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    The Internet
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                      Week 1:
 Introduction To The Internet Marketing Superclass

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  Week 1 – Introduction To The Internet
          Marketing Superclass
Firstly thanks for signing up for “The Internet Marketing Superclass” you
have now taken the first step in securing your future as an online internet

For today we have decided to introduce you to the world of internet
marketing, reveal a few important principles and get you geared up and
ready to earn money online.

First of all don’t expect to read week after week of me telling you about
my own goal setting. There will be no mention on my part of sticking a
picture of a Ferrari on your fridge in order for you to motivate yourself
like a self help guru. I believe in showing you the practical side of
internet marketing not just running you through a few mind tricks. The
truth is that we all have different visions of what success actually is for
one person wanting to break into internet marketing it might be being
able to avoid to go out with their mates on a Saturday night with £100 in
their pocket. However another might have a much bigger idea of success
and this could involve impressing the girls with their fast car.

To start with though, you should have a small goal in place, even if this
means becoming debt free in two years or quitting your job later this

Another point to make is you should never come across as scared with
your online business as this gives the wrong impression and will result in
you being unsuccessful.

The first lesson you need to learn is….

To get rid of the newbie tag that has been following you around all this
time. It is bad for business and you will never make the big bucks by
acting like this. Straight away get yourself known as an internet marketer
not someone that doesn’t know what they are doing even if they don’t.

Internet marketing forums are a great example of this – someone will ask
very basic make money online questions about a subject that they are
selling products about. This just looks awful and why would people want
to buy your products if you don’t even know what you are talking about?

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If you need advise on a chosen subject open a second forum account and
post the question as a newbie but keep your name intact as a professional
internet marketer.

At the end of the day internet marketers are leaders and if you want to get
a good reputation online you need to take control. This means that you
should never promote a product in an apologetic way as you will never
get the sales. You need to friendly yet still firm. If you are hesitant about
a product why would they possibly want to buy it from you?

They want to believe in you and your product and by being positive and
acting like an internet marketing you will never go wrong. When I was
researching for this course I decided to join lots of extra Ezines and was
shocked by how many people weren’t to the point with the product.

Just remember internet marketers are leaders, they offer a position of
authority. Think of it like this sheep follow leaders and if you can have
lots of little sheep following you and your methods you have what it takes
to make it online.

To be totally honest even the leaders are sheep at some point and there is
absolutely nothing wrong with this – in fact I include myself in this
situation. When you start out online you need to find someone to follow
who has certain methods or techniques that you want to adapt into your
online business. This could be the person that works four hours a day and
spends the rest of his week spending time with his family. Or you could
simply be following the ideas of someone that Blogs about their lifestyle
as they travel the world.

You have to remember that internet marketing covers a lot of different
subjects and by following the lead of someone else you can conquer what
you want to achieve. (But don’t worry we will run through this in further
detail later on in the superclass!)

Now I am sure you want to know what is in store during the duration of
the superclass. We will be starting off with the product creation side of
things next week and move on at a steady rate through your sales funnel.
This will then be followed up with your marketing plans. Each week you
will be learning lots of new things to take your business further.

If you have done work in internet marketing before you may come across
weeks were you already have an understanding for a subject such as

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creating a Clickbank account. But we will be adding our own little
nuggets of valuable information so please don’t ignore a lesson.

What You Will Need During The SuperClass

A Hosting Account - You simply can’t have an online business without a
hosting account. The best one to use is Hostgator which we use all the
time with our online business. They are simple to use and once you get
the hang of it you will find it a breeze.

A ClickBank Account – The best place to sell your online products is
through Clickbank. They offer fantastic customer service and several
years after starting to use them I haven’t had a single complaint. They are
very, respected so it means when you sell affiliate products through them
it is easy to find affiliates.

A Domain Name – A domain name is very important and is the website
that your customers visit. There is a huge selection of companies to
choose from that offer fantastic support along with some awful ones. Our
personal favourite is and we use them all the time.

An Autoresponder – In order to deliver emails to your customers you
need to have an account set up with an email provider. Yes you could try
and do it by hand but how long before AOL shut you down?

I personally use Aweber and I love the service that they offer you and
haven’t had a single problem. It is very easy to get the hang of and you
can set up all kinds of email lists from the one account.

A PayPal Account – Yes you could complete your entire business
without the need for a PayPal account but it isn’t advised. I personally
hate PayPal and wish that they didn’t have the monopoly of the market
but they do. I wouldn’t sell my products through them (well not anymore)
but you still need something in place to accept your affiliate

However if you can’t get a PayPal account you can always go for affiliate
products that pay you by ClickBank.

