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									                       City of Hayden Newsletter
                                                                                        December 2009
                                      preserving its small town            standards will protect the
                                      character and semi-rural charm.      investment made by those
                                      We seek to preserve our natural      fortunate enough to develop in
                                      resources, our scenic vistas,        our community, while also
               Mayor’s                pockets of open space, and small     ensuring the vitality and
               Message                agricultural uses in and around      sustainability of our wonderful
                                      our city, while managing growth      city for many years to come. In
                                      and encouraging a diversity of       essence, we want to ensure we
Seventeenth century English           land use.                            have a hen tomorrow rather than
churchman         and     historian                                        an egg today.
Thomas Fuller once wrote, “It is      Our city administrator together
better to have a hen tomorrow         with key members of the city         In addition to properly planning
than an egg today.” Simple yet        staff and the members of the city    for our future, we continue to
poignant, his Worthies of             council are committed to and         seek and develop ways to utilize
England published over 300            anxiously engaged in making          our precious resources more
years ago is still very valid.        that vision a reality. All new       efficiently and effectively. To
                                      development in the city is           accomplish this, we are engaged
Over the past several years and       required to bear the burden of       in a process of Zero-Based
continuing through this past          future impacts they have on the      Budgeting. We are looking at
year, we as a city have invested      city’s infrastructure. This is       various functions within the city,
a great deal of time and resource     accomplished through various         determining why those functions
developing and following a plan       means such as: the payment of        exist and how they impact our
for Hayden’s future. Our once         impact fees; the completion of       quality of life, prioritizing them,
small and scarcely known              impact analysis and traffic          breaking those functions down
hamlet has expanded and               concurrency studies; detailed        to the smallest details, and then
continues to grow. We have            and specific development review      reconstructing those functions
learned that you cannot stop this     processes;       and       regular   from a zero base. We are
growth nor can you ignore it.         inspections. I’ve often heard        finding ways to “cut fat” while
Regardless of what we do, the         some complain throughout these       also identifying deficiencies in
growth will happen in one way         requirements that our city is one    how we operate day-to-day.
or the other. We can, however,        of the most unfriendly to
do much to manage and guide           businesses in the state. In my       I hope that as you visit city hall,
the growth so that this               conversations with other mayors      you will take note of the
community remains a wonderful         throughout Idaho, I’m assured        beautiful art hanging in the foyer
place to live, work and recreate      that they hear the very same         and hallway.          The Arts
long into the future.                 complaints in their communities.     Commission, made up entirely
                                      Although I believe there are         of volunteers dedicated to
The city has developed the            things that we can and are           finding ways of beautifying and
following vision statement:           continuing to improve to make        bringing culture into our
                                      the process more efficient, we       community, is working with
The City of Hayden seeks to                                                various galleries and other
balance    growth,    while           believe       that      following
                                      established     guidelines    and    organizations to bring art to
display in city hall on a            lobby of American West Bank         and intergovernmental revenues.
rotational basis. Please come by     on Hayden Avenue. Drop boxes        The City has reduced budgeted
city hall and enjoy some of this     are for City of Hayden sewer        expenditures          accordingly,
wonderful talent on display.         payments only. The City of          including     medical      benefit
                                     Hayden would like to remind all     adjustments, an across the board
I’d like to express my               residents of the availability of    pay freeze, and employee travel
appreciation for all the dedicated   Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)       restrictions. Idaho cities are
individuals who have served and      for the payment of City sewer       required by Idaho Statute to
currently are actively involved      bills. If you are interested in     publish     quarterly    financial
in our various commissions and       having your sewer payments          statements in the official
committees. Their many hours         automatically withdrawn from        newspaper of the city.
of selfless volunteer service are    your checking account, please       _________________________
invaluable in helping to make        contact the Finance Department
this community a better place to
live, work and recreate.
