Freeway Mitigation Program

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					                                                                                                  Freeway Mitigation
                                                                                                  Fast Facts

   Preserving Open Space for Orange County’s Future

   Program Description                            members, the EOC has been meeting              permitting of the M2 freeway projects.
   & Objectives                                   on a monthly basis since November              Once the Master Agreement is in place
   The Orange County Transportation               2007. As of fall 2008, the EOC has made        and is approved by the OCTA’s Board
   Authority’s (OCTA) Mitigation and              significant progress in the development        of Directors, Mitigation Program funds
   Resource Protection Program (Mitigation        of the Master Agreement and has                will be assigned, which is anticipated
   Program) provides for the allocation of        developed criteria to provide guidance         to begin as early as mid 2009.
   approximately $240 million to provide for      to the EOC and property owners and
                                                  conservation organizations to help             Public Involvement
   comprehensive, rather than piecemeal,
                                                  evaluate the potential resource and            The public can comment or learn more
   mitigation of the environmental impacts of
                                                  conservation value of properties that may      about the program at OCTA’s monthly
   freeway improvements. The Program was
                                                  be available for acquisition or restoration.   EOC meetings, which take place on the
   approved under Orange County Renewed
                                                                                                 first Wednesday of the month from 10 to
   Measure M (M2), the half-cent sales tax        A public outreach program has been
                                                                                                 11:30 a.m. at OCTA, 600 S. Main Street,
   for transportation improvements approved       initiated to help build the EOC’s current
                                                                                                 Orange. Committee meeting agendas
   by Orange County voters in 2006.               inventory of possible conservation
                                                                                                 are posted online one week prior to the
   Using a proactive, innovative approach,        sites and share the eligibility criteria
                                                                                                 meeting date. In addition, the HCP/NCCP
   a Master Agreement will be negotiated          with potential property owners and
                                                                                                 process, if pursued, will include an
   between OCTA and state and federal             conservation organizations. The EOC
                                                                                                 extensive public involvement program.
   resource agencies to provide higher-value      recommends a fair and open process
   environmental benefits such as habitat         that engages and solicits additional           Contact Us
   protection, connectivity and resource          suggestions from the various target            For more information, visit the OCTA
   preservation in exchange for streamlined       audiences, which include: landowners,          Web site at
   project approvals for the 13 projects within   local governments, conservation                or contact Marissa Espino of OCTA
   the M2 freeway program as a whole.             organizations and community groups.            at (714) 560-5607 or by email at
   In August 2007, the OCTA Board of              Next Steps
   Directors approved a five-year M2 Early        The EOC is working with the resource
   Action Plan, covering the years 2007 to        agencies, OCTA staff and legal counsel
   2012, to advance the implementation            to continue developing and finalizing the
   of several key M2 projects, including          Master Agreement. These discussions
   the freeway mitigation program.                have focused on balancing four key
                                                  factors – early action on conservation
   Environmental Oversight
                                                  opportunities, strong assurances
                                                  regarding processing and permitting of
   The Environmental Oversight Committee
                                                  freeway projects, timeliness and cost.
   (EOC) is responsible for developing
                                                  OCTA staff and legal counsel and the
   the Mitigation Program, making
                                                  resource agencies are working on a
   recommendations to OCTA’s Board of
                                                  proposal for a Habitat Conservation
   Directors regarding the allocation of
                                                  Plan/Natural Community Conservation
   environmental freeway mitigation funds
                                                  Plan (HCP/NCCP) process to document
   and monitoring the implementation of
                                                  impacts, mitigation and conditions for
   the Master Agreement. Comprised of 12

Orange County Transportation Authority 550 S. Main Street, P.O. Box 14184, Orange, CA 92863-1584 • (714) 560-OCTA • 10/22/08