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					Greg Garosshen                                                           October 23, 2003

Time: 40 min                      School: ECSU                      Lesson: #4
Facilities: School Gym            Class Size: 25 students           Grade: 6-8
Unit Theme: Basketball            Generic Level: utilization
Equipment: 25 basketballs, basketball hoops

Psychomotor: Students will be able to demonstrate the proper techniques and form of
shooting a basketball by the end of the class period.
Cognitive: Students will be able to identify the proper techniques and cues of shooting a
basketball by the assessment of the teacher and peers.
Affective: Students will display proper behavior and will give a good effort while
participating in the basketball lesson and drills.

Equipment: 25 basketballs, enough for every student in the class, basketball hoops

Safety Concerns: Be sure that each student has their own personal space while shooting.
Also that every student takes turns shooting the balls at the hoop and make sure that there
are no other students under the basket while shooting. If we need to modify the
equipment because of safety we can use smaller balls or softer balls.

Warm-up: (5 min) Have the students when they first get into the gym grab a basketball
and as a teacher lead them through a few ball-handling skills. The students will all be in
lines facing the teacher and it will be a follow the leader warm-up. We will show the
students a movement with the ball such as dribbling with the right hand or moving the
ball in a circle around the waist. This will continue for about 5 minutes or until the
students look warmed up.

Scaffolding: Discuss the importance of BEEF while shooting a basketball.
       - This shows the correct form of shooting a basketball.
Introduction to Lesson
       Objective: To learn the proper technique of shooting a basketball.
       Anticipatory Set: Shooting one of the most important aspects of playing
basketball. This is how you score points on offense.

        1. Shooting (One-handed form) (10 min)
              a. Explain the importance of shooting and how to use the correct form.
                 Explain BEEF and what each letter means in the form of shooting.
              b. Demonstrate BEEF and how to shoot using BEEF.
              c. Explain that in this drill we will only be using the dominant shooting
                 hand close to the basket to work on the correct form.
              d. Have the students split up into equal groups at each basketball hoop
                 we have available.
              e. Have each group shoot three people at a time one from each of the
                 baselines and one from right in front of the hoop.
              f. Have each student get a ball and let them begin.

Cues: “Balance”, “Elbow”, “Eyes”, Follow-through”

      - If the students seem to have the form down already and are making most of
          their shots we can move them back to see how far they can shoot with one
          hand and keep the shooting form.
      - If they excel at the previous extension then we can show them how to put the
          other hand on the ball without affecting the form or the shot.
      - If the students are not able to shoot with one hand then we can have them start
          with two hands to reach the hoop
      - Also if the students cannot reach the hoop then we can give them more
          individual instruction and have them shoot at a point on the wall they can
          reach with one hand making sure they use proper form.

       2. Shooting (10 min)
             a. Have each student‟s partner up and briefly explain the BEEF technique
             b. Explain that one partner will be shooting from 12-15 feet away from
                the basket (or wherever they feel comfortable). The other partner will
                be rebounding the ball and passing it back to the shooter to shoot
                again. They switch after ten shots.
             c. Demonstrate the drill with a partner and then give each pair of students
                a ball and let them begin.

Cues: Shooting- “BEEF”
      Passing- “Step”, „Thumbs down”, “Eyes on target”, “Follow-through”

      - If the students seem to excel at this skill then we can have them move back to
          find out how deep their range is.
      - Also if they are advanced we can add a defender to the drill to see if they can
          shoot with a hand in their face.
      - Also we can add moving into the skill by having the shooter move back and
          forth with the ball or before he catches the ball and shoots.
      - If the students cannot shoot the ball because of the equipment then we can
          have them use a softer or smaller ball.
      - Also if they are having trouble with this skill we will give the students
          individual instruction.
Closing Activity (10 min)
        - Have all of the students get a partner and then I will explain that we will be
working on shooting and following your shot. When the teacher says go the first student
shoots, rebounds the ball and passes it to his teammate. His teammate then shoots and
does the same thing. When as a team they make ten shots they put the ball down and
then take one lap around the gym and go back to their ball. We will repeat this activity
until each team gets to shoot from a lot of different areas of the court.

Review Questions:
      1. Someone show me the proper way to shoot a basketball?
      2. What does BEEF stand for?
      3. Why is it important to have the correct form?
Teacher Reflection
      1. How did it go?
      2. What worked well?
      3. What didn‟t work so well?
      4. What changes will I make for next time?

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