Dear Gil Thorp fan_ by fjwuxn


									Dear Gil Thorp Fan,
 Well, baseball is heading into the stretch run and football has just kicked off but at Take
Five Productions we have hoops on the brain…Milford hoops, that is! Forget March Madness.
In Milford, Playdown Pandemonium reigns! This November you can tip off the basketball
season with the latest Gil Thorp book, Playdown Pandemonium! Authored and illustrated by
the late, great Jack Berrill, Playdown Pandemonium collects 11 of the best “classic era”
basketball stories plus 3 never before reprinted hardwood sagas; 14 great stories in
all. Included are tales featuring legendary cagers Rod Simmons, Billy Bunkin, Joel Frost,
Jerry Pulver, Ernie Fenton, Clyde Bean, Arnie Wilcox, Leo Finn, Lou Wassel, and Curtis
Wade. The three new adventures highlight Joel Frost’s recently uncovered senior campaign,
Sam Chalmers and his struggle to cope with his parents divorce, and Orin Lake’s turbulent
debut season. Also chronicled is Terry Turner and Laura Patton’s groundbreaking narrative
of teen pregnancy. Specs for the book are: 8 ½” x 11”, 356 pages, and $32.95 + 6.00
shipping (Illinois residents please add 8.5% on book price only).
 The game plan is the same as last year. We will be accepting pre-paid orders through
September 30th, 2005. Pre-order totals will determine the print run so please be sure to
respond in the timeframe allocated. Books ordered after 9/30/2005 will be $35.95 (plus
shipping and tax). Your copy will be mailed the week of November 14th just in time to tip
off the 2005/06 hoop season. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. We look forward to
hearing from you and extend, in advance, our thanks for your continued support.
Please reserve______ copy(ies) of PLAYDOWN PANDEMONIUM! Enclosed is my
check/money order made payable to Take Five Productions for_______ (see chart). Prices
include postage & handling; 8.5% tax ($2.80/book) has been added for Illinois residents.

______________________________________                   QTY        Residents    Out of State
                                                          1          $41.75        $38.95
____________________________________________              2          $77.50        $71.90
Address                                                   3          $113.25       $104.85
                                                          4          $149.00       $137.80
____________________________________________              5          $183.75       $170.75
City                       State        Zip

email address

  Please mail your order to: Take Five Productions, P.O. Box 1094, Arlington
           Heights, IL 60006. Contact info:

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