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					World Renewable Energy Network [WREN]
International Conference
Renewable Energy for Sustainable
Development in the Asia Pacific Region

Sunday 4 February, 2007                                                         Page 1
3:30 – 6:00 PM – Film and Public Forum (Millennium Cinema)
presented by
Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc [WA-SEA]

3.30pm - Audience Seated
3.45pm – Introductions by Johanna Gastevich, WA SEA Inc.
3.50pm – Welcome by Mayor of Fremantle
3.55pm - Movie Screening ‘An Inconvenient Truth’
5.35pm – Climate Change Presentation – How climate change is affecting Western
Australia, Dr Ray Wills
5.40pm – Discussion – What you can do in your own home/lives to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions (Q&A with audience and panel members)
Panel discussion with feature:
Hon Alannah MacTeirnan, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure
Dr Ray Wills, WA SEA Inc. Chair and Manger – Sustainability Services Snowy Mountains
Engineering Corporation (SMEC)
Matt Porter, a lawyer with Minister Ellison who recently completed training with Al Gore.
Tristy Fairfield, a greenhouse campaigner with the Conservation Council of WA and
Australian Conservation Federation.
6.00pm – End

6:30 – 8:30 PM – Welcome Reception & Registration
Poolside, Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
Welcome by
Professor Goen Ho (Chair, Organising Committee)
Monday 5 February, 2007                   From 8:00 AM – Registration             Page 2
8:30 AM – Conference Inauguration (Orion Room)
MC – Johanna Gastevich, WA SEA Inc.
Introduction – Professor Goen Ho, Murdoch University.
Welcome to Country – Marie Taylor (Aboriginal Noongar Elder)
Welcome – Professor Nick Costa, Chair of Environmental Technology Centre, Murdoch

08:50 AM Opening Address (Orion Room)
The Hon Alan Carpenter MLA The Premier of Western Australia

09:10 AM Conference Keynote Speeches:
1. Professor Martin Green ‘Advanced Solar Cell Concepts – Hope for the Future’
Federation Fellow and Scientia Professor at the University of New South Wales and founder of
the Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence.
2. Professor Ali Sayigh ‘Worldwide Progress in Renewable Energy’
Editor in Chief International Journal of Renewable Energy, Director General of World Renewable
Energy Network.

10:00 AM Exhibition Opening and Morning Refreshments (Southern Cross
10:30 AM Common Session 1: (Orion Room)                                              Page 3
Energy Efficient Housing I + Remote Area Power Systems I
Chair: Mathew Rosser
Plenary Speakers
1. Professor Wasim Saman (Uni SA) ‘Energy Rating Tools for Housing, Review & Validation’
2. Grant Behrendorff (Bushlight, CAT Alice Springs) ‘Renewable energy supporting sustainable
development in Australia's remote indigenous communities’
11:15 AM Concurrent Sessions 1                                                       Page 5
Session 1A   Page 5     Session 1B    Page 8      Session 1C Page 11       Session 1D Page 13
(Orion Room)            (Pleiades Room)           (Sirius Room)            (King Sound Room)
Energy Efficient        Remote Area Power         Asia Pacific Focus I     Related topics
Housing                 Systems                   Chair: Dr S Tanatvanit   Chair: Don Harrison
Chair: Professor        Chair: Grant              Assessment of            Design and
Wasim Saman             Behrendorff               centralized grid         Implementation of
Rewards for Passive     RAPS in Western           connected wind           P/I-Based MPPT for
Solar Design in the     Australia: Looking        power cost in coastal    Wide Temperature
Building Code of        back over 30 years        area of Pakistan         Range Operation
Australia               Mark McHenry and          Khanji Harijana,         D.C. Riawan1, C.V.
Neville Peterkin        Katrina Lyon              Mohammad Aslam           Nayar
                                                  Uqailib, and
Phase Change            Technological             Memonc                   Modelling of
Material use, and the   implementation of                                  Integrated Renewable
development of the      renewable energy in                                Energy System
“Phase Change           rural-isolated areas      Better or worse? The     A. K. Akella R. P. Saini
Chimney,” to improve    and small-medium          role of solar            M. P. Sharma
the thermal             islands in Indonesia:     photovoltaic (PV)
performance and         Problem mapping           systems in
energy efficiency of    and preliminary           sustainable              High Efficiency Pool
lightweight solar       surveys of total          development: Case        Filtering Systems
housing.                people participation      studies of remote        Utilising Variable
                        in a local wind pump      atoll communities in     Frequency Drives
Goodfield D., Anda
M., Hammond R., and     water supply              Kiribati                 Z. Hameiri, T.
Mathew K.               Ahmad Taufika,            Kirti Mala, August       Spooner, A.B. Sproul
                                                  Schläpfer, Trevor
Thermal Performance     Benefits from a                                    A Unique Patented
of Passive Solar        Renewable Energy                                   System To Solar Heat
Designed Sustainable    Village Electrification   Renewable Energy:        Houses.
Demonstration           System                    Addressing               Kim Dartnall
Homes in Perth,         Alex Zahnd Dr.            Environmental Issues
Western Australia       Haddix McKay              in Bangladesh
G.M. James, M, Anda     Kimber                    Amzad Hossain, Dora
and K. Mathew                                     Marinova
                        The Bushlight Energy
                        Management Unit –         Renewable Energy
                        Bushlight’s approach      Technologies for
                        to ensuring equitable     Water Pumping: An
                        distribution of energy    Estimation of Unit
                        within Community          Cost of CO2
                        Renewable Energy          Emissions Mitigation
                        systems                   Atul Kumar and Tara
                        Philip Robertson          C. Kandpal

