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					College of Staten Island
Sports & Recreation Center
2800 Victory Boulevard                             Athletics: (718) 982 – 3160
Staten Island, NY 10314                            Membership Desk: (718) 982 – 3150
Phone: (718) 982 – 3160                            Rental Inquiries: (718) 982 – 3167
Fax: (718) 982 - 3138                              Issue Room: (718) 982 – 3134
                                                   (Racquetball Reservations)
The state-of -the-art Sports & Recreation Center at the College of Staten Island offers the latest in
exercise equipment and facilities. Included below is a brief summary of services and facilities at
your disposal.

          Cardio Room                     Racquetball Courts                         Main Arena

                       Pool                                              Cardio Room
     •   25 meter, 8 lane pool                           •   4 treadmills
     •   150 seating capacity                            •   3 stationary bicycles
     •   1-meter and 3-meter diving boards               •   4 Stairmaster step machines

                   Main Arena                                        Racquetball Courts
     •   Approximately 24,000 square feet                •   5 racquetball courts
     •   1,200 seating capacity
     •   14 basketball hoops on 2 regulation
         basketball courts
     •   2 volleyball courts
     •   6 badminton courts
                   Auxiliary Gym                                            Outdoor Courts
       •   Approximately 12,000 square feet                 •    12 tennis courts
       •   1 regulation basketball court                    •    8 paddleball/handball courts
       •   3 volleyball courts                              •    4 full-length basketball courts
       •   4 paddleball/handball courts

                   Fitness Center                                          Outdoor Facilities
       •   Approximately 1,900 square feet                  •    3 softball fields
       •   Over 3,000 pounds of free weights                •    football field
       •   Cybex resistance machines                        •    quarter-mile track

                                       Membership Office 1R-204
                                           (718) 982-3150
Racquetball courts are available in hour sessions beginning every hour starting at 7AM. Although courts
are open to students, staff, and members alike, they do tend to fill up fast, so take advantage by booking
your courts early. Courts may be booked one day in advance. All racquetball reservations can be made in
person at the Issue Room (1 R - 106), or by calling the Issue Room at (718) 982 - 3134. Only one court can
be issued per member.

CSI offers members and students swimming lessons. Group lessons for CSI students are FREE. Private
lessons are available for students, faculty, staff, and community members. Take advantage of the
unbeatable prices and quality instruction.

The Sports & Recreation Center offers a complete aerobic schedule every month, staffed with quality
instructors. Take advantage of our step & tone, aqua aerobic, body sculpting, yoga, kickboxing classes and
much, much, more. Aerobic schedules are available at the Membership Office and the Issue Room.

Participate in any of our league events, available to students, faculty, and staff FREE of charge.
Tournaments like 5-on-5 and 3-on-3 basketball, racquetball singles and doubles, softball, tennis, and table
tennis, offer great competition in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Take advantage of all intramural events,
call the Intramural Office at (718) 982-3170.
Membership to the Sports & Recreation Center is quick, easy, and affordable. A variety of different
membership plans makes your decision even easier. CSI offers special discount rates to staff and faculty
members, CSI Alumni, senior citizens, and special family bonus rates, on top of standard unbeatable
pricing. Members can choose between a 3-month, 6-month, and full-year plan, which include access to all
of CSI’s facilities, classes, and features. Guest Day Passes are also available, with special rates for senior
citizens and children. For a complete description of what membership plan is best for you, call our
membership office at (718) 982-3150, or come visit us in 1 R - 204. For great service, outstanding
facilities, and unmatchable rates, the Sports & Recreation Center stands alone.

Swimming Lessons
Group Lessons - ages 7 and up consisting of                      Private lessons will be arranged with each
                 six 45 minute sessions                          student and instructor.
Sports & Recreation Center Members - $70                         CSI Students - $10 per hour
Non-members - $90                                                S&RC Members - $25 per 30 minutes
                                                                 Non-members - $30 per 30 minutes
A proper and validated CSI Student ID-card or a Sports & Recreation Center Member ID-card is required
to gain access to the Sports & Recreation Center. Proper workout attire is required for activity. All personal
bags and belongings must be placed in a locker... Members must bring their own locks. Locks and all
belongings must be removed from lockers daily. CSI is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Pool Rules
    1.    No swimming without a lifeguard on duty.
    2.    All swimmers with hair four inches or longer must wear a swim cap.
    3.    No running on pool deck.
    4.    No street clothes can be worn on the pool deck.

Age Requirements
    1.    No one under the age of 12 is permitted.
    2.    Children 12 - 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
    3.    No one under 18 may purchase a Membership or Guest Day Pass unless accompanied by a parent
          or guardian.
    4.    Members 16 years and older may use the facilities without a parent or guardian.
    5.    Day Pass holders 17 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Your special social or athletic event, private or public, is sure to be the talk of the town when you choose
the unique alternative to standard venues. With years of experience organizing a vast array of successful
events, the College of Staten Island’s Sports & Recreation Center is your clear choice when service and
value are a must. The Sports & Recreation Center promises you the best in:
                                          • Service
                                          • Price
                                          • Quality

From your first phone call to the end of the event. We will take care of every detail. Accommodations,
concessionaires, parking - you name your event, we’ll make it great! You’ll want to know The CSI Sports
& Recreation Center is...
    • Fully air conditioned
    • Ready to provide a wide array of concession services
    •   Staffed with experienced consultants and service personnel
    •   Able to arrange menus, hot and cold buffets, sit-down dinners, flowers, and bartenders
    •   Equipped with transportation services, including shuttles and plenty of parking

Formal Dinners, Trade Shows, & Athletic Events. Come see why the CSI Sports & Recreation Center is
THE place for all your rental needs.

Building Schedule
Monday through Friday All Facilities
7:00 AM - 9:30 PM

7 AM - 10 AM, 11:30 AM - 3 PM, 5 PM - 9:30 PM

Saturday All Facilities   Summer Hours
8 AM - 5:30 PM            8 AM – 4 PM

Sunday All Facilities     Summer Hours
9 AM - 4:30 PM            9 AM – 1 PM

***Note: Hours and schedule may change during the calendar year. The above times listed are
general building hours, please call (718) 982 - 3160 or pick up a monthly schedule in 1R - 204
                                     for precise listings***

          Further information on swim lessons may be obtained by contacting the
         Membership Desk at (718) 982-3161 or the pool office at (718) 982-3245.
               The College of Staten Island Sports
               & Recreation Center Membership
Student Membership
   • CSI students must present a valid identification card for admittance into the
      Sports & Rec Center. No other CUNY ID is accepted.
   • Members must show a valid membership card.
   • Non-members must purchase a day pass to enter the Center.
      *Must be 18 years or older to purchase day pass or be accompanied by an
      adult over the age of 18.

Individual Day Pass
   • All guests (Non Members) must fill out a day pass application, show
       identification and pay a fee prior to using any part of the facility. An adult must
       accompany those guests under the age of 18.
   • A parking permit is issued when a day pass is purchased. Permits from the main
       gate will not be accepted.
      *Must be 18 years or older to purchase day pass or be accompanied by an
       adult over the age of 18.