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   •   SATYAM PAPER - 04 MAR 2006 – DELHI
   •   SATYAM PAPER - 04 MAR 2006
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Hello Friends..

Here is the Paper Of Satyam Recruitment test held at JBIET Hyderabad on 10th March...
I'm giving the paper to the best I remember..Hope u will gain something with it...

1) If 3 mwn and 5 women can do a work in 5 days,4 men and 10 women can do the work
in 4 days. In how many days can the work be completed by 9 men and 15 women.
I don't rem the exact figures....But same prob..

2) series..... 3,10,29,_,127,218.
   Ans: 4^3 +2 =66.

3) What's the day on 7th Sep 1936.
   Ans: Monday.

4) Some reasoning question was given in which a committe of three was to be chosen out of 5
    teachers teching 5 diff. subjects...Some conditions are given...If foreign language techer is in
    committee , who r the other two??
    It's an easy one.
   Ans: English and Science

5) A prism of equilateral triangular base of area 64 and ht. 9 cm is melt and made into a
   cube...What is it's total surface area?
   I don't know the formula for volume of prism.Sorry.

6) What is the remainder when 1047*1050*1053*1056 is divided by 33?

7) Some code was given...and which of these options
   would not be printed was asked.

   1. R=3.
   2. J=R+2;
   3. R=R*2.
   4. K=R^2.
   5. R=K-R.
   6. If R<32, goto 2.
   7. END.
   Ans: None of these.

8) Some question involving logical sequence in English.Viruses are used to kill Moths..
These Moths are killed in large no. When they face biological stress. In what situation
can the viruses act efficiently?
   a) during drought. b)If flies and birds feed on moths. Two more options were given...
I don't know the answer.

9) Same logical sequence....
    But the no. of aeroplanes has increased by 25% in the last decade.This sentence is
a logical rebuttal to which of the following?
   a) The no. of air crashes has increased by 10% in the last decade.
   b) The air fares have increased very high in the last ten yrs, that a common man can't afford
them. - Redefining the way freshers get job!

  c) Large airlines are taking hold of smaller air line companies.
  d) none.

   Don't know this too.

10) Data sufficiency question. A customer pays 84 Rs. for a hat after tax, what's the C.P?
   A)The tax on the hat is 7%.
   B) Marked price -20% of tax =C.P

 Ans: A is sufficient alone ( check it).

11) Four figures were given..What's the next one???
    Easy one...

12) What is the sum off all no.s formed by the combination of all digits of 4324?
   Ans: 43329 or 44329 (check it)

13)There are three vessels of 1:2:3 ratio in
   volumes....There r two types of liquids A and B in

  the vessels..In the first vessel A:B =2:3...Second
  3:7 ..Third 1:4.....If the liquids in the three vessels are poured into a large vessel..
What's the ratio of A;B in the large vessel?

 14) If SI on certain sum is 1500 and CI 1525 for two yrs....What's the CI on the sum for 3 yrs?
   Ans : Rs. 2326.75 ( check it)

 15) If * is denoted by A, / by B, + by C and - by D. what's the result of the _expression,
   20 B 5 A 8 C 8 D 10.

   Ans : 30.

   I've made it through the Written test..The cut off was 6.5
   But didn't get thru GD...
   Hope this paper will be helpful to u..... - Redefining the way freshers get job!


Hello Friends

This is Raja Harsha from IV/IV ECE B-TECH
Iam happy to inform that i got into SATYAM

The whole recruitment process went on at the JBIET campus on behalf of the IEG. There were
roughly 2400 people attending for the process in 3 equal slots
He finally selected 85 people

The process went on in 3 phases
The written test was conducted on 10-03-2006
I was in the first slot
The written test consisted of Quant,Logic reasoning,aptitude,passage reading(only 1Q)
The total no. of questions is 15 and the cutoff was 4.There was 1/4th negetive marking!(b careful)
The cutoff usually will be around 6 and 7 generally.Each question carries 1 mark
I don't remember most of the Questions.But i'll give u some basic idea of what was asked.okay!
REMEMBER!!! dont try to solve every question.Do 9 or 10 perfectly or atleast 7 correct to ensure
urself , clear the test

