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              IDS 2007 –
A magnet for international
           dental visitors
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    VITA Bleachedguide
        Bleaching entails
               more than
         just white teeth!
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        Marriage proposal
      at the booth of VITA
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                                         Five happy winners
                             checked in at the booth of VITA
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    Dear readers,                             ments of the personal appearance. A           If you were not able to attend the IDS, I
                                              new dental niche has been formed -            would recommend visiting VITA's web-
The IDS - the largest and most important      "Bleaching/Dental Beauty".                    site or our booth during a local dental
dental fair - has broken all records once                                                   fair in autumn 2007 or asking your VITA
more this year: more exhibitors on a lar-     What has been missing so far was an           dental advisor to visit you as soon as
ger area and even more dental visitors.       established standard for bleaching. Or        possible.
                                              does the statement "the product brigh-
In the last edition of the VITA Info we       tens the teeth by 5 VITA units" mean          Thank you very much for your interest in
mentioned a series of good reasons to         anything to you? It certainly did not         the product of our company.
visit us during the fair in Cologne and       mean anything to us. This obvious lack of
those who were there will certainly con-      standardization can not be coped with
firm that VITA kept their promises. Inno-     conventional tools. Just try to rearrange
vative products in all product segments       your VITAPAN classical guide based on         Best regards,
were presented: new tooth moulds with         colorimetric arrangement of value
an attractive design, completion of the       (lightness). Look at the result from a cer-
VITA VM line for ceramics and composi-        tain distance. Can you still recognize any
tes, integrated picture viewer in the VITA    systematic principle?
furnaces, new and partially unique mate-                                                    Manfred Cordes
rials for the CAD/CAM technology.             This was one of the reasons for us to         Marketing and Services Manager
                                              develop the VITA Bleachedguide 3D-
If we do not consider fairs just to be tra-   MASTER for planning and checking the
ding platforms for goods and services,        result of the bleaching treatment. On the
the IDS 2007 may well represent another       one hand the VITA Bleachedguide 3D-
milestone in the history of tooth shade       MASTER is based on the color space
determination. I am not talking about         already defined by the VITA TOOTH-
copying an original which has been exi-       GUIDE 3D-MASTER and on the other
sting for more than 50 years but about a      hand the reduced range of shades takes
standard in a relatively new market seg-      the typical changes (from "dark/inten-         IMPRESSUM
ment which has been missing so far. We        sive to bright/pale) encountered during        Herausgeber:
have been observing the growing               the bleaching process into account. The        VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG
                                                                                             Postfach 1338 . D-79704 Bad Säckingen
aesthetic awareness for quite a few           positive response of the dental audience
                                                                                             Tel. 07761/562-0 . Fax 07761/562-299
years. In the wake of this trend teeth        during the IDS encouraged us to conti-
have been found to be significant ele-        nue the development of this idea.              E-mail: info@

2    VITA INFO 2.07
      IDS 2007 - VITA FAIR BOOTH:
    The gates of this year's 32nd Interna-   were national or international visitors.         National and international dentists and
tional Dental Show have been closed. The     Consequently, we were especially plea-           dental technicians who intend to offer
IDS has broken all records again and the     sed about the considerable interest visi-        their patients more quality in a more effi-
trend towards internationalization and       tors showed in the innovations presented         cient manufacturing process found a wide
hence to the change of the dental branch     at our booth.
is continuing: visitors from 150 countries
came to the fair. In addition to 1078 for-   Among others, these included two new
eign companies, 664 German companies         components for the VITAVM veneering
presented their products. Among these        material concept: VITAVM 15 is suitable
was also VITA Zahnfabrik.                    for high-expansion, multi-indication alloys
                                             in the CTE range of 16.0 - 17.3 • 10-6 K-1 and
We have not received detailed analyses       VITAVM CC is a filler-free cold-curing poly-
yet but we feel that the share of interna-   mer for the indirect fabrication of tempor-
tional visitors of our booth amounted to     ary restorations. Six MARGIN materials           range of new products at VITA's fair booth
40 percent. This would represent an          were added to the VITAVM 9 assortment            which will help them to come closer to
increase of foreign visitors by 5 percent    for veneering zirconium oxide frameworks.        this intention. We included some reviews
compared to the result of the IDS 2005                                                        of experienced users of these new pro-
and a total 5 percent increase above the     A series of advanced products could also         ducts in this VITA Info for those who were
                                             be found in the all-ceramic sector. The          not able to visit our booth during the fair.
                                             "all-in-one" press ceramic VITA PM 9
                                             allows overpressing of colored zirconium         Michael Kannieß
                                             oxide frameworks in the staining and             Sales Manager
                                             layering technique. The VITA TriLuxe forte
                                             block and the acrylate polymer blocks
                                             VITA CAD-Temp add new possibilities to
                                             CAD/CAM techniques. The use of VITA-
                                             BLOCS TriLuxe forte in combination with
average for the fair, which is not a sur-    VITA AKZENT Glaze Spray, a glaze mate-
prise since VITA has agencies in 120         rial in a spray bottle, enables the user to
countries worldwide and the interest in      create perfect esthetic results within a
the innovations VITA had announced for       very short period. VITA CAD-Temp allows
the IDS 2007 was huge.                       dentists and dental technicians to tread
                                             entirely new ways in future: temporary
The fair once again proved to be the ideal   bridges can now be fabricated with the
information and communication platform       inLab and CEREC systems and reproduced
for our guests - regardless whether they     any time based on the stored data.

