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              Provided by the Fullerton Model Railroad Historical Society
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                               Packing Houses in OC
                                    By Clifford Prather*

Agriculture was important to Orange                              Fullerton
County's railroads from the building of                           ATSF
the first SP branch into the county until        M.M. Cobb
urbanization and trucks broke that bond.            E. Walnut at Pomona
Packing houses were built along the rail         Eadington Fruit Company
                                                    Santa Fe near Spadra (now Harbor)
line to prepare the crops (oranges,
                                                 Fullerton Mutual Orange Assn.
lemons, walnuts and vegetables) for                 W. Walnut
shipment to all parts of the nation and          Fullerton Packing Company
Canada. The following is a list of                  W. Walnut
packing houses found in the 1927                 Fullerton-Placentia Walnut Assn.
directory and I have tried to indicate the          W. Santa Fe
railroad serving the facility. If anyone         Orange County Produce Growers Assn.
has correction to this list, please let me          E. Walnut
know about them.                                 Orangethorpe Citrus Assn.
                                                    144 W. Walnut
                                                 Cutler-Lobingier Packing Co.
                                                    S. Highland at Walnut**
Anaheim Citrus Fruit Assn., 804 E. Center
                                                              Pacific Electric
C.M.Brown, 709 E. Center
                                                 Placentia Orange Growers Assn
Olive Fruit Co., 805 E. Center
                                                    396 E. Commonwealth
            Southern Pacific
                                                              Garden Grove
Anaheim Orange & Lemon Assn.,
  424 Los Angeles St.                                         Pacific Electric
Anaheim Walnut Growers Assn.,                    Garden Grove Bean Growers Assn.
  Santa Ana & Claudina                              Huntington Avenue
                                                 Garden Grove Citrus Assn.
                                                    W. Ocean Avenue
      Bastanchury ( Sunny Hills)
                                                 Garden Grove Mutual orange Assn.
           ATSF – UP – PE                        J.A. Knapp
American Fruit Growers, Inc.
             Buena Park                                       Pacific Electric
            Southern Pacific                     Greenville Bean Growers Assn
American Fruit Growers, Inc.
New Central Canning Company                                 Irvine Ranch Area
        El Modena/McPherson                      Frances Citrus Assn.
            Southern Pacific                         Frances Street
David Hewes Orange & Lemon Assn.                 Irvine Citrus Assn. (Lemons)
  La Veta Avenue                                     Frances Street
McPherson Heights Citrus Assn.
  Chapman Avenue                                                La Habra
                                                               PE and/or UP
                                                 La Habra Citrus Assn.
                                                    305 S. Hiatt

                   Olive                              West Anaheim
                   ATSF                               Southern Pacific
Olive Heights Citrus Assn.               Anaheim Citrus Fruit Assn
Olive Hillside Groves, Inc.                1525 W. Lincoln
                                         Anaheim Co-operative Orange Assn.
Orange Mutual Orange Assn.               *Packing Houses in OC was originally
   426 W. Almond                         published in the April 2001 issue of the
Red Fox Orchards                         Orange County Railway Historical Society's
   128 S. Cypress                        newsletter. Author Prather is the editor of
Richland Walnut Assn.                    that publication.
   W. Palm at ATSF
                                         ** Data corrected by L. Boerio, FMRHS, Fall,
                     PE                  2001.
Santiago Orange Growers Assn
  Palm & Cypress

Bradford Bros.
Placentia Mutual Orange Assn.

          San Juan Capistrano
Diamond C Warehouse

                Santa Ana
C.C. Collins Co.
   4th Street
Santa Ana Walnut Growers Assn.
C.G. White
   4th Street

             Southern Pacific
California Packing Co. (Del Monte)
  1st Street
Guggenheim & Co.
  100 Fruit Street

Golden West Citrus Assn.

             Southern Pacific
Central Lemon Assn.
Santa Ana – Tustin Mutual Citrus Assn.
Tustin Hills Citrus Assn.

           Wanda (Villa Park)
            Southern Pacific
Central Lemon Assn.
Villa Park Orchards Assn.

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