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                                                                                            PRODUCT KEY

Complete Manufacturer List                                                                 Controls   Decorative Emergency   Indoor   Landscape   Outdoor      Poles     Solid State   Theater

3G Lighting                                                    Delta Light                                                    KIM Lighting
Contemporary recessed / pendants / ceiling mounted /           Euro-style architectural designs in pendants / recessed /      Area / façade / Exterior architectural site / flood and
wall mounted / floor / LED / accent / decorative and           sconces / step and floor lighting                              landscape lighting
custom lighting products
                                                               Dual-Lite                                                      Kurt Versen Co.
A                                                              Emergency lighting products and systems                        Specification-grade incandescent / fluorescent and HID
                                                                                                                              downlighting products
ABS Lighting                                                   Duray
Precision controlled floodlighting / area and architectural    Specialty fluorescent lighting products                        L
exterior lighting products                                     E                                                              LBL Lighting
Airey-Thompson Co., Inc.                                                                                                      Pendants / contemporary interior / and monorail
Decorative lighting channels / undercabinet lighting and                                                                      track systems
                                                               Colorado Department of Transportation control
modular wiring systems
                                                               panel products                                                 Ledalite
Alera Lighting                                                                                                                Integrated daylighting response systems / Architectural
                                                               ELA Lighting, Inc.
Linear fluorescent lighting systems                                                                                           linear fluorescent lighting systems and recessed
                                                               Area / exterior / contemporary and Euro-style site and
                                                                                                                              fluorescent lighting equipment
Altman Lighting                                                pedestrian scale lighting; vintage cast aluminum poles
Interior and exterior high-performance architectural,          and luminaires                                                 Leotek
theatrical and stage lighting equipment                                                                                       High-performance solid state LED, street and area
                                                                                                                              lighting products
Architectural Area Lighting                                    Façade / asymmetric wall mounted and ceiling mounted
Pedestrian scale lighting / façade / exterior                  lighting for interior and exterior applications                Lighting Science Group
contemporary / area and Euro-style site                                                                                       LED lighting solutions
Ardee Lighting                                                 Architectural HID lighting products                            Lighting Services, Inc.
Low voltage strip systems / LED sconces and                                                                                   Specification-grade track lighting systems
architectural downlighting
                                                               Specification-grade low voltage downlighting / pendants        Lumascape
B                                                              and sconces                                                    Low voltage / LED and HID landscape lighting products

Barron Manufacturing Corp.                                     Exitronix                                                      LumenArt
Lamps / channel lettering / signage and border lighting        Electronic LED exits and emergency lighting                    Architectural glass wall sconces and pendants / custom
all utilizing high output LED sources                                                                                         design your own sconces
BEGA/US                                                                                                                       Lumetta, Inc.
                                                               Fiberstars, Inc.                                               Architectural ceiling mounted / wall mounted /
Emphasis on elegance in design / walk luminaires / wall
                                                               Accent / fiberoptic / specialty fixtures and systems
mounted / interior / exterior / pedestrian / area / façade /                                                                  pendants / and floor mounted products with unique
performance and materials                                      Finelite                                                       diffuser styles and colors
                                                               Architectural linear fluorescent systems
Bodine Co.                                                                                                                    Lumos Custom Lighting
Emergency fluorescent batteries and systems                    G                                                              Custom lighting

Bruck Lighting Systems                                                                                                        N
                                                               GO Lighting Technologies, Inc.
Low voltage cable and track systems / LED / wall               LED lighting products for new installation or replacement      Neidhardt, Inc.
mounted and Euro-style                                         of existing fluorescent lightingH                              Pendants / contemporary wall sconces / floor mounted
C                                                              H                                                              and freestanding decorative products

