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International Register for Trade


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             International Register for Trademark & Patent                     I.R.T.P Services
           This lIU1icl' iJ; gh l'n nnller !'oct'tilll\ )(,(1) ur the Patenl ACT )1J77
                                                                                      Apex House
                                                                                      London Road
                                                                                      POBox 1122
                                                                                      London EN 1 9LL
                                                                                      T: (+44) 020 3004 91 72
                                                                                      F: (+44) 0845 219 0654

                                                                       Ref Number:

Dear SirlMadam,

Rc: Listing ofyonT Int-ernational Trademark & Patent Application

We are currently compiling The International Register for Trademarks & Ilatent
(I.R.T.P) which will be published in September 2009.

If you would kindly check the information on Ihe enclosed list that all information are
correci before publishing.

For all amendments, please fax or post the      enclo~ed   form with all necessary correction
before 271h June 2009.

Your urc advise to pCly the notional fee 01'£ 1,650.00 (One thousand six hundred
and fifty pounds) for entry onto the I.R.T.P dmabasc.

Please make puymcllt within 14 days of this notice to avoid cancellation of your
patent listing within the national database.

YOllIS   Sincerely,

 QS.oI&. .dppIcttW
Application Administrator.
                                                     NOlice is given undt'r section 16 (1) of the Patent ACT \977
                                             International Register for Trademark & Patent                                     I.RT.P

                                             International Register for Trademark & Patent
    Invoice No:
                                                                                                                                 1_ _-


                 ITEM                                                 DESCRIPTION                                                            RATE

                                                                   LiSliuc; or your illl<;:rnll1ionaJ                                       £ 1650
              Rcgislrmion fcc                                       P:ltcnl Application within
              and listing fcc                                       the International Register
                                                                     for Trademark & palenl

                                                                                                                                            £ 1650

                                                                                                                     Total Due
     Description of your International Patent Application

     Title:                                                                                                         Publication Date:
                                                                                                                    Publication Number:

     Inventor (s):                                                                                                  International Application No:

     International Filing Date:                                                                                     Priority Date:

    The above list the Tille, Reference Number, Publication Number, Publication date, International Application No, International filing date and inventor(s).
    If any of the above information are incorrect. please make the amendment ilnd return to us via fax, post or email.
    Any request for amendments and ilddition ilre to be done by writing. See our tenns & conditions overleaf.

l                                  ~                                                   ~                                                   ~                     _
    Remittance Advice: please detach and return with your cheque, make payable to I.R.T.P services
    To: Accounts Department, IRTP
    Apex House, POBox' '22                                          Account:     4252651
    London Road, Enfield, London, EN' 9LL, UK                       Invoice No:   2009/0044/4252651
                                                                    Amount:       £ 1650
    By BACS or Direct Credit Transfer to:
                                                                                SOl'! Code: 40-20-23
    Account Name: International Register for Trademark & Patent (1.R.T.P)
                                                                                ACCllUlit II II III her: 31666614
    BIC: MIDLGB2104E                   IBAN: GB68MIDL40202331666614

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