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									                    Issue 5
                                                     The                  ECHO
                                                                Maggie Valley Club News                                                        Fall Issue

                   MANAGER’S MESSAGE
               We are very excited to announce the
                                                                                                         Maggie Valley Club  
               opening of a new endeavor here at
               your club...The Discovery Wellness                                                      Oktoberfest Buffet
 Spa at Maggie Valley Club! The new spa is located
 in the Discovery Gallery, the building at the                                                         & Beer Tasting!
 intersection of Moody Farm Rd. and Country Club
 Dr., which formerly housed the Real Estate office.                                                                             POLK
                                                                                                                      , POLKA,
 On opening day in the Discovery Wellness Spa,                                                                   POLKA
 you will be able to receive services in facial
 esthetics, massage, cosmetology, reflexology and                          Try our fantastic German Buffet while 
 “up-do” hair styling. Very soon the spa will include                        dancing away to the music of the  
 full hair and nail services as well. The spa will be
 open to the public, and Maggie Valley Club Mem-                                       Polka Kings!   
 bers will receive a discount on services offered.
                                                                         Sample flights of beer from different nations. 
 Please visit our website, www.maggievalleyclub.com
 or stop by the spa for more information on pricing
 and services.
                                                                             Thursday, October 8th, 6 ‐ 9 pm 
                                                                                   $15.95++ per person 
 I am also pleased to let you know that the new
 Master’s Landing Townhomes are now ready for                                 Call 828‐926‐4848 to sign up! 
 viewing. The Townhomes are Maggie Valley
 Club’s latest real estate offering, including the best
 in lifestyle and comfort.
                                                                                    LABOR DAY
 The Townhomes are located overlooking the #1
 Fairway and have spectacular views of the golf
 course and surrounding mountains. If you can’t
                                                                                 STEAK COOKOUT!
 come to the Open House on September 1st, stop
 by and make an appointment with Billie Green to                                         Monday, September 7th
 see the Townhomes for yourself.
                                                                           5 - 8 pm at the Poolside Activities Lawn
 Billie can be reached at 828-926-4852 or
 billiegreen@maggievalleyclub.com.                                                           $19.95++ for adults
 As the beautiful fall colors and weather make their                                        $11.95++ for children
 way to the Valley, I hope you enjoy your time at the                                     Call 828-926-4826 to sign up!
 club as much as we enjoy having you as a part of
 the Maggie Valley Club family.                                                 Great live music with Josh Fields.
 Jay Manner                                                                    Relax by the pool or challenge your
 jmanner@maggievalleyclub.com                                                   friends to a round of horseshoes!

               www.maggievalleyclub.com                                  828‐926‐1616                                        1‐800‐438‐3861 

    Maggie Valley Club announces the                                     GRAND OPENING of
        the Discovery Wellness Spa at Maggie Valley Club !
                             Open House: Saturday, September 12th
              All members welcome!  Please RSVP to activities@maggievalleyclub.com or 926‐4826 

FACIAL ESTHETICIAN & COSMETOLOGIST: Allison Baldwin with About Face                                       

Allison is a graduate of the Florida College of Natural Health and has been involved in the 
skin care industry for 20 years.   

Her approach to maintaining healthy skin and a clear, flawless complexion is clinically based, 
and  one  of  continued  perseverance.  Some  of  her  specialties  include  facial  rejuvenation, 
chemical peels, skin resurfacing, acne protocols, sun damage and maturing skin treatments.  
Allison utilizes the diamond derma‐file resurfacing system, Skin Renu, Doctors Program and 
proudly represents Colorscience Mineral cosmetics widely used in medical & clinical settings. 

Allison has many success stories from individuals who had given up hope on achieving the 
results they so vigorously pursued.  Her passion for health and wellness  is what drives her 
both personally and professionally, as she continues to practice and promote all aspects of 
fitness and wellbeing.  Call 828‐246‐5285                                  NC License # E3240 

                                                 MASSAGE by David Serra:  
                                                 Licensed Massage & Bodywork  Therapist 

                                                 Presenting  the  community  with  precise,  holistic,  impeccable  massage 
                                                 and bodywork therapies.  Offering a variety of massage and body work 
                                                 treatments    Specializing  in  deep  relaxation  and  integrative  custom  
                                                 massage  therapies.  Treatments  include  everything  from  hot  stone  
                                                 massage, Swedish, and specialized massage treatments which alleviate 
                                                 specific mental stress factors in the body to more specific “corrective”  
                                                 massage therapies which can help your golf and tennis games.

