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					                                                                                                           November , 2008

  Williams S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154-1003

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Message From The Dean                                        Message From The Dean                       Page 1
By John Valery White                                         Law School News                             Page 1
                                                             Law School Events                           Page 2
Dear Boyd School of Law Alumni,                              Guest Features                              Page 3
    I am extremely pleased to contribute to
                                                             Class Actions                               Page 4
the Alumni Newsletter as we speed through
the second year of my time here at Boyd.
It has been an exhilarating time,
highlighted by the wonderful alumni I have                  will be more difficult as we endure the
had the pleasure to meet. With a little                     headwinds of the current national crises.
perspective now I can confidently comment                   However, I expect in the next years to listen
on several fantastic attributes of the Boyd                 to you and discover ways to incorporate you
family.     I immediately noticed when I                    more thoroughly in the fabric of our
arrived in Las Vegas the camaraderie of                     community. As such, you will be the sail that
Boyd alumni. Though I cannot know if you                    harnesses the wind and propels us forward.
are aware how unusual your solidarity is, it
was instantaneously apparent to me.                         Dean White
Classmates have kept in touch and
developed resilient and enduring collegial
networks.        For this reason Boyd’s
importance to the Nevada legal community                    Law School News
is significantly magnified. Quite early in
                                                            For the full news story, visit
your careers, you have already begun to                     NewsAndEvents/news_events_text.php
make a mark on the Nevada and regional
legal communities. I’m not sure anyone                      Paola Armeni Androvandi (Class of 2003) is
could have imagined such a tremendous                       the Boyd School of Law 2008 Alumnus of
impact, from so small a group of alumni,                    the Year. A leader in service to the legal
emanating from so young a school.                           community and to the law school, Paola is
Similarly, I noticed right off that current                 dedicated to helping others. From Christmas
Boyd students are incredibly active. I do                   Toy Drives, to the Trial by Peers Program, to
not know how many of you have had a                         the Goldilocks mock criminal trial program
chance to be pressed into service by our                    and Alumni Association activities, Paola is
motivated students, but that energy is very                 always finding ways to serve the community.
uncommon in law schools and acquits Boyd                    She is a remarkable role model for students
quite well. I can only suppose that your                    and attorneys.
classes were every bit as active – what else
explains your pro bono service, your rapid                  Boyd alum Dr. Stacey Hardy-Desmond is
rise in your practices, and your support of                 the National Association of Social Workers
one another?                                                (NASW), Nevada Chapter 2008 Social
    What I am most interested in today is                   Worker of the Year. Dr. Hardy-Desmond
building out the infrastructure that will                   was recognized for her strong commitment
help a mature Boyd School of Law succeed                    and dedication to the social work
for decades to come. A major part of that                   profession, her students and NASW.
includes getting to know you better. That
work, as time-intensive as it is enjoyable,
Page 2                                                                                            Boyd Alumni News

Law School News (cont’d)
The Nevada Immigrant Resource Project                          nationally-accredited law school faculties in
Welcomes New Legal Director Angela                             terms of scholarship.
Morrison.     Angela joins the Nevada
Immigrant Resource Project from the                            Boyd School of Law Students Maintain High
United     States    Equal    Employment                       Success Rate on Nevada Bar Exam. Eighty-
Opportunity Commission where she                               three percent of first-time student test takers
served as the first EEOC trial attorney in                     passed the exam.          This is the fourth
Las Vegas.                                                     consecutive year UNLV law school graduates,
                                                               who took the Nevada Bar Exam for the first
Law School Recognized for Faculty                              time, have passed the test with a higher
Scholarship Productivity. A 2008 study                         percentage rate than the statewide average.
confirms the impressive productivity of
the Boyd School of Law’s faculty, placing
the Boyd faculty in the top one-third of