                                                                                                                    VITA INFO 2.07      3
      VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte                                                            Thoralf Lamprecht,
                                                                                          Master Dental Technician

    By introducing VITABLOCS TriLuxe           After preparation, impression, completion       reduced in the laboratory and then com-
forte, which were developed especially for     of the sawcut model and exposure of the         pleted and fired using VITAVM 9 venee-
the use in the SIRONA milling systems, we      preparation border, the scan model is pre-      ring material (VITAVM 9 ESTHTETIC KIT).
have fulfilled the wish for esthetic dental    pared. The scanning process starts with         After the application of VITA AKZENT
restorations at an affordable price, which     the scan of the antagonist surface; then        finishing agent, mixed with VITA SHA-
is more and more frequently expressed by       the optical scan of the scan model is car-      DING Paste, and the subquent glaze firing
patients. This product enables us to offer     ried out. Afterwards the direction of inser-    process, the manufacturing process is
our customers and their patients esthetic      tion is determined and the preparation          completed.
restorations with the most favorable price     border is marked. The software creates a
in this quality segment; the price of resto-   crown design using a tooth database,            Just like for every feldspar ceramic, adhe-
rations made from these blocks is below        which can be edited virtually later on.         sive cementation is mandatory to achieve
the price of restorations made from zirco-
nium oxide. Additionally, compared to core
materials, these blocks for anterior teeth
allow to fabricate more esthetic restorati-

Example: TriLuxe forte crown
on tooth 11
A female patient complained about esthe-
tic deficiencies in the upper anterior area.   Then the layer thicknesses are checked          the necessary stability. Any other method
We agreed on the following procedure:          and the structure (design) is placed into       of cementation would affect the translu-
Crown made from VITABLOCS TriLuxe              the TriLuxe forte block. The milling pro-       cency and thus destroy the esthetic result.
forte on tooth 11 with a slight correction     cess takes approximately 10 minutes. The
of the position of the crown to achieve        ground crown is placed onto the sawcut          This way, however, light can easily pene-
more harmonious shape of the arch. The         model. During the try-in, which was per-        trate through the crown into the stump
                                               formed in the dental practice, all characte-
                                               ristics, effects, translucencies, etc. to be
                                               integrated in the restoration are determi-
                                               ned for subsequent individualization of
                                               the crown. Now the way the light "runs"
                                               through the crown made from VITABLOCS
                                               TriLuxe forte can be clearly recognized.
                                               The shade of the crown can already be
                                               seen on the model but the brilliance of
mesial filling of tooth 21 will be replaced.   this material becomes fully apparent only
The tooth will be slightly reduced to          after the crown is placed on the stump.         and the shade effect is identical with that
enlarge the gap for tooth 11. This way the     The "chameleon effect" results in perfect       of a natural tooth.
position of tooth 11 can be corrected          integration of the crown into the residual
according to the patient's wish without        teeth and the unobstructed flow of light
making any compromises as far as the           allows a detailed analysis of effects and       (Shortened version of the original publication: A. Lamprecht,
                                                                                               T. Lamprecht: Erschließung eines neuen Marktsegmentes.
width of the tooth is concerned.               translucencies. These areas are marked,         Ditigal_Dental.News. May 2007, 48-55)

