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Fives Report 2009 A busy and enjoyable season


									Fives Report 2009 A busy and enjoyable season

Master IC Fives Mr A.S Barnard
Senior Coach Mr M.J.Lascelles
U16’s Coach     Mr M.W.D Barrett ,Mr C.W.Conway
U15’s Coach     Mr T.S. Morgan
U14’s Coach     Mr S.Gale
Jumior Coach Mr A.J Walters
U16’s Leagues
& Girls          Miss N.J.Thompson
Visiting Coaches Mr G .Williams & Mr D.Blofield

Captain of Fives Rory Griffiths ( Ingrams )

Mark Lascelles - Master I/C Fives (1995-2003) & Senior Coach (2003- 2009)

The imminent departure of Mark to King’s Canterbury has already caused a cataclysmic
eruption at school because of his influence and involvement in school sport. As far as fives
is concerned we will soldier on but we will not be able to replace him in any shape or
form in the short, or long, term. As a character, manager, leader and motivator there
cannot surely have been a more influential Fives coach at Shrewsbury School. He single
handily restored the sport to the highest level during his period as Master I/C Fives (1995-
2003) and continued to instil the rigorous discipline required to achieve success
throughout the past five years as our Senior Coach. His unique position as a former pupil
and player has helped him to develop a great insight into the workings of the Shrewsbury
School pupils mind set. All his skills and experience have helped him raise expectations
and enjoyed an unprecedented level of success during his career.

His departure will understandably cause concerns in the Fives playing community but rest
assured that he has passed on his knowledge and advice to staff and boys and that will
ensure continued success in the years to come. He will be greatly missed but I am
confident in saying that all players under his tutorage will have cherished the time spent
with him. They will not only be, to a man , better Fives players but better citizens as well.

Grant Williams & David Blofield- Assistant Coaches
The continued development of all our senior players has been greatly assisted by the
tireless work of the two afore mentioned parents who regularly give up their time to
coach and support a large number of players. Grant in particular has been to the fore this
year in giving up much of his time to help the boys prepare for the National
Championships. The flexibility afforded by their presence has been crucial in a season
disrupted by so many other worthy distractions.

In 2008 I reported that the long -term renovation of the fives courts was secure and that
work was detailed for the forthcoming season. Recent administrative issues have resulted
in a slight delay and so during the summer and early Autumn of 2009 restorative work
will be carried out to ensure the long term future of our 14 fives courts. The idiosyncratic
nature of the courts will test the contractors to the limit but with so many past and
present pupils supporting the development I am sure the outcome will be successful.

2008 –9 Season Fixtures
Our fixture list included all our normal opponents but senior competition became the
focus for the year. A number of boys attended the Kinnaird this year at Eton and we
intend to add participation in the Northern Championship (Shrewsbury) to our list for
2010. We also took part, for the first time, in the Midlands Schools Ladder. (see results
Opponents 2009-
Highgate, Highgate Juniors, The Monday Club, Rossall School, King Edwards School
Birmingham, Emmanuel, Wolverhampton Grammar School, Repton, St Olaves, Eton
College, Berkhamsted, Westminster, Queen Elizabeth Barnet, Cranleigh, Uppingham.

All Results Played 16 Won 13 Drew 1 Lost 2

The 3rd Form year group –the curriculum games session ensured a high quality of
beginner’s in 2009. Four previous players William Miller, Guy Williams, George Ellery
and Elliot Christie joined the beginner’s group.
Max Pragnell, Edward Lloyd, Jack Doyle,Ben Gould, Harry Bromley- Davenport,Tim
Bird,Matthew Gregson, Alex Styles , James Dudson , Dominic Wells, Alex Richards,Joe
Sansome, Christopher Pearce,Varis Chiruys , Frederic Jackson , Robert Stott , Alex Moore
, John Annan, Edward Mallett, Mark Lawley , Arthur Scott , Dominic Craven , Vaughan
Jackson and Guy Burns- Mace

The 4th Form year group showed great commitment and promise
Jack Hudson – Williams, Sam Welti , Henry Lewis & Stephen Leach
William Mason, Harrry Croft, Jack Stacey,Jack Flowers ,Simon Bunting, Adam
Morris,Charles Newbould, Archie Darroch, Edward Grant, William Grant, George
Mallett, Rory Mucklow, Kieran Morjaria, ConnorJones, JamesAston, Mark Prescott,
Oswald Knight, James Kolleth, Adam Foster, Tomotaka Iba, Hector Kidwell, Jamie
Bradshaw, George Sallett, Fredie Fullerton, Harry Bozman, Dominic Gibbons , Joe
Hunter, Jake Holford

The 5th Form year group- was again simply outstanding in their approach and results.
They all worked consistently hard on all areas of their game. The players in this group
were George Thomason, Jason Tse, Tom Elliot, Nikhil Morjaria, Lloyd Wang, Ben Jones
and Connor Christie.

