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					             Product Information Guide
                         About Our Company
VIMA Décor offers a contemporary selection of items developed for multi-
family interiors and exteriors. We cater to distributorships, commercial
contractors, and commercial property owners seeking upgrades in the
multi-family industry. Our goal is to provide a high-end product for less
than its lower-end retail counterpart. The development of our own
products has given us the ability to offer our customers “more for less”
combined with higher profit margins.

             About Us                                               1
             Cabinets                                              2-3
             Granite                                                4
             Faucets                                                 5
             Sinks                                                   6
             Shower Heads & Bath Accessories                        7
             Mirrors                                                8
             Lighting Fixtures & Ceiling Fans                      9-10
             Wall Pack Fixtures                                    11
             Floor Tile                                            12
             Blinds                                                13
             Tub Surrounds                                         13
             Door Hardware                                         14
             Sliding Closet Doors                                  15
             Window Awning & Canopies                               16
             Window Glass                                          16
             Metal Fire Doors                                      17
             Stainless Steel Sculptures                            18
             More Info                                             19

                                                                                  1              512-382-7343 Austin
                                469-619-3979 Dallas

                         Kitchen Cabinets
                                                                                   Vanity Cabinets
              shaker style, solid maple front w/ cherry
                                                                        V3-VCD48- 48" shaker style, maple vanity
              finish, stain grade birch panels
                                                                        combo drawer - $126.10
                                                                        with linen hamper - $186.30

VIMA cabinets are fully finished and ready to install!
(avg. material cost per unit only $800)

Cabinets include:
• APC construction (no particle board)
• Hardwood faces
• Ball bearing quick release drawer slides
• Fully adjustable recess hinges
• Selection of brushed nickel knobs and pulls
• Fully finished and ready to install

         Please contact us for details about other woods and finishes.
                                                                                      Mini-Vanity Cabinet w/ Ceramic “Belly” Sink
                                                                                     (V3-VSC2513 - 26.75” W x 36.5” H x 17.5” D_
                                                                                                     Only - $129.95
                                                                                         Perfect solution for smaller bathrooms!


                                *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change.
                                                    Base Cabinets (Shaker style maple fronts, 3/4” birch plywood panels, Cherry finish)

                                                     V3-BD12-3-J        BD12-3 - Kit Cab Base, 3 drawer, 12" W, 24" D, 34.5" H     $86.25
           General Pricing Table
                                                     V3-BD15-3-J        BD15-3 - Kit Cab Base, 3 drawer, 15" W, 24" D, 34.5" H     $91.75
       •Cabinets shipped KD in 20’, 40’
             or 40’HQ containers.                      V3-B24-J         KIT CAB BASE- 24" W, 24" D, 34.5" H                        $93.75
       •Prices based on volume orders.                 V3-B30-J         KIT CAB BASE- 30" W, 24" D, 34.5" H                        $105.25
          20’ est. quantity - 300 pcs
                                                       V3-SB36-J        KIT CAB SINK BASE- 36" W, 24" D, 34.5" H                   $115.95
          40’ est. quantity - 600 pcs
        40’ HQ est. quantity - 750 pcs              Wall Cabinets (Shaker style maple fronts, 1/2” birch plywood panels, Cherry finish

                                                      V3-W1230          WALL CABINET- 12"Wx 12"Dx30" H                             $43.95

                                                      V3-W1530          WALL CABINET- 15"Wx 12"Dx 30"H                             $47.95

                                                      V3-W2430          WALL CABINET- 24"Wx 12"Dx 30"H                             $62.95

                                                      V3-W3015          WALL CABINET- 30"Wx 12"Dx 15"H                             $59.25

                                                      V3-W3618          WALL CABINET- 36"Wx 12"Dx 18"H                             $71.75

                                                    Vanity Cabinets (Shaker style maple fronts, 3/4” birch plywood panels, Cherry finish)

