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									Ecopaint Booth

                 Spray	booth	for	optimal	paint	conditions
Ecopaint Booth

                                                           We	are	living	in	the	age	of	the	surface:	increasingly		
                                                           sophisticated	color	effects,	finer	paints,	glossier	surfaces	
                                                           are	wrapped	around	products	and	vehicles	protecting	
                                                           them	and	lending	them	status	and	appeal.

                                                           Surface	quality	is	indicative	of	the	quality	of	the	product	
                                                           as	a	whole	enhancing	the	interior	and	adding	value.	It	
                                                           becomes	synonymous	with	value,	with	value	in	and	of	
                                                           itself.	It	defines	the	market	and	opens	up	markets,	ever	
                                                           larger	markets.	

                                                           Dürr delivers the key to surface quality:
                                                           We	plan,	deliver	and	install	turnkey	paint	shops.	At	the	
                                                           same	time	we	work	our	way	deep	into	your	complex	
                                                           process	environment	to	implement	an	individual		
First class application meeting the highest requirements   solution.	The	Ecopaint brand	name	carried	by	our	
                                                           products	and	plants	stands	for	innovation	and	maximum	
                                                           customer	value.	Dürr	guarantees	highest	quality	and	
                                                           lowest	costs	per	unit	throughout	the	entire	process:	
                                                           from	pretreatment	and	painting	right	through	to	curing.	

                                                           For painting your car bodies:
                                                           Ecopaint Booth	is	a	modular	spray	booth	system,	ideally	
                                                           uniting	all	components	and	modules	via	integrative		
                                                           interfaces,	to	form	complete	systems	that	assure:	
                                                           •	 highest	quality
                                                           •	 minimum	costs	per	unit	and
                                                           •	 resource	conserving	and	energy	saving	operation

                                                           By	using	this	product	you	gain	much	more	than	the	
                                                           product	alone.	As	a	leading	technology	developer	we	
The painted body store guarantees highest throughput       offer	you:	
levels                                                     •	 in-depth	process	know-how
                                                           •	 many	years	of	experience	and
                                                           •	 a	global	presence

Ecopaint Booth – the spray booth

Spray booths designed to provide ideal application
                                                                                            1                                           2
The	spray	booth	–	the	heart	of	the	paint	shop	–	is	built	
up	of	modules	and	can	thus	flexibly	be	adapted	to	suit	
your	requirements.	You	provide	process	parameters	
such	as	building	details,	space	availability,	capacities	and	
throughput	times.	Dürr	then	designs	and	installs	your	
spray	booth	with	integrated	application	and	conveyor	
technologies.	The	system	ensures	effective	interac-                                                                                 4
tion	of	all	components	so	that	high	first	run	rates	can	
be	attained	whilst	minimizing	energy	consumption	and	
reducing	costs.	
With	our	simulation	we	ensure	all	processes	in	advance.
In	the	spray	booth	the	EcoPlenum	ensures	uniform	
pressure	conditions	and	a	constant	downdraft	velocity	
–	both	essential	requirements	for	optimal	paint		                                                                7

                                                                Cross-section of the Ecopaint Booth spray booth

                                                                1	   Air	supply	unit            5	   Spray	booth
                                                                2	   Heat	recovery	system       6	   EcoEnvirojet3	(scrubber)
                                                                3	   EcoPlenum                  7	   EcoESKA2
                                                                4	   EcoCleanroom               	    (paint	sludge	removal)

                                                                EcoCleanroom	provides	enclosed	clean	rooms	in	the	
                                                                booth	environment,	where	intelligent	pressure	level		
                                                                control	minimize	dirt	ingress	and	maximize	paint		
                                                                application	quality.	

Streaming simulation in the spray booth

                                                                                            For	perfect	surfaces

Ecopaint Booth –
Modular build for speed

                                                                   The	EcoFlexwall	system	with	its	steel	reinforcement	
                                                                   structure	EcoITM	(Integrated	Truss	Module)	allows	not	
                                                                   only	flexible	layout	options	but	also	short	installation	
                                                                   times	thanks	to	standardized	and	pre-assembled		

                                                                   Modularity	also	has	its	advantages	once	the	system	is	in	
                                                                   production	operation:	maintenance	is	performed	module	
                                                                   by	module,	individual	components	are	easily	accessible	
                                                                   and	can	be	quickly	replaced.	

                                                                   Standardized,	low	maintenance	components	maximize	
                                                                   efficiency:	unit	costs	go	down	and	down.	               	