Camman Industries                                                                                                             O
                                                               Hubbell Building Automation
Handcrafted church / commercial and custom                     Relay base switching / occupancy sensors and low               Oxygen
lighting products                                              voltage lighting control                                       Accent / sconces and decorative lighting equipment at
Carolina High Mast                                             Hubbell Industrial and Exterior                                affordable prices
High mast lowering devices                                     HID / industrial / commercial and exterior                     P
Cavawood                                                       lighting applications
Decorative natural wood poles
                                                               Hubbell Lighting, Inc.                                         Automated lighting shutters and HID dimming for
Columbia Lighting                                              Hubbell Corporate headquarters website                         sports facilities
Specification-grade / architectural and
                                                               Hubbell Sports Lighting Solutions                              Performance Electric, Inc.
commodity fluorescent
                                                               Integrated sports lighting systems                             Stage and theatre lighting distribution systems
                                                               I                                                              Phoebus Manufacturing
Architectural emergency lighting solutions
                                                                                                                              High performance followspots for theatrical and
Con-Tech Lighting                                              Indessa Lighting
                                                                                                                              auditorium applications
Track / downlighting / sconces and specialty low               Wall mounted accent / Distinctive commercial grade
voltage products                                               sconces for interior and exterior applications                 Pinnacle Architectural Lighting
                                                                                                                              Interior and exterior architectural lighting for indirect
Crestron Electronics, Inc.                                     Inovus
                                                                                                                              wall wash / facade and signage applications
The World’s leading manufacturer of advanced lighting          Solar powered LED lighting poles
control, automated dimming and relay based systems             io Lighting
                                                                                                                              Incandescent HID / recessed / and track lighting
D                                                              Manufacturers of LED decorative and accent
Delray Lighting
                                                                                                                              Roberts Step-Lite Systems
Decorative pendants / wall mounted / ceiling mounted           Kenall
                                                                                                                              Low voltage accent lighting systems / interior
featuring glass reflector and metal reflector designs          High abuse / rough service / sconces / wall mounted /
                                                                                                                              or exterior
                                                               medical and detention lighting equipment
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Sirius Lighting                                              CO NT RO L S                 Duray                               Kenall
Wall mounted / sconces / accent / low voltage cable      Altman Lighting                  ELA Lighting, Inc.                  KIM Lighting
and track systems                                        Crestron Electronics, Inc.       Elliptipar                          Lumascape
                                                         Easter-Owens                     Esco                                Lumos Custom Lighting
Spaulding Lighting
                                                         GO Lighting Technologies, Inc.   Eureka                              Pinnacle Architectural Lighting
Area lighting / exterior architectural site lighting
                                                         Hubbell Building Automation      Fiberstars, Inc.                    Roberts Step-Lite Systems
and floodlighting
                                                         Hubbell Lighting, Inc.           Finelite                            Spaulding Lighting
St. Louis Antique Lighting Co.                           Payne-Sparkman                   GO Lighting Technologies, Inc.      St. Louis Antique Lighting Co.
Vintage reproduction luminaires                          Stagecraft Industries, Inc.      Hubbell Industrial and Exterior     Sternberg Lighting
                                                         Strand Lighting                  Hubbell Lighting, Inc.              Sterner Lighting
Stagecraft Industries, Inc.                              Watt Stopper                     Hubbell Sports Lighting Solutions   TLI
Theatre / television and architectural power solutions
                                                                                          Indessa Lighting                    TMS Lighting, Ltd.
Sternberg Lighting                                           DECO R AT I V E              io Lighting                         Traxon-USA
