The UTU and the Union Pacific Railroad agree to by hsu80495


									The UTU and the Union Pacific Railroad agree to implement a pilot project to
provide for an alternative procedure to assign vacation periods and allocate
single days of vacation. The following Understanding will apply for 2009 on
the Midwest and Western 6 Seniority District locations.

1.    Each employee may designate 1 week to “Float” when submitting their
      original vacation bid.

2.    The vacation parameters at each location shall be determined by the
      total weeks of vacation to assign.

3.    If an employee designates a “Float” week as single days, the employee
      may designate up to two (2) weeks as single-days in addition to the
      “Float” week.

4.    Additional vacation positions may be assigned on Tuesday,
      Wednesday, Thursday, of each week throughout the year. These
      single-day periods will be pre-approved and not subject to cancellation.
      The Local Chairperson shall advise CMS of the number of single-day
      periods at each location.

5.    Employees who designate one (1) “Float” week may submit bids for
      Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday periods, or designate the “Float” week
      as a full week.

6.    During the initial assignment period, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
      periods shall be assigned from “Float” week bids.

7.    After the initial assignment period, remaining Tuesday, Wednesday,
      Thursday periods may be assigned from single-day weeks from all

8.    On September 1, all unassigned “Float” weeks (or remaining days)
      shall be scheduled during the remainder of the year at the original
      vacation roster location, regardless of the employees work location.
      CMS and the Local Chairmen will review the schedule to determine
      when vacations shall be scheduled. All unassigned “Float” weeks will
      be originally designated on the vacation roster as starting December
      14, 2009.

9.    Employees assigned five (5) single-days in “Float” week or a single-
      day week may bid for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday periods. The
      first period so assigned will be designated as three (3) days; the
      second period, if assigned, shall be two (2) days. Employees assigned
      seven (7) single-days in “Float” week or a single-day week may bid for
      two (2) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday periods and 1 remaining
      single day to be used as requested.
10.   Employees holding assigned rest days which occur on Tuesday,
      Wednesday, or Thursday may schedule the three (3) days prior to rest
      days; subsequent to rest days; or schedule to bracket the rest days.
      Rest days do not constitute single vacation days. The employee must
      notify CMS not less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled
      start of the vacation.

11.   If an employee is working an assignment that is not at the home
      terminal when the vacation period is scheduled to begin, the vacation
      will begin when the employee ties-up at home terminal.

12.   As in past years, scheduled vacation weeks which have been fully
      utilized as single days (prior to the scheduled start date) may be
      assigned as a vacant week.

13.   Single-day vacations will not be utilized from the “Float” week prior to
      September 1 unless requested by the employee.

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