2008-09 CSSFinancial Aid PROFILE Fees and Fee Waiver Information by kcy18378


									2008-09 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE
Fees and Fee Waiver Information

    PROFILE fees have remained stable for the past five academic years. Effective October
    1, 2007 the PROFILE fee structure will be adjusted. For many students the PROFILE
    costs will be reduced as a result of this change.

    Beginning with the 2008-2009 PROFILE application, the cost to the student to file the
    initial application and school report will be increased from $23 to $25. The cost for filing
    each additional school report will be reduced from $18 to $ 16. First time students file an
    average of three PROFILE reports and for these students, the total cost for filing the
    application will decrease due to the lower charge for each school report.

    The PROFILE service provides fee waivers to students who do not have the means to pay
    for the application. In an effort to reach as many qualifying students as possible, the
    PROFILE fee waiver process is fully automated based on the family and financial
    information contained in the application. Automation allowed the College Board to
    double the number of students receiving the fee waiver.

    Please note important information about the 2008-2009 PROFILE fee waiver program:

       •   The PROFILE fee waiver program uses the USDA reduced price lunch income
           guidelines, based on the CSS Institutional Methodology (IM) definition of total
           parent income. This means that parental income includes both taxable and
           untaxed income, with the exception of the Earned Income Credit. More
           information about current Reduced Price Lunch Income guidelines may be found
           at http://www.fns.usda.gov/.
       •   Parent assets are included in the fee waiver eligibility assessment. Dependent
           students whose parents report net assets in the excess of $ 30,960 are not eligible
           for the fee waiver.
       •   The fee waiver covers the initial application and 6 total school reports.
       •   There is no payment required until the application is submitted. When students
           reach the Submission page, they will be notified of their charges or their
           eligibility for a fee waiver. Students may pay for PROFILE using a credit card,
           debit card, or an online check.

    For more information about PROFILE fees or the automated fee waiver process, please
    contact help@cssprofile.org.

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