Area / lantern / pedestrian / walk / wall mounted /      3G Lighting                      Kenall                              Visa Lighting
vintage cast aluminum poles and luminaires               Alera Lighting                   Kurt Versen Co.                     Waldmann
                                                         Ardee Lighting                   LBL Lighting
Sterner Lighting
                                                         Barron Manufacturing Corp.       Ledalite                                P O L ES
Interior arena lighting / High-performance site / area
                                                         BEGA/US                          Lighting Services, Inc.             Architectural Area Lighting
and floodlighting
                                                         Bruck Lighting Systems           Lumascape                           Carolina High Mast
Strand Lighting                                          Camman Industries                LumenArt                            Cavawood
Theatre / television and architectural dimming           Con-Tech Lighting                Lumetta, Inc.                       Hubbell Lighting, Inc.
                                                         Delray Lighting                  Lumos Custom Lighting               Inovus
                                                         Delta Light                      Neidhardt, Inc.                     KIM Lighting
TLI                                                      ELA Lighting, Inc.               Oxygen                              Sternberg Lighting
Compact fluorescent and HID / sconces / pendants         Eureka                           Pinnacle Architectural Lighting     Valmont Structures
and ceiling mounted fixtures for interior and            Fiberstars, Inc.                 Prescolite                          VISCO
exterior use                                             GO Lighting Technologies, Inc.   Roberts Step-Lite Systems           W.J. Whatley, Inc.
                                                         Hubbell Lighting, Inc.           Sirius Lighting
TMS Lighting, Ltd.
                                                         Indessa Lighting                 St. Louis Antique Lighting Co.          S O LID STATE
Manufacturers of RLM / architectural lighting /
                                                         io Lighting                      TLI                                 Altman Lighting
vaportite lighting / custom architectural and
                                                         LBL Lighting                     TMS Lighting, Ltd.                  Ardee Lighting
retail lighting
                                                         LumenArt                         Traxon-USA                          Barron Manufacturing Corp.
Toshiba International                                    Lumetta, Inc,                    Visa Lighting                       BEGA/US
LED lamps and lighting products                          Lumos Custom Lighting            Vista Lighting                      Bruck Lighting Systems
                                                         Neidhardt, Inc.                  Vode Lighting LLC                   Delta Light
                                                         Oxygen                           Waldmann                            Fiberstars, Inc.
LED lighting solutions for commercial applications
                                                         Roberts Step-Lite Systems        WILA Lighting                       GO Lighting Technologies, Inc.
V                                                        Sirius Lighting                                                      Inovus
                                                         St. Louis Antique Lighting Co.       LANDSCAPE                       io Lighting
Valmont Structures
                                                         TLI                              Architectural Area Lighting         KIM Lighting
Steel or aluminum poles and towers
                                                         TMS Lighting, Ltd.               Elliptipar                          LBL Lighting
Visa Lighting                                            Traxon-USA                       Hubbell Lighting, Inc.              Leotek
Decorative architectural styles and performance          Visa Lighting                    KIM Lighting                        Lighting Science Group
lighting for interior and exterior applications          Vode Lighting LLC                Lumascape                           Lighting Services, Inc.
                                                         WILA Lighting                                                        Lumascape
Cast iron poles and ornamental lanterns
                                                                                              OUTDOOR                         Prescolite
                                                             EM E RG E N CY               ABS Lighting                        Sirius Lighting
Vista Lighting                                           Bodine Co.                       Airey-Thompson Co., Inc.            Toshiba International
Hospital and medical facility lighting                   Concealite                       Alera Lighting                      Traxon-USA
Vode Lighting LLC                                        Dual-Lite                        Architectural Area Lighting         Vista Lighting
Architectural high perfromance T5 and LED linear         Exitronix                        Ardee Lighting                      Vode Lighting LLC
lighting solutions                                       Hubbell Lighting, Inc.           Barron Manufacturing Corp.          Waldmann
W                                                            I N DOO R                    Camman Industries                      T H EATER
                                                         3G Lighting                      Carolina High Mast                  Altman Lighting
W.J. Whatley, Inc.
                                                         Airey-Thompson Co., Inc.         Columbia Lighting                   Performance Electric, Inc.
