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					                     Silo’s Steakhouse FFE Inventory 12-28-09

2 wooden host podiums

1 small wooden back table

1 antique ‘buckeye’ table

2 decorative branch displays with lighting

4 decorative ‘flame’ sconces

Koastercall wireless guest paging system with approx. 3 dozen pagers and transmitter

Wall mounted heat/AC unit

Function Room:
36 chairs (style A)-see note

12 tables-see note

1 sofa

1 small wood side table

1 12” Magnavox TV

1 40” Samsung HDTV

2 booths with tables- see note

1 banquet with 4 chairs (style A) and table-see note

3 high tables- see note
7 barstools (style A)

7 barstools (style B)

7 barstools (style C)

Main Bar:
2 cash register

1 True 2 door under counter refrigerator

1 True beer cooler

1 Kenmore upright freezer

3 ice bins 2 with speed racks

3 soda system stations- lines only

1 brass 6 tap draft head-with lines

1 hand sink

1 3 compartment sink

Overhead glass storage racks

1 12” Magnavox TV

A modest inventory of generic glasses: water, wine, cocktail etc.

8 Style B bar stools

Raw Bar/ 2nd. Bar:
1 cash register

1 True beer cooler

1 hand sink

1 3 compartment sink- to be confirmed
1 ice bin

1 brass 6 top draft head-with lines

1 soda system station-lines only

1 soapstone farm sink with stainless inserts

8 style c barstools

1 12” Magnavox TV

Behind and around the bar
1 wooden farm cupboard

1 8ft. wooden bench

1 approx 150 gal. lobster tank- details to be added

1st. Floor Dining Room:
32 chairs (style B) - see note

7 tables, including 1 large (approx. 6’x5’) farm table

2nd. Floor Dining Room:
Service station contains:

Ice bin

Hand sink

Stainless prep table

125 chairs (style B) - see note-approx 2 dozen are stored in the attic and or in dining

29 tables- see note

1 cash register
The Restaurant contains a collection of Americana antique tools, farm
equipment/implements, sports equipment, framed maps and documents, signage,
lighting etc. displayed through the dining/bar areas

Main Office:
3 work stations

1 wall mounted heat/AC unit

1 Jtech 18 server paging system with pagers

1 Muzak sound system w/ amps, control panel etc.

1 wall mounted safe

Assorted filing cabinets etc

Office is equipped with:

High speed cable, Ethernet, etc

Upstairs Office:
1 wall mounted heat/ AC unit

1 work station

¾ bath

Kitchen sink & counter

Cable& phone jacks

1 Comdial phone system with music system

3 Propane HCVAC units

1 40 gal. hot water heater

   A. Service Area:
   1. 2 drawer bread warmer
   1 Manitowoc ice maker(1000lbs, cube) model-sy1005w
   3 60” Hatco food warmer lamps
   1 hand sink
   Assortment of glass racks, bus tubs, serving trays, coffee mugs and   flatware
   1 small upright ice cream freezer- unknown manufacturer
   1 True 2 door upright display fridge
   1 Kolpak remote compressed walk in fridge(70”x85”) with shelving
   1 Traulsen upright 2 door fridge

   B. Main Kitchen:
       1 Blodgett full size, 2 door convection oven (gas)
       1 Southbend 8 burner range with 2 ‘slow’ ovens below (gas)
       1 48” Ultra Max countertop grill (gas)
       1 Pitco deep fryer model 35 (gas)
       1 Anvil 16” griddle (electric)
       1 Hatco cook and hold oven model csc-5 (electric)
       1 Anvil half size countertop convection oven
       1 9.5 ft. hood with suppression system
       1 Bev Air 48” 2 door sandwich station
       1 True 72” 3 door under counter fridge
       1 Bev Air 48” 2 door under counter fridge
       1 3 compartment steam table (electric)
       1 3ft. stainless table

   C. Dish Station:
      1 stainless 3 compartment sink
      1 hand sink
      1 grease trap (2olbs)
      1 Hobart hi-temp dish machine model am-14c
      Assortment of dish, silver and glass racks
   2 wire storage shelves filled with an assortment of dishes and small wares

D. Prep Kitchen:
   1 Bev Air 72” 3 door under counter fridge
   1 robot coupe food processor
   1 blender
   1 hand sink
   1 vegetable sink
   1 wall mounted AC unit
   3 stainless prep tables ( 1- 30”, 2- 60”)
   1 wire rack containing small wares
   1 wall mounted knife rack
   4 portion scales
   1 table mounted can opener
   a selection of stock pots and roasting pans
   a collection of food storage containers
   assorted china ( mostly Homer Laughlin)


     A. Storage Area: unfinished space
      assorted shelving
      washer dryer hook ups
      275 gal. oil tank
     B. Receiving/ Refrigeration & Dry Goods Area:
        1 Kolpak 48”x48” walk in beer cooler
        1 Jordan 60”x48” keg cooler with 5 tap system
        1 Jordan 60”x48” walk in cooler
        1 Imperial upright 1 door commercial freezer
        1 Mantiowoc upright 2 door fridge
        1 Artic 9ftx5ft walk in cooler with shelving
          Stainless tables
         1 100lbs. receiving scale

      2 approx. 500 gal. propane tanks
      Satellite dish on roof
Additional Notes:
3 gas fired units in attic
1 gas fired unit in basement
1 oil fired water heater in basement
3 wall mounted units ( 1 in foyer, 1 in each office)
B. Utilities:
    400 amp electric service
    Town water/sewer
C. Misc.
    Unable to locate satellite receiver.

   Chair styles.
   A- wooden Winsor style without arms
   B- wooden Colonial style without arms
   C- plain bar stool without back or arms
   All tables are stained oak butcher block with metal bases they are a
   mixture of
   Except 1 6’x 5’ wooden ‘family’ table


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