RE 2007 County Highway Department Annual Report by gdq31766


									                                SHEBOYGAN COUNTY
                                Greg Schnell
                                Highway Commissioner

                                             February 11, 2008

    Honorable Chairpersons of the County Board,
    Members of the Board of Supervisors, and
    Adam Payne, County Administrator

             RE:     2007 County Highway Department Annual Report

    Honorable Supervisors and County Administrator:

          Enclosed for your review is a brief summary of the many activities performed by
    the Sheboygan County Highway Department this past year.

          I encourage you to contact me or attend a Transportation Committee meeting,
    should you have questions. I look forward to working with you in 2008.

                                             Respectfully submitted,

                                             Greg Schnell
                                             Highway Commissioner

                                  Sheboygan County Highway Department
Telephone (920) 459-3822                  1211 North 23rd Street  
Facsimile (920) 459-3831                  Sheboygan, WI 53081       
                     2007 Annual Report
            Sheboygan County Highway Department


Creating Safe and Reliable Transportation – Today and Tomorrow


Communities depend on transportation. It directly affects their quality of life by connecting people
to jobs, getting people to and from their activities, bringing tourists to the area and shipping

The Highway Department serves to improve and promote the quality of transportation throughout
the county’s system of highways. The Highway Department presently has 120 employees on our
table of organization of which 115 are currently working at the Highway Department. They operate
from six district garages and the repair shop/administrative offices to provide a safe and reliable
transportation system in Sheboygan County.

The primary responsibilities of the Sheboygan County Highway Department are the maintenance,
design and construction of the 450.89 mile system of County Trunk Highways. In addition, the
Department functions as the maintenance agency for 170 miles of State Trunk and Interstate
Highways within the County, along with 465 miles of local township roads. This equates to 2171.78
lane-miles of maintenance responsibility. Additional major operations include gravel crushing,
blacktop production, grading and construction, bridge maintenance and inspection, and roadway
marking and signing.


Reconstruction of CTH “PP” from Willow Road to STH “57” – This project consisted of the
City of Plymouth replacing their utilities on CTH “PP” to supply their industrial park. After the
utilities were installed our department reconstructed the road to current standards.

CTH “D” culvert – This project consisted of replacing a large culvert and straightening a curve
near the county line, paving 3/4 of a mile of CTH “D” and installing new guard rail.

Interurban Trail – This project consisted of excavation, installation of the gravel base, fine grading
and paving. Total length of 3.75 miles which proves to be a great connection to the interurban trail
that runs through Ozaukee County and on into Milwaukee County.


Town of Holland & Lima betterment – This project consisted of regrading the drainage area
installing new culvert pipes, reclaiming the existing shoulder and repaving 1.3 miles which was
shared expense between the Town of Lima and the Town of Holland.

CTH “S” culvert replacement – This project consisted of the removal and replacement of a large
box culvert. The existing culvert was failing and was in need of replacement.

University of WI – This project consisted of the removal of an old roadway and installing a berm
and the installation of a new parking area to accommodate the Agricultural Department moving to
UW Extension.

City of Plymouth – Our department supplied the equipment and labor to strip a large area for future
industry for the City of Plymouth.

Town of Herman – This project consisted of two miles of betterment, culvert replacement, shoulder
reclaiming and ditch regrading.

The department seal coated 13.50 miles of county trunk highway and 6.7 miles of town roads. This
process extends the surface life of the asphalt pavements.

Blacktop production for 2007 was 86,066.55 tons. 14 miles of county trunk highways were paved.

Gravel production amounted to 213,400.56 tons. The aggregate produced is used for road base,
blacktop production and shouldering.

The Department performs routine roadway and maintenance for other county departments and state
agencies. These functions can be as minor as a pothole patch or as major as a complete roadway


The total 2007 operating budget was $15,502,291.

An anticipated carry over from 2007 to 2008 of $677,417 is largely due to the fact that we could not
purchase the right of way on CTH O” (Superior Avenue) and CTH “V” due to a delay in design
review and some capital equipment purchases we did not take delivery for in 2007.
We provided many outside services in 2007 (i.e. our asphalt plant continues to keep our cost down
for our construction projects along with other municipalities.) We produced 86,066.55 tons of
blacktop in 2007. 11,922 tons were sold to other counties.