                                                 Call 828‐216‐6542.                                                   NC License # 6328 

    REFLEXOLOGY by Joan Braemer 
    Foot reflexology is a science‐based stress relieving technique based on 
    the principle that there are reflexes in the feet     relative to all parts of 
    the  body.    Reflexology  is  used  primarily  for  relaxing  tension,  improves 
    nerves and blood supply and helps nature to normalize.    

    Reflexology relaxes the stress that can affect your health and is a safe 
    effective way to better health.

    Call 828‐926‐4826.                                                 NC License # 472 

                      Coming soon to the spa: Nail Professional & Hair Stylist !
                   Activities Information                    activities@maggievalleyclub.com            828‐926‐4826              
            Golf Shop RE-Grip Sale                                           MVC Women’s Golf Association  
                                                                             Prevost Cup Eclectic Tournament 
                                         All Grips for the
                                        Months of September
                                          & October are

                                             20% Off
                                            RE-Grip Sale
                                                                               Jane Marville, Marilyn Reetz, Felicia Manly  

            Ladies 9 Holers                                          The Maggie Valley Club Women’s Golf Association held 
                                                                     their  annual  Prevost  Cup  Eclectic  Tournament  on  July 
                                                                     21st  and  23rd.    Thirty‐six  holes  were  played  with  the 
                                                                     best 18 holes selected for the final score. Marilyn Reetz 
JUNE 11:  Scramble with 18 Hole Ladies 
                                                                     won  the  gross  with  a  score  of  78.    Felicia  Manly  won 
             1st Place Team:  Moore Capers,  Deanna                  the  low  net  with  a  score  of  58  and  Jane  Marville  won 
                               Cruz, JoAnn England                   the 2nd low net with a score of 59.    Felicia Manly also 
                                                                     won  closest  to  the  pin  on  hole  No.  12  and  Marilyn 
             2nd Place Team: Joan Fernandez, Helen                   Reetz  had  a  chip  in  for  a  birdie  on  hole  No.  7.    The 
                              Hanson, Felicia Manly                  members  always  enjoy  this  venue  since  great            
                                                                     improvement can be made on the second day of play. 
          Closest to line on # 8:  Moore Capers 
          Closest to pin on #9:    Joan Fernandez                              Annual Handicap Tournament 
JUNE 18 and 23:  Spring Tournament 

           1st Place:             Helen Hanson 
        2nd Place:                Marilyn  Bateman 
           Low Putts              Genevieve Gilmore 
August 11 & 13:  Jane Bradbeer  
Championship Tournament 
             Low Gross:    Genevieve Gilmore                         Maggie  Valley  Club  Women’s  Golf  Association  held  its 
             Low Net:      Marilyn Bateman                           annual  Handicap  Tournament  on  June  30th  and  July 
             Low Putts:   Marilyn McClimans                          2nd.  Fifteen ladies participated in the two day event.  
                                                                     The winners were Marilyn Reetz , center,1st Place with 
           GOLF TOURNAMENT PARTICIPANTS                              a  net  score  of  128.    2nd  Place  winner  was  Sherry       

           Don’t forget that gift certificates received during       Einwag, left, with a net score of 131.  3rd Place winner 
            tournaments expire on December 31st, 2009.               was Dianna Cruz, right, with a net score of 156. 

                  Golf Information                  golfshop@maggievalleyclub.com                     828‐926‐6013       

    Tennis Fun
      at MVC!

        Come on out and bring your friends! 
        Open to members (free) and non‐members ($10) 
                                                                                            Golf Events
        No partner necessary 
        Great Prizes from our new spa!                                                 Sept 5th & 6th : Tee Times
                                                                                          Club Championship
  2 flights:              Flight A:  Rank 3.5 and below 
                                                                                      Sept. 20th : 1:00 pm Shotgun
                          Flight B:  Rank 4.0 and over 
                                                                                               Hilly Dilly
                  Saturday, October 17th                                               Oct 4th : 1:00 pm Shotgun
                  Flight A : 8:30 am                                                           Hilly Dilly
                  Flight B:  10:30 am 
                                                                                           Oct.10th & 11th :
Congrats to the participants in the July 25h Tournament!                                   10:00 am Shotgun
                                                                                               Fall 4-Ball