                                                      V3-VCD24          VANITY CAB COMBO DRAWER- 24"W,21"D,33.5"H                  $97.75

                                                      V3-VCD30          VANITY CAB COMBO DRAWER- 30"W,21"D,33.5"H                  $109.50

                                                      V3-VCD36          VANITY CAB COMBO DRAWER- 36"W,21"D,33.5"H                  $119.50

                                                      V3-VCD42          VANITY CAB COMBO DRAWER- 42"W,21"D,33.5"H                  $137.75

Benefits of shipping cabinets KD (knocked down):

Many customers ask about ordering pre-assembled cabinets rather than KD because of the perceived higher costs to
assemble the cabinets on site. VIMA customers have experienced exactly the opposite, saving time, money, space,
labor, and very few damages. For the small amount of effort to assemble the cabinets on-site, you get a much
better, stronger product, while saving time, space, & money!

•Move all KD cabinets needed for an apartment in 2-3 dolly trips vs. 10-12 pre-assembled.
•It often takes 2 people to move just 1 pre-assembled cabinet.
•KD cabinets are faster easier to unload from shipping container to storage.

•Reduced shipping, transportation, & storage costs than bulky pre-assembled units.
•The time it takes to move each pre-assembled cabinet into the unit will cost more
  labor than to assemble the cabinets.
•No labor cost of assembly at the factory.

•KD cabinets come in flat cardboard boxes, making it easy to organize and stack like sizes together.
•Pre-assembled cabinets use more than 3 x the storage space, and stacking greatly increases
the risk of damages.

•Less risk of damage during shipment, storage and moving cabinet to final unit.
•Pre-assembled cabinets are much more vulnerable to damages while being shipped, stored and moved to the unit                     3
for installation.

                             *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change.
For a one-time installation cost, replace laminate, sprayed, or tiled counters with granite from VIMA Décor. Granite adds
permanent beauty of a solid stone surface for the replacement costs on an average turn. Granite will save you money while
upgrading value and décor at your property.

                                                                                           •Additional stone
                                                                                           and color selection
                                                                                           available upon
                                                                                           •Multiple edges,
                                                                                           cuts and finish
                                                                                           options available
                                                                                           upon request
Rosa Pearl       Lord Gold        Black Snowflake      Shanxi Black    Edges & Cuts

Save on cost of installation with minimal on-site fabrication!

    Lord Gold Mine        Factory Processing       Cutting to Spec       Finished Slabs              Labeled Crate         Crated for Shipment

         Shipped factory direct to your site!
         (average unit cost: $300-$800)
         •Volume discounts priced for commercial use
         •3cm or 2cm, cut to spec
         •$7-$12 sq. ft.
         • Crated and shipped in 20’containers
         •Labeled clearly to ensure easy inventory access                                    Packed Container              Unloading at Jobsite

                       Gravois Ridge Apartments                                           Barton Hills Park Place Apartments
                     New Construction, Fenton, MO                                           Property Upgrades, Austin, TX
                                512-382-7343 Austin       
                                                           469-619-3979 Dallas  

  When planning a kitchen or bathroom, innovation of design goes a long way creating that
 specific finished design you want. VIMA strives to meet form with function by producing a
complimentary selection of faucets and vanity sinks offering upscale for less than wholesale!

                  V2-F7811                  V2-50P116CC                  V2-WF1

        V2-530ACP                                               V2-22-0450
                                       V2-F7808                                       V2-6141AF              V2-350CCP

•Heavy duty faucets          •All copper interior parts      •Polished or brushed finishes
              •Braided metal hoses            •Extra parts available

     V2-F7811          GOOSENECT FAUCET - Polished Chrome Finish (13" H, 1 3-4" base)                                    $25.00

    V2-22-0450         COILED SPRAY FAUCET, Commercial Grade - Polished Chrome Finish (14.5”H, 2”base)                   $57.50

     V2-WF1            CASCADE GLASS WATERFALL -Polished Chrome (5" H, 2" base, glass - 7”)                              $35.00

    V2-MD8836          SQUARE GLASS FAUCET - Polished Chrome, 5" height, 2" square base, (glass -4 1/4 width, 5 1/4      $33.50
                       height), slit spout
     V2-F7808          BASIN LEVER LAV FAUCET 1-hole, Polished Chrome w/ pop-up(6 1/4" height , 1 1/4" base)             $29.50

