2006 SpringSummer Town Hall News by fjwuxn


									          A publication by the City of Lebanon, published for residents and businesses
                                                                                                                 Fall/Winter 2007

    activities to highlight fire prevention week
Efforts to educate the community about how to prepare a fire escape plan are included.
The City of Lebanon Fire Department will host a variety of
special activities to mark Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13,
2007. A Family Fire Prevention Open House will be held on                    Fire Escape Checklist
Thursday, October 11 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.                                Use the following checklist to make sure everyone in your
                                                                        family is prepared in case of a fire.
This year’s message is, “Practice Your Escape Plan,” because it’s
not enough just to have a fire escape plan. To escape safely from       •    Do you have working smoke alarms in your home?
a home fire you’ve got to make sure that everyone in the home           •    Is there a smoke alarm in every sleeping room and outside
has practiced the                                                            each sleeping area?
plan as well.                                                           •    Is there a smoke alarm on each level of the home, including
                                                                             the basement?
Lebanon Fire                                                            •    Do you test your smoke alarms at least once a month?
Department will                                                         •    Do you know the sound of your smoke alarms?
also offer a variety                                                    •    How old are your smoke alarms? (If they’re more than 10
of activities                                                                years old, you need new ones.)
including: live and static displays that include an auto extrication,   •    Does your family have a home fire escape plan?
fire extinguisher demonstration, and antique fire apparatus
                                                                        •    Do you know two ways out of each room in your home?
                                                                        •    Do you know what to do when you hear your smoke alarm?
                                                                             (Get out and stay out.)
For more information about Lebanon’s Fire Prevention Week
activities, please call 228-3852.                                       •    Are all the exits in your home clear of trash and toys?
                                                                        •    Has your family picked a meeting place outside the home
                                                                             where everyone can go when they’ve escaped a fire?
      Fire Department hires                                             •    Does everyone at home know how to call the fire depart-

         Fire Lieutenants                                               •
                                                                             ment once they are outside?
                                                                             Do you and all family members practice your escape plan at
                                                                             least twice a year?
   Lebanon Fire Department has hired three, full-time, fire
   lieutenants in its efforts to ramp up its full-
   time staff to meet the growing demands of                                Don’t forget to change your
   the community.                                                             smoke alarm batteries
   The new lieutenants serve under the fire                             Be sure to change your smoke alarm batteries at least once each
   chief and captains, and will oversee the                             year. An easy way to remember is to
   daily operations of the Fire and EMS crew at Station 41.             change these batteries when you change
                                                                        your clock either each spring and fall.
   The new lieutenants bring Lebanon Fire Department’s                  Replace old batteries with fresh, high
   full-time staffing level up to eight members.                        quality batteries to keep your smoke
                                                                        alarms ready to protect you all year long.
    Quality Infrastructure: Built to Last                                 Updated Zoning Code
    I am often asked by residents and business owners why some            The City Council recently approved Lebanon’s new Zoning
    roadway construction projects seem to take so long to complete.       Code. In addition to being more user-friendly, the new code
    The City’s aging roadway system includes many streets that            establishes improved architectural standards for residential and
    are experiencing failures to the soil base which supports the         commercial construction. The intent of the code revisions is to
    pavement, as well as deteriorated curb and gutter. Roadway base       improve the overall quality of development in our community.
    failures and concrete deterioration often require the complete
    reconstruction of the roadway, which adds significant time
    and cost to the project. Merely applying new asphalt overlays         Central Business District
    to roadways with base failures provides only temporary and            Streetscape Improvements
    cosmetic improvement, and costs more in the long run. Visit the
    Engineering page on the City’s website at www.lebanonohio.            Lebanon was recently
    ws, and click on Diagram of a Standard Street for a detailed          awarded a $600,000 grant
    description.                                                          to perform the final phase of
                                                                          the Downtown Streetscape
    Prior to the reconstruction or resurfacing of our roads, the City     Project. This $1.7 million
    will inspect all underground utility lines and replace those water,   project will include the
    sewer and storm water systems which have reached the end of           replacement of curb and
    their service life. Although time consuming, this process helps       gutters, brick sidewalks,
    to ensure that newly paved roads will not need to be torn up to       reconditioned lighting, street
    replace underground utilities.                                        trees and street furniture
                                                                          on Broadway between
    New Transportation and Parks                                          Main St. and Silver, and
                                                                          along Mulberry St. between
    Impact Fees                                                           Sycamore and Mechanic.
    The City Council has adopted a new Transportation Impact Fee
    and has made revisions to the existing Parks Impact Fee. Each
    new residential lot developed in the City will pay a parks impact
    fee and a transportation impact fee. Commercial development                        Water & Sewer
    will be charged only the transportation impact fee. These fees
    only apply to new development, and funds generated will be used                    Rates Remain
    to pay for the construction of new roadways and park facilities
    required to accommodate the increased demand resulting from
                                                                               Based on a recent survey conducted by the City
                                                                               of Oakwood on water and sewer rates from over

