Chennai_ December 21- 22_ 2007 Co-Chairs V “Seenu” Srinivasan

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					             International Marketing Conference on

Creating, Communicating, and Delivering Value in Growing Markets

  Co-sponsored by the Kotler-Srinivasan Center for Research in
  Marketing, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, and
    North American Society for Marketing Education in India

               Chennai, December 21- 22, 2007

  Co-Chairs: V. “Seenu” Srinivasan, Stanford University
       and V. J. Sivakumar, NIT, Trichirappalli

                      Detailed Schedule

                   Friday, December 21     Friday, December 21
Session            Track A : Marigold Hall Track B : Lotus Hall
Session F1         F1A: BRANDS                             F1B: SERVICES MARKETING - I
9:30 am to         Coordinator: A.V.                       Coordinator: TRICHY V. KRISHNAN
11:00am            MUTHUKRISHNAN
                                                           F1B.1: Internet Banking Adoption in India:
                   F1A.1: Communicating                    Extending Technology Acceptance Model
                   Organizational values for Creating      by S.M. Satish & Bharadwaj Sivakumaran( IIT,
                   Brand Equity                            Madras)
                   by Chandra M. Chakravartula,
                   (SAIL-DSP) & Partha P. Sengupta         F1B.2: Modeling the Key Drivers in the
                   (NIT, Durgapur)                         Insurance Industry
                                                           by Srinivas Durvasula & Steven Lysonski
                   F1A.2: Store-Brand Preference and       (Marquette University, USA), Subhash C. Mehta
                   Horizontal and Vertical Product         (University of Southern Australia) & Buck Peng
                   Differentiation                         Tang (Service Quality Center, Singapore)
                   by Jagrook Dawra, Kanupriya
                   Katyal & B. Kinnera Murthy (ICFAI,      F1B.3: To Be A Super Star or Not: A Rookie’s
                   Hyderabad)                              Dilemma
                                                           by Trichy V. Krishnan (National University of
                   F1A.3: Ambiguity Avoidance and          Singapore) & A.M. Sakkthivel (LIBA, Chennai)
                   Preference for an Established Brand
                   by A.V. Muthukrishnan & Luc
                   Wathieu, (Hong Kong University of
                   Science & Technology) & Luc
                   Wathieu (Harvard University)

Session F2         F2A: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR                  F2B: SERVICES MARKETING - II
11:30 am to 1:00   Coordinator: GEETHA, M.                 Coordinator: SANDIP ANAND
                   F2A.1: Determinants of 'Referral'       F2B.1: Recent Trends in Real Estate Marketing
                   Information Seeking Behavior of         Scene in India
                   Consumers                               by R. Venkatesh (ICFAI, Chennai)
                   by Srividya Raghavan ( ICFAI,
                   Hyderabad)                              F2B.2: The Adaptation of Integrated Marketing
                                                           in Organizations of Higher Education
                   F2A.2: A “Product Type-Specific”        by Anu Varsava (University of Alberta,
                   Examination of Intentional Loyalty:     Edmonton, Canada)
                   Identification of the Antecedents of
                   Intentional Loyalty in Three Types of   F2B.3: Cognitive Justice for Reproductive
                   Products                                Health Care Service Seekers in India
                   by Babak Hayati (Sharif Graduate        by Sandip Anand (Xavier Institute of
                   School of Management and                Management, Bhubaneswar)
                   Economics, Tehran, Iran)

                   F2A.3: Variety Seeking Behavior in

                  High Involvement Product
                  by Geetha M & Bharadwaj
                  Sivakumaran (IIT, Madras)