12:30 PM – Lunch (Atrium Garden Restaurant)
1:30 – 5:30 PM Technical Tour 1: (From front of Hotel)
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Tour – Glen Head (DPI)

1:30 PM Common Session 2: (Orion Room)                                             Page 16
Energy Efficient Housing II + Asia Pacific Focus
Chair: Professor Goen Ho
Plenary Speakers
1. Assoc. Professor Garry Baverstock Western Australia ‘The Master Of Science In
Environmental Architecture - An Appropriate Response To Reducing Green House Gasses’
2. Dr V Bakthavalsalam (India) ‘New and Renewable Energy Policy Statement’
2:10 PM Concurrent Sessions 2                                                      Page 17
Session 2A Page 17     Session 2B Page 20       Session 2C Page 22        Session 2D Page 25
(Orion Room)           (Pleiades Room)          (Sirius Room)             (King Sound Room)
Energy Efficient       Remote Area Power        Asia Pacific Focus II     IOBB Special
Housing II             Supply II                Chair: Dilawar Singh      Session: Bioenergy
Chair: Assoc Prof      Chair: Dr Martin Anda    Can Renewable             Chair: Dr Jaya Nair
Garry Baverstock       Design and cost          Energy Technologies,      The Effect Of
Monitored and          analysis of low head     Science And Research      Ketepeng Cina Leaf
Modelled Thermal       simple reaction hydro    Be Critical Factors For   As A Source Of
Performance of         turbine for remote       Sustainable               Anthraquinone On
Passive Solar          area power supply        Development In The        The Cellulolytic
Designed Display       Abhijit Date             South Of Sahara Sub-      Degradation, Volatile
Homes in Perth,                                 Region Of Africa?         Fatty Acids And
Western Australia                               Adoko Sambwa and          Methane Production
Gary James, Martin     Variable Speed           Thomas Okpo Kimble        By In Vitro Microbial
Anda                   Diesels for Fuel         Audu                      Rumen Fermentation
                       Efficiency in Remote
                                                                          Lies Mira Yusiatil,
                       Area Power Supply                                  Zaenal Bachrudini,
Implementation For     Systems                  Maintaining               Sugiyanto,
Maintaining The        M S Dymond, C V          productivity of rural
                                                                          Kustantinah and
Building- Top GVP      Nayar                    area in Indonesia: A      Chusnul Haniml
System                                          perspective of total
Napat Watjanatepin                              customers
                       Development of           involvement from          Biomethanation of
                       small-scale renewable    design to                 herbaceous biomass
Performance of         energy systems for       maintenance of a          residues using 3-
Lightweight Solar      off-grid and fringe of   local wind pump           zone plug-flow like
Housing for Peri-      grid applications in     (LWP) application         digesters – a case
Urban Villages         Western Australia                                  study from India
                                                Beny Yudiantoro,
Goodfield D, Anda M,   Evan Gray                Ahmad Taufika,            Chanakya HN, BVV
Hammond R and                                                             Reddy and Jayant
                                                Issues Related to
Mathew K                                                                  Modak
                                                Rural Electrification
                                                using renewable
                                                energy in Developing      Discussions on
                                                Countries of Asia and     Bioengineering &
                                                the Pacific               Biotechnologies
                                                Tania Urmee, David
                                                Harries and August

