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Remodeling with Style

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        Designs | Lifestyles | Investments | Improvements

                                               with Style
                                               and a High Return
                                               on Investment

                                                          OveR     48
                                                          LOcaL PROductS
                                                          for Kitchens and Baths

                                                          decorating Kids Rooms
                                                          the aBc’s of Style
P h o t o c o u r t e s y o f Wa l k e r Z a n g e r
                                                           National Kitchen & Bath Association

                                  Delivers for the Future
                                             Even in our nation’s economic down-
                                             turn, savvy homeowners know pre-
                                             cisely where to put their discretionary
                                             dollars for optimal future investment
                                             returns: remodeling. According to a
                                             new report titled “The Remodeling
                                             Market in Transition” released by
                                             Harvard University, today’s home-
                                             owners are likely to focus remodeling
                                             spending on projects that improve
                                             the energy efficiency of homes,
                                             generate cost savings, and maintain
                                             structural integrity. Kitchens, baths
                                             and outdoor living spaces are still the
                                             hot areas to focus on.

16   Urban Home CHarlotte SUmmer 2009
Cabinetry                                                                                          perts say the most effective kitchen lighting involves
    If existing cabinets are of good quality, work                   A general rule of             four blended layers: task, ambient, accent and dec-
fine and the layout functions well, the most afford-                                               orative; the result is a warm, inviting environment
able option is to restain, paint, or reface them. the              thumb for kitchen               that works with your other design elements. task
process is much faster than installing new cabinets.                                               lighting is for food-prep areas, underneath cabinets
                                                                     expenditures is               and over the island. ambient lighting is an impor-
Sixty to 70 percent of the cabinet cost is the door, so
if you’re paying for someone to put in a new door or            60 percent for cabinetry,          tant layer that is often overlooked, but the factor that
drawer, consider shopping new or opt for custom,                                                   humanizes the area. accent lighting is the least com-
semi-custom or stock installations. always evaluate            25 percent for appliances,          mon layer, but is becoming more common as people
the quality of hinges, doors, drawer systems, and                                                  spend more time in the kitchen for casual entertain-
                                                                     and 15 percent                ing. Decorative lighting, the most expensive element
                                                                    for countertops.               in the scheme, should be considered in direct pro-
Appliances                                                                                         portion to the kitchen’s size: the larger the space, the
    Kitchens are getting an eco-friendly boost from                                                greater importance chandeliers, hanging pendants
energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and improvements and other eye-catching fixtures play.
in indoor air quality. this area is the bulk of your power bill – think
refrigerator, second only to heating and cooling equipment in energy Tile
use. the easiest way to go green is to replace heavy energy hitters when         In both kitchens and baths, glass, metal, porcelain and hardwood
shopping for the must-haves – refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and oven. tiles are hot. Copper, stainless, hand-painted and glass tiles are some
regarding ovens: choose what fits your personal cooking and baking of today’s most popular. Glass is used for kitchen backsplashes, show-
needs. Induction cooktops, an alternative to gas and electric, continue er walls and as accents on floors adding depth, sparkle and lumines-
to gain steam, with electricity flowing through a coil to produce a mag- cence. With a broad color palette, and finishes ranging from glossy to
netic field under a ceramic cooktop. Stainless steel finishes stay atop the flat, glass tiles can fit most design schemes and many are made from
list with a premium price but black appliances can create a sleek look recycled materials. metal backsplashes complements stainless-steel ap-
cheaper.                                                                      pliances. look for the linear tile trend, which can be installed verti-
                                                                              cally or horizontally. Watch for the introduction of grout-less natural
Countertops                                                                   stones, and even fabric, mesh and bamboo encased in plastic panels,
    Solid surface and quartz are very popular options, with updated styles to deliver a unique look.
and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Stainless steel and concrete
are emerging as new countertop favorites by creating a sleek, modern Fixtures
look that ties in perfectly with transitional and contemporary styles.           modern, with a dose of smart design is in. think minimalist cabi-
Granite remains popular, with exotic stones gaining ground in island nets, accessories made of glass, and unframed appliances. also of note
areas and bars.                                                               are the light-as-air retractable fixtures as well as the fixtures finished with
                                                                              gold or even black. Cassie abernethy, HD Kitchen and bath Designs
Lighting                                                                      showroom manager, sells a great deal of farm sinks, pot fillers on the
    layer lighting overcomes the common mistake most homeowners wall, and copper prep and kitchen sinks, along with the introduction of
make of trying to light an entire kitchen with one centered fixture. ex- hands-free faucets.

