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					14      The Boyertown Area Times, March 21, 2002

                                                                                          A Salute To
              BIDDY BASKETBALL &
Optimist hoop program
completes 48th season
   Learning the basics of basketball,    Melcher; Knicks, Andy Varzally,
sportsmanship and having a lot of fun    Phil Haddad, Bobby Sugg and Bruce
- that’s what the Boyertown Biddy        Houck; Lakers, Bruce Ash and Bill
Basketball program is all about. Last    Wilkins; Sixers, Mike Geary, Jim
week, the program completed their        Crognale and Kurt Yescavage;
48th successful season.                  Pacers, Kevin Eddinger and Kevin
    The Biddy Basketball League is       Boeckel; Warriors, Ralph Werley,
sponsored by the Optimist Club of        Rick Grant and Tom Kern;
Boyertown. It is run exclusively by      Grizzlies, Mark Gumbert and Ed
volunteers, including the coaches,       Turtle; Bulls, Bob Biehl Jr. and
referees, scorekeepers and league        Alexander Gould; Hornets, Paul
committee members. Todd Slonaker         Little and Mike Davis Sr.; Spurs,
is the chairman of the basketball        Duke Fries, Joe Dawson and Larry
committee, with members Henry            Kluk.
Frecon, Flip Levengood, Dennis              Coaching for the girls teams: Nets,
Morcrette, Rick Grant. Hudson            Marc Nettles and Terry Corrigan;
Green, Kevin Dunn, Phil Haddad,          Trailblazers, Barry Erb and Bob
Jim McClure, Ron Peterson, Ed            Laird; Magic, Barb Wilhelmy, Diane
Carnes and Dick Trout.                   Specht and Jane Greiss; Kings,
                                                                                  Pacers - Front row: Matthew O’Boyle, Nate Schnell, Matthew Carroll,          Celtics - Front row: Jordan Mercer. Second row: Zachary Melcher,
  The program has continued to grow,     Glenn Woodland and Joe Adams;
                                                                                  Ryan Brumbach, Jack Brrennan, Eric Eddinger, Andrew Eppehimer,               Matthew Dean, C.J. Smith, Trevor MacMinn, Craig Snyder, Justin
and currently has 14 boys teams and      Hawks, Mike McGrath, Amy Pavie
                                                                                  Louis Storti, Kody Boeckel. Second row: Coach Kevin Boeckel, Kris            Lutteroty, Corbin Riegner, Kevin Quinter, Jesse Brower. Third row:
nine girls teams. This was the 26th      and Bill Holloway; Suns, Paul
                                                                                  Russell, Matthew Hallman, Jordan Warren, Shane McClennen, Blake              Coach Brian Beaver, Kevin Martin Jr., Nick Bellano, Coach Barry
year of the girls division; with 325     Pfanders      and     Marty     Kehs;    Wrigley, Coach Kevin Eddinger. Missing from photo: Matt Ferenchak.           Kramer, Josh Moyer, Gregory Coveleski, Coach Bill Melcher.
total boys and girls in the program.     Mavericks, Eric Huss and Bill
The boys and girls are fifth and sixth   Coursey; Wizards, Dave Bennett;
graders in the Boyertown Area            Jazz, Jacqui Stewart and Jim Mercer.
School District.                            Referees who volunteer their serv-
  The regular season consists of a 12-   ices: Lee Mecherly, Wayne Grace,
game schedule, followed by a single      Kevin Mackey, Ron Peterson, Rick
elimination                              Krupp, Randy Kehl, Walt Wojton,
tournament, which finishes with girls    Eric Huss, Mike Geary, Jom
and boys championship games              Crognale, Jim McClure, Jay Repko,
played at the Boyertown Sr. High         Paul Pfanders, Tom Brokaw, Jim
School.                                  Sullivan, Bryan Harley, Al Gamler,
   It’s the many volunteers that help    Charlie Grofe, Karl Fisher, Jeff
make the league so special. The          Pinder, Roy Repko, Joe Schauder,
coaches for the boys teams include:      Mooch Houck, Ed Carnes, Mike
Clippers, Dick Bauman and Parry          Casey, Pat Barrett, Jim McElwain,
Stauffer; Rockets, Mooch Houck,          Alan Richter and Norm Pitt.
Dave Woodley and Karl Fisher;                  Through the support of the
Pistons, Jim Sullivan, Bryan Harley,     Boyertown Optimist Club, the league
Alan Richter and Norman Pitt;            has successfully prepared the boys       Rockets - Front row: Doug Woodley, Ryan Ayres, Travis Acree, Eric Van        Knicks - Front row: Andy Grzywacz, Nolan Finnerty, Brian Francica, Tyler
Cavaliers, Roy Repko, Jeff Teater        and girls for higher levels of compe-    Horn, Andrew Levengood, William Dzomba, Austin Moyer, Alex Gamler,           Setzler, Sean O’Brien, Devin Sugg, Alex Martin, Bobby Sugg, Jason Snyder.
and Brian Mourar; Celtics, Brian         tition. More importantly, it has pro-    William Kehs. Second row: Coach Mooch Houck, Kyle Engelbart, Nicholas        Second row: Coach Phil Haddad, Andrew Fennimore, Shayne Houck, Bryan
Beaver, Barry Kramer and Bill            vided the kids with a fun activity.      Fay, Keith Engelbart, Andrew Robenolt, Kyle Malby, Coach Karl Fisher.        Sweinhart, Ethan Moser, John Bliss, Coach Andy Varzally. Missing from
                                                                                                                                                               photo: Coaches Bob Sugg and Bruce Houck.

