Access 2003 XML Export Procedure - DOC by hla22005


									Access 2003 XML Export Procedure

Below is the procedure for exporting a multi-table Access database to an .xml file. It is assumed
that the database to be exported is based on the “Currmit_Desktop_Template.mdb” model. This
ensures that the resulting XML file will be uploaded to Currmit without error.

1. Open the .mdb file and select the Course table.
2. Click the File menu and select the Export menu item.
3. In the pop-up dialog box, select “XML” as the Save As format. Select
   the directory where you would like the exported file to be created and type
   a name for the .xml file. Click the Export button.
4. In the next dialog box make sure the “Data (XML)” box is checked. Uncheck the “Schema
   of the Data (XSD) box. Click the “More Options” button
5. In the next dialog box, make sure all shown tables are checked below the text “Data to
   Export”. You will need to expand some of the +’s to see all the tables. It is important that all
   tables are checked. Click the OK button to complete the export.
6. All table data should now appear in the .xml file where you saved it.
7. You should now be able to Upload the .xml file to Currmit using the functionality provided
   on the Administrator tab. All normal duplicate course/year error checking will be done.

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