The Lower Sixth year group - had a disrupted term due to other sport and exam
commitments . The group were sustained by the following boys: Rupert Salmon, Alex
Blofield, Ramith Abrol, Frank Collings and Jamie Drummond- Moray.

The Lower Sixth Girls year group – made an enthusiastic start in the Lent term. Saskia
Haining, Alice Walker, Emma Darrington and Lyndsey Albut.
The Upper Sixth year group were outstanding in both commitment and deed but plans
were often disrupted due to the excellence of our football teams progress in national
tournaments.. The following: Chris Hughes, Tom Welti, Rory Griffiths (Captain of Fives),
Toon Jayapani, Tom Wordie, Tom McAlpine ,Stephen Craigen and Richard Jenkins
played well throughout the term

                   National Schools Championships 2009 @ Eton College

                          at Eton College, March 2009
                   EFA Report by Organiser Mr Mark Williams.
National Championships School Report
HSBC Eton Fives National Schools Championships 2009 -Eton College 15th –21st March

U14’s               Will Miller & Guy Williams               Semi Finalists

U14 ‘s Beginners     Ben Gould& Jack Doyle                Semi Finalists
                     Tim Bird & Harry Bromley – Davenport Semi Finalists
                     Max Pragnell & Edward Lloyd           Losing Finalists

U16’s                George Thomason & Jack Hudson – Williams Losing Finalists

Open                Rory Griffiths & Toon Jayapani           Semi Finalists

U14’s Report Staff Mr Stephen Gale

We took 14 pairs of U14’s to the National Championships at Eton. Will Miller and Guy
Williams reached the semi- finals of the main tournament playing terrific fives and are
serious contenders for future championships.
In the beginners tournament we had three pairs in the semi-finals with Max Pragnell and
Edward Lloyd losing out to a strong Eton pair in the final.
We had four players that had played previously and whilst this was helpful for practice it
did mean that our better beginners played down below second pair in school matches.
The consequence of the selection perhaps reduced the exposure of our top two beginners
but in the long term all players in this year group will benefit from the experienced
gained. The numbers playing this year were again very good and fives looks in a healthy
state running into the 2009-10 season.

U15’s Report Staff Dr Torin Morgan

Year on year retention in Fives has been improving and the U15 squad has been growing
ever larger. This season 30 boys were regularly turning up to the courts, and I'd like to
thank Tony Walters for his invaluable help in keeping so many boys busy and engaged.
We're also seeing boys arrive into the U15s who are already technically very advanced,
and this must be (at least in part) the result of so much focussed training during
curriculum games lessons. The likes of Jack Hudson-Williams, Stephen Leach, Henry
Lewis and Sam Welti quickly found themselves more at home amongst the U16 and even
senior squads, and I'm sure we will be seeing their names on some trophies in the next
few years. As ever, Shrewsbury's strength is also in its depth, and I could call upon even
my 9th or 10th pair and expect to see competitive, skilled Fives. As a result we were able
to get many boys out against other schools, usually playing against boys some years their

U16’s Report Staff Mr M.W.D. Barrett & Mr C.W. Conway

The 5th Form year group were highly committed and worked hard to improve through
the term. It was testament to their efforts and ability that any of the players could have
been selected in the top two pairs for the nationals. The leading players in this group in
2008 were George Thomason, Jason Tse, Tom Elliot, Nikhil Morjaria, Lloyd Wang, and
Ben Jones.

In the nationals Jack Hudson-Williams took the step up from U15 to partner George
Thomason in the U16’s, to great effect, to reach the final of the tournament. Jason Tse and
Tom Elliott produced some outstanding Fives, reaching the semi-final where they lost to
the winners from Highgate.

Seniors Report Staff Mr A.S. Barnard

Despite a lack of silver ware this year I took great pleasure in running the fives in 2009.
Despite the many distractions and mounting calls upon the boys the practice sessions were
well attended by the committed and competition was always fierce. The integration of the
better U15’s certainly pepped up one or two sessions and I eye with enthusiasm senior
practices in 2009-10. Nevertheless it is clear that the drop off rate has increased in the 5th
form in 2008 and I shall be working hard with Mr Barrett (U16’s) and all coaching staff to
ensure that we keep good numbers in every year group.