4   VITA INFO 2.07

    The South American Republic of Chile      changes. Today the dental laboratory        easier and more accurate since the con-
is more than 13,000 kilometers away           employs a staff of 28, enjoys an excel-     version.
from Germany and yet some German              lent reputation and is a supplier for
influence can be found, for example in        customers from all regions of the coun-     Today Otto Schulz is 76 years old and
the Chile cuisine. It is nothing unusual to   try. The wooden crate has also become       still works every day because he enjoys
read the terms "Kuchen" or even "Apfel-       obsolete and the premises have been         his job and would like to witness further
strudel" on the billboard of a cafe in the    refurbished with modern and friendly        development of materials and methods
capital of Santiago. And German quality       laboratory furniture and equipment from     within the dental sector. He devotes his
is unrivaled in another sector - Schulz       the German company Freuding Labors          free time to the "gentleman sport" of golf
Laboratorio Dental has been using pro-        GmbH. In the eyes of the laboratory         to stay physically and mentally fit. He
ducts of VITA Zahnfabrik for more than        owner, Mr. Schulz, you can always           only had to give up his traditional trip to
30 years.                                     depend on the quality of the materials of   Bad Säckingen to visit VITA Zahnfabrik
                                              VITA Zahnfabrik and this is why he          once a year since these trips have
54 years ago Otto Schulz established his      always puts his trust in their new inno-    become very stressful owing to the long
own dental laboratory in Santiago and         vative developments. His laboratory, for    distance.
started from scratch. At the beginning it     example, was one of the first laborato-
was a one-man business and Schulz only        ries which introduced the VITA In-Ceram     However, he still insisted on making the
employed a female assistant to do             high-performance ceramic in South           trip to this year's International Dental
errands. His desk - absolutely unbelieva-     America for the fabrication of all-cera-    Show in Cologne to see all new products
ble from today's point of view - was a        mic frameworks.                             presented at the booth of VITA Zahnfa-
simple wooden crate.                                                                      brik. Moreover he was looking forward
                                              With the conversion to the VITA SYSTEM      to meeting old friends like André
Many years have passed since then and         3D-MASTER shade concept Schulz com-         Schöne, Product Management of VITA
Schulz Laboratorio Dental has under-          pleted another significant change in        Zahnfabrik, who gave him a warm wel-
gone numerous                                 1999. In his opinion shade determination    come.
positive                                      has become clearly more precise thanks
                                              to the VITA Toothguide 3D-MASTER. Of        Otto Schulz's summary concerning the
                                                                 course, this has also    long-time cooperation: "In my opinion
                                                                     consequences on      VITA Zahnfabrik made an essential con-
                                                                         shade repro-     tribution to the success of my life's
                                                                           duction        work."
                                                                            which has

                                                                                                               VITA INFO 2.07      5
      VITA Bleachedguide 3D-MASTER ®:
    Practical tip: The new VITA Blea-         Bleaching is part of the                   Which tooth shade would
chedguide 3D-MASTER: "Bleaching ent-          prophylaxis plan                           you like to have?
ails more than just white teeth!"             Tooth bleaching makes only sense after     Experience has shown that patients are
Professional tooth whitening (bleaching)      professional tooth cleaning has been       not aware that a brighter tooth shade
offers a fast and simple method to give       performed. If discoloration on the sur-    can be achieved in a careful, reliable
patients brilliant white teeth for a beau-    face can be removed e.g. with airflow,     and convenient manner. Tooth shade
tiful smile. Counseling plays an essen-                                                  determination is part of the standard
tial role to ensure the satisfaction of the                                              services for dental treatment in our
patient. The new VITA Bleachedguide                                                      practice and we always ask our pati-
3D-MASTER supports dentists in their                                                     ents which shade they would like to
counseling efforts during determination                                                  have. Especially in cases of imminent
of the shade, planning of the desired                                                    prosthetic treatment I consider this
shade and subsequent shade control. As                                                   approach to be particularly important
an element of the range of services, ble-                                                since the restoration would have to be
aching results in a higher level of custo-                                               replaced if bleaching is carried out later
mer loyalty and defines a modern              tooth bleaching may be omitted. In all     on. The paper version of the VITA Blea-
concept of the dental practice. Color         other cases tooth bleaching is offered     chedguide 3D-MASTER enables us to
communication with the patient is per-        as an addition to the range of prophyla-   give the patient a "sample" of the shade
fectly supported by the VITA Bleached-        xis services. Currently, we successfully   he prefers to discuss it with his partner.
guide 3D-MASTER: the tooth (shade)            use WHITEsmile POWER BLEACHING             Accordingly, a majority of the patients
samples in this shade guide are arran-        XTRA in our practice. The material costs   in our practice opt for bleaching before
ged according to lightness (value) so         for this type of treatment amount to 40    the integration of a restoration. If the
that patients can easily comprehend the       Euros per patient. Initial treatment       patient's interest in esthetics can be
logical principle. Samples of the artifi-     takes roughly 60 minutes; mostly, fol-     aroused, he may well select a top-qua-
cial tooth shades, that is the tooth sha-     low-up bleaching that is usually done      lity restoration. And thanks to the VITA
des that are not situated in the natual       during regular professional tooth clea-    Bleachedguide 3D-MASTER errors in
tooth color space, have also been inte-       ning takes only 20 minutes.                the communication with the laboratory
grated.                                                                                  can be eliminated and precise reproduc-
                                                                                         tion is ensured.

                                                                                         If performed properly, patients may
                                                                                         actually enjoy tooth bleaching within
                                                                                         the range of services provided by the
                                                                                         dental practice and therefore bleaching
                                                                                         may become an important element for
                                                                                         patient retention. The new VITA Blea-
                                                                                         chedguide 3D-MASTER offers optimal
                                                                                         support for the dentist in the communi-
                                                                                         cation with the patient and the lab.

