Laura Spector Rustic Design The by ldd0229


									                            Laura Spector Rustic Design

                               The Pirouette Sconce
Poetry and practicality converge in Laura Spector’s “tongue-in-chic” Pirouette Wall

Ambient light filters through the semi cylinder moss lamp shade, beneath which Oriental
Bittersweet vines, a sustainable environmental resource, cascade in playful twirls and
curls that are both exuberant and sculptural in form.

The UL listed sconce measures 28” in length with a 16” diameter lamp shade and takes
two 40 watt/ 120 volt light bulbs.

The lamps, available by commission for spring 2007, are all hand crafted from organic
materials so that each one is slightly unique.

A cast aluminum version the Pirouette is planned for late summer 2007.                      
786 Westport Tpk.Fairfield, CT 06824   (203) 254-3952

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