Final 2007 budget closing will be detailed in the “Financial Report of Sheboygan County Highway

The 2008 operating budget is $16, 823,517.


The issues at the Highway Department are the same as they are in other departments as well as other
Highway Departments across the state. The cost of labor, equipment and materials has risen to the
point that the government cannot afford to keep up with our infrastructure.

The concern is that leaves us with 450 miles of county trunk and 158 bridges to inspect and repair.
The fears of falling behind are on the horizon. We work diligently to provide the level of service
that our customers, the taxpayers expect. As we look for additional funding, we are finding that the
resources are not as available and have more strings attached. So we make due with what we have
and stretch the dollars as far as possible.

Along with budget issues, we also have statutory regulations. Some examples include wetland
mitigation, storm water and construction site erosion programs, non-metallic mining reclamation
plans and fees, and a myriad of employee related training. These programs are administered without
the benefit of additional funding.

Winter has and continues to be a challenge. It is not so much the amount of snow that we have
received as much as it is the amount of salt that we have been going through. The real downside is
that the salt supply is down in the entire state.

Our department had to overcome some scheduling conflicts due to the moving of projects. These
issues appeared to have some budgeting implications that had to be overcome also. Coupled with
the winter and the rescheduling of some projects our revenue streams appeared to be challenged. As
it stands our fourth quarter variance is a positive $154,000. Having a positive variance at the end of
the year has a lot to do with the amount of work our department does for other departments, towns,
villages, cities and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


   Town of Holland betterment job – one mile
   CTH “V” reconstruction project 2.4 miles – federal funds
   CTH “O” reconstruction project .75 miles – federal funds
   Town of Plymouth betterment job – one mile
   Relocation of Meadow Lark Road (Airport)
   Old Plank Road Trail for Planning from I-43 to STH 32 – funds permitting
   Pipe replacement on the second phase of CTH “O”
   Installation of county bike racks and concrete slabs
   Twenty-five to thirty miles of county trunk highway paving. In the past year our department has
   only had the opportunity to pave twelve to seventeen miles per year. Due to bonding for our
   construction projects we will be able to do some catch-up on our paving program
   Perform seal coating on approximately 16 miles of county highways


   Purchase right-of-way on the second phase of CTH “O” for 2009 reconstruction
   Purchase right-of-way on CTH “M” for 2009 construction

Creating safe and reliable transportation is a function that our Highway Department staff takes very
seriously. Through our wide range of diversity, we are called upon by many local municipalities to
provide information or the resources to complete transportation projects in a safe, efficient and cost
effective manner. We will continue to provide this service for many years to come.

I would like to thank my staff for all their efforts, County Administrator Adam Payne, the
Transportation Committee and the County Board of Supervisors for their support and we look
forward to that support for many years to come.

                                                                                    SHEBOYGAN COUNTY 
                                                                                   HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT 

                                                     TRANSPORTATION  COMMITTEE                         COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR 

                                                                              HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER (1) 

                             LOSS PREVENTION COMMITTEE                                                                                                            LAND RECORDS BOARD ** 
                             VEHICLE LIABILITY & SAFETY 

    COORD. (1)         SECRETARY (1)                                                                                                                               COORDINATOR (1)* 

                                                                          REPAIR SHOP (16)                                              ASSISTANT SURVEYOR (2) 

                                                                    ELKHART LAKE (1) 
                                                                    SOUTH SIDE (1) 
                                                                    ADELL (1) 
                                                                    CASCADE (1) 
                                                                    PLYMOUTH (1) 
                                                                    NORTH SIDE (1) 

                                                                   MAINTENANCE (40) 

    BASE CREW (3)          BLACKTOP PLANT (4)       CRUSHER (3)    GRADING/CONST. (12)        BRIDGE CREW (5)     TRUCK DRIVERS (15)    PATCHING CREW (5)         PAVING CREW (6) 


               **ESTABLISHED BY ORDINANCE 7 (2001/02) 

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