                                                                                         Dr. Helmut Götte, Bickenbach

6   VITA INFO 2.07
         Toothguide Training Box Mark II

   For the first time in dentistry a lear-   precision of tooth shade determination
ning and training method for tooth           could be increased by about 33 percent
shade determination could be develo-         for individuals without vision deficien-
ped, which is based on the VITA              cies and by about 29 percent for indivi-
SYSTEM 3D-MASTER tooth shade                 duals with color vision deficiencies. The
system. The advanced Toothguide Trai-        equipment required for training the
ning Box Mark II (TTB) was presented to      determination of tooth shades is now
dental users for the first time at the       available as a complete package for the
booth of VITA Zahnfabrik during the          new system and includes a laptop and a       Fig. 2

International Dental Show 2007 in Colo-      daylight lamp (fig. 1 and fig. 2) in addi-   tional Tooth Shade Differentiation
gne by Prof. Dr. Holger Jakstat, head of     tion to the Toothguide Training Box.         workshop which will be held by Prof. Dr.
Preclinical Propedeutics and Materials                                                    Gerwin Arnetzl from July 19 to 22,
Science at the University of Leipzig.        The interest in the presentation of the      2007, in the famous university city of
                                             Toothguide Training Box at the VITA          Graz. Representatives from more than
Numerous visitors saw for themselves         booth was enormous. Numerous visi-           30 universities will participate in this
that shade determination can be lear-        tors from international universities and     event and will be doing research and
ned and trained in a playful way. The        vocational schools were present to           organizing courses in the fields of tooth
revolutionary thing about TTB is the fact    obtain information about the innovative      shade differentiation, Toothguide Trai-
that the structure of the training units     learning method demonstrated with the        ner and Toothguide Training Box Mark
of the software is based on games. The       help of the Toothguide Training Box.         II.
use of various levels to be completed        Useful business relations were esta-
and points to be colleced helps to main-     blished and appointments for on-site         The presentation of the Toothguide Trai-
tain the learner's motivation.               demonstrations including technical           ning Box Mark II demonstrated once
                                             advice and support were made.                more that tooth shade determination is
Tooth shade differentiation could be                                                      an art that can be learned and trained.
trained effectively already with the pre-    Dentists also showed considerable
vious model, the Toothguide Training         interest in the presentation of the Too-     Wolfgang Gomolla
Box. Experience has shown that after a       thguide Training Box. Dentists and their     Authorized representative for universi-
training period of about 90 minutes          dental practice teams have the possibi-      ties and training institutions
with the Toothguide Trainer software         lity of registering for a workshop in
and the Toothguide Training Box the          which participants will receive detailed
                                             information about the Toothguide Trai-
                                             ning Box Mark II and may even train the
                                             use of the system (to register, contact
                                             the respective Chamber of Dentists or
                                             the Philipp-Pfaff-Institut in Berlin).

                                             Those who are interested in tooth
                                             shade differentiation may also look for-
Fig. 1                                       ward to the results of the 3rd Interna-

                                                                                                              VITA INFO 2.07     7
        REASONABLE PRICE.                                               Thomas Perling, Master Dental Technician

     Master dental technician Thomas         fabrication of multi-unit, fully or parti-         effect of the completed restoration in
Perling, owner of dental laboratory Per-     ally anatomical long-term temporary                the mouth.
ling in Nuremberg and an executive           bridge restorations using the milling
member of the Working Group of the           systems of Sirona Dental Systems.                  Thomas Perling's summary on the VITA
VITA In-Ceram Professionals in Erlangen                                                         CAD-Temp blocks: "In the future I can
reports about his first results with the     Thomas Perling uses the CAD-Temp                   frequently omit the manual preparation
new CAD-Temp blocks from VITA. The           blocks not only for the fabrication of             of a temporary restoration and fabricate
composite blocks are made of a fiber-        temporaries: "they are ideal for a wax-            it using the inLab system within a rea-
free, homogeneous, high-molecular and        up to simulate the final result for the            sonable period, at a reasonable price
cross-linked acrylate polymer with           patient. If the smile line needs to be             and with reduced amount of work. Pati-
microfiller. Since this composite is prac-   changed, incisal edges must be exten-              ents may wear the temporary over a cer-
tically free from residual monomer, any      ded or positions of teeth must be correc-          tain time to test the fit and the
irritation of the pulp is avoided. The       ted, this material is perfectly suitable to        restoration can be reproduced any time
CAD/CAM blocks are suitable for the          give the patient an impression of the              based on the stored data.

        Master Dental Technician Oliver Morhofer and Master Dental Technician Bernd Kobus

   "As pilot users of VITA CAD-Temp we       ling properties, the results are convincing        Based on the quality of the material
used the new composite blocks for tem-       and thanks to the individualization opti-          which is similar to that of the VITA PHY-
porary crown restorations in the anterior    ons a harmonious overall appearance can            SIODENS acrylic teeth, we believe that
area. The material features excellent mil-   always be achieved. We also use the                first positive impression of the temporary
                                             temporaries as "templates" for the defini-         crowns made from VITA CAD-Temp will
                                             tive restorations which can then be fabri-         certainly be confirmed after a longer
                                             cated more easily.                                 period of time.

