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					                        ASTP Annual Conference
 Best Practices in Transfer of Science and Technology
                                 29 & 30 May 2008
                                     Bergen – Norway

The Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals gladly invites you to
join us as sponsor of our Annual Conference ‘ Best Practices in Transfer of Science and

ASTP is the leading European Association in the field with currently more than 500 members,
covering 36 countries. It is our mission to professionalise and promote technology and knowledge
transfer between the European science base and industry. Our conferences are attended by 200-
250 delegates, mainly tech transfer professionals who operate daily in the interface between
university and industry. Apart form these practitioners who offer you a direct access to the latest
scientific inventions, we also welcome venture capitalists, lawyers, heads of R&D programs and
other knowledge transfer specialists

One day preceding our Annual Conference, a group of 60 Norwegian Technology Transfer Officers
will visit Bergen for a joint meeting. A majority of them will also participate in our Annual
Conference as well. It is a major chance for you to get in contact with this group of TTO’s and
share experiences with each other!

By sponsoring the activities of ASTP you can raise your visibility and interact with an unrivalled
cross-section of senior knowledge transfer professionals from across Europe. Our network provides
you direct entrances to the right people at public knowledge institutions and helps you finding your
way to new technologies and business opportunities.

We encourage you to select the sponsor package that suits you and your organisation. You are
also welcome to contact Ancilla Kluin ( at ASTP headquarters if you wish to
come to a more tailor-made package.

We look forward to welcoming you as sponsor in Bergen!
                                             ASTP Annual Conference
                                              Sponsoring packages

All packages and special arrangements include:                                      Supporting package (€ 2.000)
     Verbal acknowledgement at the opening and close of the conference                  One participant in the conference, including the social
     Name, logo and reference to website in the conference brochure,                programs
      on the conference website and on power-point presentation during                   Exhibition booth in the venue
     One A4 in the conference reader                                               Sponsoring of business centre (€ 1.750)
                                                                                        Name, logo and reference to website on computers
     Hosting Package (€ 10.000)                                                         at business centre
         4 complementary meeting registrations plus € 100 reduction per                Special acknowledgement of this support on all
          extra participant or a reduction of 30% for 15 delegates                       conference documentation
         Acknowledgement (with your logo and website) as a Primary
          Sponsor in the promotional brochure                                       Presentations CD-Rom (€ 1.500)
         Representation at the Social Program on the Wednesday                         Name and logo on CD-Rom cover with PDF-presentations of
          including a visit to your region                                               all the speakers, send to the delegates afterwards
         Opportunity to present a five-minute address during lunch,                    Special acknowledgement of this support on all conference
          break or reception                                                             documentation
         Pre- and final registration list (excluding e-mail addresses)
         A leaflet in the conference bag                                           Sponsoring of key cords (€ 1.250)
         Exhibition booth in the venue                                                 Name or logo on 250 key cords used for conference badges

     Main sponsoring package (€ 5.000)                                             Cocktail packages
         Three participants in the conference, including the                        (Thursday € 1.500 - Friday € 1.000)
          social programs                                                               Opportunity to present a five minutes address at cocktail
         Leaflet in conference bag                                                     Exhibition booth at cocktail
         Pre registration list (excl. email addresses)                                 Special acknowledgement of this support on all conference
         Exhibition booth in the venue                                                  documentation

     Sponsoring package (€ 3.000)                                              Booth Layout
         Two participants in the conference, including the                     The basic rental of our booth includes:
         social programs                                                             -    One table
         Leaflet in conference bag                                                  -    Two chairs
         Exhibition booth in the venue                                              -    Partition walls facing neighbouring stands
                                                                                     -    Wireless LAN access
                                                                                     -    Carpet on the floor

    Sponsor registration form

    Please mark the package of your choice above and complete the details below in order to secure your sponsorship and fax it to ASTP: +31 70
    392 64 75. After receipt of the form, an invoice will be sent to the provided address. Sponsorship requests are awarded first-come, first-served.





    Country                                                                          State/Province

    Phone                                                                            Fax




                                    Conference venue: Grieghallen – Edvard Griegs Plass 1 – 5015 Bergen
                                   Tel. + 47 55 21 61 00, Fax. 47 55 21 61 99 – Website

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