                                                                                            Oct. 24th & 25th
                                                                                           11:00 am Shotgun
                                                                                          Fall Warrior Classic

                                                                                      Nov. 14th : 11:00 am Shotgun
                                                                                             Coats for Kids

                                                                                      Dec. 5th : 11:00 am Shotgun
                                                                                             Toys for Tots

                                                                                        December 12th : All Day
                                                                                              Pro Shop
Angela Pecorino, Gerry Krezek, Jim McClimans, Connie Anderson (Pro), Marilyn               Christmas Party!
McClimans, Marilyn Reetz, Lauren Sutton, Glenn Reetz, Helen Hansen 

              Activities Information            activities@maggievalleyclub.com            828‐926‐4826         
5                                                     fxÑàxÅuxÜ
     fâÇ               `ÉÇ                   gâxá            jxw                g{âÜá               YÜ|                   ftà             ACTIVITIES CALENDAR
                                                                                                                                          LABOR DAY
     Clubhouse      828-926-1616         Nature     1     Yoga           2    Dog Playdate   3   Music & Mvt    4                     5   STEAK COOKOUT
      Golf Shop     828-926-6013         Walk 9:30 am     Stretch 9:00 am        2:30 pm           9:00 am                                The Fun before the Fireworks!
                                                                                                                     Labor Day Kids
      Activities    828-926-4826                          Free for members!                      Free for members!                        Come to MVC from 5-8 pm
                                                                               Ladies Night                          Party! 1-3 pm
     Restaurant     828-926-4848          Italian Night     Trivia Night                                                                  and enjoy pool games, lawn
                                                                                Out 6 pm          Fine Dining
                                           5:30-9 pm      Wednesdays! 6pm                        Friday 6-9 pm        Martini Night       games and great food! Then
                                                                              SUSHI NIGHT                                                 head to Maggie Valley
                                                                                                                                          Fairgrounds at dark for the
              6     Water           7    Nature      8    Yoga           9                10     Music & Mvt11              12
                                                                                                                      NEW SPA             fireworks! 926-1616 to sign up!
Sunday Brunch Aerobics 12:30p Walk 9:30 am                Stretch 9:00 am      Game Day!           9:00 am             GRAND
11 am—2 pm                                                Free for members!      2 pm            Free for members!                        FIRST FRIDAY FINE
                      LABOR DAY                                                                                       OPENING!            DINING - Friday Sept. 4ts
                                          Italian Night     Trivia Night                          LIVE MUSIC
                    STEAK COOKOUT!                                                                                                        and Oct 2nd. Enjoy fine
                                           5:30-9 pm      Wednesdays! 6pm     SUSHI NIGHT        DINNER IN P.H.
                         5-8 pm                                                                                       Martini Night       dining at Maggie Valley Club.

             13     Water         14     Nature     15    Yoga         16                 17     Music & Mvt18 Festival &         19      MEMBER COCTAIL
Sunday Brunch Aerobics 12:30p Walk 9:30 am                Stretch 9:00 am     Dog Playdate        9:00 am            Hike: Oconoluftee    SOCIAL - See p. 6 for
11 am—2 pm           Free for members!                                          2:30 pm          Free for members!   Farm 9:30 am         details.
                                          Italian Night     Trivia Night
                                           5:30-9 pm      Wednesdays! 6pm                                              Kids Nature        MARTINI NIGHT
                                                                              SUSHI NIGHT                             Hike & Creek        Every Saturday Night enjoy $2
                                                                                                                      Stomp 1-3pm         off every Martini! Our menu
                                                                                                                                          includes over 20 varieties or
             20 Water             21     Nature     22    Yoga         23                 24     Music & Mvt25 Fall Wreath        26      create your own!
                                                                                                  9:00 am
Sunday Brunch Aerobics 12:30p Walk 9:30 am                Stretch 9:00 am      Game Day!                       Craft 1pm
                                                                                                                                          LADIES NIGHT OUT-
                     Free for members!                    Free for members!      2 pm
11 am—2 pm                                Italian Night                                           LIVE MUSIC         KIDS SPORTS          Girls night out at Maggie
                                                            Trivia Night                         DINNER IN P.H.       DAY 1-3pm
                                           5:30-9 pm                                                                                      Valley Club! Leave the guys at
                                                          Wednesdays! 6pm     SUSHI NIGHT                             Martini Night       home for snax and a chick
                                                                                                                                          flick on the big screen with
27                  Water         28     Nature     29    Yoga         30                                                                 your friends. 926-4826 to sign
                    Aerobics 12:30p Walk 9:30 am          Stretch 9:00 am                                                                 up!
Sunday Brunch        Free for members!                    Free for members!
                                          Italian Night                                                                                   SUSHI NIGHT– Thursdays
11 am—2 pm
                                                            Trivia Night                                                                  in September and on a special
                                           5:30-9 pm      Wednesdays! 6pm                                                                 night in October, enjoy chef
                                                                                                                                          Keith’s special sushi menu
                                                                                                                                          with a good Sake menu. Call