    V2-6141AF          CHRYSTAL ORB FAUCET -Polished Chrome (6 1/4" height , 1 1/4" base), cobalt blue glass ball        $29.50

   V2-50P116CC         KITCHEN SPRAY FAUCET - single lever, polished chrome, H59 brass, UPC certificate                   $49.50

    V2-F21201C         KITCHEN RUSTIC FAUCET - single lever, polished chrome, H59 brass, UPC certificate                  $43.50

    *General pricing for select designs, not all-inclusive.

                                         *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change.
                                      Ceramic Bath Sinks

            V6-D940                                                               V6-D9937A



                                                                                              Please contact us for more

                                                                                              Austin: 512-382-7343
                                                                                              Dallas: 469-619-3979

    V6-D940             CERAMIC TIERED SINK - 1-hole, 18" diameter x 7" depth, 7 3/4" base                       $47.90

  V6-D9937A             SMALL CERAMIC BOWL w/ FAUCET HOLE - 1-hole, 16” diameter x 7” depth                      $37.70

    V6-D953             CERAMIC BOWL SINK -17.7" diameter x 7" depth, 7 3/4" base                                $35.70

    V6-C825             CERAMIC DROP SINK - 3-hole, 21.45” x 17.5” x 8.25” depth                                 $25.50

*General pricing for select designs, not all-inclusive.

                                      *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change.
                                 Shower Heads & Bath Accessories

                                            V2-MD8879                V2-MD8878                    V2-MD008

               V11-TBBLJ1848                                        V11-TB8160


VIMA shower heads represent the visual grace of the elements while delivering
                    a wider & more comforting spray pattern!
        V2-MD008             SNOWFLAKE shower head 8 1/2" diameter x 2" depth, polished chrome      $25.00

        V2-MD8879            PINWHEEL shower head 8" diameter x 2 1/2" depth, polished chrome       $25.00

        V2-MD8878            SPIDER shower head, 5 1/2" diameter x 4" depth, polished chrome        $25.00

                             RAINSPA shower head combo pack, 4 function shower set, stainless       $25.00
       V2-SS5254CP           steel hose, chrome finish

                             TUB/SHOWER FAUCET SET - Single handle pressure balance
        V2-TSDSET1                                                                                  49.95
                             valve,acryl handle,ceramic cartridge.with spout and shower head.
      V11-TB8148-D           DOUBLE TOWEL BAR - 24" width x 3 7/8" depth, polished chrome           $21.50

      V11-TB8124-S           SINGLE TOWEL BAR - 24" width x 2 5/8" depth, polished chrome           $17.50

        V11-TB8160           HAND TOWEL BAR - Triangle, polished chrome                             $11.50

        V11-TP8151           TOLIET PAPER HOLDER w/out cover - 5 3/4 width x 3" height x 1 7/8"     $9.50
                             depth, polished chrome

     *General pricing for select designs, not all-inclusive.

                                     *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change.

  VIMA specializes in hard to find accents. In the final stages of a project, choosing the final decorative
  touches can make or break first impressions.
  Our mirrors compliment any décor, adding stunning impact to any interior!

          •Designer frame patterns
          •Antiqued finishes
          •Sizes made to customer specs
          •HD wooden backing
          •All mirrors come with hangers


   V7-AS3034        30”X 34”, incl. 2” wooden frame             $34.50

    V7-AS3634       36”X 34”, incl. 2” wooden frame             $41.95

    V7-AS4834       48”X 34”, incl. 2” wooden frame             $52.75                               8

                                     *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change.
                                              Light Fixtures
                                                                                                          V1-W4 (4-bulb vanity)
V1-C4 (4-bulb flush)
V1-P4 (4-bulb chandelier)
                                   Antiqued Lighting Package                                              V1-HS1 (1-bulb sconce)