3:10 PM Afternoon Break (Main Foyer)
3:30 PM Common Session 3: (Pleiades Room)                                         Page 28
Tidal & Wave Power + Remote III + CASE
Chair: Professor David Harries (RISE)
Plenary Speakers
1. Dr Laurence Mann (Seapower Pacific Pty Ltd) ‘Towards the Generation of Base Load
Electricity from Wave Energy – The Australian Perspective Of Ceto’
2. Professor Allan Rodger (Melbourne) ‘Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems’
4:15 PM Concurrent Sessions 3                                                     Page 30
Session 3A Page 30       Session 3B Page 33      Session 3C Page 36
(Pleiades Room)          (Orion Room)            (King Sound Room)        nb There is no
Remote Area Power        Biomass I               CASE                     session 3D due to
Systems III                                                               Conf Dinner
                         Chair: Evan Grey        Chair: Professor Allan   Preparation
Chair: Katrina Lyon                              Rodger
                                                                          (Sirius Room)
Acceleration Of Rural    Cellulose Ethanol:      Global Warming or
Industrialization        What About The Rest     Terrorism – which
Using Renewable          Of The Plant?           one should we be
Energy Technolgoy                                most concerned
                         Mitch Lever             about?
Kamaruddin Abdullah
                                                 Michael Waite
                         Utilisation of Used
Prospects Of             Palm Oil as
Renewable Energy For     Alternative Fuel in     Cities as Sustainable
Meeting Growing          Thailand                Ecosystems (CaSE)
Electricity Demand In                            Isabella Jennings
Pakistan                 W. Permchart and S.
M.uhammad Aslam
Uqaiia, Khanji                                   Social, Economical
Harijanb and             Cellulase Production    and Environmental
Mujeebuddin              Using Biomass Feed      Impacts of Renewable
Memonc                   Stock And Its           Energy Systems
                         Application In          A.K. Akella R.P. Saini
                         Lignocellulose          M.P. Sharma
Renewable Energy for     Saccharification For
Remote Tourism           Bio-Ethanol
Facilities on the        Production
Ningaloo Outback
Coast of Western         Rajeev K Sukumaran,
Australia                Reeta Rani Singhania,
                         Gincy Marina Mathew
Barker, C, Anda, M,      & Ashok Pandey
Jennings, P and Ho G

Technologies For Safe
Water Supply In
Arsenic Affected
Villages Of
Bangladesh Utilizing
A Paddle Pump
Wahidul K. Biswas
and Greg Leslie

5:30 PM WREN Meeting (Pleiades Room)                                              Page 37
Chair: Professor Ali Sayigh
6:30 PM Conference Dinner (Sirius Room)                                             Page 37
Message by Professor Ali Sayigh, Director General of WREN
Dinner Speaker/s: Hon Tony McRae MLA
Entertainment provided by “Common Ground”
MC: Johanna Gastevich

Tuesday 6 February, 2007                                                            Page 38

