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					                                                                          Start Today ~ Events
                                             Exhibitor Application

                          Start Today, Inc @ 408 Stanley Ave., South Saint Paul, MN 55075
                                               Exhibitor Information

Company / Organization Name:

Contact Name:                                                          Phone:             (   )

                   Street Address

                   City                                                           State                ZIP Code

Email:                                             Website:
Exhibitor Products and or Services:

                                                     Event Details
Please list the dates you would like to participate as a vendor:
Dates:      /      /     /    /          Total events     “x” $20 per booth =                     $
Marketing Material stuffed in Goodie Bags?            YES     $10 per 100 bags/Min 100
(Must be received at least 1 week before)                     bags                                $
Do you need electrical? (not always available)
Do you require other special services?                         What?

You may pay with Check or Credit Card                                              Total:         $
Paying with Credit Card? Visa or MC #                                              Exp Date: (MM/YY)

Billing address for Credit Card if different then above:

***Booths will not be held without payment.
    A confirmation will be emailed out with set up and take down information closer to the event.
    We will do 100 bag stuffers for EACH event. – Must be received 1 week in advance.
    Each Vendor/Crafter is responsible for Advertising within their Personal Business
      Contact/Customer Base (Flyer will be mailed to you at least two weeks before the event).
    There will be NO refunds.
    NO early Take Down, if there is an emergency, please see Kriss
    Booth must be manned by vendor/crafter or helper during the event.
    One Business or Crafter per booth. (no doubling up)
Exhibitor will abide by, and be subject to, the following agreement, as a condition for acceptance, as an Exhibitor, at all
of the events above.

    1.   I will be present at the Expo, representing my products or service, and will not sublet booth space to another
         business or entity.
    2. I understand that the Promoter reserves the right to remove, without refund or recourse, any Exhibitor who
         misrepresents herself or her product.
    3. I agree to comply with all local and state regulations. I will have no open flames.
    4. I will store excess stock out of sight.
    5. I will abide by move-in and move-out regulations as stipulated by the Promoter.
    6. I further agree to remain set up for the duration of the show.
    7. I will not hold the Promoter or Place of venues, its agents, employees or officers, responsible for loss or damage
         of Exhibitor’s wares, exhibits, or personal property or for loss or injury caused by products sold, or exhibited by
    8. I understand that the Promoter will make the assignments of booth locations for each Exhibitor in their sole
    9. I agree to provide a door prize for this event (gift certificates accepted ONLY from Service type vendors not
         product vendors)
I have read the above and agree to abide by the above. In addition, I expressly release the Promoter and the Host,
from any damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from the rental and occupation of this
space or the participation in this event by me, the Exhibitor. I also agree to hold the Promoter and the Owner of
the exhibit facility harmless of any loss, injury or damage.

Signature:                                                                                     Date:

If you sign electronically then you must type your initials here for authorization:

                                             EXHIBITOR INFORMATION
         Booth Space: approximate size - 8 x 8 (chair and table not included).

         Event Information:
                 Vendor must provide a door prize (Gift certificates accepted from Service Providers Only – Not from Product
                 Door prize will be given to Kriss not less than 10min before start of event.
                 Setup begins one hour before event, unless notified differently.
                 Setup must be completed before the event begins.
                 Layouts will be provided via email a few days before event – but may change at the last minute.
                 Do not contact host for special requests during or prior to the event – all communications go through Kriss.

         Important Information:
                Full payment must accompany Registration Form.
                Signature required reserving booth space.
                Make checks payable to: Start Today, Inc
                You must register on
                If you have a possible Host in mind for an event – I can contact them for you or you can pass my information
                 on to them.

         Mail Booth Fee and Registration Form to:
          Start Today ~ c/o Kriss Kirby - 408 Stanley Ave., South Saint Paul, MN 55075

         Fax Registration Form to:
           To fax over registration please call Kriss at 651-336-4102 and let her know you are faxing registration forms. This
           can only be done after 5pm to (651) 457-3457

         Contact Information:
           Kriss Kirby                Cell: 651.336.4102            Email:

                  For listing of all events please visit our website at .