                            Vanity Fixture                                    Flush Mount

                                                             Hallway Sconce                     Closet Fixture

                                                       Vanity Fixtures   V1-W1 - 1-bulb 6” w, 9” h, 11” d              $15.50

                                                                         V1-W2 - 2-bulb 13.75” w, 7” h, 8” d           $18.50

                                                                         V1-W3 - 3-bulb 20.25” w, 8.5” h, 9” d         $27.50
                      Chandelier                                         V1-W4 - 4-bulb 26” w, 11” h, 9” d             $32.50

                                                                         V1-W5 - 5-bulb 34.3” w, 11” h. 9.1” d         $39.50

                                                       Flush Mount       V1-C1 - 1-bulb14” dia x 10” h                 $19.90

•Matching vanity, kitchen, dining, hallway,                              V1-C2 - 2-bulb 16” dia x 12” h                $27.95
 and closet fixtures                                                      V1-C3 - 3-bulb 20” dia x 16” h                $35.95
•1,2, 3, 4, & 5 bulb options
                                                                         V1-C4 - 4-bulb 24” dia x 24” h                $39.95
•Antiqued silver finish
                                                                         V1-C5 - 5-bulb 25” dia x 10” h                $51.10
•Alabaster glass
•Sized to work with energy efficient bulbs              Chandelier        V1-P4 - 4-bulb 25" dia x 24" h                $55.70

                                                       Hallway Sconce    V1-HS1 - 1- bulb 15" w, 6.5" h, 7.5” d        $19.30

                                                       Closet Fixture    V1-FMP1 - 1-bulb w/ or w/out pull chain       $8.50
Lighting solutions for every
                                                                         V1-FMP2 - 2-bulb, w/ or w/out pull chain      $9.50

                                       *Prices based on volume orders.
                           Light Fixtures (cont.)
      Satin Nickel Fixtures - Ceiling Fans - Porch Lights

   Flush Mount                                         Ceiling Track Fixture - V1-STK-3

Sconce or Vanity
     V1-WS2                                                 Vanity Fixture - V1-LVS26966

                                               2 - Bulb Vanity / Sconce
                                V1-WS2                                                        $19.00
                                               15” w, 9.5” h, 7” d, Satin Nickel finish

                                               Ceiling Spot Fixture
                               V1-STK-3        W:26 1/2" H: 5 1/2" 3* GU10 max 50W            $25.50
  V1-CF033204                                  (include bulb), Satin Nickel finish

                                               Ceiling Fan – Hugger Mount 52” Ceiling fan
                             V1-CF033204       with light fixture, hugger mount, pull chain,   $55.00
                                               Satin Nickel finish, alabaster glass

                                               Ceiling Fan - Dual Mount 52”w/ light fixture,
                                               satin nickel, 5 plywood blades, blade color
                             V2-CF121794                                                      $59.00
                                               #5272 and #3716 (also available w/ remote
 V1-CF121794                                   control)

                                               5 - Bulb Vanity Fixture
                             V1-LVS26966                                                      $37.50
                                               36" w, 7" h, 8.5”, Satin Nickel finish

                                               Porch Light, Black Lantern Fixture
                              V1-1023BL                                                       $18.50
                                               8” w, 9.5" h, 4.5" d

                                  *Additional selection available upon request.
                    Lighting solutions for every
                    area!                                                                      10

                   *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change
                           Wall Packs and High Bay Fixtures

                                    High Pressure Sodium Bulbs                       High Bay Fixture                       Large wall pack
    Small wall pack

                                                                                                                Please contact us for more

                                                                                                                Austin: 512-382-7343
                                                                                                                Dallas: 469-619-3979
    Medium wall pack                       Metal Halide Bulbs

General Pricing - Pricing for additional items available upon request.