8:30 AM Common Session 4: (Orion Room)                                              Page 38
Hydrogen, Transport, Solar & Water + Policy I
Chair: Dr Ray Wills (WA SEA Chair & Manager - Sustainability Services with SMEC)
Plenary Speakers
1. Colin Cockcroft (Dept of Planning and Infrastructure) ‘Perth's Fuel Cell Bus Trial’
2. Denis Smedley (Director, Renewable Energy Technologies, AGO) ‘The Australian Government
Support for Low Emission Technology’
9:10 PM Concurrent Sessions 4                                                       Page 40
Session 4A Page 40         Session 4B Page 42      Session 4C Page 44      Session 4D Page 46
(Orion Room)               (Pleiades Room)         (Prince Regent Room)    (King Sound Room)
Hydrogen                   Policy I Big Issues     Transport               Solar & Water I
Chair: Colin Cockroft      Chair: Denis Smedley    Chair: Dr Rajiv         Chair: Dr Jeff
Electrochemically          Renewable Energy        Sukumaran               Sturman
Catalyzed Hydrogen         Betrayed                Renewable Fuel          Time Depending
Production from            Ken Bartle              Alternatives For        Efficiency of a
Acetate in Microbial                               Transport Sector In     Photovoltaic Pumping
Fuel Cells                                         Pakistan                System
Ka-Yu Cheng, Ralf          The Solar Silicon       Khanji Harijana,        E. Belhadj Elmehdi*
Cord-Ruwisch and           Problem: An Analysis    Mujeebuddin             and A. Bettahar
Goen Ho                    of an Industry.
                                                   Memonb, Mohammad
                           Phil Livingston         Aslam Uqailic and
                                                                           Potential for Solar
                                                   Khan Mohammad
A worldwide outlook:                               Brohib                  Energy to Pump
How Hydrogen and           A Review of the                                 Water from Different
Fuel Cells will interact   Application of                                  Depths and Locations
with Renewable             Lifecycle Analysis to   Comparative Testing     Ahmed Hasson
Energies                   Renewable Energy        Of Coconut Blended
                           Systems                 Biofuels For Vehicles
Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR
                           Chris Lund and          And Micro Generation    Design, Economic
                           Wahidul Biswas          In The Pacific.         Analysis and
Hydrogen Fired                                     Don Mardle Associate    Environmental
Regenerative Micro                                 Professor Shane West    Considerations of
Gas Turbine Model,                                                         Mini-grid Hybrid
Efficiency                                                                 Power System with
Calculations                                                               Reverse Osmosis
A. .A. Nasr A. O.                                                          Desalination Plant for
Gringo A. Y. Bennaser                                                      Remote Areas
                                                                           Ahmad Agus
                                                                           Setiawan, Yu Zhao,
                                                                           Chem. V. Nayar

10:10 AM Morning Refreshments (Main Foyer)
10:30 AM Common Session 5: (Orion Room)                                              Page 48
Photovoltaics I + Policy II + Solar
Chair: Professor CV Nayar (Curtin University)
Plenary Speakers
1. Professor David Harries (RISE, Murdoch University) ‘The role of grid-connected PV in meeting
peak load’
2. Prof Martin Green (NSW University) ‘Technological Developments in the PhotoVoltaic
11:15 AM Concurrent Sessions 5                                                       Page 49
Session 5A Page 49       Session 5B Page 51       Session 5C Page 54        Session 5D Page 57
(Orion Room)             (Pleiades Room)          (Sirius Room)             (King Sound Room)
Photovoltaics I          Policy II                Solar Applications        Exploiting Solar
Chair: Dr Trevor         Chair: Dr V              Chair: Dr T Kandpal       Efficiencies
Prior                    Bakthavatsalam           Inkjet Printing for       Chair: Dr A Islam
The Working              Hidden biases in         Thin-Film Solar Cell      Evaluation of MPPT
Characteristics of       Australian Energy        Device Fabrication        Solar Charge
Photovoltaic Modules     Policy                   E.J. Mitchell, T. Hoch    ControllerFed by a-Si
in Natural               August Schläpfer         and A.G. Aberle           & c-Si PV Modules
Environment                                                                 D.C. Riawan, C.V.
A. Q. Malik and                                                             Nayar
Mohamad Fauzi Bin        Energy Efficiency And    Cookstoves Save80,
Hj Metali                Importance Of            future Clean
                         Renewable Energy         Development               Models of Diffuse
                         Sources In Latvia        Mechanism Project         Solar Radiation
Transformation in the    Inara Skapare, Andris    for East Nusa             Barbara Ridley and
Photovoltaics            Kreslins                 Tenggara, Indonesia.      John Boland
Industry in Australia,                            Herliyani Suharta,
Germany and Japan:                                AAM Sayigh, Dieter
Comparison of            Nuclear Electricity                                A Review of Solar
                                                  Seifert, Kuruvilla
Actors, Knowledge,       James Brough             Mathew                    Cooling Technologies
Institutions and                                                            Wasim Saman
                         Renewable Energy         Recirculation Dryer
Antonio Balaguer and     Policy and Practice in                             Roll of Solar Energy
Dora Marinova                                     Using Hybrid Ghe
                         Western Australia.       Solar Dryer               for Transformation of
                         David Harries and                                  organic molecules
                                                  Totok Prasetyo and
The Outlook For          Chacko Thomas            Kamaruddin Abdullah       R.C.Meena
Crystalline Solar
Technology Over The                               Effect of Selection of
Next Decade                                       Water Temperature
Dilawar Singh Philip                              Range on Second
Jennings                                          Figure of Merit of Box
                                                  type Solar Cookers
                                                  S. C. Mullick and B. K.
Six Years Experience                              Chourasia
With An Urban
Photovoltaic System
Jonathon Thwaites