Dienst Custom Homes

                                                                                                              SUmmer 2009 Urban Home CHarlotte           17

                             Ann Sacks

                             Walker Zanger

                             The Tile Collection

Woodmode/American Kitchens   Crossville Tile and Stone

National Kitchen & Bath Association

    Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are
                                                 outfit your bathroom with accent furniture that doubles as elegant cabinetry using stand-out
   among the most often used rooms in         pieces that offer anything but a common look. one trend is to put a marble top on an antique
   the house, serving multiple purposes       piece of furniture. another option: Floating cabinets create a cleaner, more open feel by eliminat-
                                              ing cabinet legs and toe kicks in favor of floating, wall-mounted units. this leaves a large open
   from a simple powder room for guests       area beneath the cabinet that makes the room feel more spacious. If you are intimidated by going
                                              contemporary in the kitchen, try it in the bath—you may be surprised how beautiful it looks.
     to an ultra-private, master-suite spa.
                                                 leD type lighting fixtures are showing up amid steam showers and within soaking tubs.
                                              General lighting takes care of 90 percent of the baths’ needs--like ceiling lights, soffits, and
                                              wall sconces. task lighting delivers the remaining 10 percent and is used to perform specific
                                              activities like personal grooming.

                                                  after years of yielding to finishes like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze, polished
                                              chrome is making a comeback. or why not bring out your creativity through jewel-toned
                                              artisan fixtures? Sculpted in minimalist designs, hands-free bathroom faucets are efficient and
                                              cool additions. Freestanding tubs with a modern, minimalist look are hot. built-in tubs are
                                              out. Under-mounted sinks are the most popular, but beautiful vessel sinks can be stunning
                                              additions to a bathroom.

                                                                                                  SUmmer 2009 Urban Home CHarlotte           19
Front Door Fabrics                                              Hearth and Patio / Brown Jordan                                             Walker Zanger

                                                                                         Going Green
                                                     Decreasing energy use is not the only way to make your home green. You can also create an eco-friendly re-
                                                     model by improving indoor air quality; using materials made from recycled or rapidly renewable resources. Buy
                                                     local if you can from local artists. It costs less to ship the materials and you are supporting the local economy!
                                                        Indoor air quality is one area Duane Johns, of Advanced Renovations, Inc., suggests addressing to eliminate
                                                     moisture and mold in your home. Performing a home-energy audit and reducing air infiltration can reduce
                                                     annual energy bills by 25 percent. Check with Duke Power or your local county government offices for local tax
                                                     credits or visit

Metropolitan Design on South

Crossville Tile & Stone   Studium                       The Tile Collection                                                 Walker Zanger

     Build a                                                                                     The Basics
   Remodeling                                                                             1. Don’t get caught up in the “bigger is bet-

                                                                                             ter” syndrome.
                                                                                          2. To enhance resale value, ignore the urge to
                                                                                             go trendy. Instead, incorporate a timeless
The relationship between a designer and                                                      look and design.
contractor is critical. Some remodeling firms                                             3. Don’t be satisfied with references; do
offer turnkey design/build services—an                                                       your own research. Everyone can provide
affordable alternative for smaller projects,                                                 references, but does the company have a
but the traditional designer/architect with                                                  history of filed complaints? And, remem-
a remodeler is still a viable option. Kevin                                                  ber, if you hear a price that is too good to
                                              Ferguson Kitchen & Bath / Sub Zero
Holdridge, of KDH Residential Design, says,                                                  be true, it is.
“The relationship between design profes-
sional and contractor is the most important                                               4. Know your budget.                                 Ann Sacks
part so we always try to build a team to give
the homeowner the best possible house-
design experience.” Ask if the contractor is
a NARI Certified Remodeler and Certified
Kitchen and Bath Designer—another
                                                                                                                Design Find
added benefit and less risk.                                                                        Save thousands of dollars with local
    20 Urban Home CHarlotte SUmmer 2009                                                             coupons at
                                                Front Door Fabrics
                                                       The latest products for the most
       kitchens                                        popular kitchen and bath styles.