   V1-HPS150-WP          WALL PACK - High Pressure Sodium 150W w/ 150W ballast kit                                 $59.95

   V1-HPS400-WP          WALL PACK – High Pressure Sodium 400W w/ 400W ballast kit                                 $99.95

   V1-HPS150-BA          BALLAST - HPS150W for outside wall pack fixture                                            $25.95

   V1-HPS400-BA          BALLAST - HPS400W for outside wall pack fixture                                            $45.95

   V1-HPS150-BU          BULB - HPS150W bulb for outside wall pack fixture                                           $5.75

   V1-HPS400-BU          BULB - High Pressure Sodium 400W bulb                                                      $7.75

                            METAL HALIDE (MH)
                              V1-MH70-WP            WALL PACK – Metal Halide 70W w/ 70W ballast kit                                       $49.95

                              V1-MH175-WP           WALL PACK - Metal Halide 175W w/ 175W ballast kit                                     $65.95

                              V1-MH400-WP           WALL PACK - Metal Halide 400W w/ 400W ballast kit                                     $95.95

                              V1-MH175-BA           BALLAST - (MH175W wall pack fixture) - M57 multi-tap, UB                               $25.95

                              V1-MH400-BA           BALLAST- (MH400W wall pack fixture) - M59 multi-tap, UB                                $39.95

                              V1-MH175-BU           BULB - MH175W bulb for outside wall pack & high bay fixture, medium base, UB             $7.95

                              V1-MH400-BU           BULB – Metal Halide 400W bulb for wall pack & high bay, mogul base UB                   $8.95

HIGH BAY (HB - Pendant mount option also available)
V1-HBMH175               HIGH BAY MH175 - MH175w fixture w/ 175W ballast kit                                      $49.95
V1-HBMH400               HIGH BAY MH400 - MH400W fixture w/ 400W ballast kit                                      $59.50

                                         *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change.
                                              Vinyl Flooring
         12x12 Square or 4x36 Plank Tile for less than $.60 per square foot!
                                           Peel n’ Stick Vinyl floor tile
                                                    2mm thick
                                                .3mm wear-layer

             •Save on carpet replacement        •Endless color selection
                  •Easy installation    •Color matching available upon request
                       •Now available by pallet* or 20’ container!
Quantity: 48,600 pieces/1,620 boxes (30 pcs per box/81 boxes per palette/20 palettes per 20’ container.
Price per 1 x 20’ container= $28,674 (including delivery) for 48,600 square feet!
Price per pallet (81 boxes) = $1336.50 (plus delivery) for 2,430 square feet! (*in-stock colors only)

                   V12-YH806-12                                             V12-783C

V12-YH806-12          FLOOR TILE 12"x 12" PEEL/STICK STONE MULTI-BEIGE              $.55/pc; $16.50 box

                      FLOOR TILE - 4"x 36" PEEL/STICK PLANK OAK COLOR
  V12-783C                                                                          $.59/pc; $17.10 box
 *other colors available upon request

                                  *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change
                                   Mini Blinds & Vertical Blinds
                                      •PVC or Aluminum mini-blinds
Mini blinds color choices             •PVC vertical blinds                                  Vertical blinds color choices
                                      •Custom sizes available
                                      •Additional selection and pricing available upon request

   1” PVC Mini Blinds                 PVC -S Mini Blinds              PVC Vertical Blinds                Alu-Venetian Blinds

                                      Bathtub/Shower Wall Surrounds

         Pre-shipment QC check           30” x 72 end panels      Carefully packed for shipping      Crated for easy unload

                                                                   •Easy to install!!             •Custom sizes
                                                                   •Easy to clean!!               available for large
                                                                   •Easy to store!!               quantity orders

                     Size - Center Panel: 60” W x 72” H
                     Size - End Panels: 30” W x72” H
                     Design - 4”x4” tile pattern                                                                     13
                     Soap Dish - 7”, 1/4 circle
                     Thickness: 0.7mm                                   0.7mm thick                  Soap dish
                     Material: Unsaturated Resin and Aluminum Powder Hydroxide
                                          Hardware                                                    V13-B5520PSSN