           We’re Available                                                     65 jurisdictions in Southwest Ohio, Lebanon’s
                                                                               rates remains competitively priced. The survey
                                                                               indicates that the average combined-utility bill
          City officials are available to attend citizen                       for water and sewer service during a typical 3-
          meetings, such as homeowners associations                            month usage period is $184.97.
          or other civic groups, to provide updates on
          City operations and address questions. If you                        Lebanon ranked below the average with a water
          would like to schedule a guest speaker for your                      and sewer billing of $180.72. The City’s goal is
          group, please contact my office at 228-3101.                         to provide high quality water & sewer service in
                                                                               a cost-effective manner.

  Roadway projects continue in 2007
Orchard Avenue Reconstruction                                          signal improvements to the following intersections: Miller
                                                                       Road & Columbus Avenue, Monroe Road & Columbus Avenue,
(Phase II)                                                             and Columbus Avenue & Southline Drive. Construction is
                                                                       anticipated to begin in mid-September and be completed by mid-
Orchard Avenue has been constructed between West Street and
                                                                       November. Estimated total project cost is $823,000.
Broadway. The project included complete reconstruction of the
pavement to remove the high crown, new curb, new
storm sewers, replacement of all water and sanitary                                                                   New
sewer mains, and curb bump outs to provide traffic                                                                    Basketball
calming measures. The project was completed at the                                                                    Court
end of August at a total cost of $1.4 million.
                                                                                                                A new outdoor
Justice Drive Reconstruction                                                                                    basketball court
                                                                                                                was constructed in
A majority of the curb & gutter along Justice Drive                                                             Colonial Park North
from Cook Road to East Street is deteriorated and                                                               on Monroe Road
numerous areas of the roadway are showing signs of                                                              with funds donated
pavement failure. A portion of the roadway will be                                                              by the Harmon Civic
reconstructed and the other portion will be resurfaced                                                          Trust. Along with the
with spot pavement repairs. All of the curb &                                                                    standard basketball
gutter will be replaced. Construction began in late July and is        hoops, a lower height basketball hoop was also provided for the
scheduled to be completed by November. The estimated project           younger players.
cost is $114,000.
                                                                       A Look Ahead at 2008…
2007 Concrete Replacement                                              West Silver Street Reconstruction
In preparation for the 2008 ODOT Urban Paving Program, all             The City of Lebanon has received a $395,000 grant from the
curb & gutter, sidewalks, and driveway aprons in need of repair        Ohio Public Works commission for the reconstruction of West
along US 42 at Warren Street and Columbus Avenue from Warren           Silver Street from Broadway to West Street. Project design is
Street to Miller Road, will be replaced and all handicap ramps         in the final phase, and will include complete reconstruction of
will be installed to comply with federal guidelines. Concrete          the pavement to remove the high crown, new curb, new storm
replacement began in late June and is expected to be completed         sewers, and replacement of all water and sanitary sewer mains.
by the end of September. Invoices will be mailed to property           The road will be closed to through traffic during construction,
owners in the first quarter of 2008; payment will be due by mid-       due to the project’s complexity and to provide a safe work zone
summer. Any payments not received will be submitted to the             for the residents and workers. Mail delivery, garbage pick-up,
County Auditors Office for assessment to the property owner in         and bus service will be maintained. The project is anticipated to
2009.                                                                  begin construction in April to October 2008.