                                             Long-term experience is still missing and          Therefore we have decided to renounce
                                             we intend to analyze whether there will            manual fabrication of temporary crowns
                                             be any changes e.g. after a period of six          in favor of computer-aided restorations in
                                             months, as far as the accumulation of pla-         the future."
                                             que to the temporaries is concerned.
Quelle: ZA A. Werth, Dorsten

8    VITA INFO 2.07
      THANKS TO VITA CAD-Temp                                                         Master Dental Technician
                                                                                      Andreas Kimmel

   Temporary restorations made             create a precise occlusal design. As a             a temporary restoration that will fully
from VITA CAD-Temp offer more              consequence, we are no longer forced               satisfy the patient's demand on func-
advantages than manually fabricated        to fabricate a framework manually and              tion and esthetic appearance as well.
restorations since the software uses       to veneer it. The range of blocks offered
the scan data of the antagonist teeth to   in different shades allows us to prepare


    During the IDS 2007 the "all-in-one"   or layering technique. National and                variety of shades and outstanding pro-
press ceramic VITA PM 9 was presented,     international pilot users tested                   cessing characteristics". His German
which is used for overpressing colored     VITA PM 9 before the presentation. DDS             colleagues also praise the natural sha-
zirconium oxide frameworks and for the     Thanos Kristallis (USA) sums up: "With             des.
fabrication of inlays, onlays, veneers     VITA PM 9 a press ceramic is available
and anterior crowns using the staining     which features remarkable, natural

      VITA AKZENT Glaze Spray:
      RECOMMENDABLE"                                                Master Dental Technician Manfred Leissing

    "From experience lthe glaze mate-      perfectly suited for glazing single tooth          experience. But after a short familiariza-
rial can be much more easily and uni-      restorations. I am sure that less trained          tion time such work won't be problema-
formly applied with VITA AKZENT Glaze      users will save up to 50 percent in time           tic any longer. I will continue to use VITA
Spray in the spray-on technique than       during glazing. The application of the             AKZENT Glaze Spray since it is a pro-
with a brush. Additionally, the surface    material is a bit more complicated for             duct which simplifies daily work routi-
structure of the veneers remains           bridges since glazing of interdental spa-          nes in the laboratory - so my rating for
unchanged. VITA AKZENT Glaze Spray is      ces and basal surfaces requires some               the product is "highly recommendable".

                                                                                                                   VITA INFO 2.07      9
      I'M A FAN OF VITAVM®15
                                                                                                      Fig. 2

    Dental technician Tilla Feistauer who      But the final product VITA VM 15 convin-    Feinstauer's restorations are based on
works for the laboratory Sahm Dental           ced her: after the initial problems had     the shades of the VITA SYSTEM 3D-
Zahngestaltung in Neukirchen-Vluyn             been eliminated by VITA, she was enthu-     MASTER. In her opinion predictable mix-
(Germany) was one of the numerous den-         siastic about the working properties. The   tures of intermediate shades can only be
tal visitors of the IDS 2007 in Cologne        main advantages of the ceramic for her      obtained with the help of this shade
who was drawn to the booth of VITA             are the good modeling properties and        system since there are always equally
Zahnfabrik. The reason for her visit was       the high masking capacity.                  large distances between the individual
not only the wish to participate in the                                                    shade samples because the structure of
competition of VITA and the hope to win        "When working with other materials,         the system is based on a physical classi-
one of the attractive travel certificates      these materials frequently came off the     fication principle. Additionally, Fein-
(fig 1) but also the offer to receive a free   margins and a gap was formed after          stauer has recently gone over to using
VITA VM 15 TEST KIT, the new veneering         firing a metal-ceramic crown. Such pro-     the digital shade measuring system VITA
material for multi-indication alloys in the    blems have not been encountered when        Easyshade for shade determination. This
CTE range of 16,0 – 17,3 10 -6 K -1, gratis    processing VITA VM 15. At first I needed    spectrophotometer delivers objective
zu erhalten, wahrzunehmen (fig. 2).            to get familiar with staining but after a   and precise measuring results within a
                                               short time I was able to achieve highly     very short time. "Above all the determi-
"As a pilot user during the acceptance         esthetic results."                          nation of problematic intermediate sha-
phase I was able to contribute to the                                                      des has become much easier with VITA
development of VITAVM 15. In the begin-        Feistauer found out that the refraction     Easyshade." If a customer communicates
ning, however, I saw some problems as          and melting behavior of VITA VM 15 was      VITAPAN classical shades to the labora-
far as the transparency and the modelling      comparable to that of VITA VM 9. The        tory, such restorations won't be a pro-
liquid were concerned. Besides I had           possibility to select between the           blem any longer thanks to a small
                    exclusively worked         VITA VM BUILD-UP layering and the           "mixing booklet"
                     with opaque pastes        VITA VM BASIC layering - in the latter
                     and was generally         technique a higher chroma can be achie-     "In the meantime VITA VM 15 has been
                     sceptical about an        ved just with BASE DENTINE and ENA-         fully integrated into our daily work routi-
                    opaque powder".            MEL - is a major advantage for her.         nes. I wouldn't want to do without this
                                                                                           veneering ceramic any longer. I fire
                                                                                           VITA VM 15 to high-gold content, redu-
                                                                                           ced gold content or NPM frameworks -
                                                                                           working with VITA VM 15 is real fun."