Law School Events
For additional information on any event, visit

CLE Lecture: Persuasive Technology in the                          CLE Lecture: The Future of the Economy
Courtroom. Nov. 21, 2008, 1:30-4:45 p.m.,                          and Tax Structure in Nevada (10 Year
Thomas and Mack Moot Courtroom, Boyd                               Anniversary CLE Program). Dec. 5, 2008,
School of Law. Co-sponsored by the William                         4:00-6:00 p.m. Thomas and Mack Moot
S. Boyd School of Law, State Bar of Nevada,                        Courtroom, Boyd School of Law.
and University of Nevada, Reno, Grant
Sawyer Center for Justice Studies. This                            PILA Auction. March 9, 2009.
program is a hands-on introduction to
PowerPoint 2007 and how to design                                  Phillip Pro Lectureship in Legal History.
presentations to sway jury, judges, and                            March 9, 2009, 7:00 p.m., Thomas and Mack
clients.      Register      online       at                        Moot Courtroom, Boyd School of Law. Speaker                                     John Witte Jr., Jonas Robisher Professor of
                                                                   Law and Director, Center for the Study of Law
Extreme        Environmental          Activism:                    & Reform at Emory University School of Law.
Defensible? Nov. 24, 2008, Room 112, Boyd
School of Law. Student Animal Legal Defense
Fund. Larger issued of uncondonable
conduct, civil disobedience, and history of
legal defense of activists will be discussed.
Page 3                                                                         Boyd Alumni News

Guest Features
 By Matt Muldoon                                   refurbished Dickinson Library into a first
    Hello Boyd School of Law Alumni! It is my      class legal academic facility with the Wiener
pleasure to have this opportunity to introduce     Rogers Law Library and the school named for
myself to you. As the new Development              community leader William S. Boyd. Today,
Director, my primary goal is to support UNLV       modern additions like the Thomas and Mack
through fundraising efforts for the William S.     Moot Court Facility provide an unmatched
Boyd School of Law. Prior to joining Boyd, I       training environment for Boyd students.
researched     the    school’s    history    of    Basketball is now enjoyed in the new
philanthropy and quickly discovered that           recreation facility on Saturday mornings and
community members have and continue to             I routinely experience the high energy of a
provide significant private support. As you        ping pong game along the bridge connecting
are aware, contributions of this level are         Boyd to the James E. Rogers Center for
impressive    and    have    created     highly    Administration and Justice.     Facilities and
recognized clinics and centers. In addition,       the use of spaces have changed but the
to the Thomas & Mack Legal Clinic and              mission to educate and prepare legal
Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution, the        professionals continues. The future of Boyd
nationally-recognized    Lawyering     Process     is bright and the nearly 1,000 Boyd Alumni
Program emphasizes professionalism which           will help lead the way from a start-up
each of you embody. Since July, I have had         enterprise to an institution we can all be
the great fortune to meet many of you and          proud of.
hear about your experiences. I enjoy the               I look forward to seeing you at future
Paradise campus stories; front row parking,        Boyd events and in the legal community for
little chairs and a basketball hoop that is        which you represent so well.
described as 14’ feet high. More recent                To contact Matt directly: (702) 895-1398
stories shared with me highlight the               or

By Heather Procter
   On October 17-18, 2008, the Boyd Class of          The festivities concluded on Saturday,
2003 celebrated its fifth year reunion in Las     the 18th, with a picnic at the Paradise ball
Vegas. The celebration began with a CLE           field. Many alums came with their families
program entitled “The State of Diversity in       and enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers, and
the Legal Profession,” moderated by Dean          catching up with old friends.
White and featuring panelists Jennifer                On behalf of the 2003 reunion planning
Carleton, Esq., Justice Michael Douglas,          committee, I would like to thank everyone
General Catherine Cortez Masto, Punam             who participated in this year’s reunion! For
Mathur, and Bryan Scott, Esq. The event,          pictures and a wonderful PowerPoint
held in the moot court building and was a         presentation of photographs and music, visit
great success.                                    the following websites:
   Later that evening, we continued with a
                                                  Direct link to movie presented at the event:
dinner at the Sam Fulton building. The  
evening served to recognize the fifth year        on10-17-08.html
reunion and honored the Boyd 10th
Anniversary celebration by inviting the Boyd      Direct      link     to    web        photo     gallery:
founding faculty and staff. A lovely night,
topped off with the SBA Black & White Ball!
Page 4                                                                                           Boyd Alumni News

Class Actions
Provide us news about engagements, marriages, births, and career changes to The editorial staff of Boyd
Alumni News reserves the right to determine the information included in the newsletter. Please, no advertisements.