1.complete the series
***(every time 1Q on calenders)
2.Problem on dates(calender problem)
 what is the day on 25th september 1936(not exactly same)
3.Four diagrams were given as sequence and we have to find the fifth from given options
4.An equilateral triangular base prism of base ___units and length____units is melt into a cube
 Find the Lateral surface area of cube

5.Given compound interest on certain amount for 2years as Rs.___ and its simple interest as
 Find the Compound interest for 3years.
6.One problem on algorithm
10 Let R=3;
20 Let R=R+2;
30 Let R=R*2;
40 Let k=R^2;
50 print k-R;
60 check R<32 goto 20
 what is the final o/p

7.A passage was given and summary of it was asked in options select the correct one
8.There was a work when done by 6 men and 7 women is completed in 6 days.The same work
when done by 3 men and
4 women is completed in 15days.Find the no. of days the work is finished in when done by 5men
and 8 women
(Not the same numbers). - Redefining the way freshers get job!

{Hint:let capacity of men=x and women=y;Then 6x+7y=(1/6) and 3x+4y=(1/15).Find x and y and
substitute in
9.A NEWS article on AIR services was given and 4 statements as 4 options were given and we
have tu choose
the most appropriate option.
10.ASSERTION and REASONING type question
  two statements A and B were given
   a problem is given
To describe it
a>both A and B are needed
b>A is sufficient
c>B is sufficient
d>A and B are not sufficient
and some others i don't remember

He shortlisted 800 people here

As we know this is the main ELIMINATION round
The whole lot of 800 were made into no. of batches of 10 ppl in each
The main qualities they were looking in were ur
Always try tu make ur GD constructive!Most of the times the group getz benifitted when a
conclusion is reached
TRY tu initiate the topic or end the topic.BUT!,it is also the most risky effort if u don't do it properly
any way u will find important tips fur GD on internet.

our GD:
      After we all entered the room he made a note of all our numbers and made us sit in a
  He then asked us to choose a topic of our choice
  only 2 of us were selected from our group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-ve points------->
1.The topic was decided by a 3ppl in the group without taking other's opinions
2.The initiation of topic was also chaotic.3 ppl wanted those extra points of starting Gd .They did
not stop.
3.The discussion was worthless.Everyone wanted tu dominate,but,had no extra pointsand
repeated same points
Fed up with all these the observer asked us tu conclude in the 4th minute itself(scheduled time is
4.The observer wanted 1 person of his choice to conclude.But,still poeple tried themselves to
+ve points------->
1.when ppl were lingering around the same point,i interfeared in between and countered their
points for
  a minute and welcomed their responses.But,they again continued on their own old point
2.When the group was in chaotic discussion i did not go and mix up but kept cool(But, later i gave
my points)
**3.I was gettin familiar with my group members before the GD started and was cool while others
were appearing
tensed.He noticed all these things
He shortlisted 220 members here
________________________________________________________________________ - Redefining the way freshers get job!

The process started at 2:30pm
There were 6 to 7 panels simultaneously in the process
I was the first person in one of the panels
As soon as i went in i wished him and he asked me to sit.He was appearing cool.This eased me
out of tension

****PLEASE go in GOOD attire.This makes a definite impact on recruiters mind which will decide
the further process
The Qs r not in same order
1.TELL me about urself
2.Why should i select u
3.Why du u prefer SATYAM
4.After u joined SATYAM if u r given a Dress code & restricted tu use mobiles.How will be ur
5.What is communication
6.Where du u use communication
8.How many FlipFlops are in DECADE COUNTER
9.Hoe du u rate urself in 'C'
10.How du u declare an array
11.How du u declare an array of different datatypes
12.How du u define'Electronics'
13.What is a diode
14.What is an Oscillator
15What is the feed back in an oscillator
16.What is FM
17.What is range of FM
18.How du u differentiate Science and Application
19.Why du u want tu join SATYAM
20.Why shud i select u
21.U are trained in Java and we asked u tu work in other field.How du u react
22.U are selected in a company,does ur college recommend u tu attend for interviews of other
23.What is ur father
24.How many siblings u have

 That's it and he asked me tu wait for the result
We can say i was lucky enough to be interviewed first.As the interview was going on it became
more tougher!!!!