2007 Alley Improvement Program
                                                                        Cemetery Tour Offered
City of Lebanon received a $130,000 community development
block grant to improve alleys located in the older residential areas   If you like history, or want to learn more about Lebanon, join
of our downtown. The project also included the installation of         John Zimkus, historian for the Warren County Historical Society,
handicap ramps at the intersection of East Street and Mulberry         and author of “Historical Footnotes of Lebanon Ohio,” for a
Street.                                                                narrated tour of Lebanon’s two historic cemeteries. The tour
                                                                                                       begins in front of the fountain at
ODOT Urban Paving Program                                                                              the Lebanon Cemetery on West
                                                                                                       Silver Street and will last about an
Warren Street, from Broadway to Columbus Avenue, and                                                   hour and a half.
Columbus Avenue, from Warren Street to Miller Road, will be                                           Tour Date:
                                                                                                      Saturday, September 29
given a new surface course of asphalt with $450,000 in funding                                        @ 10 a.m. RSVP by
from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The project will                                          calling 228-3103.
include spot roadway repairs, the removal and replacement of                                          Left: Tombstone of Ichabod Corwin, founder   3
the surface asphalt and placement of new striping, and traffic                                        of Lebanon, in Pioneer Cemetery.

                                                                           Office of Economic Development
                                                                   Phone: 228-3184  Email: mcollins@ci.lebanon.oh.us

        JD Legend Restaurant/Strike Zone                                   with VIP rooms, a 600-seat banquet room that offer video
                                                                           conference and teleconference capabilities, a restaurant, and
        Lanes                                                              outdoor volley ball courts with a deck. The new center is
        The restaurant and family-fun center, which currently has
                                                                           scheduled to open in summer 2008.
        locations in Kentucky and Franklin, Ohio, will open a new
        facility in the 68,000+ sq. ft. vacant Wal-Mart building located
        on Deerfield Road. The state-                                                          G/C Contracting
        of-the-art, award-winning,                                                             The contractor has completed the
        restaurant and family fun                                                              construction of a 12,000 sq. ft.
        center will open in the spring                                                         manufacturing facility in the Norgal
        2008. The new facility will                                                            Industrial Park. Two additional buildings
        offer: a full-service restaurant                                                       are also slated for construction. The
        and bar with TV’s, trivia,                                                             second building is near 60 percent
        karaoke, live entertainment,                                                           complete, and a lease has been signed
        fun poker tournaments, and                                                             with City Electric Supply for occupancy
        a patio deck that will include                                                         pending completion.
        outdoor volleyball courts and
        a Tiki bar.                                                                            Kiesland, Ltd.
                                                                                                The company is planning to construct a
        Lebanon Lanes                                                                          38,400 sq. ft. speculative building in the
        & Alley 21 Neighborhood Grille                                     Kingsview Industrial Park on Columbia Road. The building
        A new family entertainment center is planned for the existing      is being constructed to appeal to a single-occupant industrial
        91,000 sq. ft. former Big Bear building located on Columbus        user for manufacturing, office or a combination of both uses.
        Avenue. The new establishment will offer: bowling lanes            Construction is scheduled to begin by fall 2007.