                                     to obtain the required form to
                                     sign up. Although sewer bills
                                                                         Capital Improvement
In closing, it has been and          are sent out bi-monthly , you can   Projects
continues to be an honor and         choose to have a payment
                                     withdrawn either monthly or bi-     Capital projects completed in
privilege to serve you as your                                           2009 include the City Hall
mayor. I have a great love for       monthly. Questions? Please
                                     contact the Finance Department      renovations which included
this community and hope for its                                          façade improvements. This
future. My family and I wish         at 208-209-2017 or 208-209-
                                     2015.                               project was funded in part by
you and yours a happy holiday                                            Hayden Urban Renewal Agency
season and a prosperous new          A New Fiscal Year                   as a demonstration of new
year.                                Effective October 1, 2009, the      central business district design
Mayor Ronald B. McIntire             City of Hayden is in a new          standards. Also completed in
                                     budget year ending September        2009 was the city’s new
                                     30, 2010. As required by Idaho      Veterans Memorial Plaza.
Money Matters                        Statute, newspaper notices were
                                     published and public hearings
Sewer Service Billing & Payments     were held in advance of the
The City of Hayden mails out         Council adoption of the fiscal
bimonthly bills for sewer service    year 2010 budget. The City
on the 15th of the odd months of     elected to receive the maximum
the year (January, March, etc).      allowable 3% property tax
Payments are due on the 15th of      increase of $26,934. The effect
the following even month             of this increase on a property
                                                                             Hayden City Hall prior to façade improvements
(February, April, etc.) If the       with a taxable value of $200,000
account is not paid in full by the   amounts to less than $27 for the
15th of the month following the      year. The levy rate for the City
billing month, a $5.00 late fee is   of Hayden remains at less than
assessed. Balances that are not      one     dollar   per    thousand
paid by the next billing date        compared to most neighboring
are assessed     an    additional    cities that enjoy a levy rate of
$20.00 late fee. There are three     three to four dollars per
sewer payment drop boxes: near       thousand. The current economy                Newly renovated Hayden City Hall

the front entrance at Hayden         has negatively impacted a
                                     number of City revenue sources,     In the coming year, the City of
City Hall, in front of Super 1
                                     including growth services fees      Hayden will begin preliminary
Foods on Hayden Avenue, in the
                                                                         design of Hayden Avenue from
Government Way to US95, to                                  activity as compared to that in       procedures in order to improve
include the extension of Schmidt                            2006 and 2007, commercial             customer access and expedite
Street south of Hayden Avenue,                              construction       activity     has   the processing of development
to connect back to Government                               remained quite strong over the        review applications.       At the
Way.       Construction of the                              last year.      New commercial        same time, the Planning &
Schmidt Street Extension could                              constructions in the last year        Zoning Commission is working
begin as early as 2012, and                                 include the new Western States        diligently on re-writing the
would need to be completed                                  CAT Dealership on Lacey & US          City’s Zoning Ordinance, in
prior to construction of the                                95; Liberty Dialysis, Owens &         order to create greater flexibility,
Hayden Avenue improvements                                  Crandall Law Offices, Alpine          while       implementing        the
in order to manage traffic during                           Dental, and LCT Professional          community design concepts
construction.                                               Offices, all on Wayne Drive;          identified    in     the     City’s
                                                            Discount Tires and Biolife            Comprehensive Plan.            The
                                                            Plasma Center, on Cornerstone         Planning Commission’s working
                                                            Drive; Walgreens, and most            draft of the Zoning Ordinance
                                                            recently, Wal-mart, both on           Revision is available online at
                                                            Honeysuckle Avenue & US 95.           the        City’s         web-site
                                                            We also saw some improvement          ( It is
                                                            in residential building permit        anticipated that they will
                                                            activity over the last year,          complete their ordinance rewrite
 Robert J. Gordon Memorial, Hayden Veteran Memorial Plaza   ending our fiscal year with a         early in 2010, and will be
                                                            total of 240 residential permits,     holding public hearings on the
In 2010, the City also anticipates                          of which 53 were new housing          proposed revisions in the spring
upgrading the H1 and H2 sewer                               starts. New constructions in the      of this year.
lift stations, which together                               City of Hayden in the last year
handle roughly a third of the                               were valued at over $19 million.
