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					               Planning guide

                    the basement

step by step
                                Preparebasement renovation
                                        for your
                                Here’s a checklist of things to do and the materials

                                you’ll need, if you plan to build the basement yourself:

                                Determine rooms to build.
                                Measure the basement (including height). Prepare a floor plan
                                (to scale) and try various options and ideas.                     Bathroom
                                                                                                  High ____________
                                Consult your local building-code book and get                     Wide ____________
                                a building permit.
                                Take your plan to your local building centre to determine         High ____________
                                the specific quantities and materials that you will need,         Wide ____________
                                and gather information about electrical and plumbing rough-ins.
                                                                                                  Utility room
                                                                                                  High ____________
                                Determine a reasonable work schedule.
                                                                                                  Wide ____________

                                                                                                  Home theatre
                                                                                                  High ____________
                                                                                                  Wide ____________

 Work schedule                                                                             Date   High ____________
                                                                                                  Wide ____________
 1. Empty the work area of all objects before beginning work
 2. Remove and dispose of all pre-existing building materials                                     High ____________
 3. Rent a waste disposal bin ( if necessary)                                                     Wide ____________
 4. Install a subfloor (if required)                                                              Home gym
 5. Frame walls, rooms and ceiling bulkheads                                                      High ____________
                                                                                                  Wide ____________
 6. Rough in plumbing, electrical, TV, phone, central vacuum
 7. Arrange for plumbing and electrical inspections                                               Wine cellar
                                                                                                  High ____________
 8. Install insulation and vapour barrier and arrange for inspection                              Wide ____________
 9. Install drywall, tape and drywall compound
                                                                                                  Cedar closet
10. Sand drywall                                                                                  High ____________
11. Prime the walls and ceiling                                                                   Wide ____________
12. Install ceramic tile, hardwood flooring where required                                        Workbench
13. Install trim (doors, baseboards, etc.)                                                        High ____________
                                                                                                  Wide ____________
14. Paint the walls and ceiling
15. Install lighting fixtures                                                                     Fireplace
                                                                                                  and chimney
16. Install electric trim plates, lights                                                          High ____________
17. Install bathroom appliances                                                                   Wide ____________
18. Install finished floor                                                                        Other: __________
19. Do final paint touchups                                                                       High ____________
                                                                                                  Wide ____________
                 Draw the plan view
                 Start measuring your basement from one

                 corner and work around the room.
                 For each wall indicate door and window
                 openings, stairs as well as any obstructions.
                 Also indicate existing plumbing, electrical             le
                 heat and ventilation locations.                 examp

                 Scale: 1/8 inch = 1 foot
   A                                                 wall 1                   B
wall 4

                                                                              wall 2

  D                                                  wall 3                   C
      Calculate your budget
      On average, if you use a professional contractor, the renovation should cost

      $15 to $25 per square foot, depending on the design and finishes. This includes
      basic framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, trim, paint, underpadding and
      carpet. Materials generally consist of about one-third of the cost. Additional
      costs include such items as a fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, special structural work and
      built-in cabinetry.

                             Determine what (if any) tools you need
                             to purchase or rent

                             Determine which areas of the project
                             are beyond your capabilities and hire outside
    Contractors              contractors as required
                                  Insulation, heating and ventilation
                                  Floor covering
                                                                                    $           RONA code
                                  Receptacle boxes
                                  Switches: single, 3-way, 4-way, dimmers
    Electrical                    Light fixtures and wall sconces
                                  Ground-fault circuit interrupters
                                  Pot lights
                                  Baseboard heaters
                                  Wall thermostat
                                  Shower light; heat lamp
                                  Cable outlets; telephone jacks
                                  Smoke detectors
                                  Fluorescent lights (if using)
      Calculate your budget                                             (cont’d)
                                                                        $      RONA code
                         Frost-free taps

    Plumbing             Pedestal sink (or vanity with sink) and taps
                         Pressure balance fittings
                         ABS piping and fittings
                         PVC piping and fittings
                         Copper piping and fittings
                         Concrete to repair the floor

                         Wood/metal studs and plates
    Carpentry            Black polyethylene
                         Screws, nails

                         Greenboard (waterproof drywall)
    Drywall              Tape (paper and fibre)
                         Drywall compound
                         Waterproof cement
                         Corner beads

                         R-12 or R-13 wall insulation
    Insulation           Cold-water pipes, pipe wrap
                         Vapour barrier
                         Sound blanket

                         Interior doors, jambs, stops, casings
    Trim                 Closet shelves and rods
                         Access panels
                         Ceiling vents/wall grates
                         Wainscotting (if using)

    Painting             Finishing paint

                         Carpet and underpad
                         Vinyl flooring
    Flooring             Ceramic tile
                         Hardwood flooring or parquet

                              Ask for advice
                        Client info

                      Name:                                                              Estimated project start date:      /      /
                      Address:                                                           Project site:

                      City:                                                                   New construction
                      Postal code:                                                            Other address:
                      Telephone         • Home: (     )
                                        • Work: (     )                                       City:
                                        • Mobile: (   )                                       Postal code:

  Renovation project
Cabinets                      Ready to assemble           In the event your present cabinets or appliances need to be relocated
                              Custom                      or that the work requires two or more types of tradespeople, please fill
                                                          in this section.
Interior walls                Drywall
                              Plaster                     To be relocated:
                                                          Electrical         Electrical outlets
Framing (studs)               Metal
                                                                             Light fixtures
                              16” centres                 Plumbing           Washbasin
                              24” centres                                    Toilet
                              Other:                                         Bath/shower
Exterior wall s               Brick                       Heat/ventilation
                              Wood                                     Bathroom fan
                              Siding                                   Cold air return
                              Stucco                                   Heating vent
                              Other:                                   Radiant floor
Existing floor                Ciment
                              Wood                        To be replaced or removed:
                              Subfloor                    Walls         Move                      Flooring       Ciment
                              Ceramic                                   Remove                                   Wood
Plumbing (supply)             Copper                                    Paint                                    Subfloor
                              Galvanized                                Wallpaper                                Ceramic
                              Plastic                                   Other:                                   Other:
Plumbing (drain)             Cast iron
                             PVC (plastic)
                             ABS (plastic)
What is the cost estimate of your project?
         Less than $5,000                                                                                         5109012       $0.99
         Between $5,000 and $10,000
         $10,000 and more
         Other :