                                                                           New Retail Offerings
                           At Your                                         Spectra Group
                SERVICE                                                    Construction is complete on the 18,000 sq. ft. retail center
                                                                           located at 1530 Wal-Mart Drive. The shopping center
                                                                           currently has nine new tenants including, Fashion Bug, Sprint,
                                                                           American General, Great Clips, Check N Go, and Embarq.
               CITy HALL is open          LEBANON CITy HALL                Spectra is also planning four, out-parcels, ranging in size from
                8:00 AM - 5:00 PM         50 South Broadway                one acre to 2.5 acres, which will be marketed to banks and
             Monday through Friday        Lebanon, Ohio 45036
                        Closed Holidays                                    restaurants.
                                          GENERAL INFO. &
           SERvICE DEPT. is open
               8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
                                          CUSTOmER SERvICE
                                                                           Lebanon Ventures, LLC
                                                                           Construction is complete on three new retail buildings, totaling
               UTILITy PAymENT            EmERGENCy: 9-1-1                 39,600 sq. ft. of retail/commercial space, located at 1525
                        WINDOW                                             Genntown Drive across from Wal-Mart. The new retail center
         is open 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM        FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                          Non emergency: 932-6119
                                                                           is approximately 95 percent leased, and its tenants include,
                     Fax: 932-2493                                         Maurice’s (clothier), The Shoe Show, Cato Fashions (clothier),
                                          POLICE DEPARTmENT                Jack’s Aquarium, Regis/Supercuts, Tan Cincinnati Co.,
                                          Non emergency: 932-2010          Cincinnati Bell, Game Stop, The Tin Duck Tavern, and Happy
                                                                           Buffet (Chinese restaurant).
4              www.lebanonohio.ws
            Leaf collections begin October 15
It’s that time of year again, when Public Works is gearing up for    There may be times when the quantity of leaves
leaf-collection season. Since trees lose their leaves at varying     in one area is so heavy that the leaf col-
times, collection has been lengthened to accommodate the tree        lection crews will begin earlier than
cycles.                                                              scheduled. In these cases, crews will
                                                                     return to your area on the days
To collect leaves more effectively, we request that you rake         scheduled as well.
leaves into the street approximately 12 inches away from the
curb to allow rainfall to flow down the curb and into the storm    In case of an early snow
inlets. If your street does not have curbs, line                                   prior to a leaf
up your row of leaves on the pavement as close                                     collection, leaves raked to the curb for collection
to the shoulder of the road as possible to leave         Please remove all         will likely be plowed onto the road-way along
the maximum amount of street surface open for          parked vehicles from        with the snow. Weather permitting, any remaining
vehicles.                                             the street until leaves leaves will be collected. An early snowfall seri-
                                                       have been removed.          ously hampers our leaf collection efforts because
Please ensure that there are not any foreign                                       some of the same trucks that are used to pick up
objects hidden in the leaf piles. This causes                                      leaves will be needed to plow the streets.
great damage to our leaf-vac, causing a delay in the program for
repairs.                                                           Should you miss the opportunity to participate in the program on
                                                                   the scheduled dates, please bag your leaves and deposit them in
Have your leaves ready on the first day of the pick-up schedule.   the provided dumpster located at the Public Works building at 511
Have leaves raked into the street and ready for pickup by 7:00     North Broadway.
a.m. on the first day of your scheduled pickup, but no earlier
than 4:00 p.m. on the day before your scheduled pickup. Please Questions or concerns about leaf pick-up?
remember to remove any parked cars from the street until the       Call Dan Wilson, Superintendent of Public Works @
leaves have been removed.                                          228-3701 or Email: dwilson@ci.lebanon.oh.us.

                                                                         Leaf Collection Schedule
                                                                    1. Oct. 15-17, 29-31; Nov. 12-14 & 26-28
                                                                    Main St. to Maple Ave. from East St. to West St., includ-
                                                                    ing Silverwood Farms.

                                                                    2. Oct. 17-19, Oct. 31-Nov. 2; Nov. 14-16,
                                                                    Maple Ave. South, including Poplar Hill, Oak Forge, Stone
                                                                    Ridge, Lakeside Landing, Catalpa Ridge, Cook Rd., Coun-
                                                                    tryside, Sterling Chase and Tecumseh Trails.