Remember to update your information, including address, phone number and e-mail, using the Boyd Law School Extranet at

Katie (Miles) Armstrong – Katie is currently                      Kristina (Americo) Weller – Kristina is a
a Deputy Attorney General in the                                  member of the charter night class. She now
Government Affairs Division of the Attorney                       works with Christiansen Law Offices practicing
General’s Office in Carson City. She married                      in personal injury, medical malpractice and
Tom Armstrong, a fellow attorney, three                           insurance bad faith.       Her firm handles
years ago.      Tom currently works for                           criminal cases and general litigation matters.
Kummer, Kaempfer, Bonner, Renshaw and
Ferrario. They have one lovely black lab                          2003
named Dodger!                                                     Paola Armeni Androvandi – Paola recently
                                                                  had a baby girl, Francesca, now six months
Joe Cain – Joe and his wife have baby #2 on                       and a complete joy! She is an associate at
the way, due to arrive in December. Their                         Gordon Silver following the merger of her
son, EJ, is now 2.5 and keeping them busy.                        former law firm, Gentile DePalma.
Amy Honodel – Last year, Amy formed a                             Amber Craig – After spending almost three
partnership with Peter Chasey (not a Boyd                         years as an Assistant District Attorney in
alum) to create the firm Chasey Honodel.                          Dallas, Texas, Amber returned to Las Vegas in
They are located on the northwest side of                         2005 to accept a position with the U.S.
Las Vegas, handling most types of civil                           Attorney’s Office. She continues to work as
litigation. Her son, Cameron, is now 5 and                        an Associate U.S. Attorney, prosecuting
is making great strides every day with his                        primarily narcotics and violent offenses. She
autism.                                                           also became a mom this year to two adorable
Elda Luna Sidhu – Elda and her husband,
Steve, welcomed their first child, Sherman                        Martina (Bauhaus) Geinzer – Martina married
Sidhu, on June 6, 2008.                                           in 2006. She is currently general counsel with
                                                                  the    Las    Vegas     Metropolitan    Police
2002                                                              Department.
Marjorie Hauf – Since law school, Marjorie
has been practicing in the areas of personal                      Stephanie Hardie Allen – Stephanie is working
injury, wills and trusts. She opened her                          in the Las Vegas firm of Kummer Kaempfer
own firm in 2006, Ganz & Hauf, with a                             Bonner Renshaw and Ferrario. She is in the
heavy concentration in litigation. She has                        firm’s   Government      Affairs   Department
two sons – Benjamin (4) and Brady (2).                            practicing in the area of land use and zoning.
                                                                  She married Patrick Allen in 2004.
Kevin Hedden – Kevin works for the Nevada
Attorney for Injured Workers, State of                            Michael Hottman – Michael is an associate
Nevada.     They are court-appointed to                           attorney with Stephenson & Dickinson,
represent injured workers in workers’                             specializing in insurance defense.      He is
compensation cases. His oldest son is now                         married with two children. His wife, Donna
at UNLV in computer sciences. His youngest                        Miller, is the owner of a local fixed-wing air
son is in high school and just starting to                        ambulance service.
drive. Remember Aloha Fridays!!
Page 5                                                                    Boyd Alumni News

Class Actions (cont’d)
Kfir Levy – Kfir works for Kellogg Huber, a      Mariteresa Rivera-Rogers – This April,
boutique Washington, DC firm. The firm           Mariteresa retired from Clark County after
handles all sorts of litigation and appeals,     twenty-six plus years of service, with the last
including a fair amount of Supreme Court         four and a half years with the public
advocacy.       Although he does general         Defender’s Office. In July, she entered into
litigation and appellate work, about half of     private practice with Cristina Evans. She
his time is spent in patent litigation.          practices in the area of criminal and family
                                                 law.    On the personal side, her beloved
Bonty (Bonnie) Lonardo – Bonnie currently        Hayward passed at the end of August.
does civil litigation with the San Diego,
California firm of Farmer Case & Fedor. The      Bernadette S. Roldan – Bernadette is not
firm focuses on personal injury, construction    practicing law, but assists two great attorneys
defect, medical malpractice and real estate      in their practice. She now has eighteen
transactions.                                    grandchildren. She continues to enjoy the
                                                 friendship of several Boyd classmates, and
Sophia Long – Sophia married Daniel Herrera      may give the bar one more try. Bernadette is
in June, 2008.        She now practices          pleased her sister and brother-in-law recently
employment law at Morris Polich & Purdy.         moved to Las Vegas from Ohio.