                                            V13-B5520BKSN                V13-B5520B            V13-B5520P

           V13-DS808                 V13-HINGE               V13-2313B5-01B            V13BC-AK-226

                       Add VIMA hardware for simple upgrades!
   V13-ELBN       DOOR HARDWARE - Entry Lever, Brushed Nickel Levers (5 1/2" width x 2                $25.00
                  5/8" depth, 2 3/4" base)
V13-B5520BKSN     DOOR HARDWARE - Privacy Lever, 5 1/2" width x 2 5/8" depth, 2 3/4" base,            $15.50
                  Brushed nickel finish
V13-B5520PSSN     DOOR HARDWARE - Passage Lever, 5 1/2" width x 2 5/8" depth, 2 3/4" base,            $14.50
                  Brushed nickel finish
   V13-HINGE      Ball Bearing Door Hinge, Brushed Nickel finish (standard sizes available)            $6.50
  V13-DS808       Magnetic Door Stopper, Brushed Nickel finish                                         $3.50
  V13-B5520B      Door Knocker with Peephole Brushed Nickel finish                                     $15.00
  V13-B5520P      Door knocker Brushed nickel finish                                                   $9.50
 V13-SDH3255      Curved Door Handle, commercial glass entry glass door, polished chrome and          $37.00
                  brushed nickel finish
V13-2313B5-01B    Digital IB Lock- Operate with IB Key. Locked or unlock by touching IB key.          $69.50
V13BC-AK-226      Ball Catch, Brushed Nickel finish                                                    $5.90


                       *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change
                             Sliding Closet Doors
    Leasing Office                                                                          Bedroom

Closet doors are a category of residential décor that is often overlooked as a design opportunity.
                   Decorative closet doors are a creative way to enhance the
                        design of a standard bedroom or hallway closet.

         V4SLA                                 V4SLB                                  V4SLC

                            •Metal frame w/ brushed or faux wood finish
                            •Etched, frosted, or mirrored glass top panels
                            •Faux wood MDF lower 3’ or 4’ panel
                            •Top hung rolling system, track assembly
                            •Adjustable base rollers
                            •Easy to assemble & install

   Top hung
                        *General pricing - CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE!

                         V4SLA-4880      4’W x 6’8” H, 2-panel sliding closet door   $185.00

                         V4SLA-7296      6’W x 8’H, 2-panel sliding closet door      $275.00
 Bottom rollers
                            *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change
                                                                                             Metal Canopy
Decorative window coverings, canopies add color to your property and provide shade
for your residents at pools, courtyards, and on their balconies!
                                                                                   •Custom orders
                                                                                   •Priced according to specs
                                                                                   •Many colors and designs
                                                                                   •Guaranteed to last 8-10

   Canopy                 Clips                Post            Base

                                                               •Frame: Powder coated
                                                               •Fabric: Acryl,coated 300g/m2; color is 8 years
                                                               guarantee(PARA Fabric)
                                                               •Facia Clips: powder coated
                                                               •Posts: Powder coated, 38mm thick
                                                               •Parts: Tie Cord expansion bolts, extra screws,
                                                               cord reel, wall bracket

                     Window Glass/Tempered Glass

    *$3 - $5 per sq ft depending on size

 •Tempered Glass
 •Double Insulated Panel Glass
 •Produced to Spec                                                                                      16

                     *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change
                                               Metal Doors
    Hollow Metal Frames                                                  Hollow Metal Doors
                                                                     Hollow Metal Doors can be used for many
Hollow Metal Frames are very good replacement for                    applications, including:
wooden door/window frames. Once painted it bears
                                                                     •Security doors
a very similar look to that of a wooden frame… and
                                                                     •Apartment doors
will save $$.
                                                                     •Industrial doors
•Termite proof                                                       •Fire resistant doors
•Weather proof                                                       The same can be offered with rock wool, mineral
•Better surface finish than wood at economical prices                 wool, glass wool, PUF, ceramic wool or
                                                                     polystyrene insulation if required.