                                                                    3. Oct. 22-24, Nov. 5-7, 19-21; Nov. 30-
                                                                    Dec. 22
                                                                    North Broadway to By-Pass 48 from East Main St. to Mon-
                                                                    roe Rd., including East Ridge and Ridge View.

                                                                    4. Oct. 24-26; Nov. 7-9, 21-23; Dec. 3-5
                                                                    North Broadway to Columbus from Monroe Rd. to Miller

                                                                    5. Oct. 29-31; Nov. 12-14, 26-28; Dec. 5-7
                                                                    North Broadway City limits to west City limits on Miller
                                                                    Road to Desales Ave., including Garfield Park, Reveres
                                                                    Run and Millers Crossing.

                                                                    6. Oct. 31-Nov. 2; Nov. 14-16, 28-30; Dec.
                                                                    North Broadway to west City limits (SR’s. 63 & 123) from
                                                                    Desales Ave. to West Main St.                                        5
               Calendar of Events
    COUNTRy APPLEFEST                                         CITy OF LEBANON HOLIDAy
    Saturday, September 22, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.                  ILLUMINATION
    Downtown Lebanon                                          Friday, November 23, 6:30 - 8 p.m.
                                                              Christmas Tree Park, Downtown Lebanon
    Over 200 booths filled with food, crafts and farmers
    market items. For more information visit www.
                                                              Bring the family and come celebrate the season
    countryapplefest.com or call 932-6585.
                                                              at the City’s annual tree lighting ceremony. Enjoy
                                                              Christmas carols, free horse-carriage rides and be
    LADMA DOWNTOWN                                            sure to visit Santa! Downtown shops are open late.
    mERCHANT HALLOWEEN                                        Visit www.lebanonohio.ws or contact Karen Patton
                                                              at 228-3110.
    Saturday, October 27, 1-3 p.m.
    Downtown merchants
                                                              LEBANON CHRISTmAS FESTIvAL
    Bring your little goblin to the annual downtown           & HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE
    Merchant’s Halloween. Participating merchants in
    downtown Lebanon will distribute candy to children        PARADE
    ages 12 and under in costume.                             Saturday, December 1; 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
                                                              Downtown Lebanon
    TRICK-OR-TREAT                                            It’s the premier event of the holiday season and
    Wednesday, October 31, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.                   it’s only in downtown Lebanon. Two horse-drawn
                                                              carriage parades ride along the streets of the
    Here are some helpful guidelines to make this year’s      historic downtown at the 1 p.m. parade and the
    event a fun and safe one:                                 7 p.m. candlelight parade. Be sure to visit the
                                                              vendors, the downtown shops, and enjoy the
    • Go only to well-lit houses.                             entertainment and carriage rides between parades.
                                                              Visit www.lebanonchamber.org or contact the
    • Travel in small groups and be accompanied by an         Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce at 932-1100.
    • Bring treats home before eating them so they can
    be inspected.
                                                              CHRISTmAS AT GLENDOWER
                                                              December 1-9
    • Use flashlights, stay on sidewalks, and avoid           Glendower mansion, 105 Cincinnati Ave.
    crossing through yards.
    • Cross streets at the corner, use crosswalks where       The 1840’s Greek Revival mansion will be decorated
    they exist and do not cross between parked cars.          for the Christmas holiday and refreshments will be
                                                              available as you enjoy entertainment by historical
    • Wear clothing that is bright, reflective and flame
                                                              performers, singers and musicians. Visit www.
                                                              wchsmuseum.com or call 932-1817 for details.
                                             • Consider
                                             wearing face
                                             paint, instead
                                                              OTHER ACTIVITIES
                                             of masks.
                                                              Lm&m RAILROAD
                                             • Avoid          LM&M Railroad offers a host of themed train rides
                                             wearing          throughout the season. Visit www.lebanonrr.com
                                             long, baggy      for details.
                                             or loose
                                             costumes         LEBANON THEATRE CO.
                                             or oversized     It’s community theatre in Lebanon! Visit ltcplays.
                                             shoes to         com for more information about the current season.
                                             tripping.        THE LEBANON SymPHONy ORCHESTRA &
                                                              The LSOC offers something for every musical taste.
                                                              Visit www.musicinlebanon.com for details.
               d enc
         e pen y
      Ind Da tion
Below: HOWLBand performed for the crowd         Above: Lebanon FOP organized the DUNK-A-COP        Above: The animals are a
at this year’s event.                           fundraiser at this year’s event.                   favorite at the petting zoo.