Rena McDonald – Rena opened her own firm,        Rick Savage – Rick married in June. He will
the McDonald Law Group, almost two years         receive his M.Ed. in May. He is currently
ago. The firm does civil litigation, including   student teaching U.S. History and Government
family law, estate planning, bankruptcy and      at Reed High School in Sparks.
asset protection. She also married last year.
They are the proud parents of a new baby         Ray Smith – Ray’s retired, and is still retired.
boy named Dexter.
                                                 Wesley Villanueva – Wes is with the firm of
Boyd Moss – Boyd is a senior associate at        Palewitude & Felix, practicing in creditor
Henness & Haught, practicing exclusively in      rights. His son, Martino Villanueva, was born
personal injury. He started with the firm in     in 2006.
2002 as a law clerk with two attorneys.
Today, the firm has eight attorneys.             Ann Ward – Ann is licensed in both Texas and
                                                 New Mexico. She is completing her fifth year
Kelton Patten – Kelton is a full-time public     as an Assistant District Attorney for the 34th
defender in Utah 4th District Court, which he    Judicial District, El Paso, Texas.
enjoys. His son, Shawn Patten, also a 2003
alum, is an activite duty JAG attorney in the    Nicholas M. Woolridge – Nick loves the Boyd
101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army. Kelton’s     School of Law!
daughter, SueAnn, graduated from Harvard
Law School. She is in mergers and                2004
acquisitions with Skadden’s Los Angeles,         Richard Litt, M.D. – While still a practicing
California office.                               OB-Gyn, Richard works as a part-time
                                                 associate attorney in the law Office of William
Heather Procter – Heather has been a             R. Brenske.
deputy with the Nevada Attorney General’s
Office in Carson City for over four years. She   Marissa Geffen Temple – Marissa married Jeff
recently began teaching in the paralegal         Temple (JD, University of Miami ’04) who is
program at Western Nevada College in Fall        employed as an associate with Richard Harris
2008. In 2007, her family expanded to            Law Firm.
include two great Mini Schnauzers.
Page 6                                                                Boyd Alumni News

Class Actions (cont’d)
2005                                            2007
Puneet K. Garg – Puneet finished his two-       Dawn N. Gearhart – Dawn is engaged to John
year clerkship with Justice Douglas in the      Stephenson, a California attorney. They are
Nevada Supreme Court in August. He then         expecting their first child in April 2009. She
started working for Greenberg Trauig, LLP in    currently clerks for Justice Saitta in the
Las Vegas. While his primary focus is on        Nevada Supreme Court.
appellate work, his practice also includes
working on all phases of business and           Brandon Kemble – Brandon currently
commercial litigation.                          practices in Salk Lake City, specializing in
                                                commercial litigation. Recently, he passed
Daniel “Danny” Reed – Danny practiced in        the Nevada bar and hopes to spend more time
California for a few years after graduation,    practicing with his friends from Boyd.
but recently returned to his hometown of Las
Vegas, sat for the Nevada bar in July, and      Maricar Magana – Maricar created Andrade &
last month discovered he passed the bar. He     Magana Law Group.       They are in-house
will start up his own firm in town soon along   counsel with American Family Mutual
with his brother, Douglas Reed, a 2007 BSL      Insurance Company.
graduate, focusing on estate planning,
personal injury and criminal defense.           Homa S. Woodrum – Homa and her husband,
                                                Adam Woodrum (Class of 2006) just welcomed
                                                a baby girl to their family on August 26, 2008.
2006                                            They recently moved to Winnemucca, Nevada.
Kimberly Lou – Kimberly works in Atlanta,
Georgia as a federal staff attorney for the
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh          2008
Circuit.                                        Sara Dayani – Sara is currently a law clerk for
                                                Judge Jennifer Elliott in Clark County family
Bryce C. Loveland – Bryce began working for     court.
Jennings Strouss in March of this year.
                                                William Devine, II – William is presently a
Karen A. Whelan – Karen works as a              patent associate at Armstrong Teasdale,
prosecutor in the Attorney General’s Office     working with preparation and prosecution of
in the Workers Compensation Fraud Unit.         patents in the electrical and computer fields.
She prosecutes fraud by both employers and      His wife recently began her own studies at
claimants. She is also a member of the Inns     Boyd this Fall. They are hoping to have a
of Court, as well as a supervising attorney     second attorney in the family in three more
with Trial by Peers. In August 23, 2008,        years.
Karen married Peter J. Janangelo. They
make their home at Mountain’s Edge along        Lisa Grew – Lisa works at Kenyon & Kenyon,
with their two Schipperkes, Katie and           LLP, an intellectual property law firm in San
Slugger.                                        Jose, CA. Her focus is on patent prosecution
                                                and patent litigation.
Jebbie Whiteside – Jebbie is planning a 2-3
week long international vacation. Jebbie is     Quinton R. Singleton – Quinton practices in
working at the Maricopa County Legal            gaming and corporate law.
Advocate’s office.

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