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   AJAX Document Viewer
   Professional Edition

                              Web Based Document Viewer
                              Ajax Document Viewer is a web based online document viewer and can embedded
                              into any web page or linked from any page. For most companies, getting software
                              products to market on time, on budget, and with the right features and functionality is
                              always a challenge. But it doesn't have to be.
The Big Picture
                              AJAX Document Viewer is an online document viewer that uses AJAX and Flash
Web based online
                              technology to create fast rendering of documents on the fly. The main focus of the
document viewer
                              viewer is the ability to be embedded in any application and allows content publishers,
More than 100 Document
                              bloggers and individual users to publish content and embed the documents in their
Types Support                 web pages while still maintaining the integrity, consistency and look & feel of the the
Not a Virtual Printer Based
Solution                      AJAX Document Viewer can help you retain your customers and streamline your
                              content integration efforts. Leverage Web 2.0 technologies to get a completely
Built on Multi Tenancy        scalable content viewer that easily handles any type of content in virtually unlimited
Concept                       volume, with additional capabilities to support high-volume transaction and archive
No need for office or other
software’s installed

Ability to convert
documents into PDF            Features
                              More than 100 Document Types Supported
                              Support for more than 100 Document Types including Microsoft Office 2007
                              documents (docx, xlsx, pptx), Office 2000 (doc, xls, ppt), Open Office (odt, sxw, ods,
                              sxc. odp, sxi, odg), Images (jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff), Adobe PDF, RTF, CSV, TXT etc

                              Conversion of Microsoft Office documents to PDF & SWF on server
                              AJAX Document Viewer allows an unlimited number of users to convert any format of
                              Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF & SWF on a server. Quick
                              and easy conversion of most of the document to an Adobe ® Flash ® (SWF)

                              No need for installation of MS Office or Adobe Software
                              All reading, access and conversion of documents is done within the server resulting
                              in no need for licenses for Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat or other softwares.
                       Not a Virtual Printer Based Converter
                       AJAX Document Viewer is not a virtual printer based server, which means no
                       installation of a virtual printer on the server. A virtual printer based converter needs to
                       spool the documents and queue all the documents for conversion resulting in a single
                       document conversion at a time. AJAX Document Viewer is based on Multiple
                       Tenancy Concept resulting in faster conversion rates and performance as multiple
                       users can access the server at the same time and get various documents converted

                       Faster Conversion
                       AJAX Document Viewer is based on a Multiple Tenancy Concept and hence is
                       significantly faster than other products with similar functions.

                       Conversion of documents to PDF
                       Documents can not only be converted to SWF but also to PDF, this offering your
                       users not only the ability to view the documents in a web based environment but also
                       to download the documents in PDF form.

                       Easy System Integration
                       AJAX Document Viewer Server provides easy system integration with web
                       applications, content management systems, and other software. Integrate the server
                       directly with your application and call Java Code directly from within your code. Easily
                       embed your documents in web pages and publish them on the Internet.

                       Real Time Conversion & Viewing
                       Allow your users to view the documents when they want. The documents can be
                       rendered in real time and made available to the users for viewing using the AJAX
                       Document Viewer.

                       Ease of Use
                       View any type of content more precisely and efficiently with the an easier to use
                       interface. Easily set up and integrate with other enterprise systems, solutions and

                       Business Continuity
                       Configure and deploy to ensure high availability, reducing or eliminating the impact of
                       interruptions to system availability.

                       Platform Neutrality
                       Support a broad range of Operating Systems and Browsers without worrying about
                       additional QA and resource costs.

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