The 5th Form provided the best developer of the year in George Thomason. He stormed
through the ranks to claim a senior berth and is looking capable of lifting a trophy in the
next two years. Further technical work is required but we all have enjoyed his energy and
competitiveness on the courts. Finding the correct partners and kerbing his aggression are
the challenges for George and the staff. Tom Elliot also stood out as a player of true ability
and fighting grit. If he can add a physical dimension to his game then he will continue to
unnerve any opponent.
The 5th form also offers much optimism in the shape of Jason Tse, Nikhil Morjaria, Lloyd
Wang, and Ben Jones. All four players have rare skills but must work harder than ever to
increase physical fitness, agility and reduce their technical flaws.

The Lower Sixth contingents were boosted by the return of Ramith Abrol. He together
with Alex Blofield , Rupert Salmon and Frank Collings made up a small but very
important group of players that may well form the centre of next years drive for
silverware. Preparation and consistency is the key for these players all promising much
but often failing in their delivery because of their above average error count.
The Upper Sixth outstanding players had less success than they had hoped. At the start of
the Lent term the form of Chris Hughes and Tom Welti buoyed our confidence but illness
and injury disrupted their flow and they were disappointed to fall in the quarterfinal stage
of the National Championship. Rory Griffiths and Toon Jayapani never managed a
sustained period of preparation and despite being naturally gifted players (and former U16
finalists) fell short in pressurised match play. All four players can feel very satisfied with
their efforts over a long career at Shrewsbury but must surely go on to play Fives after
school and take their game forward.
And finally a special word of praise must also go to the following boys; Tom Mcalpine,
Tom Wordie, Richard Jenkins and Stephen Craigen who wholeheartedly committed
themselves to the Fives court during their time at Shrewsbury and achieved must without
achieving national success or recognition. They were great company and played with
enormous enthusiasm and no little frustration from time to time.

Girls Report Staff Mr A.S. Barnard

The arrival on court of Saskia Haining and Alice Walker I hope will be the catalyst to
many more girls playing Fives at Shrewsbury. In January Saskia and Alice played in a
Midlands Ladder event at King Edwards, Birmingham and followed that up with a
February appearance in the Kinnaird Ladies Competition at Eton. Later in the term Emma
Darrington joined forces with Alice and competed in the National Schools Championship
at Eton in March. Lyndsey Albut showed great promise during the time she spent on
court. I am very hopeful that these girls will return to the courts next term and encourage
more to follow. They were a delight to work with.

U16’s House League Fridays
All houses including Mary Sidney Hall contested the U16 House Competition. Of course
those houses with school fives players had a great advantage in the competition. In the
end it was the strength of fives in Ingrams house which was telling, as Nikhil Morjaria
and Tom Elliot went on to win a close final against Port Hill in the A pair tournament,
while Jason Tse and Lloyd Wang won more easily in the B pair tournament -possibly the
first time a School Champion has played in a B final? With large numbers of U14 and U15
players this year I will hope for a strong showing by all houses in next year's competition.

House Fives
As this report goes to press the House competitions have not yet reached a final outcome.
The 1st House final is between Ingrams, who defeated Oldhams in the quarter- finals and
the Grove in the semi- finals, and School House, who defeated Mosers in the quarter-
finals and Severnhill in the semi- finals ,while the 2nd House final will be between
Ingrams (Finalists) and one of the Grove, School House or Mosers. An update will be
issued in the next report.

The prospect of much improved court facilities will give us all confidence to build on in
the coming years. The loss of Mark Lascelles however cannot be overstated but the desire
to achieve still further success remains with the body of coaches entrusted to carry on the
good work. We shall seek to supplement our resources by employing experienced coaches
and exposing our players to more and more high quality opposition. We have already
gained a fixture at home against Harrow on the 4th & 5th December later this year. The
growth of Eton Fives throughout the Independent Schools Sector has brought a number of
schools back into the fold and we relish the opportunity to remain a standard bearer for
attitude, application and discipline whilst always endeavouring to be successful on the
national stage.