City’s sewer flow. The City will
also begin design of the
                                                            In order to enhance the business
                                                            climate,     improve      customer    Word on the Street
Chateaux      sewer      collection                         service, and streamline the
system to service Caravelle                                 development review process, the       Road Closure Information
Estates. It is anticipated that the                         City of Hayden has recently           As road construction
sewer collection system will                                combined         the       Building   activities    occur
actually be constructed in 2011,                            Department,                Planning   throughout     the
and that the project will be                                Department, GIS Division, and         City of Hayden,
funded     through      a    Local                          Development Engineering under         we are working hard            to
Improvement District.                                       the Community Development             keep residents informed about
                                                            Department. As part of this           any restrictions or closures that
_________________________                                                                         may affect how you get around.
                                                            reorganization, the City is
                                                                                                  The Department of Public
Community                                                   retooling its development review
                                                                                                  Works will be posting road work
                                                                                                  and closure information on the
Developments                                                                                      City’s                   website
                                                                                                  (,       as
Times have certainly been tough
                                                                                                  well as with local radio and
in the construction industry in
                                                                                                  television stations and local
our region over the last year,
                                                                                                  newspapers. Residents can find
which has negatively impacted
                                                                                                  out about upcoming road
employment in our area. And
                                                                                                  construction projects at the
while Hayden has seen a
                                                                        Honeysuckle Beach
reduction in building permit

City’s website under the Public       the City’s right of way. These
Works Department Section.             items can protrude into the path     Snow Removal Priorities
                                      of snow removal equipment            Snow plowing will be done in
City-Wide Speed Limits                when placed at or near the curb
FYI…                                                                       the following order
                                      or edge of pavement.        This     based on traffic volumes:
The City of Hayden                    constitutes a hazard, and may
has a City-wide speed                 cause damage to the basketball       1. Government Way and
limit.          Unless                hoop,     drivers,   emergency          Hayden Avenue,
otherwise posted, the                 responders, and snow removal         2. Collector Streets,
speed limit in Hayden                 equipment. It is recommended         3. School bus routes,
is 25 MPH. So, even though            that these basketball hoop           4. Residential streets,
you don’t see a sign, the limit is    systems be removed from the          5. Dirt & graveled roads
still enforced.       Help make       City’s right of way prior to the        last.
Hayden safer for everyone by          beginning of the cold weather
taking things just a little slower.                                        For an
                                      season. The City of Hayden will      average
Community        Snow    Removal      not be responsible for any           4-inch
Responsibilities                      damage caused to these systems       snowfall,
The removal of snow                   during snow removal operations.      it takes
and/or      ice    from               Beginning in November, the           approximately 18 hours to
sidewalks adjacent to                 Department of Public Works           plow the entire City.
private      property   is   the      asks, where possible, that           Residents participating in
responsibility of the property        residents refrain from parking on    the City’s Snow Berm
owner. Snow and/or ice must be        the street, as this creates          Removal            Assistance
removed within 24 hours               difficulty for the plows to          program can expect City
following a storm’s end. The          maneuver         through      the    crews to provide that
Department of Public Works            neighborhoods. Your assistance       assistance      after   snow
cannot plow sidewalks or              in this regard will be much          plowing priorities have been
driveways unless those areas are      appreciated.                         addressed.
part of city-owned property.

                                                                           Community Services
                                      Experience Snow Plow Damage?
Residents and property owners         Call the Department of Public
are reminded to not deposit any       Works at (208)772-4411 or
snow or ice from private              email              us           at   Youth Basketball
property on or against fire           snowdamage@cityofhaydenid.           The City of Hayden Community
hydrants, or on public property,      us. The City will not assume         Services Recreation Division is
roadway, sidewalk or bus stop.        responsibility for damage to         off and running with the K/1st
                                      landscaping       or    equipment    Grade “Intro to Basketball” and
Mailboxes should be properly
                                      installed in the City owned right-   the 2nd Grade “Mini Hoops”
installed behind the curb line or
                                      of-way resulting from snow           basketball programs in mid-
edge of pavement, and be
                                      removal operations.                  season!       Games for the
constructed to withstand snow
                                                                           approximately        120 children
cleaning efforts by the City. The
                                                                           began on Saturday, November 7,
City      will     not     assume
                                                                           with both practices and games
responsibility for damage to
                                                                           held at Atlas Elementary School.
mailboxes from snow thrown
                                                                           Schedules for        teams    are
from snowplows.
                                                                           available on the City’s website.
