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									                          24th Annual Merriam
                          Turkey Creek Festival
                             City of Merriam
                          Saturday May 16, 2009
                              Antioch Park

                               Booth Application

Name of Group:



City:___________________ State:_____________

Work phone:_____________ Home Phone: _____________________

Email address:______________________________________________

Group Type: (Must be designated)

 Private/For Profit         Non-Profit Group  Merriam Organization
                                                               (see definition on page 3)
Booth Type:

 Food Concessions                  General Information Booth

All arts and crafts (must be hand made) booths are to register directly with Johnson
County Park District, contact Marsha Norman at 913-631-7050
Description of Items to be Displayed or Sold at Festival: (PLEASE PRINT)

Booths are 16’ x 10’. If your booth requires more space we must have exact
measurements and reason for request.                Size requested (No Guarantees)
______________ The Turkey Creek Festival only provides space for your booth. You
must provide your own set up and display materials, tables and chairs. Antioch Park
picnic tables will not be provided for vendors or general booths.

It is the intent of the Merriam Parks and Recreation Department that adequate food
concessions be provided at the festival. We limit the number of same item vendors to
two (2) vendors (excluding soft drinks). The Merriam Parks and Recreation Department
reserves the right to refuse booth space for groups or individuals distributing information
which is not appropriate for children and family events.

Does your booth require electricity? ____YES ___NO
WHY? _________________________________________________________

Please list the appliances to be used and amperage (AMPS) requirements of each

If your unit requires a direct hook up to our power supply, there will be an
additional charge of $20.00, hook up fee per unit.


               Electric Skillet – 11 amps
               Commercial popcorn popper – 15 amps
               Cotton Candy Machine – 20 amps
               Electric Coffee Pot – 10 amps
               100 Watts of Light - .85 amps
               Microwave Oven – 15 amps
               Crock pot – 1.25 amps
               Large Deep Fryer – 27 amps
               40 Watt 4’ Florescent tube - .34 amps

____ I Need a water source for my booth.

Insurance Coverage: Proof of Insurance is required for all food vendors and each food
vendor must provide a separate Certificate of Liability Insurance declaring the Certificate
Holder as “City of Merriam, Turkey Creek Festival, 5701 Merriam Drive, Merriam, KS
66203” and a separate Certificate of Liability Insurance declaring the Certificate Holder
as “Johnson County Park District, Merriam Turkey Creek Festival, 6501 Antioch Rd.,
Merriam, KS 66202” as shown in the attached samples.
Release and Waiver Claim:

FEES: ___$65.00 for Non-Profit (if selling any item/s)
      ___$130.00 for Profit Groups

Deadline for Merriam Based Groups and past concessionaires is Friday, March 7th,
2008. Thereafter, open to outside groups on, first come first served basis.

Release and Waiver Claim: I agree that the committee, local businesses, City of
Merriam and the Johnson County Park District are in no way responsible or liable for any
damage or loss of any kind to my personal property or being during the Merriam Turkey
Creek Festival on May 16th, 2009. I, the undersigned, understand that the festival is
scheduled from 10am-5pm in Antioch Park, 6501 Antioch Rd., Merriam, KS and I will
remove my property form the premises at the 5pm closing time. I, the undersigned,
understand if I drop out of the festival, that I will be charged a $50.00 processing fee with
the remainder of my fee to be refunded within three weeks of notification.

Must be signed by authorized agent from group.

Please make a copy of the entire packet for yourself and return application to:

Turkey Creek Festival, Merriam Parks and Recreation, 5701 Merriam Drive,
Merriam, KS 66203
                             General Information

DATE:          Saturday, May 16th, 2009    Time: 10am-5:00pm
Location:      Antioch Park, 6501 Antioch Rd.
               South of Shawnee Mission Parkway and Antioch Park intersection.

Merriam Organization: A Merriam Organization is defined as an organization with
51% membership of Merriam residents or the organization’s headquarters is based in

Set up: Friday night booth setup only (NOT SALES PRODUCTS) will be available
starting at 5:30pm and end at 7:30pm. There will be security on site Friday night and into
Saturday morning. The park opens Saturday morning at 6:00am and setup for Saturday
morning must be completed by 9:45am at the latest. Take down: All booths and
merchandise must be taken down after 5:30pm and be out of the Park by 8:30pm,
Saturday, May 17th, 2008, unless approved by the City of Merriam prior to the start of
the festival.

Parking: Parking on site is limited to the north parking lot of Antioch Park and once
the festival starts at 10am, no vehicles may leave the park until the end
of the festival at 5:30pm.
Parking pass: due to limited space, each Vendor will receive one parking pass for
his/her vehicle. If you have others assisting you, they will need to park outside the park
during the festival.

Ice: Vendors needing ice must plan ahead as ice WILL NOT be provided by the festival.

Crowd: The average estimated attendees of the festival is about 10,000. This included
the parade, fun run, arts and crafts area, live entertainment and all of the youth activities.

Questions: contact Dave Smothers, CPRP Recreation Supervisor at 913-322-5550 or

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