The great challenge for our players is to raise their game another notch in the search for
The following boys, who I believe have the potential to become team and individual
national winners, must seek to increase their skills and physical capacities if they are to
compete with the very best. All other players must work hard to break into this group by
accepting the competitive nature of the practice afternoons and rise up the merit ladders.
Next year there will be more scheduled practice times and greater expectations placed on
all squad members. The scene is set for the emergence of another Championship winning
pair but as we have recognised this year and last the task is becoming harder and harder to

Alex Blofield , Frank Collings, Rupert Salmon , Ramith Abrol, George Thomason, Jason
Tse, Tom Elliot, Nikhil Morjaria, Lloyd Wang, Ben Jones, Jack Hudson – Williams , Sam
Welti , Henry Lewis, Stephen Leach, Mark Prescott, Rory Mucklow, Harry Groft, Jack
Flowers, William Millar, Guy Williams, George Ellery , Elliot Christie, Max Pragnell,
Edward Lloyd, Jack Doyle,Ben Gould, Harry Bromley- Davenport, Tim Bird, Matthew
Gregson, Alex Styles , James Dudson and Dominic Wells,


                                    WILLIAMS CUP


                            At Eton, Sunday 8th March 2009.

Six schools entered the competition this year, and each team played every other in a 3 pair
round-robin match of two games without setting, scoring one championship point for
each game won. The overall standard continues to improve, and the teams were more
evenly matched than in the past, resulting in some close contests. The decisive match was
between Highgate and Shrewsbury, where both second and third pairs drew 1-1. In the
first pair, Highgate won the first game easily, but were pushed much harder in the second
and only just came through 12-10.

               1st             Highgate                        27 points
               2nd               Shrewsbury                  24 points
               3rd               St Olave’s                  15 points
               4th               Eton                        11 points
               5th               Berkhamsted                 10 points
               6th               Lancing                     3 points

Round 1
Shrewsbury beat St Olave’s 6-0

R Griffiths & T Jayapani beat M Bassett & J Moore 12-2, 12-10
C Hughes & T Welti beat R Tudor & B Michaels 12-5, 12-3
G Thomason & R Salmon beat R Geere & L Wooldridge 12-5, 12-4

Round 2
Shrewsbury beat Berkhamsted 4-2

R Griffiths & T Jayapani drew with A Joyce & J O’Neill 11-12, 12-6
C Hughes & T Welti drew with J Holroyd & J Steadman 12-1, 11-12
G Thomason & R Abrol beat P Bird & J Stroud 12-0, 12-3

Round 3
Shrewsbury beat Lancing 6-0

R Griffiths & T Jayapani beat T Betts & M Scurr 12-8, 12-2
C Hughes & T Welti beat D Newman & J McLean 12-0, 12-3
G Thomason & R Salmon beat J Betts & M Jones 12-0, 12-2

Round 4
Highgate beat Shrewsbury 4-2

S Little & H Hatchwell beat R Griffiths & T Jayapani 12-2, 12-10
C Ryan & J Marks drew with C Hughes & T Welti 10-12, 12-7
N Lindo & M Karamani drew with G Thomason & R Salmon 12-10, 10-12

Round 5
Shrewsbury beat Eton 6-0

Griffiths & T Jayapani beat J MacDonagh & W Harman 12-1, 12-8
C Hughes & T Welti beat F Goodman & B Kelly 12-0, 12-0
G Thomason & R Abroll beat J Prest & T Sasada 12-1, 12-5

1995 BJ Chesters & JB Lewis Finalists
1996 BJ Chester & JB Lweis Finalists
2000 JJ Walters & W-J Chiang Finalists
2002 HPD Clive & JN Attree    Finalists
2004 TD Gerrard & TWP Cox Winners
2005 TWP Cox & BJ Alderson Finalists
2006 R Worth & A Parker       Finalists
2007 R.Worth & A. Parker      Winners
2008 M.McKeever & R.Griffiths Finalists

UNDER 16’s
2002 PS Lewis & TD Gerrard Finalists
2003 TWP Cox & BJ Alderson Finalists
2005 AT Parker & RJStJ Worth Winners
2007 T.Jayapani & RF Griffiths Finalists
2009 G.Thomason & J. Hudson – Williams Finalists
UNDER 15’s
2001 PS Lewis & TD Gerrard Winners
2002 MK Evans & TWP Cox Finalists
2005 MC Hothersall & PEJ Stewart Finalists
2006 T.Jayapani & RF Griffiths Winners
2007 R.Salmon & R Abrol Winners
2008 G.Thomason & J Tse Winners

2001 RJA Nelson & MK Evans Finalists
2003 AT Parker & RJStJWorth Winners
2004 MM McKeever & ME Tomley Finalists
2005 T.Jayapani & RF Griffiths Winners
2006 R.Salmon & R.Abrol Winners
2007  J.Tse & N.Morjarai      Winners
2008 S.Leach & J.Hudson – Williams Winners
2009 M. Pragnall & E. Lloyd Finalists

2002 Winners
2003 Runners Up
2004 Winners
2005 Winners
2007 Winners
2008 Winners (shared with Highgate)
2009 Runners Up

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