                                                                                           Till Feinstauer, dental technician
                                                                                           Sahm Dental Zahngestaltung
                                                                                           Raiffeisenstraße 29
                                                                                           47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn

                                                          Fig. 1
         FOLLOWED UP!
         A user report by Christoph Freihöffer,
         Master Dental Technician

                                              nature. But what actually are the princi-    It can be clearly recognized that the natu-
                                              ples of nature? The previous theories are    ral conditions where not being followed
                                              based on the principal idea of mechani-      during planning and fabrication of the cro-
                                              cal guidance of the lower jaw along the      wns since - in the relation to the non-wor-
                                              teeth and the condylar paths. It needs to    king cups - a smaller working cusp area
                                              be examined whether something may be         had been modeled (waxed up) (fig. 4).
                                              apparently mechanically correct and at
                                              the same time used as a standard for
ZTM Christoph Freihöffer                      biological neuromuscular processes.
                                              Therefore Dr. Eugen End, who has been
   A female patient visits the dental         working in his own practice in Weingar-
practice and wants to have "tooth-colo-       ten close to Regensburg since 1980,
red" crowns for the rear molar area           developed the VITA BLP treatment con-
which will not reveal chipping and frac-      cept which stands for Bio-Logical
tures within a short time. She also           Prosthetics. This concept is not based on
                                                                                           Fig. 4
wants to be examined with regard to           theoretical indications but derived from
her feeling of having teeth that are very     healthy natural, intact, and eugnathic
narrowly positioned and asks if this can      dentition and - with regard to physiolo-     The situation in the second and third
be avoided in future.                         gical occlusion and articulation - intends   quadrant does not correspond to the
                                              to permit the fabrication of restorations    common general ideas of proper align-
                                              according to the example of nature. It is    ment of antagonist teeth to each other.
                                              equally suited for fixed and removable       This is the explanation why the patient
                                              partial and full dentures. This therapeu-    complained she feels her teeth
                                              tic concept can be easily employed for       "interlock" too strongly in this area (fig.
                                              treatment with fixed crown and bridge        5).

                                              Although the patient's restoration reve-
                                              als good eugnathic relations, a fracture
Fig. 2
                                              resulted to the patient's discomfort (fig.
After the analysis of the in-situ model, it
becomes evident that the ceramic exhi-
bits a fracture in the distal area of teeth
                                                                                           Fig. 5
46 and 47 (Fig. 2). What caused this frac-
ture? Any errors that can be attributed to
processing by the dentist and the dental                                                   A critical look at the first and fourth
technician can not be determined. The                                                      quadrant shows that teeth 16/17 and
question is whether the preparation of                                                     46/47 are virtually very close to each
the teeth by the dentist and the fabrica-                                                  other and it becomes clear that the
tion of the crowns by the dental techni-                                                   patient's complaint is justified (fig. 6).
cian were based on the principles of
                                              Fig. 3

                                                                                                               VITA INFO 2.07      11
Fig. 6                                         Fig. 8                                      Fig. 9

In contrast to that, the new position of the   recommend the book "Die physiologi-         be ordered at
teeth reveals degrees of freedom which         sche Okklusion des menschlichen             for a nominal charge of € 59. IDS visi-
can be found in nature (cf. fig. 7 and fig.    Gebisses" by Dr. End (Published by          tors were able see a preview and get a
7a). The contacts that result from the shape   Neuer Merkur, 2005) or to participate in    rough idea of the film. When making
and the position do not require distinctive    a "BIO-logical Prosthetics - simply safe"   the DVD, special emphasis was put on
laws but are subject to the principles of      seminar held by Dr. End and myself. To      simple and intuitive menu guidance;
physiological occlusion. On the model and      register for courses on June 29-30,         moreover the film was produced in HD
in the patient's mouth the new crown           2007 (VITA Leistungscenter Schweig) or      (High Density) format.
restorations (teeth 14-17, 46 and 47) reveal   on November 23-24.2007 (VITA Lei-
contacts in accordance to the principles of    stungscenter Leipzig), call VITA Zahnfa-
nature (fig. 8/fig. 9/fig. 10).                brik at +49 - 7761 - 562235.