12:30 PM Lunch (Atrium Garden Restaurant)
1:30 PM Common Session 6: (Orion Room)                                             Page 60
Wind I, Biofuels + Photovoltaics II + Policy III
Chair: Professor Philip Jennings
Plenary Speakers
1. Professor C V Nayar (Curtin University) ‘Power Electronics for Wind Power Systems’
2. Dan Huxtable (Dept Environment and Conservation) ‘State of Development of Oil Mallees
for Bioenergy and Value-added Products’
2:15 PM Concurrent Sessions 6                                                      Page 62
Session 6A Page 62      Session 6B Page 65      Session 6C Page 67        Session 6D Page 69
(Orion Room)            (Pleiades Room)         (Sirius Room)             (King Sound Room)
Wind I                  Biofuels                Photovoltaics II          Policy III
Chair: Professor CV     Chair: Dan Huxtable     Chair: Mike Dymond        Chair: Rod Robinson
Nayar                   An Electronic Power     Optimising the            “Raising RISE out of
An Improved Grid        Indicator for Testing   Orientation of            the Ashes of ACRE”:
Connected Power         Microbial Fuel Cells    Photovoltaic Cells for    Establishing a Vibrant
Electronic Interface    J C L Cornish, H        Load Matching             R & D Collaborative
For Small Scale Wind    Ashihara and C          John Boland, Zivana       Centre for Energy
Turbine Generators      Mandy                   Zekanovic                 Efficient Lifestyles,
James Darbyshire                                                          Developmental
                                                                          Patterns, Building
                        Development And         System Performance        Technologies and
Do Wind Turbine         Operation Of The        of a 3 phase PV Grid      Building Design
Blades Need             Cremasco Biomass        Connected System          Strategies: The CRC
Redesign?               Burner To Provide       installed in Thailand :   for Sustainable
Pat ffyske Howden       Low-Cost Energy         Data Monitored            Energy in the Built
                        From Unconventional     Analysis                  Environment
                        Fuels Used To Heat      Chaiyant Boonmee,         Garry Baverstock AM,
Assessment Of Wind      Communal Swimming       Boonyang                  David Harries, Philip
Home System’s           Pool Facilities And     Plangklang, Napat
Potential In Coastal                                                      Jennings AM
                        Water.                  Watjanatepin
Areas Of Pakistan
                        Goodfield D., Scott,
Mujeebudin Memon,       F., Anda M.,                                      Verve Energy’s
Khanji Harijan and                              New Markets for           Renewable Energy
                        Hammond R., and
Mohammad Aslam          Mathew K.               Solar Photovoltaic        Programs
Uqaili                                          Power Systems             Dr Don Harrison
                                                Philip Jennings,
                        Regionalised            Chacko Thomas,
Environmental           BioDiesel               Dilawar Singh             Sustainability
Impacts Assessment      Manufacturing in                                  Victoria’s Solar
And Its Influence On    Western Australia                                 Innovation Program
Project, Design And     Jonathon Thwaites,                                Lisa Crowley
Planning Success
Tim Sawyer
                                                                          Providing Electricity
                                                                          Access to Remote
                                                                          Areas in India: An
                                                                          Approach Towards
                                                                          Identifying Potential
                                                                          Areas for
                                                                          Electricity Supply
                                                                          M.R. Nouni,
                                                                          S.C.Mullick and T.C.

