various things. But
                  then, Hyderabad symbolizes the Indian way of things in this respect.
                  Amongst the South Indian cities, Hyderabad and Bangalore are very
                  similar in their cosmopolitan cultures and anybody can feel at home
                  almost instantly here.

     1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                    Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities and has risen to the
                    status of an important city as an emerging IT and bio-tech hub of
                    India. The Nasscom-McKinsey report predicts that IT and ITeS sector
                    would add 7 per cent to India’s GDP by 2010 along with creation of
                    8.8 million new jobs. The report also predicts that the size of the IT
                    business comprising consulting, software solutions and research and
                    development is expected to be $150 billion by 2010 compared with
                    $18.4 billion in 2005. Significantly, these estimates are considered
                    conservative and faster innovation could spur further growth.

                    (Source: Indian Software: A Progress Report from
                    html (accessed March 13, 2007)

                    For more information on IT in Hyderabad, visit:

                    html (accessed March 28, 2007)

                    Hyderabad%2C_Andhra_Pradesh (accessed March 28, 2007)

     1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                    About Visas
                    What are the different categories of visas issued by the
                    Indian Government?
                    The different categories of visa are:

                    i.      Business

                    ii.     Conference

                    iii.    Diplomatic

                    iv.     Employment

                    v.      Entry

                    vi.     Journalist

                    vii.    Long Term

                    viii.   Missionary

                    ix.     Research

                    x.      Student

                    xi.     Tourist

                    xii.    Transit
     1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                    xiii.   Yoga

                    xiv.    Foreigners of Indian Origin

                    For visa information (sites accessed March 27, 2007):





     1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                    I a m a Non Resident Indian (NRI). Do I need a visa to
                    travel to India?

                    If you are an NRI with an Indian passport or you hold a PIO card, you
                    do not require a visa.

                    What is a PIO card?
                    PIO stands for Person of Indian Origin.

                    The PIO scheme has been introduced to facilitate travel for people
                    who have roots and links to India. Four generations of a family,
                    foreign spouse of an Indian or PIO can travel to India without a visa.

                    You can apply for a PIO card at your country’s Indian embassy.

                    For more on how to get the card and its privileges:

                    http://mha.nic.in/pioscheme.htm (accessed March 27, 2007)

     1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                    Where do I apply for a visa?
                    You can apply for an Indian visa at the Indian mission or embassy in
                    the country you live in.

                    For contact details, visit:

                    (accessed March 27, 2007)

                    http://passport.nic.in/ (accessed March 27, 2007)

                    If I hold a tourist visa, can I travel all over India?
                    You can travel to all the important tourist destinations in India with
                    the tourist visa. However, for Andaman& Nicobar, Lakshwadeep
                    islands and the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland and
                    Sikkim, foreigners needs special permission or Inner Line Permits
                    (ILP) from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India.

                    The Indian Missions abroad can issue the ILPs.

                    (accessed March 27, 2007)

     1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                    What is the validity period for tourist visas?
                    Tourist visas are valid for six months from the date of issue. Tourist
                    visas cannot be extended in India.

                    Do foreign nationals have to register with some authority on
                    arrival in India?
                    If one is traveling on tourist visa, no registration is required.

                    In case of other visa categories, all foreigners have to register at the
                    Foreign Regional Registration Offices or the local police station, as
                    the case may be. This should be done within 2 weeks of arrival.

                    Carry all essential original identity and health documents, to
                    the registration office, to avoid undue stress. Do not hand over
                    documents to any stranger other than the officer in charge.

                    http://www.immigrationindia.nic.in/ (accessed March 27, 2007)

     1.0 Moving to Hyderabad?
                    Where do I apply for extension of visa?
                    Ministry of Home Affairs, Director (Visa Facilitation Centre)

                    Jaisalmer House

                    26, Man Singh Road

                    New Delhi 110011.

                    What are the visas for my dependent fa mily members?
                    Spouses and children are given entry visas.

                    School or college going children need student visas, to attend
                    schools in India.

                    Can my spouse work in India?
                    Yes, with a work permit, of course.


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