A HTML Editor – To set up your websites you will need a HTML editor
and there are plenty to choose from. If you are on an old version of
Microsoft Office you can use the Frontpage facility.

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Otherwise you could opt for a free product such as NVU which is equally
popular. Avoid programs such as Dreamweaver as they are far too
complicated unless you know what you are doing.

A Free Email Account – If you don’t already have one get yourself a
free email account as they are gold to internet marketers. I personally use
Yahoo for this and have a rocketmail free email account with them. Then
I get all my business emails forwarded to this one email address making
life a lot easier.

Also make sure you log in direct to your free email address and not just
use a service such as Outlook as many important emails end up in the
junk folder. You don’t want to miss an important message from a

A PDF Converter – When you are creating ebooks it’s vital that you use
a PDF converter to transfer them so that your products can’t be altered by
your customers. I love Open Office for this and it also forms a great place
as your word processor too.

A Word Processor – You can’t create products without a quality word
processor like Microsoft Word or Open Office. They are easy and straight
forward to use and there is no need to pay out for expensive programs.

Don’t get them all now though, it’s much better to get all the
products/software that you need at the time. For example we will be
covering setting up an autoresponder account in week six so there is no
point in wasting a months worth of fees by getting it set up now!

Also visit our top 100 free internet marketing resource list and get used to
the various free software that is available to you.

The First Stages Of Your Online Business

Now for this week’s big task you need to plan what niche that you would
like to go into. Forget all you have read before about niches being
saturated there is no such thing. The more the interest in the niche the
more customers are available to you.

Don’t choose a niche that is restricted in the public eye i.e. gambling or
sex as a lot of free advertising sites will not allow you entry so you would
have to do a lot more work.

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People say that internet marketing or the diet niche is too saturated but I
make a successful living from both of them. There really is no problem as
far as this is concerned. Yes you will struggle for years if you want to
make it on the first page of Google for “weight loss” but then again if you
choose the words “lose weight fast” it can be achieved in a few short

The most important thing is that you MUST choose a niche that you are
happy working in. Something that you wouldn’t get bored of easily and
were research is easy to carry out. So if you are a non-driver there is no
point setting up car website when you don’t even know the basics!

You have to remember that internet marketing also involves affiliating
other people’s products and if you go for a market with very little
products you will struggle with your new business model.

Getting Organised

Organisation plays a big part with your online business especially if you
are sticking to six hours a week working on it. You need to get straight in
there do your work and then get straight back to your other commitments.

To start with you should create a folder on your desktop for all your
work. I suggest you originally have it as a folder in your D Folder and
then have a shortcut on your desktop.

Then have a folder directly inside it for each of your niches and then have
folders inside them for all your work.

They should include the following for easy access:

*Internet Pics
*Master Copies
*Old Storage
*Press Releases

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*Products to make
*Products to sell
*To View

Each of these folders will be filled with content throughout the course so
don’t worry if it seems alien to you as it will all be explained as we

Now you need to create an excel spreadsheet so that you have a home for
all your internet marketing information. Then whenever you are in the
middle of a task and need the details of a website it’s only a quick copy
and paste away.

Open your spreadsheet and create the following sheet names:

*Main – This sheet will be used for detailing log in details and for the
domain names of all of your websites so that you are well organised.
*Social Sites

We will run through it all in more detail later on but it saves you time by
creating it now.

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By The End Of The SuperClass

Once you have completed the superclass in 26 weeks from now you will
have a plan in place to do something every day that brings in money this
could include:

*Ebooks – both niche and internet marketing
*Membership Sites
*Affiliate Products
*One Off Products & Promotions
*Autoresponder Sequence
*Creating Products For Other Marketers

We will show you how to do all of these so that your business has
become its very own money machine. It will all come together week by
week so you probably won’t even realise how much your business has
progressed at first.

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    Now For The Practical Here Is This Week’s
 1. Consider what you have read in this ebook and decide what you
 want to achieve from The Internet Marketing Superclass.

 2. Decide what niche you want to work in and stick to it

 3. Go through the list in the get organised section and get your
 spreadsheet ready for next week when we start putting things into

 4. Visit our Top 100 Free Internet Marketing Links and have a
 play around with the different programs so that you know what to

 5. Think about your market or topic – if you were considering
 shopping in your chosen niche what would you want to get out of

Thanks for reading your trial copy and to sign up for the reduced
price of $27 a month click on the link below:

To your online success



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