                                                          bvàÉuxÜ                                                                         828-926-4848 for reservations.
                                                                                                                                          FALL MIXED DOUBLES
                                                                                                                                          TENNIS TOURNAMENT
                                                                                                                                          See p. 4 for details.

     fâÇ                  `ÉÇ                gâxá                jxw             g{âÜá               YÜ|                  ftà             WATER AEROBICS
                                                                                                                                          YOGA STRETCH
                                                                                                                                          MUSIC & MOVEMENT
  Call Kristin     the Activities                                                            1                  2                     3   See next page for details.
 Coordinator       828-926-4826                                               Dog Playdate        Fine Dining         KIDS MOVIE
            at     on any Maggie                                                2:30 pm              Friday          NIGHT 6-9 pm         GAMES DAYS! – Have fun
for more info      Events or                                                                        6 - 9 pm                              learning and playing these
  Valley Club      Activities!                                                  ITALIAN                                                   classic fun games! Every other
                                                                                 NIGHT                                 Martini Night      Thursday at 2 pm
                                                                                                                                          Beginners welcome!
             4     Music & Mvt    5      Nature     6     Yoga           7                   8                  9    Hike/Lunch10
    Sunday          9:00 am              Walk 9:30 am     Stretch 9:00 am      Game Day!         LIVE MUSIC            Deep Creek         NATURE WALK
    Brunch          Free for members!                     Free for members!      2 pm             DINNER in           Falls 9:30am        Tuesdays at 9:30 am. Meet at
11am—2pm                                  Ladies Night                                           the Pin High          KIDS CRAFT         the Concierge desk. Hike
                                           Out 6 pm                           OKTOBERFEST!                             DAY 1-3pm          Sycamore Trail and Hidden
                                                                                 6-9 pm                                                   Falls trail!
                                                                                                                       Martini Night
                                                                                                                                          GREAT HIKES & CRAFT
           11      Music & Mvt 12        Nature    13     Yoga        14                  15                   16 TENNIS          17      WORKSHOPS
    Sunday             9:00 am           Walk 9:30 am     Stretch 9:00 am     Dog Playdate          WINE              Tournament
                    Free for members!
                                                                                                                                          See next page for details.
    Brunch                                                Free for members!     2:30 pm           LOTTERY:
                                                                                                                     KIDS SPORTS          DOG PLAYDATE
11am—2pm                                                                                         REDS 7 pm
                                                            MEMBERS                                                   DAY 1-3pm           Bring your dog to the activities
                                                          COCTAIL SOCIAL      SUSHI NIGHT                                                 lawn to meet other dogs and
                                                              6-9 pm                                                   Martini Night      other members! Free.
             18    Music & Mvt 19        Nature     20    Yoga        21                  22                   23                 24      MVC WINE LOTTERY-
    Sunday              9:00 am          Walk 9:30 am     Stretch 9:00 am      Game Day!         Paper Bouquet            KIDS            RED WINES—Taste them all
    Brunch          Free for members!                     Free for members!      2 pm             Craft 1 pm           Halloween          and pick your favorite!
11am—2pm                                                                                                                                  Win wine prizes!
                                                          Lake Junaluska                          LIVE MUSIC
                                                                                                                      Party 6-9 pm
                                                           Birding Walk         ITALIAN                                                   Call 828-926-4826 for more
                                                                                                 DINNER IN P.H.        Martini Night      information & to sign up!
                                                             8:30 am             NIGHT
                                                                                                                                          KIDS SATURDAY FUN!
           25      Music & Mvt 26        Nature   27      Yoga        28                  29                   30      FAMILY 31          Bring the kids out Saturdays
    Sunday              9:00 am          Walk 9:30 am     Stretch 9:00 am     Dog Playdate                            HAYRIDES &          for fun at the club! Most
                    Free for members!                     Free for members!                      Learn to Play:
    Brunch                                                                      2:30 pm                                Trick or           Saturdays from 1—3 pm.
11am—2pm                                                                                                                Treating
                                                                              TRIVIA NIGHT          1 pm
                                                                                                                                          Call 828-926-4826 for more
                                                                                                                       Martini Night      activities information.
 6                                                    www.maggievalleyclub.com 