Fire doors, frames, side light & borrowed light                      UL standards:
frames, transom frames, double egress doors &                        All door assemblies confirm to UL 10C standards for safety.
frames are UL certified.                                              For more details refer UL 10 C standard for safety & fire tests
                                                                     of door assemblies. A typical UL fire test consist of
Doors available in ratings of 3 hours, 1 1/2                         mounting the door assembly in masonry and is subjected to
                                                                     fire endurance test as per their rating. Immediately following
hours, 45 min. & 20 min.                                             the fire endurance test the door assembly is subjected to the
                                                                     impact, erosion, & cooling effects of a hose stream. The test
Frames are available in 3 hour & 1 1/2 hour                          assembly should withstand the fire endurance test and hose
ratings & side light, borrowed light & transom                       stream test without developing an opening anywhere
window frames in 45 min., & 20 min.                                  through the assembly

Savings of almost $200K on just 1 custom order (56 doors) compared to local vendor!

                                                                                      Container Quantities (estimated)
                                                                               • 20’ - 125 doors with knock down frames or
                                                                               72 doors fully assembled

                                                                               • 40’ - 275 doors with knock down frames or
                                                                               160 doors fully assembled.

         Inside                             Outside
     Miniature model of custom metal doors with Lexan glass

                                Save thousands on custom metal doors!                                                   17

                                      *Prices based on volume orders and subject to change
                                     Stainless Steel Sculptures
                                     Contemporary or classic designs fabricated to suit every sensibility!

         SG-040                                                                                                                BFSI-21
Approx 11.5’ height - $9,250              •Reduce ongoing landscape cost of seasonal color changes                     Approx 8’ height - $6,500
                                          •Decades of durability
                                          •100% high integrity recyclable material
                                          •Conserve and save on monthly watering

       VIMA’s Stainless Steel Sculptures increase curb appeal, add permanent value,
                     and meet the rising need for “Green Solutions.”
General Sculpture Info
*Sculpture material -1.5mm thick stainless steel
*Base plate material - Q345 stainless steel
*Colors - Red, Blue, Yellow, Stainless Steel, Gold
*Paint - Dupont color enamel with clear top coat
*Sculptures welded to the base plates prior to shipping
*Heights listed are for sculptures, and do not include height of the base

         PASC-20                                           BFSI-52                                              BFSI-34
Approx 11.5’ height - $8,700                      Approx 11.5’ height - $9,460                          Approx 10’ height - $7,700


          PASC-31                                   BFSI-18                                BFSI-60                           BRSC-83
  Approx 13’ height - $10,600               Approx 13’ height - $9,500            Approx 13’ height - $10,900        Approx 13’ height - $10,500
                                              “Vima Decor has been a life saver here at the
                                             JHA property. The items offered have given us
                                             a way to keep up with the newer properties in
                                                town. In fact the product is a much better
                                                product than what is being installed at the
                                               brand new properties here in Baton Rouge.”
                                              - Lucy Arender, Property & Regional Manager,
                                             Jefferson Heights Apartments, Baton Rouge, LA

  Jefferson Heights Apartments                                                                               2020 Congress
         Baton Rouge, LA                                                                                     Condominiums
                                                                                                               Austin, TX

     VIMA will assess and assist you throughout the process, helping you choose
    the right products to make your community stand out from the competition!
           •Large volume supplier with products designed to service the multi-housing industry
           •Custom orders produced in bulk for less than wholesale
           •Communication every step of the way with details about orders, production and delivery
           •Sourcing & development of new products
           •QC for all orders prior to shipment
           •Overseas office to QC orders and communicate directly with each factory
           •Detailed packing information provided for each shipment
           •Schedule deliveries to be drop-shipped directly to your job site

  “People are just blown away that these are apartments &
  not condominiums! From the granite countertops, to the
  vanity bowl sinks, to the lighting, to the doors. VIMA has
    fantastic customer service. They are very prompt and
            helpful at finding solutions that work.”
- Nina Esson, Gravois Ridge, Fenton MO (new construction)                                       Gravois Ridge Clubhouse
                                                                                              New Construction, Fenton, MO

     Since 2006, VIMA successfully!sourced and delivered over $4,000,000 in materials to locations
throughout the US.! With apparent results in capital gains and increased rental income, VIMA continues to
  grow.! We are committed to producing higher quality products for less, making permanent value adds