               American Kitchens / Woodmode


               Design Innovations


               National Kitchen & Bath Association

               22   Urban Home CHarlotte SUmmer 2009
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1) Sussex Chandelier shown in a brushed nickel finish with white fabric shades. Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844 • 2) Iron Ore. ecobycosen- Stone Systems of North Carolina. 704-238-1659 • 3) 48” Bertazzoni Pro Series shown in black. Design Centers International. 704-926-6000
• 4) Kasara tumbled wall tile. 704-583-7000 • 5) Calcutta Carrara Marble. The Tile Collection. 704-541-8453 • 6) The Westbury raised cabinet. Wood- American Kitchens. 704-364-1448 • 7) Buenos Aires Mood. Tango wall tile. Crossville Tile and Stone. 704-927-8453

                         2                                                                                        5

3                                                  4

1) Thiseldown Chandelier shown in a Victorian Bronze finish. Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844 • 2) Black Forest.
Stone Systems of North Carolina. 704-238-1659 • 3) Metal Tech copper wall tile. 704.583.7000 • 4) The 48” KitchenAid pro Cook Series. Kitchenaid.
com. hhgregg Fine Lines. 704-599-4196 • 5) Fisher & Paykel 36” range hood in brushed stainless steel. Ferguson Kitchen and Bath. 704-370-2020 •
6) Modern Mythology wall tile. Crossville Tile and Stone. 704-927-8453 • 7) San Sebastian in White Thassos, Blue Celeste and Blue Bahia tile.



1) Melrose pendant, models Multifrit and Blue. Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844 • 2) WoodGlas 610 cabinets. • 3) Big Chill
Retro stove shown in black. • 4) The DA 5100 Miele range hood. Ferguson Kitchen and Bath. 704-370-2020 • 5) Crema Alejandra wall tile. The Tile Collection. 704-541-8453 • 6) The Odyssey cabinet shown in Oak with Rose finish. Metropolitan Design on South. 704-334-
2002 • 7) Contessa Arabesco Sevilla wall tile. 704.583.7000
                                                                                                                         SUmmer 2009 Urban Home CHarlotte                23
                                                       The latest products for the most
               baths                                   popular kitchen and bath styles.


                Dienst Homes


               Crossville Tile


                National Kitchen & Bath Association

               26   Urban Home CHarlotte SUmmer 2009

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1) Mayfair wall sconce shown in a pewter finish. Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844 • 2) Savoy field tile. Crossville Tile and
Stone. 704-927-8453 • 3) Town Square Thermostatic Valve. HD Kitchen and Bath Collection. 704-892-6466 • 4) Regent shower set shown in
Inca Brass. • 5) Richland Series Towel Ring. Blackhawk Hardware. 704-525-2682 • 6) Studio Moderne tile. Shown in the
Hollywood Grand Pattern. 704-583-7000 • 7) Michael J. Smith Collection bath faucet. Renaissance Tile and Bath. 704-372-1575
• 8) Kohler Memoirs Pedestal Lavatory. Ferguson Kitchen and Bath. 704-370-2020

                                                                   4                                                                          8

        2                                                                                              6

                                                                    5                                                                         9

1) Cheshire 3-light Wall bracket. • 2) NOW field tile shown with Glass Blox. Crossville Tile and Stone. 704-927-8453 • 3) 16” Dream
LED showerhead and light. The Majestic Bath. 704-366-9099 • 4) Canaveral Wall Mount Glass Tumbler/Toothbrush Holder. Blackhawk
Hardware. 704-525-2682 • 5) Shadowplay wallpaper. Front Door Fabrics. 704-844-6330 • 6) Lilies Lore™ Nature’s Chemistry™ Cast Bronze
Lavatory. Ferguson Kitchen and Bath. 704-370-2020 • 7) Palmer wall sconce shown in old bronze with linen fabric shade. Lighting and
Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844 • 8) Jaylen 6590 high arch mini lavatory faucet. HD Kitchen and Bath Collection. 704-892-6466 • 9) Sonja La Fleur mosaic tile. 704-583-7000

                                            4                                                                                                                      9

                                                                            5                                   7
1) Metro wall sconce shown in Bronze. Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844 • 2) Fish glass lavatory basin. Renaissance Tile
and Bath. 704-372-1575 • 3) White Diamond. Stone Systems of North Carolina. 704-238-1659 • 4) Dahlia and the Deep Blue Sea Aura tiles. • 5) Thermostatic cross and lever shower valve. The Majestic Bath. 704-366-9099 • 6) Azul Bambu glass wall tile. The Tile
Collection. 704-541-8453 • 7) Linea Olivia cabinet hardware collection. The Majestic Bath. 704-366-9099 • 8) Tracciato Circlo wall tile in Silver Flannel. 704-583-7000 • 9) Solace bath faucet. HD Kitchen and Bath Collection. 704-892-6466
                                                                                                                          SUmmer 2009 Urban Home CHarlotte                 27

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