Fig. 7                                         Fig. 7a                                     Fig. 10

If you should now be interested in pre-        Additionally, from the middle of this       Christoph Freihöffer, Master dental technician
paring restorations in accordance with         year a DVD on BLP will be available         Email: c.freihö
                                                                                           Phone: 0561-9491889 (Lauterbach Dental-Tech-
the laws of nature, I would like to            from VITA Zahnfabrik which can already      nik, Baunatal)

12       VITA INFO 2.07
    Among the large number of more or
less consequently employed occlusion
concepts in the dental sector, lingualized
occlusion has proved its reliability for all
bite (occlusion) classes and has become a
permanent element in the training pro-
gram at schools and universities. This con-
cept is well suited for conventional and
implant-supported full dentures. The hori-     Fig. 2                                     Fig. 5
zontal shear force is reduced in implant-
supported dentures and hence the denture       After mounting on the articulator, the     Photos may be taken to fulfill any wis-
site and the implants are protected. The       impression is removed and the models       hes for individual set-ups (fig. 5).
stable position and hence high patient         are trimmed in accordance with the fun-
satisfaction are ensured for gingiva-sup-      ctional margin. It must be ensured that    Various procedures are used for the
ported dentures. In the following the fabri-   the margins will not be too thin or may    analysis of models. However, since
cation of a full denture with the new VITA     even be damaged (fig. 3).                  these provide only basic information,
LINGOFORM line of posterior teeth is                                                      the virtual stability can only be checked
described. These teeth were presented for                                                 in the mouth of the patient. Marking the
the first time during the IDS 2007.                                                       contours of the alveolar ridge is one of
                                                                                          the most essential elements of analysis
The functional margin should always be                                                    for "ridge-specific" setting up. Teeth are
fixed with wax especially if the dentist                                                  set up towards the mesial direction
took a function-specific impression of                                                    starting with the first lower molar,
the key areas (fig. 1).                                                                   which is normally at the lowest point
                                                                                          (fig. 6).
                                               Fig. 3
The individual impression trays/waxbi-
tes must remain on the models until                                                       In the lower jaw the Pound's line marks
                                               The silicone key at the wax bite rim in    the maximal "advance" into the lingual
                                               the upper jaw, for example, provides       space. Ideally, the central fossa is loca-
                                               the lip support of the patient (fig. 4).   ted on the basic static line.

                                               Based on this key, the upper anteriors     Due to the missing buccal contacts, the
                                               can now be set up in a targeted manner.    use of the lingualized concept allows to

Fig. 1

they have been properly fixed (correct
relation to each other) (fig. 2).

                                               Fig. 4                                     Fig. 6

                                                                                                              VITA INFO 2.07     13
set up teeth further towards the buccal      After setting up the lower teeth, the
direction without jeopardizing the stabi-    first uppper molar should be brought
lity of the denture (fig. 7).                into the correct position. If the palatal
                                             cusps grip into the fossa of the first
Consequently, crossbite situations can       lower molar, a small cavity is formed
be avoided to a large degree. If a cros-     between the buccal cusps. Removal of
sbite set-up can not be avoided, the         the first canine may prove to be helpful
fossa can be shifted (ground) somewhat       to achieve perfect set-up of the upper
to the lingual direction and any resul-      posteriors (fig. 9).                        Fig. 11
ting buccal contacts can be eliminated.
In rare exceptional cases, teeth can still   Occlusal adjustments are not required       red. In this case the latter ones were
be set up to achieve a plain crossbite.      when the teeth are set up in wax. The       used (fig. 11).

In the set-up of the posterior teeth that                                                The perfect precondition for easy
is based on the ridge, the design of the                                                 acceptance of the restoration by the
                                                                                         patient is to make as few changes to
                                                                                         the original situation as possible. The
                                                                                         solution for this case is an edge-to-
                                                                                         edge bite (fig. 12).

                                             Fig. 9

                                             concept convinces by its simplicity and
                                             the precision of the VITA LINGOFORM
Fig. 7
                                             teeth and allows perfect intercuspation
curve of Spee is more or less distinctive    of antagonist pairs (fig. 10).
depending on the contours of the alveo-
lar ridge. No curve of Wilson is integra-
                                                                                         Fig. 12
ted. From the labial view, the posterior
teeth are aligned horizontally, except of                                                It is a fairly common malpractice to
the first lower premolar (fig. 8).                                                       offer "normal bite" restorations to pati-
                                                                                         ents with this predisposition.

                                                                                         The VITA LINGOFORM posteriors are
                                                                                         available in three moulds and six sha-
                                                                                         des from June 2007. The set-up bro-
                                                                                         chure for VITA LINGOFORM No. 1478
                                                                                         can be requested from VITA Zahnfabrik,
                                             Fig. 10
                                                                                         Bad Säckingen.
                                             The VITA Lingoform posterior teeth can
                                             be combined with the VITAPAN or VITA        Eduard Kock-Kramer, Master Dental
                                             PHYSIODENS anterior teeth as requi-         Technician
Fig. 8

14       VITA INFO 2.07
         LA VITA E L’AMORE
                                                                                    Fig. 3