Portable       or     permanently
                                                                           Registration for 3rd through 6th
installed      basketball    hoop
                                                                           grade girls and boys basketball
systems should not be placed in
                                                  Lancaster Road
                                                                           will        begin        Monday,

November 30, and will run                                         help!! Through a partnership         winter and spring that include:
through Wednesday, December                                       with Peak Fitness, you can try       Women’s 4’s Volleyball, 3rd-6th
30.      Parents and coaches                                      any group fitness classes they       Grade Elementary Basketball,
meetings are scheduled for                                        offer by purchasing a punch-         Adult Coed 6’s Volleyball,
Thursday, January 7, 2010. At                                     card through the City of Hayden      Youth and Adult Martial Arts,
the meetings, parents and                                         Recreation Division.      Punch      Youth and Adult Dance, Youth
coaches will receive schedules,                                   cards are available at a great       Volleyball,   Youth     Soccer,
rosters and program information.                                  price for those who would like       Women’s Basketball and more.
Practices will run on weeknights                                  to go 8 or 12 times per month.
beginning      the    week    of                                                                       If you have any questions or
January 11, 2010, with games                                      Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Dance,     need more information about
                                                                  Volleyball & More…                   any of the programs mentioned,
being     played     mainly   on
                                                                  The      Community        Services   please call the Community
Saturdays       beginning   late
                                                                  Department is expanding its          Services Department at 209-
January. Practices and games
                                                                  service     offerings    to    the   1080.
will be held at Atlas and Dalton
                                                                  community. Registrations for         _________________________
Elementary Schools.
                                                                  youth & adult dance classes,
                                                                  circuit training classes, martial
                                                                  arts,    piano,     scrapbooking,    Commonly                Asked
                                                                  Mommy & Me/Kids Yoga,                Questions
                                                                  gymnastics and more are now
                                                                  being accepted.                      Q. How can I contact the
                                                                                                       Mayor and City Council?
                                                                            OPEN GYM                   A. Hayden’s Mayor and Council
                                                                     Are you looking for a great
                                                                    way to end your work week?         positions are part-time. Mayor
                                                                        Join us for Open Gym           McIntire and the City Council
                                                                         Volleyball at Dalton          Members all receive mail and
                                                                      Elementary School from           messages at City Hall. The
                                                                     6:30-9:30 p.m. on Fridays
                                                                                                       public is welcome to mail letters
                                                                      from September through
3rd & 4th Grade Basketball – Referee Matt Gregg makes the call!      early May. Cost is $3/visit.      to council members at 8930 N.
                                                                                                       Government Way or attend
Volunteers Needed! If you wish                                                                         council meetings scheduled for
to be a part of our programs and                                  Recreation Activity Guide            5:00 pm in the City Council
want to participate as a coach,                                   The City of Hayden Recreation        Chambers on the 2nd and 4th
assistant coach, sponsor, or as a                                 Activity Guide is now being          Tuesday of each month.
“team mom,” we’d love to have                                     dispersed on a regular basis to      Individuals who want to attend
you! For coaching, sponsorship                                    coincide with the school year        and     need    assistance     or
and volunteer information for                                     and will be delivered to Hayden      accommodations for a disability
Youth Basketball 2010, or any                                     Meadows, Dalton, and Atlas           should contact the City Clerk’s
of our sports programs, please                                    Elementary. Activity guides are      Office 24 to 48 hours before the
contact the Community Services                                    scheduled for distribution in        meeting at 772-4411.
Department at 209-1080.                                           mid-December, March 1, June 1,
                                                                  & mid-September. You can also        Q. Where can I find a public
Fitness                                                                                                library in Hayden?
