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									Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network Partners with EarthCam
Alliance Enhances Traffic Information Offering with Cutting-Edge Camera Network
June 1, 2009

Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network today announced that it signed a deal with EarthCam, Inc., the
international leader in webcam technology, to supply the installation, software and infrastructure that will help
CCTTN expand its proprietary camera network across the nation.

'EarthCam is the webcam technology provider of many state transportation departments across the US and we
are thrilled to be collaborating with such a technologically-advanced company,' said Kevin Loftus, Vice
President of National Operations at Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network. 'The additional assets
garnered through this alliance will help us continue to provide the highest quality traffic information to our cus-
tomers in the United States and abroad.'

EarthCam's webcams serve City and State Departments of Transportation as well as private traffic networks
throughout the country as they monitor and manage transportation activities. Their systems work with the latest
communication technology from fiber optic to solar powered-wireless configurations.

'It is exciting to partner with Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network, one of the most innovative and
technology-driven traffic information companies in communications services,' said Brian Cury, CEO and
founder of EarthCam. 'Through this partnership, CCTTN's customers will benefit from our high-quality products,
which normally are limited to government agencies.'

'Millions of drivers rely on our traffic information and we're always working to ensure it is the most accurate and
made available to them in the fastest, most efficient way,' said Lance Locher, Senior Vice President, Clear
Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network. 'We will continue to coin partnerships and develop technologies to
enhance our state-of-the-art data services.'

About EarthCam, Inc.
EarthCam is recognized internationally as the leader in complete infrastructure services to manage, host and
maintain live streaming public and private, password-protected network camera systems delivering millions of
images daily. The company's more than 13-year experience includes developing products and software to
maintain thousands of applications from sub-zero to desert environments, as well as urban and isolated
locations for industry, federal, state and local government. Clients include 28 state departments of transporta-
tion including Caltrans, Virginia DOT, New Jersey DOT and the Canadian Ministry of Transportation as well as
NASA, the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Construction, Bovis Lend Lease, Skanska USA,
Forest City Ratner Companies, The URS Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Disney, Sprint, Volkswagen, Pana-
sonic, Coca-Cola. Yahoo!, and Public Broadcasting System (PBS). For more information on transportation
products please visit

For general information please visit EarthCam at

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