        MVC FITNESS CLASSES                                                               Crafty Classes
       Are you taking full advantage of your member                          At Maggie Valley Club !
      privileges? Enjoy these fitness classes FREE as
                 part of your membership!                                  Fall Wreath Craft
                   YOGA STRETCH                                          Make your own beautiful wreath
                                                                               for the fall season!
 Geared for beginner to intermediate yoga levels. This 45
minute stretching routine incorporates yoga theory with deep               SIGN UPS DUE BY Tues, Sept. 15
  breathing and yoga poses. Bring a mat and water bottle.
         WEDNESDAYS at 9 am in the Activities Room
                                                                               Saturday, September 26th, 1 pm
 MUSIC AND MOVEMENT AEROBICS                                                     $20 per person for supplies
  A 45 minute beginner/intermediate low-impact workout. A
fun-filled class focusing on head to toe muscle strength, toning,                                 Crepe Paper Bouquet
    flexibility and balance. Bring water and good sneakers.
                                                                                                  Create a beautiful bouquet that
      FRIDAYS in September and MONDAYS in October                                                        will last all year!
               at 9 am in the Activities Room
                                                                                                    SIGN UPS DUE BY Tues, Oct. 20
                 WATER AEROBICS
Build up your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength
                                                                                          Friday, Oct. 23rd, 1 pm
              while you have fun in the water!                          $5 per person for supplies ($10 with vase)
       MONDAYS in September at 12:30 pm in the pool.

                                                                                                            GREAT HIKES!
          $5 FOR NON- MEMBERS (please bring exact change)                              
                                                                                                              Deep Creek ‐ 3 Falls             


                                                                                                          This  relatively easy trail can be 
                                                                                                          taken as a 4.5 mile loop trail, or 

         Member Cocktail Social
                                                                                                              any length less than that      
                                                                                                         depending on where you want to 
                                                                                                        go!  3 gorgeous falls along the way.   
                                                                      Festival, Hike & Lunch:             The trailhead is in Bryson City. 
                  (Formerly “the Member Gala”)                         Oconoluftee Farm                                        

                                                                                                            Saturday, October 10, 
                                                                      Festival & River Trail 
                                                                                                                  9:30 am 
Put on your cutest cocktail dress ‐ guys get                            Enjoy the Appalachian Farm 

                                                                                                         Meet at the concierge desk. Or the 
                                                                        demonstrations at the Farm,      Deep Creek parking lot at 10:30am. 
  your suits,  and come to the club for an                             then enjoy a 3 mile round trip                      
                                                                        stroll along the Oconoluftee 
evening of dancing, fun, and fabulous food!                           River.  Bring a lunch to enjoy at 
                                                                            the  end of the walk. 

      Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 2009                                      Saturday, September 19th 
                                                                              9:30 am 
           6:00 ‐ 9:00 pm                                                              
                                                                       Meet at the concierge desk or 
                                                                        meet at the Oconoluftee 
                                                                         parking lot at 10:15 am. 
Dance to the tunes of the Dave Rudolph band!                                                             
                                                                                                            Tom Branch falls on Deep Creek Trail 

     Cocktail food and drinks provided.                                               Lake Junaluska Birding Trip 
                                                                        Take the 2.5 mile loop around Lake Junaluska with a new 
      RSVP REQUIRED by Saturday, Oct. 10th to                         perspective!  Enjoy the beautiful bird‐life that makes this area 
                                                                                               their home. 
                 828‐926‐4826 or                                                                         

                                                                                  Wednesday, October 21st, 3:30 am 
                                                                        MEET AT THE PARKING LOT BY THE LAKE JUNALUSKA 
                                                                                       SWIMMING POOL. 