   What do the International Dental            bonds between him and the company             is wearing an unusual piece of jewelry on
Show and romance have in common?               since the time when he was an appren-         her finger as a symbol of the eternal love
Those who would believe "nothing"              tice and worked with VITA products for        of a man whose job is also his passion.
were proven wrong at the booth of VITA         the first time. And since the foundation of   As a special treat, Heribert Heinrich,
Zahnfabrik on March 27, 2007, the last         his own dental laboratory, he and his co-     VITA's Sales Manager for Germany, pre-
day of the IDS. Nils Damski, Master            owner, Marco Röden, have been convin-         sented a certificate for a trip to Venice to
Dental Technician from Mühlheim a.d.R.         ced customers of VITA. When Nils Damski       the happy couple (fig. 3). Both immedia-
made his partner, the dental assistant         and his partner, who had no idea what         tely agreed that this certificate was just
Sandra Radzio, a romantic marriage             was going on, came to the booth of VITA       the right gift for a romantic honeymoon.
proposal while hundreds of visitors and        Zahnfabrik, everything had already been       Of course, champaign was available for a
                                               prepared. Under a cloud of heart-shaped,      toast and each VITA employee congratu-
                                               red balloons and with a wonderful bunch       lated with a single white rose.
                                               of flowers in his hand, he got down on his    The couple was overwhel-
                                               knees and asked her to marry him (fig. 1).    med that so many peo-
                                               Full of excitement - just like the VITA       ple shared this
                                               employees and visitors of the fair - he       important moment
                                               waited for her answer and when she -          in their lives and,
                                               obviously surprised and emotionally tou-      with a twinkle in his
                                               ched - accepted his proposal everybody        eyes, Damski remar-
Fig. 2
                                               present applauded frenetically. The ring      ked that the wedding
                                               he then put on her finger was also some-      should actually be at the
the VITA employees applauded enthu-            thing special because it was made from        company headquarters in Bad
siastically.                                   zirconium dioxide, to be more specific        Säckingen. Of course, all VITA
                                               from VITA In-Ceram YZ (fig. 2). According     employees would be thrilled
Background: Six years ago Mr. Damski           to Nils Damski no other material could be     about that!
and Mrs. Radzio were just colleagues           a more suitable material for their love
when they visited the IDS. When they left      since it represents durability and
the fair, they had both realized that they     strength.      Now
had more in common than just their work.       Sandra Radzio
Yet there were some twists and turns
before they finally became a steady cou-
ple and the two sons of Mrs. Radzio found
a loving father in Mr. Damski. According
to "Faust", however, the time of trying will
be over at some point of time and Mr.
Damski made an important decision - but
how do you find the right place to ask the
"question of all questions"? He was
uncertain whether a dental fair and the
businesslike environment could be the
right place for his intention. But VITA
actively supported him in the realization               Fig. 1

of his romantic plan. There have been
         AND THE WINNER IS … .

                                             As a special highlight the prices were      VITA Zahnfabrik is anxious to hear where
                                             presented by Henry R. J. Rauter (fig. 1),   the individual winners of the numerous
                                             Managing Director of VITA Zahnfabrik        certificates are going to travel to and
                                             and Manfred Cordes (fig. 2), Marketing      wishes all of them an exciting trip!
                                             and Services Manager of VITA Zahnfa-
                                             brik. _The happiest of all the winners
                                             was certainly Mr. Grund who received his
                                             prize from Mascha Agranowski from Ber-
Fig. 1                                       lin. She does not only devote herself to
    During the 32nd International Dental     studying dentistry but also to singing.
Show VITA did not only surprise visitors     She demonstrated her passion impressi-
with numerous innovations but also with      vely when she sang the VITA's IDS trailer
the interactive competition "Check-in-       "Welcome to Cologne" which proved to
and-win". Visitors could demonstrate         be a real catchy tune and a party song
their dental knowledge at four know-         during the big final event of the IDS. By
ledge terminals that were crowded            the way, the website www.vita-zahnfa-
                                                                                         Fig. 3
almost all the time. The participants did offers a free download of the
not only have the chance to win a VITA       song (fig. 4).
fair trolley to take away but also an
exclusive travel certificate.
                                             The interactive competition was activa-
                                             ted on the homepage www.vita-zahnfa-
The lucky winners can exchange the cer- during the IDS. On March 24,
tificates amounting to Euro 1000 for holi-
day trips - there is a choice of 13
different destinations in Europe they can
fly to. The first of the winners was Bodo
Neumann from Essen on March 20. On
the second day Yvone Proksch from
Marktschellenberg was the lucky winner
of a certificate followed by Robert
Probstmeier a day later. On the fourth day
                                             Fig. 2
of the IDS 2007 Johannes Grund from
                                                                                                                                    728E/12 - 0707 (3.) Sma

Haltern joined the group of fortunate        Gottardo Pavani from Rovigo, Italy, an      Fig. 4

winners. But the certificate could almost    online participant was the happy winner
not be presented to him since Grund had      of another travel certificate. The number
already left the fair and was on his way     of visitors of the VITA website skyrocke-
home in his car. Fortunately he could be     ted during the fair and the online compe-
reached in time and returned happily sur-    tition attracted a high number of
prised.                                      participants.

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