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									  CSS         Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme

              Your quick guide to the CSS
               It’s all about you
The CSS was established to meet the superannuation needs of Australian Government employees.
Our organisation represents over 30 years experience and we are always at work for you, helping you make the most of your fi nancial future. with consistent returns
and useful services, all at a competitive cost. We also help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to manage your super confidently with a super education
program which you can access at your place of work.
Following is a checklist of key considerations which lets you see, in brief, how the CSS stacks up. Further information can be found at or
by calling us on 1300 000 277.

 What you should consider               How the CSS stacks up

 1      Investment performance          In the CSS, only your member and productivity components are affected by investment earnings. If you leave as an age retiree, your pension, the most
                                        significant part of your benefit, is not affected by investment performance because it is determined by your final salary for superannuation purposes,
                                        length of membership and age at exit.
                                        Any money that you transfer from other superannuation funds may be affected by Fund earnings.
                                        The CSS has delivered the following investment returns for the Default Fund after adjustments for tax and fees up to 30 June 2006. Remember, past
                                        performance is no indication of future performance.

                                         Over 1 year                           Over 3 years                          Over 5 years                         Over 10 years
                                         16.5%                                 14.5%                                 12.0%                                9.1%

 2      Fees, charges and commissions   As a member of the CSS you don’t pay any administration fees or member transaction costs – these costs are covered by your employer.
                                        The Fund deducts taxes and investment management costs from investment earnings before determining Fund earning rates.
                                        The CSS pays no commissions to financial planners.
                                        There may be some fees for services such as reconsideration of a decision, or a Family Law information request, however, these are payable at the time
                                        and not deducted from your account.

 3      Level of contribution by        The average employer contribution is around 25% of your superannuation salary. This is generally payable to you as a CPI-indexed pension.
        your employer

 4      Your contribution level         With the CSS, you must pay contributions of 5% of your super salary. There is no upper limit on the amount of supplementary contributions that you
                                        can pay and you can change your contribution rate at any time to suit your financial needs.

 5      Investment choice               As a member of the CSS you have the option of choosing how your super is invested. We offer you two options – the Default Fund or a Cash
                                        Investment Option.
CSS            Contributing Member
               Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme

6     Insurance                                As a CSS member, you receive automatic permanent invalidity or death cover at no extra cost. Your benefit will generally be based on your entitlement
                                               had you worked to maximum retirement age (age 65).
                                               There are conditions that apply to the amount or type of benefit you receive.

7     Efficiency and honesty                   The CSS uses the administration services of ComSuper.
      of administration

8     Benefit options                          You can take your CSS retirement benefit as a pension or a combination of pension and lump sum.

9     Information and general                  We run an award-winning member education program. You have online access to benefit estimates and other information about the CSS at any time.
      advice when you need it                  You can also access information and assistance via email, phone, fax and letter, whichever is most convenient for you.

10    Compliance with                          The CSS is established under the Superannuation Act 1976 and ARIA is licensed under the Corporations Act 2001 and regulated by the Superannuation
      regulatory framework                     Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS Act).

11    Understanding your                       We work closely with employers for the benefit of members. Our organisation has been providing superannuation services and products since 1976.
      employment conditions

12    Additional services                      As a CSS member, you have access to home loans provided by Members Equity Bank and personal financial advice provided by State Super Financial
                                               Services. ARIA owns 22.5% of SSFS.

13    Processing times                         We aim to process most transactions within five (5) to (10) business days of validating your request. Your pension will be paid on the next available
                                               payday. This is of course dependent on all conditions being met.

Warning - This Document Contains General Advice or Information Only                                       Australian Reward Investment Alliance (ARIA) ABN: 48 882 817 243 AFSL: 238069 RSE Licence no: L0001397,
Any advice in this document has been prepared without taking account of your personal objectives,         Trustee of the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) ABN: 19 415 776 361 RSE: R1004649
financial situation or needs. Because of this, you should, before acting on any advice in this document,
consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and
needs. You may wish to consult a licensed financial planner to do this.                                                                                                                               CQG_12/07

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