William G Lashbrook III Senior Vice President_ PNC Real Estate by fionan


									                               William G. Lashbrook III
                    Senior Vice President, PNC Real Estate Finance
                          The PNC Financial Services Group

William Lashbrook is senior vice president, Real Estate Finance, The PNC Financial
Services Group. His current responsibilities cover operational metrics and portfolio
management for PNC’s direct loan portfolio which exceeds $30 billion.

Lashbrook has been in commercial banking since he joined The Bank of New York in
1973. He held various positions in corporate lending and transitioned to commercial real
estate in 1984. Lashbrook joined MidLantic Bank in New Jersey as the Real Estate Credit
Officer, a position he retained following PNC’s acquisition of that bank in 1996. He
moved to PNC’s Pittsburgh headquarters and held various positions in PNC’s Real Estate
Segment, including operational risk management before moving back to New Jersey in
2004. PNC serves real estate developers/owners and operators nationwide with loans and
other products.

PNC has set a number of records with buildings certified by the U.S. Green Building
Council. At one time, it had more certified buildings than any company on Earth.
Lashbrook brings extensive experience in supporting the firm’s commitment to the
environment. A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, he also serves on the Board
of the New Jersey Chapter and is a member of its Speakers Bureau. In that capacity,
Lashbrook has met with representatives of local governments and the state government in
Trenton on “green” buildings. He is a frequent speaker at programs regarding green
buildings, how they create value and how they are viewed by the financial markets.
Lashbrook is also a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the organization’s
Policy and Practice committee, as well as its newly-formed Responsible Property Investing
Council. He is a member of the ULI’s Advisory Services group and served on their first
ever Sustainable Development Panel in January 2009 for a 4,800 acre project north of
Biloxi, Mississippi.

Lashbrook participated in the development of the National Green Building Investment
Underwriting Standards by the Capital Markets Partnership. He is a member of the
Advisory Board of the Rutgers Center for Green Buildings. Additionally, Lashbrook also
participated in the development Green Future Roadmap for the New Jersey League of
Municipalities. He was a member of the New Jersey Future convened Smart Housing for
Economic Prosperity Task Force that has resulted in legislation being introduced in
Trenton to incent sustainable development practices in municipalities.
Lashbrook graduated with a BA in Political Science and Economics from Duke University
in 1973 and received an MBA from Seton Hall in 1976.

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