Analysis of the Functioning of the Priority Crosswalks by gjg97952


									Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
VGTU Faculty of Environmental Engineering

Urban Engineering

           Analysis of the Functioning of the Priority Crosswalks at the Olandų Roundabout

                                                                                    Author: Donatas Gibieža
                                                                    Academic supervisor: Antanas Klibavičius
                                                                                Thesis language - Lithuanian


The purpose of the work is to make the analysis of the functioning of the priority crosswalks at the Olandų
roundabout. To reach the purpose there were made detailed researches of this roundabout. Literature
concerning the questions of projecting roundabouts and priority crosswalks is reviewed at the work. To
evaluate the existing situation calculations were made with the program “aa Traffic Sidra”. It was stated that
Olandų roundabout does not satisfy the demand of today’s transport flows, the functioning of this roundabout
is rather complicated. It was stated that the analyzed priority crosswalks have a bad influence to the
functioning of this roundabout. Large pedestrian flows at this roundabout increase losses of time to the
vehicles at the approaches, therefore large vehicle queues form, increases air pollution. As one of the
solutions I suggest to set traffic-lights for the pedestrians. After doing the calculations we see that this
solution is effective and decreases loss of time and enable pedestrians to cross the crosswalk safely. The Final
work consists of 51 page of text without supplements and 5 drawings.

Keywords: prioritetinė pėsčiųjų perėja, pėsčiasis, sankryža, žiedinė sankryža, prisotinimo laipsnis, įvaža,
įvažos laidumas, pralaidumas, transporto srautai, pėsčiųjų srautai


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