Cavaliers - Front row: Colin Meehan, Eric Repko, Derek Helsel, Andrew             Hornets - Front row: Mike Miller, David Yasenchak, Ian Kann, Luis Ortiz,     Pistons - Front row: Thomas Pitt, Matt Lees, Chris Prindle, Jeremy
Girard, Zach Teator, Ryan Farris, Wes Mitchell, Ian Repko, Jordan DiMedio.        Robert Drewicz, Danny Antonelli, Brentin Schmidt, Colin Lawlor, Danny        Augustine, Seth Heffner, Jesse Geiser, Derek Walters, Zachary Richter,
Second row: Coach Roy Repko, Thomas McNamara, Kyle Landis, Matt                   Little. Second row: Sara Kann, Mike Davis Jr., Adam Grofe, Coach Mike        Stephen Nowrey. Second row: Blake Bardman, Brandon Sullivan, Collin
Campbell, Coach Roy Teator.                                                       Davis Sr., Coach Paul Little, Brian Grofe, Ken Dubs, John Drewicz. Missing   Harley, Nicholas Mioni, James Brooks. Third row: Coaches Allen Richter,
                                                                                  from photo: Patrick McCann.                                                  Bryan Harley, Jim Sullivan, and Norm Pitt.

Bulls - Front row: Andrew Cordingley, Anthony Scalco, Theron Breslin,             Sixers - Front row: Kieran Finegan, Kyle Talarico, Dane Hiryak, Brandon      Spurs - Front row: Ronnie Nase, Kevin Kluk, Mike Allen, Jacob Dawson,
Adam Fisher, Justin Holzer, Jeff Nurk, Frank Navazio, Matt Surman, Ben            Musser, Jason Hoey, Ryan Freed, Tim Frosch, David Crognale, Alec             Derek Fries, Dylan Marks, Mark Porter, Mario Nase, Mike Kell. Second row:
Dutcher. Second row: Coach Bob Biehl Jr., Sam Robinson, Chris Gannon,             Francis. Second row: Coach Mike Geary, Paul Reigner, Cody Heflin, Chris      Coach Joe Dawson, Ryan Fegley, Jonathan Knight, Patrick O’Neil, John
Dan Baumgard, Coach Alexander Gould.                                              Mackanich, Brandon Weller, Coach Jim Crognale. Missing from photo: Josh      Hazel, Coach Duke Fries. Missing from photo: Ryan Zakszeski.
                                                                                  Moyer, Coach Kurt Yescavage.

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