           Activities Information                 activities@maggievalleyclub.com                       828‐926‐4826                           

          From the Real Estate Corner
Are housing prices coming around?  This recent article from the USA 
Today hints that we may be reaching the bottom of the market.  This 
is welcome news as we are poised to release our new Master’s    
Landing Townhomes.  Please come by the Real Estate office anytime 
for your look at this exciting new product.   ‐Billie Green, MVC Broker 

HOUSING PRICES ROUNDING A CORNER ?                   by USA Today 

Housing prices in May showed their first gain in three years, a  
sign that the beleaguered market may finally be turning around. 
Home prices rose 0.5% in May from April, according to the        
Standard & Poor's/Case‐Shiller home price index, which measures 
changes in the value of residential real estate in 20 cities.                   Master’s Landing Townhomes now completed!   
                                                                              Call Billie for an appointment today.  828‐926‐4852 

It also comes on the heels of other promising signs that the market is stabilizing, including a smaller inventory of 
homes for sale and a continuing rise in home sales. 
"This corroborates a lot of other economic indicators that have been telling us the housing market is in the process of 
turning around," says Bernard Baumohl at the Economic Outlook Group. "The worst is over.". 
The positive housing data is also good news for lenders, who will see the value of their assets move higher, resulting in 
fewer losses on the balance sheet.  Economists say the big question now is whether the promising signs in the housing 
market will encourage homeowners enough to result in more consumer spending. 
Other hints of an improving housing market include a rise in existing‐home sales for the third consecutive month in 
June, according to the National Association of Realtors.  And sales of new homes in June jumped 11% from May,  
according to government figures, and the supply of homes for sale fell to 8.8 months, the lowest since October 2007. 

                                                                                The very popular Maggie Valley Club  
                                                                                     Cottage lots still available!

                    New Condo Pricing! 
     Now offering Persimmon Point condominiums from $260,000 to 
    $390,000.  We offer 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath or 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath units.  

                  Call Billie today for an appointment. 

       For information contact our Real Estate Office at 1-866-659-4725 or billiegreen@maggievalleyclub.com


                                 Please Welcome our New Members
Tim & Sandra Campbell                              Stan Cannon                              Luc & Germaine Courchene
Malvern, PA                                        Candler, NC                              Naples, FL

John Gambrell                                      Brenda O’Keefe                           Charles & Jeanie Dynarski
Maggie Valley, NC                                  Maggie Valley, NC                        Aiken, SC & Maggie Valley, NC

Adam & Danielle Smith                              Mike & Jeanne Strickland                 Jessica Enander & Will Furse
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Carl & Barbara Mathison                            Jim Meister                              Daniel & Sharon Smith
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                                                                       A Message from Robby, Golf Course Superintendant 
                                                                       Well… it’s that time again… 
                                                                       Aeration is an extremely important maintenance practice 
                                                                       on a golf course.  Although it results in a temporary      
                                                                       disruption of the green, aeration improves water         
                                                                       penetration into the soil, reduces soil compaction,    
                                                                       stimulates turfgrass root growth for a healthier plant, 
                                                                       helps control thatch build‐up, and improves overall     
                                                                       growing conditions. Aeration generally is done once or 
                                                                       twice per year, and sometimes more often if certain    
                                                                       problems exist (such as #16, putting green & chipping 
                      The Greens Groomer 
          CLUB OPERATING HOURS                                         Think of it as going to the dentist for your twice‐yearly 
                                                                       check‐up.  The same holds true for aeration. You can skip 
    Administrative Offices             Concierge/Activities Desk
 Monday-Friday ~ 8:30 am - 5pm         Tues-Sat ~ 8:30am-5:00pm
                                                                       a visit to the dentist, but you will contribute to problems 
                                                                       over the long term.  If you skip one of the semi‐annual 
            Golf Shop                        Group Sales               aerations, this can result in faster turf loss during the 
     Daily ~ 7:30am - 6:00pm         Wed - Sun ~ 7:00am - 3:30 pm      stressful summer months.   
     1st Tee Time ~ 8:00 am
                                       Pin High Bar & Grille           Oxygen is one of the most important elements to growing 
                                       Mon ~ 7:00 am - 5:00 pm         fine sports turf.  Just like the human body, turf and soil 
          Driving Range
                                         (bar open until 7:00 pm)
     Daily ~ 8:00 am - 6:00 pm                                         need oxygen to thrive & survive. 
                                    Tues - Thurs ~ 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
      Closed for maintenance
         Mon 12 - 4:00 pm             Fri - Sat ~ 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
                                         (bar open until 11:00 pm)     This fall we will be using a 3/8”x5” (depth) quad‐tine.  
                                     Sunday ~ 7:00 am - 9:00 pm        This will allow us to remove more thatch & organic mat‐
   Front Desk/Reservations          Breakfast served until 11:00 am.   ter from the canopy without using a larger tine, which in   
 Mon & Tues ~ 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  Wed - Sat ~ 7:00am - 9:00pm                                          return can cause the inconvenience and a disruption in 
                                            Fitness Center
  Sunday ~ 7:00 am - 6:00 pm           Daily ~ 6:00 am - 9:00 pm       play.  Following the aerification process we will top‐dress 
                                                                       with straight sand, apply soil amendments & fertilizers, 
          Tennis Courts                       Pool Facility            brush and mow & roll.  We will also be using an            
     Daily ~ 8:00 am - 6:00 pm         Mon ~ 10:00 am - 9:00 pm        Aerification Recovery Program 3 days prior & 3 days after. 
        Weather Permitting           Tues - Sun ~ 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
                                                                       We hope to see a quick recovery in at least 5 days. 

