Pascal Portevin, you are the Vice President, Strategic Activities of Nexans. You have
                        just been nominated as the new Chairman of Voltimum.
                        What is your vision of Voltimum after five years of existence?

                        A:       Voltimum is an exceptional achievement, whose primary goal was and
                        remains for its shareholders and partners to promote their brands and their values to
                        “electricians “ and a wide range of professionals.
                        To achieve this goal, our target remains clear; the development of a portal that will
                        become a daily essential tool for professionals.
                        This dual vision is as important for us today as it ever was because the risk coming
                        from “ generic “ products remains a permanent threat.
Furthermore, every day we get further confirmation that the use of Internet is growing, a phenomenon which
is amplified by technological improvements and accelerated as younger generations come of age.

What is Nexans’ commitment to Voltimum and what are your perspectives ?

A:       Nexans , as a founding shareholder, is more than ever convinced of the effectiveness and
importance of the Voltimum project.
The world of electricians is an important target for our group and Voltimum fully belongs to our marketing
strategy for this segment in the countries where we can use this initiative as a vector.
Our commitment and interest intensify as we increasingly see the value and the opportunities that Voltimum
brings to our organization.
This interest will keep on growing : As use of Internet grows, the habits of the professional will change;
Voltimum will help us to stay at the forefront of these changes..

What will be your personal role ?

A:        My first ambition is to maintain the interest and the motivation of the shareholders in Voltimum so
that they become even stronger over the next two years.
My predecessors have been very good at this, and my ambition is to continue the good work they have
My second aim is, together with the Voltimum team and the shareholders, to allow Voltimum to acquire
financial independence and stability with the means to grow and develop in the future – which is a perfectly
normal aim for any sound business.
Finally, I do hope that the next two years will see a greater penetration of the electrica linstallation industry
by the Internet. This will give Voltimum more opportunities to become the essential e-partner of electricians.
All these should allow Bruno Hamon, Voltimum’s CEO, and myself to give our managers and employees the
motivation to continue developing the company and attract the best individuals to join us.

What are your expectations ?

A:       Not to expect, but always to show the path , suggest, stimulate ..... ultimately to ensure that our
teams in Voltimum have the necessary support and skills to build upon the dynamics we have created.
Our shareholders are groups which have a reputation for high quality in all aspects of their business and
constantly strive to deliver satisfaction for their customers; Voltimum must be their ideas laboratory for the

Voltimum, July 10, 2006
Contact : B. Hamon
+ 41 (0)22 306 22 00

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