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									                               The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                                   The Interpreter
                                 Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 65A                 Remember September 11, 2001                                                                               July 15, 2003

                                     Ken left, he had me in for a talk.        his wife, postmarked ―USS                 conferred frequently prior to the
          Our Mission                After I made it clear I had no            Missouri, 2 September 1945,               Regiment’s arrival.
  In the Spring of 2000, the         experience in Japanese or Japan,          Tokyo Bay‖.                                 I then joined the NERUS as
  Archives continued the origi-      and after he had questioned me              The       Command    Display            ship’s company. The NERUS, a
  nal efforts of Captain Roger       further, Hindmarsh said, “I’ll            gratefully acknowledged these             subtender, was charged with the
  Pineau and William Hudson,         take a chance on you, if you take         historical items.                         maintenance of the surrendered
  and the Archives first at-         a chance on me.” He told me                                         Bill Lockhary   Japanese subs in operative
  tempts in 1992, to gather the      that if I flunked out, I’d be an                      _______________
                                                                                                             Cryptolog   condition until the Allies decide
  papers, letters, photographs,      enlisted man in the Navy. I                                                         what to do with them. They were
  and records of graduates of        signed a paper and left Yale on                 Life After JLS                      nested in Sasebo Harbor and I
  the US Navy Japanese/              Armistice Day, 1942.                                                                was ordered to see to the
                                       At home, waiting to be called              I was not recruited for Boulder        coherence and morale of the
  Oriental Language School,
                                     to duty, I received a letter saying       by Cmdr. Hindmarsh, but by                crews. I visited them daily; their
  University of Colorado at
                                     my contract was canceled and              Capt. Zacharias, then Navy Chief          skippers all spoke English. In
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We
                                     that I was to go to the nearest           of Intelligence, who had learned          late April 1946 we were ordered
  assemble these papers in
                                     Naval recruiting station and              of     my     previous     civilian       to blow up the subs off
  recognition of the contribu-
                                     enlist—and the Navy would find            Intelligence work. Zacharias sent         Nagasaki. I called the final roll,
  tions made by JLS/OLS
                                     me. I soon went to Great Lakes            for Hindmarsh, ordered him to             the crews were debarked and I
  instructors and graduates to
                                     with a trainload of recruits.             sign me up, Hindmarsh was                 then left each submarine with the
  the War effort in the Pacific
                                     Lined up on an assembly hall,             dismissed, and then had a brief           NERUS demolition officer who
  and the Cold War, to the
                                     my name was called out and I              discussion about my future Navy           had already lit the fuse of his
  creation of East Asian
                                     was processed. That’s how I               work.                                     explosive device. This operation
  language programs across
                                     ended up in Boulder in January,              Once having graduated from             was called ROAD’S END and I
  the country, and to the
                                     1943.               Daniel Karasik        Boulder and ordered overseas, I           received a Commendation for
  development of Japanese-
                                                                    JLS 1944   had three different tours of duty,        my work plus a fitness report
  American      cultural   rec-                  _______________               each of some length. The first            that my boss said was the highest
  onciliation programs after
                                                                               was at ATIS where I served
  World War II.                             Display for                        under Royal Navy Comdr.
                                                                                                                         he had ever given in his navy
                                                                                                                         career. My final interview with
                                           Ernest Beath,                       Lionel Hopkinson. At one point,           Captain Follmer of the NERUS
 Taking a chance:                            JLS 1943                          while working with two Nisei              entailed a discussion of what to
   A journey to Boulder                                                        sergeants on a captured booklet           do with the bow watch who had
                                       With the help and assistance of         detailing the methods used for            shot and very slightly wounded
  I was a sophomore at Yale at       Captain George McGinnis, USN              insertion of Japanese spies
                                     (Ret), in April 2002, a very                                                        me while on duty. Confined to
lunch in Berkeley College dining                                               within the Soviet Union, I was            the brig he insisted it was
hall when I saw a Navy officer       generous gift of ―personal                suddenly confined to the ATIS
                                     treasures‖ from Mrs. Eleanor                                                        accidental. It was decided to
of some rank—I didn’t know the                                                 compound until the arrival of a           avoid a General Court.
meaning of the insignia then. I      Beath, wife of Lieutenant Ernest          body-guard in the form of Chief
                                     B. Beath, UNNR were donated                                                           Although I never did any real
asked one of the fellows at my                                                 Beals, a former Navy boxer, my            interpreting or translation while
table what the Navy officer was      to the Wenger Command                     office was posted ―Off limits to
                                     Display. Lieutenant Beath was a                                                     overseas, I can say that Boulder
doing at Berkeley. I was told he                                               all but authorized personnel‖,            was of enormous value in my
was      recruiting   for   Navy     Japanese language officer who             and the spy material classified
                                     participated in many Pacific                                                        work. By learning the language I
intelligence. Having recently                                                  ―top secret‖. Subsequently Beals          came to understand the Japanese
flunked the physical (eyes) to       Fleet Battles during WWII.                and I were detailed to ―secure‖
                                       The treasures donated, that are                                                   thought process and absorbed
become a Navy flyer and still                                                  General MacArthur’s classified            Japanese culture from the Sensei.
being anxious to get into the        presently on display are: A               files aboard a freighter for
                                     compact disc made of aluminum,                                                      Also, I made some lifelong
Navy, after lunch I sought him                                                 transport to Manilla. This duty           friends including Sam King who,
out.                                 recording a special message               lasted several days.
                                     home by Lieutenant Beath.                                                           with his wife, often visits me in
  When I approached the room                                                      During       the       Japanese        Washington. I must admit,
he was using, the door was open      Recorded at 78 RPM; picture of            Occupation, I was attached to the
                                     a Japanese Prisoner picked up                                                       however, that my spoken
and the Navy officer, Lt. Comdr.                                               126 Infantry Regiment which               Japanese was a source of mirth
Hindmarsh, was engaged in            off of Iwo Jima, Japan in 1944;           occupied         Kokura,        the
                                     picture of a Prisoner of War shot                                                   to some to of the submarine
conversation in Japanese with                                                  neighboring cities and the                enlisted men. They described it,
another student. (It was Ken         down over Saipan, Mariana                 surrounding Kyushu countryside.           rather shrewdly I thought, as
Lamott, who later was a              Island; picture of a prisoner pf          This duty lasted several months,
                                     war property recovered from a                                                       ―missionary style‖. This had a
classmate.) At any rate, I soon                                                and I did no translating or               certain ribald connotation. To the
gathered that the officer wasn’t     down Betty bomber. Included               interpreting since the regiment
                                     was a picture of His Majesty                                                        Oriental, before World War II, a
looking for someone like me and                                                had a sergeant who spoke                  sexual congress ―missionary
I got up to leave. ―Just a minute,   Hirohito. A picture of Lieutenant         excellent Japanese. Instead I did
                                     Beath intercepted, recorded,                                                        style‖, our customary manner,
young fellow, where are you                                                    pure Intelligence work, often             was a source of awe and
going?‖ I responded that I had       translated and typed out the              with the Mayor of Kokura, a
                                     Emperor of Japan’s ―surrender                                                       amusement.
misunderstood his mission. He                                                  retired General with whom I had                                 S. Paul Kramer
told me to wait and then when        message ―Finally, a canceled air                                                                                JLS 1944
                                     mail (six cents) letter written to                                                             _______________
    Foley, Arthur W.                Jennifer       Round           and    nearly a mile. Accompanying us        Officers Club at nearby Fort
                                    granddaughter, Maureen Leddy.         but at a little distance was a 30-    Meyer for refreshments. Because
         “Mike”                     Ceremonies were held at               piece Navy band which played          of new security regulations we
Age 82. On January 16, 2003.        Arlington Cemetery on April 16,       ―Onward Christian Soldiers.‖          were turned away by an armed
He was born in Lewistown, MT.       2003. Family and friends                 When we reached the                guard and told to go to the other
He served in the USNR after         gathered at the Fort Myers            columbarium for the service the       entrance on the other side of the
completing a lengthy course at      Officers’ Club after the service.     band stationed itself on a slope      post. When we arrived at the gate
the Japanese Language School ,                                            across from us and played the         everyone had to get out of their
                                                             Inez Foley
University of Colorado, Boulder,                                          Navy Hymn. This was followed          cars – all doors left open for
CO. Employed at National                                                  by the three rifle volleys and        inspection.     The     inspection
                                             16 April 2003
Security    Agency      and   its                                         Taps. Then the Navy Chaplain          included opening the hood and
                                     Arlington National Cemetery
predecessors. Retired in 1978;                                            spoke a few words, read a Psalm       the trunk and looking under the
wintered in Florida until 2000      Mike’s family and friends met at      and gave a prayer after which the     car with a long mirror. Eventually
when he became a year-round         the Administration Building           band played ―America the              everyone was fed and rested.
resident. Participated in several   where we were told that there         Beautiful.‖
                                                                                                                                           Inez Foley
choruses and choirs for many        would be full military honors.           Then we turned toward the
years. Survived by wife, Inez;      First, there was a horse drawn        wall of niches for the actual         [Ed. Note: Present ARMS! Order
                                    caisson. The family was invited       internment.                           ARMS! Or translated to civilian, we
stepson, Walter D. Foley;
                                    to walk behind the caisson for           Afterward we went to the           salute him. Sincere thanks to Mrs.
daughters Kathleen Leddy and                                                                                    Foley for providing this information.]