Session F3        F3A: MKTG.                            F3B: MARKETING RESEARCH - I
2.00 pm to 3.30   COMMUNICATIONS                        Coordinator: SEENU SRINIVASAN
pm                Coordinator: UJWAL KAYANDE
                                                        F3B.1: Predicting Joint Choice Using Individual
                  F3A.1: Message Appeals in             Data
                  Comparative Advertising               by Neeraj Arora (University of Wisconsin,
                  by Arti D. Kalro & Bhaaradwaj         Madison, WI), Anocha Aribarg (University of
                  Sivakumaran (IIT, Madras)             Michigan) & Moon Young Kang
                                                        (University of Wisconsin,
                  F3A.2: Meaning Transfer in Event      Madison, WI)
                  by Subhadip Roy (ICFAI,               F3B.2: A Dynamic Structural Model of the
                  Hyderabad) & Lopamudra Ghosh          Impact of Loyalty Programs on Customer
                  (ICFAI, Mumbai)                       Behvaior
                                                        by Praveen Kopalle & Scott Neslin (Dartmouth
                  F3A3: Limits to Positioning: NO-GO    College,Hanover, NH), Baohung Sun (Carnegie-
                  Areas in the customer's mind          Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA), Yacheng
                  by John H. Roberts (London Business   Sun (Indiana University) & Vanitha
                  School) & Ujwal Kayande,              Swaminathan (University of Pittsburgh,
                  (Pennsylvania State University,       Pittsburgh, PA)
                  University Park, PA)
                                                        F3B.3: An Improved Method for the
                                                        Quantitative Assessment of Customer Priorities
                                                        by V. "Seenu" Srinivasan (Stanford University
                                                        Stanford, CA) & Gordon A. Wyner(Millward
                                                        Brown International)

Session F4        F4A:VALUE CREATION                    F4B: MARKETING RESEARCH - II
4:00 pm to 5:30   Coordinator: LAURENT                  Coordinator: S. MANOHARAN
pm                TOURNOIS
                                                        F4B.1: The Effectiveness of Sports Sponsorship
                  F4A.1: Delivering Value through       in Australia: A Study Investigating the
                  Channel Membership                    Determinants of Consumer Buyer Behaviour
                  by Ganesh Narasimhan                  by Antonio Lobo, Yayoi Chester & Denny Meyer
                  (Sathyabama University, Chennai)      (Swinburne University of Technology,
                                                        Melbourne, Australia)
                  F4A.2: The Metrics Representation
                  of the New Product Development        F4B.2: Changing Landscape of Marketing
                  (NPD) Process based on Balanced       Research and Customer Value
                  Score Card (BSC) Methodology          by Ram Krishnan, (University of Miami,
                  by Sandeep Srivastava (Jaipuria       Coral Gables, FL) & Dhruv Grewal (Babson
                  Institute of Management, Lucknow)     College, Boston, MA)
                  & Deepali Singh (ABV- IIIT&M,
                  Gwalior)                              F4B.3: Market Research as a Value Creator in
                                                        Decision Making
                  F4A.3: Contributions and Limits of    by S. Manoharan & Rajendra Nargundkar (PES
                  Managerial Approaches of Customer     Institute of Management, Bangalore)
                  Value Creation
                  by Laurent Tournois
                  (Advancia-Negocia – CCI, Paris)

                    Saturday, December 22                  Saturday, December 22
                    Track A: Marigold Hall                 Track B: Lotus Hall
Session S1          S1A: RETAILING- I                      S1B: BUSINESS TO BUSINESS
9.00 am to 10:30    Coordinator: PEERU MOHAMED             Coordinator: BINU MARKOSE
                    S1A.1: Emergence of Modern Retail      S1B.1: Perceptions of B2B e-Commerce: Buyers
                    Format and its Impact on Consumer      versus Sellers
                    Buying Behavior                        by Gopala Ganesh (University of North
                    by Pinaki Dasgupta (Indian Institute   Texas,Denton, Tx) & Somjit Barat (Penn State,
                    of Foreign Trade) & Manoj Johri        Mont Alto, PA)
                                                           S1B.2: One-to-One Marketing
                    S1A.2: Impact of Organised Retail      by V.J. Sivakumar and M. Hemalatha (NIT,
                    Development on Small Retailers and     Trichirappalli)
                    by Aparna Tembulkar & Manisha          S1B.3: Goal Orientation and Performance of
                    Date (Indian Institute of Cost and     Salespeople: The Role of Organizational
                    Management Studies and Research,       Citizenship Behaviors - A conceptual Analysis
                    Pune)                                  by Binu Markose & S. Jayachandran
                    S1A.3: Indian Retail Realities: A
                    Study Based on Shoppers' Feedback
                    by H. Peeru Mohamed,
                    (Anna university, Chennai)