Are you worried about                                             find a copy at Hayden City Hall,
                                                                  as well as on our website at         A. Library services are available
those few extra                                                                                        through the Hayden Library at
pounds       that                                        In the
                                                                  upcoming edition, look for           8385 N. Government Way. The
might sneak up                                                                                         telephone number for the library
on you now that                                                   programs being offered by the
                                                                  Recreation Division through the      is 772-5612.
the holidays are here? We can
Q. Where can I find a food
                                      CITY HALL CLOSURES
bank?                                                                          Meeting Times
A. Area food bank services are                      2009                        at City Hall
available at:                         Dec 25, Fri    Christmas Day
  • Post Falls Food Bank                                                  The Hayden City Council meets the
                                                  2010                    2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month
    1420 E. 3rd Avenue                Jan 1, Fri   New Year’s Day         at 5:00 pm.
    773-0139                          Jan 18, Mon MLK Jr Day
  • Rathdrum Food Bank                Feb 15, Mon President’s Day         The City Planning and Zoning
    8027 W. Main Street               May 31, Mon Memorial Day            Commission meet the 1st and 3rd
                                      July 5, Fri  4th of July (obs)      Monday of every month at 5:00 pm.
                                      Sep 6, Mon Labor Day
  • Real Life Ministries              Oct 11, Mon Columbus Day            The    Parks   and    Recreation
    1866 N. Cecil Road                Nov 11, Thu Veterans Day            Commission     meet    the    3rd
    Post Falls                        Nov 25-26    Thanksgiving           Wednesday of every month at
    777-7325                          Dec 24, Fri  Christmas              5:15 pm.
  • Community           Action       ___________________________          The       Community        Forestry
    Center                                                                Commission meets the 4th Thursday
    4942 Industrial Avenue                  Stand Up,                     of every month at 5:30 pm.
Q. Does the City of Hayden
                                     Be Counted!                          The    Historical
                                                                          Commission    meets
                                                                                                the     4th
have a Senior Center?                 3 Reasons Your Participation        Wednesday of every month at 3:00
A. Yes. The Senior Center is           in the 2010 Census Matters         pm.
located at 9428 N. Government                                             The Arts Commission meets the 1st
                                     1. Every year more than $300
Way.       For information on                                             Wednesday of every month at
                                        billion in federal funds are
activities and events at the                                              2:30 pm.
                                        awarded to states and
Center, call 772-1795 or 762-
                                        communities       based     on    The Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways
                                        census data. That’s more          Committee meet the 3rd Tuesday of
Q. Who do I call if I have a            than $3 trillion over a 10-year   every month at 5:00 pm.
fire or need law enforcement            period.
                                                                          The Mayor’s Youth Council meets
services?                            2. Census data affect your           the 2nd Thursday of every month at
A. For Emergencies, call 911.           voice in Congress by              3:30pm.
For non-emergencies, contact            determining how many seats
the Kootenai County Sheriff’s           each state will have in the       The Veteran Affairs Commission
                                        U.S.          House          of   meets the 1st Thursday of every
Department at 446-1300 for law                                            month at 5:00pm.
enforcement     services     and        Representatives.
Northern Lakes Fire District at      3. Census data guide local           The Hayden Urban Renewal Agency
772-5711     for     fire-related       decision-makers              in   meets the 1st Wednesday of every
services.                               important          community      month at 4:00pm.
                                        planning efforts, including
Q. What are the hours for               where to build new roads,          If you are interested in any of
City Hall?                                                                       our commissions or
                                        hospitals, and schools.
A.      City Hall’s hours of                                                 committees, please contract
operation are Monday through                                                     Vicki Rutherford at
Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.                                                     (208)209-2013 for further
                                                                            information. Don’t miss out
Following, you will find a list of
                                                                             on an opportunity to be part
dates that City Hall will be                                                    of Hayden today and
closed in December and 2010.                                                         tomorrow!
                  The City of Hayden
               cordially invites you to the
                      4th Annual
                Hayden Lights Parade &
            Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony
             Saturday, December 5, 2009
                 Parade at 5:00 p.m..
Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony immediately following
           the parade @ Hayden City Park.
        (Parade will proceed south in the northbound lane of Government Way.
             The east side of Government Way will provide the best view.)

         Children can visit Santa in the Council Chambers following the
                   Hayden Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony!
       Come and enjoy some FREE coffee, cider, hot chocolate and cookies!
         Christmas music by Hayden Meadows Elementary School Choir!
The USMCR will be accepting donations for their annual “Toys for Tots” Campaign!

     Boy Scouts of America
   Dalton Elementary Pack 226
                                 PRSRT STD
                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                 HAYDEN, ID
CITY OF HAYDEN                   Permit No. 17
8930 N. Government Way
Hayden, Idaho 83835



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