             Membership Information               membership@maggievalleyclub.com                        828‐926‐4831 
                                                        www.maggievalleyclub.com                                                                         9

               Having FUN at the Club!

                                   Will Furse  & Jessica Enander                                                        Donna Studer & Deanna Cruz 
                                                                          MEET & 

                                                                      Jim McClimans,  
                                                                      Jules  &       
                                                                      Roxanne Jahr, 
                                                                      and Bill Studer   

                                                                                                                    David Day, Otis Sizemore,  
                                                                               BAKING                               Ruth Simpson, Luc & Germaine 
                                                                                                                    Courchene and Margaret Day 
                                                                            WITH THE CHEF 
                                                                                                                            HIKING MAX PATCH 

Ken & Sally Bright, Gayle Shashy, Chef Danielle Lewis and  Jim & Barbara Oswald 


                                                                                           Gayle Mutchnik, Kristin Moro, Deanna Cruz, Donna Molinaro & Guest,  
                                                                                                      Peggy & Jim Arnold, and Donna & Bill Studer 
                     The Connors Family! 

             Golf with a Llama!
Golfers at Maggie Valley Club now have a new choice of caddies….. Llamas and 
their  handlers  from  llamacaddy.com  will  be  available  for  Thursday  afternoon 
tee  times  with  golfers!    Golfers  will  walk  the  course  with  their  llama  caddy.  
Each  llama  will  have  a  handler  with  it  who  will  attend  to  any  needs  of  the 
llama throughout the 18 holes. 
Llamas are South American animals related to camels that have been used as 
pack  animals  as  far  back  as  the  Incan  empire.    Llamas  are  great  on  the  golf 
course because instead of regular hooves, llamas have soft pads on their feet which do not tear up the delicate grass on 
the course. The llamas can each carry 2 sets of golf clubs. 
                                             Llamacaddy.com  is  located  in  Brevard,  NC.    The  llamas  of  llamacaddy.com  are     
                                             currently  working  with  another  WNC  country  club  and  now  with  Maggie  Valley 
                                             Club.  Llamacaddy.com has been featured on BBC News and was also seen on the 
                                             NBC  Nightly  News  after  the  PGA  Championship.    In  addition  to  golf  caddies,       
                                             llamacaddy.com also books special events and children’s parties. 
                                             The llama rounds will happen every Thursday at 5 pm now through October 29th.  
                                             Rounds of golf will include 9 holes and cost $70 plus tax.  The number of llamas is 
                                             limited  and  they  will  ONLY  be  available  on  Thursday  afternoons.    Please  call  the 
                                             Maggie Valley Club Pro Shop at 828‐926‐6013 to schedule your round!  

                       Golf Information             golfshop@maggievalleyclub.com                  828‐926‐6013 

        1819 Country Club Drive
        Maggie Valley, NC 28751

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