Session S 2:        S2A: RETAILING – II                    S2B: MARKETING – I (GENERAL)
11.00 am to 12:30   Coordinator: GEETHA, M.                Coordinator: RAJAN MANI
                    S2A.1: Role of Private Labels in       S2B.1: Mass Customization: The Indian
                    Store Patronage                        Perspective 2007
                     by S.Sasinandini,                     by Prashant Saxena & Priya Rammohan (IIT,
                    (Sathyabama University, Chennai) &     Madras)
                    Hansa Manohar Lysander (St.
                    Mary’s School of Management)           S2B.2: Relational Embeddedness, TIO and
                                                           Relationship Quality in Emerging Markets
                    S2A.2: Store Price Image - The Role    by Ramendra Singh (IIM, Ahmedabad)
                    of Price and Non-Price Cues
                    by Sanjeev Tripathi (I IM,             S2B.3: The Staid Leader and the Brash
                    Ahmedabad)                             Challenger
                                                           by Rajan Mani (ICFAI, Chennai)
                    S2A.3: Impact of Store Image on
                    Impulse Buying
                    by Geetha M. & Bharadhwaj
                    Sivakumaran (IIT, Madras)

Session S3:         S3A: RETAILING – III                   S3B: MARKETING – II (General)
1:30 pm to 3.00     Coordinator: V.J. SIVAKUMAR            Coordinator: AJAY SUKHDIAL
                    S3A.1: How Consumers Respond to        S3B.1: Influx of Foreign Brands in Indian
                    Stock-Outs? An Indian Perspective      Households: A Study on the Customers'
                    by Sandhya A. S. & H. Peeru            Perception

                  Mohamed (Anna University,               by K.Chitra (KCT Business School, Coimbatore)
                                                          S3B.2: Unique Destination Proposition for
                  S3A.2: A Benefit Segmentation           India- An Indian Perspective of Destination
                  Study of the Loyalty Card Users         branding
                  by Rajendra Mulye, Robert               by V. J. Sivakumar (NIT, Trichirappalli),
                  Inbakaran & Sara Dexter,                M.Prasanna Mohan Raj & J. Elancheran
                  (Royal Melbourne Institute of           (Bharathidasan Institute of Management,
                  Technology)                             Trichirappalli)

                  S3A.3: The role of Dubai Shopping       S3B.3: The Obesity Epidemic among the Urban
                  Festival in Promoting Retail Business   Middle Class in India: A Critical Review of
                  in Dubai                                What We Know and What We need to Know
                  by M. Hemalatha & V.J. Sivakuma         by Ajay Sukhdia (Oklahoma State University
                  (NIT, Tiruchirappalli)                  Stillwater, OK)

Session S4:       S4A: RETAIL PROMOTIONS                  S4B: MARKETING – III (GENERAL)
3:30 pm to 5.00   Coordinator: JOSHY JOSEPH               Coordinator: MADHU VISWANATHAN
                  S4A.1: Impact of Sales Promotions       S4B.1: Strategic Rural Marketing of Consumer
                  on Brand Equity – Moderating Role       Durables
                  of Brand Loyalty                        by Shanta Ramamurti & Vijay Anand (ICFAI,
                  by Joshy Joseph & Bharadwaj             Chennai)
                  Sivakumaran (IIT, Madras)
                                                          S4B.2: Understanding Perceived Value in
                  S4A.2: Discounting Strategies in the    Subsistence Marketplaces
                  Indian Retail Environment: The Case     by Avinish Chaturvedi, Madhu
                  of Falling Reference Prices             Viswanathan,C.Y. Chiu & Srinivas Sridharan,
                  by Gaurav Tripathi & Vimal N.           (University of Illinois,
                  Choudhry, (L.B. Shastri Institute of    Champaign, IL)
                  Mgmt. & Technology, Bareilly)
                                                          S4B.3: Study of Metrics for Marketing
                  S4A.3: "Conditions Apply" - Impact      campaigns in the Internet and Wireless Worlds
                  of Offer-Perception Mismatches on       by Vasu Unnava (Ohio State University,
                  Retailer Equity during Promotions       Columbus, OH)
                  by Joshy Joseph, Arti D. Kalro &
                  Bharadwaj Sivakumaran, (IIT,            S4B.4: Trust Building Process: People vs.
                  Madras)                                 Technology Intensive Service Interactions
                                                          by G. Shainesh (IIM Bangalore) & Wolfgang
                                                          Messener (Capgemini, Bangalore)


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