All	Ecopaint Booth	components	are	brought	together	
with	standardized,	well-matched	interfaces.	This	allows	
for	individual	solutions	and	an	individual	approach	to	your	
requirements.	Thanks	to	standardized	and	pre-assembled	
components,	plans	can	be	implemented	quickly	and		
production	lead	times	kept	to	a	minimum	while	maintain-
ing	high	process	reliability	and	quality.	You	can	profit	in	all	
phases:	when	a	new	plant	is	installed,	when	a	plant	needs	
to	be	adapted	or	extended	or,	later,	when	revamping	or	
modernization	is	called	for.	             	

Ecopaint AirHandling –
A good atmosphere ensures top quality

Consider	Dürr	on	the	quality	of	paint	application	and	
on	the	perfection	of	the	paint	finish	of	the	vehicle	body.	
Quality	moves	to	a	new	level	with	the	excellence	of	air	
conditioning	and	the	absolutely	clean	ambient	environ-
ment	provided	by	Dürr.

Especially	the	application	of	water-borne	paints		
requires	specific	air	conditions	in	respect	of	humidity	
and	temperature.
                                                              EcoAir Supply for optimal air conditions
EcoAir Supply	is	an	air	supply	system	made	up	of		            in the spray booth
standardized	components	that	provides	optimal		
conditions,	maintains	a	consistently	constant	air	flow	
and	ensures	that	the	air	is	filtered,	humidified	and	kept	
at	the	correct	temperature.	

The Ecopaint Concept –
A resource conserving system

                                              Ecopaint Booth	is	a	system	that	uses	resources	very	
                                              economically.		Dürr	gives	consideration	to	the	energy-
                                              efficient	operation	of	all	components,	right	down	to	the	
                                              fans.	Water	is	recycled	and	energy	is	recovered	from	
                                              exhaust	air.	

                                              EcoHeat Recovery	–	the	heat	recovery	system	made	by	
                                              Dürr	–	recovers	thermal	energy	from	the	exhaust	air	and	
                                              returns	it	to	the	inflowing	supply	of	fresh	air,	thus		
                                              reducing	the	energy	requirement	of	the	booth.	

Optimal heat recovery with EcoHeat Recovery   EcoEnvirojet	–	a	high	quality	paint	overspray	separation	
                                              system.	Paint	overspray	in	the	spray	booth	is	separated	
                                              from	the	air	via	a	wet	scrubber	system,	and	extracted	
                                              from	the	booth.	The	paint	is	denatured	with	the	aid	of	
                                              chemicals	and	then	led	to	the	system	tank,	where	it	is	
                                              seperated	from	the	water.

                                              The	EcoExhaust	system	extracts	air	from	the	entire	
                                              spray	booth	system	very	efficiently	and	thus	improves	
                                              its	energy	balance	effectively	and	sustainably.	

Efficient overspray separation

Ecopaint WorkZones – An ergonomic
approach to interior paint application

Ecopaint WorkZones	are	the	human-machine	interface	
in	the	paint	application	process:	this	is	where	manual	
operations	such	as	polishing,	masking,	sanding,	seam	
sealing	and	final	quality	audits	take	place.

Dürr	offers	a	wide	variety	of	ergonomic	work	zones.	
They	are	designed	to	ensure	that	all	necessary	areas	
of	the	vehicle	body	are	easily	accessible.	Best	working	
conditions	result	from	flexible	ventilation,	comfortable	
working	heights,	adjustable	lighting	and	plenty	of	glazed	
areas.	Optimal	working	conditions	for	your	personnel	in	
paint	application,	sanding	or	inspection	areas.	

                                                             Ecopaint WorkZones for ergonomic work conditions




                                                             EC-Sanding                                                  X

                                                             Body Repair                      X

                                                             Masking, Sealing                 X

                                                             Seam Sealing                     X

                                                             Inspection                                      X

                                                             Preparation                      X

                                                             Spot-Repair                                                 X               X

                                                             Finish                           X

                                                             Audit                                           X                           X

Ecopaint Booth

         Your competitive edge with Dürr:

         •	 Modularity	for	flexibility	and	fast	installation	of	your	plant	

         •	 Quality	through	air	management

         •	 Resource	conserving	technologies	for	energy	efficiency	and		
         	 environmental	compatibility

         •	 Optimal	work	zones	thanks	to	ergonomic	design

         •	 Technological	edge	thanks	to	innovative	processes		
         	 and	equipment

         With each and every unit produced you save on cost per unit!

         Paint and Final Assembly Systems •

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