   Rachael Williams                 Okinawa and China and key             The Williams are survived by                   New Collections
   Passes Away at 88                events in the Cold War from           their daughter, Dorothy W.
                                    postings with CIA and Nato in         Dowdy of Fairfax Station,             The following are further
Rachael M. Williams, widow of       England, Italy and Germany, and       Virginia, their son Dr. Thomas E.     collections held or recently
COL Thomas E. Williams              the Atlantic Command Center in        Williams, Jr. of Deming,              received by the Archives:
USMC, died in Denver April 17       Norfolk, Virginia. Rachael, an        Washington, three grandchildren
of diabetes complications. Born     avid reader of history, was an apt    and five great-grandchildren.                   Thomas E. Williams
April 13, 1915, in Englewood,       partner for her husband in such       Anyone wishing to honor Rachael                  (add.)
Colorado to Stella and Joe          historic times.                       may do so by making a                           J.G. Otagiri
Henry, Rachael spent an                 Rachael studied history at        contribution to the American                    Donald Keene (add.)
enviable childhood on her           Colorado Women’s College and          Diabetes Association.                           Holtom Family
father’s cattle ranches in          gained practical business skills at                   Dorothy W. Dowdy
Wyoming and an adult life           Barnes Business College. She                      7709 Manor House Dr.
                                                                                    Fairfax Station, VA 22039
                                                                                                                    $Donations Received
traveling the globe with her        won a scholarship for piano
husband and children. COL           artistry, especially for her          [Ed. Note: Glenn Nelson and Glen      The Archives has recently
Williams’ career in intelligence    interpretations of Chopin’s work.     Slaughter served in the 6th Marine    received generous donations
spanned World War II, with the      She was an avid trout                 Division under COL Williams. Ms.      from:
Sixth Marine Division in            fisherwoman and nature lover.         Dowdy and Dr. Williams donated
                                                                          their father’s papers.]
                                                                                                                          Griffith Way

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