                                                                                Left: Mayor Amy Brewer welcomed
                                                                                the crowd.

                                                                                                        Be a part of actions
                                                                                                        that shape the future of
                                                                                                        Lebanon. The following
                                                                                                        regularly scheduled
                                                                                                        monthly meetings are
                                                                                                        held at City Hall, 50
                                                                                                        South Broadway. Come
                                                                                                        join us!

                                                                                     City Council
                                                                                     Second and fourth Tuesday of each

                                                                                     month at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers

                                                                                     City Council Work Sessions
                                                                                     Scheduled as necessary at 7:00 PM

                                                                                     Board of Festivals & Tourism
         Randall Atkins received his Ohio Environmental                              Second Thursday of each month at
       Protection Agency Class II Wastewater Operators                               5:00 PM
     License. To qualify for a Class II Operators License
     an operator must work at a Wastewater Treatment                                 Citizens Housing Committee
     Plant for at least three years and obtain continuing                            Meets on call, the first Monday of each
      education in the Wastewater field through classes                              month at 7:00 PM
     and seminars. The operator must also successfully
        pass a written exam. Only 34% of the 76 people
     who took the exam passed to receive their license.
                                                                                     Parks & Recreation Board
                                                                                     First Wednesday of each month at
                                 Congratulations Randall!
                                                                                     7:00 PM

                                                                                     Planning Commission
                                                                                     Third Tuesday of each month at
                                                                                     7:00 PM

                                                                                     Shade Tree Commission
                                          City Attorney Mark Yurick was              Second Wednesday each month at
                                          recognized for his service during          5:00 PM
                                          a council meeting. City Manager
                                          Pat Clements presented him with a
                                                                                      For more information about meetings and
                                          framed portrait of City Hall.
                                                                                      events, please call City Hall at 933-7200.
                                         Staff Members

      Patrick Jenkinson                  Travis O’Neill         Keith Phillips     Stephen Hudgins
        Police Officer                   Police Officer          Dispatcher        Municipal Worker I

                                                                                  Happy Trails
                                                                                  The City recently recognized the
                                                                                  retirement of two outstanding
                                                                                  staff members who completed a
         Joshua Pirk                    Steven Johnson           Dion Grener      combined 60 years of dedicated
       Fire Lieutenant                  Fire Lieutenant        Fire Lieutenant    service to our community.

                                                                                  Doug Johnson, Deputy Director of
                                                                                  Planning & Development retired
                                                                                  on June 1, 2007, and Randy Duff,
                                                                                  Superintendant of Parks and
                                                                                  Cemeteries, retired on April 1,

                                                                                  The City greatly appreciates their
                                                                                  many years of outstanding service!

        Dale Lusby                      Jesse Malone             Dale Smith
       Electric Dept.                   Electric Dept.          Electric Dept.
          Lineman                        Storekeeper         Equipment Operator

                                         50 S. Broadway                                                StANdARd
                                         Lebanon, oH 45036                                           US PoStAge
                                                                                                    CINCINNAtI oH
                                                                                                    PeRMIt No. 6657
Lebanon City Council
Mayor Amy Brewer             505-4174
Vice Mayor James Norris II   505-4819
Jeffrey S. Aylor             236-3980
Ben Cole                     933-9543
Charleen Mehaffie Flick      932-6561
Jeffrey Monroe               292-5350
Matthew Rodriguez            236-6318

City Manager
Pat Clements                 228-3101
Clerk of Council
Sharee Dick                  228-3163
City Attorney
Mark Yurick                  228-3106

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