3:30 PM Afternoon Break (Main Foyer)
4:00 PM Common Session 7: (Orion Room)                                            Page 71
Wind II + Other Solar
Chair: Assoc Professor Garry Baverstock
Plenary Speakers
1. Professor Philip Jennings – (Murdoch University) ‘Recent Developments in Renewable Energy
2. Erwin Susanto Sadirsan - (Indonesia) ‘Renewable Energy Development Opportunities in
4:45 PM Concurrent Sessions 7                                                     Page 73
Session 7A Page 73       Session 7B Page 75       Session 7C Page 77     Session 7D Page 78
(Orion Room)             (Pleiades Room)          (Sirius Room)          (King Sound Room)
Wind II                  Other Solar III          Seminar of             Education
Chair: Dr Erwin          (Water Tech)             Sustainable Energy     Chair: Professor
Sardisan                 Chair: Dr C Hoysalla     Systems in             Phillip Jennings
Island Wind-Powered      Efficiency Analysis Of   Countries              Be Inspired – Do
Mini-Grid In Sri Lanka   The Solarflow – An                              Something to Reduce
                         Innovative Solar-        Chair: Prof CV Nayar   Global Warming at
Rod Robinson,
Rohitha Manokanth        Powered Desalination     Speakers: delegates    Your Landfill.
                         Unit For Treating        from developing        Graeme Alford
                         Brackish Water           countries:
The Dynamic              Stewart Dallas,          AKM Islam
Modeling Of A Hybrid                                                     Educating The Nation
                         Sumiyoshi N, Kirk J,     Erwin Sadirsan
Wind Pump For Rural                                                      Kamarulazizi Ibrahim
                         Mathew K and
Water Supply: A          Wilmot, N                Rahmat Rozali
Mathematical Model                                Somporn Tanatvanit
Of Positive Linear                                                       The Integration Of
                                                  V Bakthavatsalam       Renewable Energies
System With Dynamic      Solar-Powered
Inputs And Demand        Desalination: A          Rajiv Sukumaran        At The Environmental
Criteria                 Modelling and            Tara Kanpal            Technology Centre,
Ahmad Taufika            Experimental Study                              Murdoch University –
                                                  Chanakya Hoysall
                         Jimmy LeBlanc and                               Lessons Learnt And
                                                  Petrus Klau            Experience Gained
                         John Andrews
Design, Construction                                                     Over The Last 12
And Testing Of A                                  Participation is       Years
Blade Pitch              Simultaneous Water       encouraged.            Stewart Dallas, Anda
Measurement System       Desalination And                                M, Mathew K and Ho,
For Small Wind           Power Generation                                G
Turbines                 Using Solar Energy
Jonathon Whale           Yuchun Zhao,
                         Aliakbar Akbarzadeh
                         and John Andrews

6:00 PM Closing Ceremony (Orion Room)                                             Page 79
Chair: Professor Ali Sayigh (WREN)
Wednesday 7 February, 2007                                                          Page 80

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Technical Tour/s & Specialist Workshops
more details will be available at each workshop/tour.

Workshop 1. Photovoltaics
Prof Nayar & Mr Mike Dymond
At Environmental Technology Centre (9am – 5pm)

Workshop 2. Eco-Design
Prof Garry Baverstock
At Piney Lakes, the City of Melville’s Environmental Education Centre (9am – 1pm)

Workshop 3. Bioworks
At RISE (9am – 2pm, Lunch included)

Technical Tour
(9am – 5pm with lunch)
Bus starts at 9am at Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
1. Solarhart
2. ETC at Murdoch University
3. RISE at Murdoch University