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									Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire Food Merchant Application

Business Name__________________________________________________
Contact Name____________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________
City___________________________ State____________ Zip______________
Phone ________________________ Cell Phone_________________________
Email Address_____________________________________________________
Web Site ________________________________________________________
Returning Merchant_______________ New Merchant_____________________

NOTE: All information must be correct as this is what may appear in the gatebook
     for this season’s URFFF. Any changes must be made before April 1.

In less than 12 words, please describe your booth and products.

List all the items you sell. Remember that no item may be sold without URFFF approval.

Menu item prices must be approved by the URFFF; in no case will price
undercutting be permitted. For help in pricing, please contact us.

If you are a new merchant, please attach photos of your booth and your products
to this application.

Booth width____________________ Booth Depth_________________________

Food merchants must obtain temporary food establishment permits from the
Weber Morgan Health Department, located at 477 23rd Street -- Ogden Utah
84401. To get a permit via the web site, please go to:

then download the Temporary Food Service Application and the Temporary Food
Service Requirements. The Weber Morgan Health Department can be reached at:
(801) 399-7160.

All food booths must have a fire extinguisher within 10 feet of any open flame. All Weber
Morgan Health Department regulations must be stringently met or the food booth in
violation will be closed.

Electricity is available on a very limited basis, however, it is recommended that food
merchants provide their own portable generator if electricity requirements are
substantial. Anyone utilizing their own generator must be responsible for their own gas
or diesel, and must make certain the ambient noise level from their generator is not
excessive. URFFF staff will assist in safely muffling noise from generators if help is

Water will be provided by the URFFF; ice will be available by arrangement with Festival
Gray water tanks will be provided by the Festival.

Booth space fee is $250.00 20x20 feet is allowed, however, if more space is needed
let us know, we can adapt the allocated 400 square feet to many different configurations)

Electricity fee is $100.00 and is provided by portable means

Ice must be ordered from our contractor 24 hours in advance of use, and will be charged
the contractors rate. Once your application is processed we can provide additional
information regarding ice prices.

Season passes for booth help are $10.00 each, (Each booth is allowed up to four
participant passes free of charge; additional passes must be purchased).

Checks must be made out to Sue Bodily

URFFF office address is:
161 South 2250 West
MSC UT 84404

Fees may also be paid by Paypal to:

Please check fees sent with this application:

Booth fee              $250.00                  ________

Electricity            $100.00                  ________

Additional passes     $ 10.00 each              ________

Total                                           ___________

Fees are non refundable after March 15

Site rules for ALL participants:

    1- Food merchants must have their booth manned by a current food permit carrier
       at all times during Festival hours. Merchants may elect to remain closed on days
       Festival is open by prior arrangement, but no portion of the application fee will be
       refunded for doing so.
    2- Food merchants and helpers will be appropriately dressed at all times during
       open hours and shall remain in Festival persona. No exceptions.
   3- All Merchants shall be responsible for their own products, materials, booths, food
       stuffs and decorations. Festival will not be responsible for damage or theft or acts
       of God or Nature.
   4- Merchant vehicles and trailers must be off festival grounds by 9:30 AM daily
       while festival is open. Food concession trailers must be draped to create a
       medieval tent appearance that does not conflict with health department
   5- Signs must be suitable for renaissance period. No electric signs will be allowed.
   6- Camping will be available for merchants at no charge, but must be in designated
       camping areas. NOISE CURFEW IS 10 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Weber
       County Sheriffs Department will be contacted immediately in the event of
       excessive noise after 10 PM nightly. Violators may be asked to leave and not
   7- Food booths must be kept stringently clean; merchants in violation will be asked
       to leave. No refund will be given of fees in this situation.
   8- Garbage pickup will be made at 8:30 AM daily while the Festival is open. All
       garbage must be bagged and placed in front of the booth to allow for easy pick
   9- No loitering will be tolerated in or around food booths, by acquaintances not
       listed as help. Festival staff will ask such persons to leave the premises and not
   10- We adhere to a ‘good neighbor policy’ and request that all merchants take care
       to avoid excessively loud or inappropriate music and behavior. Hawking wares to
       patrons is encouraged!

List yourself and your booth help by name:




Additional persons (passes for each will be $10.00)


Merchants with children under 13 will be expected to take extra care to watch their little
ones. Children who are disruptive or cause damage to other merchants’ booths will be
held by security until their parents are located, then parents will be held financially
responsible for costs incurred.

Merchants are welcome to bring pets on a case by case basis as long as such pets are
restrained appropriately and not allowed in the food booth work areas. Let us know
about your pet and we can advise. All merchants with animals on site will be expected to
clean up after their animals.

                                Hold Harmless Agreement
I release and hold harmless all Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire Producers and
Council, Marriott-Slaterville City officials, Tippetts family members and all associated volunteers,
employees and staff from any liability for damages, theft, loss or personal injury sustained at the
Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire.

I understand that photographs taken on site, as well as my slides/pictures may be used for

The Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire makes no representations or claims as to the
condition or safety of the land, structures or surroundings, whether or not owned, leased,
operated or maintained by the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire
I understand that all activities on site are potentially dangerous or harmful to my person or
property, and that by participating I voluntarily accept and assume the risk of injury to myself or
damage to my property.

I retain sole responsibility for any injury or property damage to patrons or their property from any
article I have brought onto the Festival site.

I understand that I am responsible for any minor children that are in my care, either written or
implied. Failure to adequately watch over my minor children resulting in jeopardy to their safety
or the safety of others through their behavior is grounds for immediate expulsion from the Utah
Renaissance Festival and Fantasy faire.

I understand that I must, at all times, comply with the laws of Marriot/Slaterville City, Weber
County and the State of Utah. Furthermore. I agree that illegal activities and the use of non
prescription drugs and/or alcohol on site will be grounds for expulsion and possible prosecution. I
understand that smoking is prohibited in view of Faire patrons except in designated smoking

I also understand that all personnel must be in costume and conduct themselves professionally. I
furthermore understand that the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire reserves the right
to protect its interest.

I have read the statements in this document. I agree with its terms and have voluntarily signed it.
I understand that this document is complete unto itself and that any oral promises or
representations made to me concerning this document and/or its terms are not binding upon the
Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire, its officers, agents and/or employees and/or
members of the Tippetts family.


Print name               __________________________________

Signature                ___________________________________

Date                    ____________________________________

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