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									Ideas On Where To Meet Women
Author: Jeff Farley
I guess it is appropriate that I would be writing an article on where to meet women, considering that right now, I am actually sitting in one
of my favorite places to meet women, and that is a coffee shop. A coffee shop is a great setting for this type of meeting because it is non
threatening. A bar or club can often be a threatening atmosphere for a woman, since everything is so sexually charged, with the music,
the way people are dressed, and especially the alcohol. This works on both sides. In those types of settings, sometimes a woman is
afraid a guy will get overly aggressive with her because he is drunk. Or, the woman does not trust herself because she has had a few too
many drinks.
In answering the question of where to meet women, we must also look at another great place, and that is stores, be it the grocery store
or the mall. Think about it, all women have to go to these places at one time or another! If you spend all of your time trolling the bars
looking to meet women, you could miss out on a lot of great ladies because they might never even step foot in there.
In examining where to meet women, some will say that the gym is not a good spot, but I disagree. In fact, I believe you can meet a
woman just about anywhere! So if you are just sitting around the house, get off the couch and get out there! Do something, anything! But
remember, when trying to answer the question of where to meet women, the answer is NOT on your couch!
If you want to know where to meet women, are you also looking for ways to approach them? What if I could tell you that you do not need
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