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									                        Diwali Mela – Saturday November 5, 2005
                                         The Show Place Arena, (301-952-7900)
                               14900 Pennsylvania Ave., Upper Marlboro MD 20432 (An Indoor Facility)
Dear Vendor,

Thank you for your past participation in the Diwali Mela. As you are aware, Diwali Mela is one premiere function jointly
celebrated by the Hindu-Jain community of Greater Washington D.C., Metropolitan area. Participation by the community
has grown to the point where we had an estimated attendance of over 12,000 at last year’s function.

To organize a function like this takes a lot of time and effort by the Association of United Hindu-Jain Temples of
Metropolitan Washington D.C. area and it takes a lot of resources to provide not only a venue but to organize all the
activities that go with such a huge effort. To a large extent, we are counting on your support to help the community
celebrate this very important event and help defray the expenses we incur to bring the community together.

Enclosed is a flyer with more details and a list of contact people to answer any specific questions you may have. Please
note that the venue this year has changed. The new venue is –The Show Place Arena. Diwali Mela is the largest gathering
of Indo-Americans in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We are doing a lot of publicity as well as distributing flyers at
all the participating Temples and area businesses. Our Publicity Committee is working with all the media (newspapers,
TV and radio as well as our Internet site) to get the word out to the community. The Security Committee is also working
on making sure the event unfolds with no problems. The site has plenty of parking and will be well staffed by the law
enforcement agencies. Shuttle service also will be provided between the parking areas and the main entrance to the
facility. It has easy access from the Capitol Beltway.

The rates for the booth are: Food $700, Non Food $350, One Table Booth $175, and Non-Profit $100. Limited
corner booths are available with an additional charge of $100. Similarly, limited Prime booths (10’x20’) are
available for $1000. Due to the smaller size of the new facility, the booth space is limited. Applications will be
accepted on first-cum-first-serve basis according to payment received and credited to UHJT account.

The rates for the advertisements are: Black and White Full Page $300, Half Page $175, Quarter Page $100 and Business
Card $60. We are also offering a 10% discount for a joint vendor booth and Souvenir advertisement.

Please download and complete the vendor form to reserve your booth and mail it with your check to us as soon as possible
but no later than October 22, 05. This deadline will assure that we have enough equipment on hand to take care of your
needs and to minimize our expenses.

It is more important now than ever before that the community comes together and shows our support for our adopted
country. Again, thank you for your past participation and hope that you will join us again this year.


Bharat Shah
15008 Eastway Drive, Silver Spring MD-20905
Tel: 240 593 7232
On Behalf of the Vendor Committee

Directions: Take I-95 (Washington Capital Beltway) to exit 11A, Pennsylvania Avenue South/East (Route
4). Follow for seven miles to Upper Marlboro exit. Turn right at the stop sign.
                                     Association of United Hindu and Jain Temples
                                                  DIWALI MELA 2005
                                             The Show Place Arena (301-952-7900)
                                     14900 Pennsylvania Ave., MD 20432 (An Indoor Facility)
                                Saturday, November 5, 2005 (12:00 Noon – 10:00 P.M.)
                                          Booth Registration Form
Please complete this form and mail it along with the check made payable to: United Hindu & Jain Temples
(UHJT), c/o Bharat Shah 15008 Eastway Drive, Silver Spring MD-20905
                                 Last Date to Register: October 22, 2005.
                                             Vendor Categories:
Each Non-Food Booth and Food store (Categories A and B) will be provided with two covered and skirted tables (size 6’x2’ or 8’x2’),
and two chairs. Each Non-Food Booth (display and/or non-profit organizations – Categories C and D) will be provided with one
covered skirted table (size 6’x2’) and two chairs. All retail vendors are required to collect 5% sales tax. All vendors are required
to send a separate check of $50 in addition to Booth charges payable to UHJT for refundable cleaning deposit. Please check
one of the categories below:
A. 15’x10’ Food: $700 + $100 Refundable Cleaning Deposit (separate check)
         The vendors will not be allowed to sell any type of soft drinks. Please call Mr. Bharat Shah at 240-593-7232 for more details
B. 10’x10’ Non-Food: $350 + $50 Refundable Cleaning Deposit (separate check)
         Gold Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Clothing, Books, Video/Audio Cassettes, Misc. (Plants, Handy Crafts, Arts, Painting, etc.)
C. 8’x10’ Display Only: $175 + $50 Refundable Cleaning Deposit (separate check)
         Business (Travel, Insurance Mortgage, Finance, Banking, Mehndi, Astrology etc.)
D. 8’x10’ Non-Profit Organization: $100 (Proof of Non-Profit Organization status is required)
E. 20’x10’ Prime: $1000 + $100 Refundable Cleaning Deposit (separate check)

Name of Business: _______________________________________ Owner/Principal:______________________________________

Type of Business: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
          Description of items to be sold: (the food vendor must specify the items and proposed selling rate of items)

                                               Person In Charge of the Booth:
Name:____________________________________ Signature: _________________________________________Date: ___________


City: ______________________ State: _____ Zip: _____________Tel: (Day)__________________(EVE)_____________________

Fax: ___________________ Cell Phone: _______________________ E-Mail: ___________________________________________
 Fill out a separate form for each booth. Make extra copies if necessary.
 Vendors may order additional items at the following rates:
   Table: $50.00 with skirt  $25.00 without skirt  Electrical Outlet: $50.00  Corner Booth $100.00.
    # of Tables: ____________ Electrical Outlets: ____ Other items: __________________________________
    Total: ___________________________________________
 Vendors will be responsible for their liability and insurance.
 Vendors are not allowed:
              To use their audio (P.A.) system including speaker, microphones etc. This will be strictly enforced.
              To display their banner more than size 7’0” wide and 3’0” high.
              To pursue any fund rising by any means. This includes individuals, organizations, companies, corporations, etc.
                  (Any Executive Committee member of Association of Hindu and Jain Temples will stop such types of activities.)
 Association of United Hindu and Jain Temples reserves its right to deny any applicant(s).
 All vendors must vacate the Booth space allotted by 11 PM (otherwise vendors will be billed for fine charged by facility)
 Limited prime locations and corner booths (on first come, first serve basis) are available for an additional amount.

Please contact Bharat Shah at 240 593 7232 for details. Email:

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