Architectural and ornamental composite poles
                                                         Alera Lighting                   Delta Light                         Phoebus Manufacturing
Waldmann                                                 Altman Lighting                  ELA Lighting, Inc.                  Stagecraft Industries, Inc.
Ceiling mounted / commercial / compact fluorescent /     Ardee Lighting                   Elliptipar                          Strand Lighting
contemporary / downlighting / exterior / fluorescent /   Barron Manufacturing Corp.       Esco                                Traxon-USA
indirect / interior / industrial / indoor / LED / low    BEGA/US                          Eureka
voltage / pendants / retail / undercabinet / wall        Bruck Lighting Systems           Fiberstars, Inc.
mounted                                                  Camman Industries                Hubbell Industrial and Exterior
Watt Stopper                                             Columbia Lighting                Hubbell Lighting, Inc.
Relay base switching / occupancy sensors and low         Con-Tech Lighting                Hubbell Sports Lighting Solutions
voltage lighting control                                 Delray Lighting                  Indessa Lighting
                                                         Delta Light                      io Lighting
WILA Lighting
Performance driven contemporary / decorative
compact fluorescent and HID downlighting products
Agency Contact
Denver Office
Steve Woodward            President/GM                                  720-904-8526       ext. 111
Dave Kellogg              VP/Sales Manager                              720-904-8528       ext. 113
Steve Barrett             Sales                                         720-904-8527       ext. 112
Debbie Meisterplass       Utility/DOT Sales                             720-904-8543       ext. 118
Bill Stolz                Sales                                         720-904-8524       ext. 109  
David Peeples             Sales                                         720-904-8529       ext. 114
John Quade                Sales                                         720-904-8544       ext. 110 
Nancy Estell              Sales                                         720-904-8534       ext. 120
Jamie LaCasse             Sales                                         720-904-8538       ext. 138
Bill Kauffman             Sales                                         720-904-8555       ext. 136
Greg Canniff              Sales                                         720-931-8183       ext. 129
Tom Seymour               Controls Engineering Manager                  720-904-8553       ext. 137 
Joe Schoen                Controls Sales Engineer/IT                    720-931-8181       ext. 124
Don McCormick             Controls Sales Engineer                       720-931-8182       ext. 108 
Steve Martin              Controls Quotations                           720-904-8550       ext. 131
Dorthea Gooch             Controls Customer Service                     720-904-8548       ext. 140
Mary Cutbirth             Customer Service                              720-904-8546       ext. 134
Staci Wigington           Customer Service                              720-904-8551       ext. 132
Ruthanne Metz             Customer Service                              720-931-8187       ext. 150
Karrie Arlt               Receptionist                                  720-904-8523       ext. 165
Rick Thompson             Manager Quotations                            720-904-8533       ext. 123  
Dominick Rodriguez        Quotations                                    720-904-8535       ext. 121
David Gillette            Quotations                                    720-904-8536       ext. 127
Stephen Carlton           Quotations                                    720-904-8531       ext. 115
Crystal Powell            Quotations Project Development Coordinator    720-904-8521       ext. 123
Judd Maliepaard           Quotations Project Development Assistant      720-904-8530       ext. 101 
Joan Thompson             Office Manager/Accounting                     720-904-8554       ext. 117 
Lynne Hudson              Commissions/Accounting                        720-904-8541       ext. 130
Justin Ferrarello         Marketing Support                             720-931-8186       ext. 141

Colorado Springs Office
Scott Jackson             Branch Manager-CS Office                      720-931-8202       ext. 202
Ben Fisk                  Quotations-CS Office                          720-931-8203       ext. 203 
Harley Wilson             Sales-CS Office                               720-931-8204       ext. 204
David Bray                Sales-CS Office                               720-931-8205       ext. 205
Marv Logan                Sales-CS Office                               720-931-8219       ext. 209
Corky Hightower           Customer Service-CS Office                    720-931-8206       ext. 206
Jan Woodward              Shipping Editor Supervisor-Off Site Support   720-931-8197       ext. 401  
Lori Barrett              Shipping Editor-Off Site Support              720-931-8199       ext. 403 
Danielle Naumann          Shipping Editor-Off Site Support              720-931-8198       ext. 402
Leslie Wilson             Data Editor-Off Site Support                  N/A                N/A     

                                                                          DENVER                      COLORADO SPRINGS
                                                                          1044 Speer Boulevard        4815 List Drive, Suite 100
                                                                          Denver, Colorado 80204      Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
                                                                          T 303.573.0222              T 719.266.0050
                                                                          F 303.573.0922              F 719.266.0049

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