Finally he shortlisted 148 ppl. - Redefining the way freshers get job!


Hi Friends

I attended for satyam off campus on 10 Th march 2006.
Venue: Wesely PG College. Hyderabad.
Total attended: nearly 8000
 Finally Selected: 290
Exam is 15 Questions and 30 minutes duration.
My paper was good. Most of the questions from R.S Agarwal
In my paper 5 to 6 questions on reasoning and remaining Quantitative Aptitude.

1. From time and work like 3 men work equals to 8 women work. And a work is completed in 14
days by 5 men and 8 women .Then how many women are required to complete the same work in
10 days.(numbers are not same )

2. A question like 2 puffs is equal to 4 breads and 3 breads are equal to 6 cakes. Then 8 puffs
equal to how many cakes.

3. A question from simple interest. A person took 1, 00,000 amt and interest rate is 10% for 5
years. And he paid the amount in installments in first year 10,000 and in second year 20,000 in 3
rd year 30,000 ,in 4 th year 40,000.Then what is amount he have to pay in 5 th year(ans :50,000)

4.Another question from time and work X can do 1/3 rd of work in 10 days and Y can do half of
work in 12 days and Z can do the work in 15 days. If X,Y,Z work together for 3 days after that
X,Y leaves then how many days it takes for Z to complete the work.

5. One question from Partner ship I don't remember the question.

Remaining questions I don't remember. And I did exactly 9 questions I think those 9 are correct.
There is 0.25 -Ve marking for wrong answer try to avoid guessing. Finally from written 1800 was
short listed for GD.
In GD group consists of 10 members. My topic is "CELL PHONES USAGE IN EDUCATIONAL
INSTITUTIONS". In our group 5 guys and 5 girls. 2 people conducted our GD. At beginning they
said the rules don't see ours, try to interact with ur team.

First they asked how many of u participated in GD.And then they give chance to select the topic
and each member proposed one topic. Finally they give the above topic. First one guy initiated
and then I took the chance and rise almost all important points. In our team only one guy talked -
ve to the topic. In our team 4 members cleared the GD.
And other teams GD topics are:
1. Public Sectors Vs Private Sectors
2. About Bush visiting India etc

Coming to interview:
In my panel 2 members are 1 Technical person and 1 HR.
First they introduced and then HR asked tell me about urself other than in the resume.
Then Tech person asked about Project and he asked about platform of my project etc.Then he
asked interesting area then I said DBMS then he poured a lot of questions in between HR asked
What do u know about satyam, and Why Satyam.are u willing to work in Bhuvaneshwar.If ur
parents doesn't agree to move from Hyderabad then what will u do. So be confident .They just
looking confidence and basic knowledge in subjects. So finally I get through Satyam and my
reporting date is 24 Th march.

So thanks to Vyom-Jobs group. - Redefining the way freshers get job!


Hi Friends

this is what i have for u from saytem delhi test
there are 15 questions and 30 minutes
the figures are not exact i am giving u the bst as far as its possible
like there are three sets i have got second one
Q1:the average weight of four sectionsA B C D are 43,46,76,87,the average
weight of A+B+C+D is57,average weight of A+B is 43,Average weight ofC+D
is 67,find out the ratio of students of section A and D?
Q2:There is a question on age?

Q3: The the ratio of the salary of ramesh and gautam one year ago is 7:9,
the ratio of their income one year ago to this yearare 4:5and 3:4.The
sum of income of both at present is 14000.find out the income of gautam?
Q4:if today 21st may 2004 is a suday then what day is on 21 may 1994?
Q5:IF one person travelat a speed of 3m/sec then how much he travels in
one hour 40 minutes?
Q 6:There is one ques like we have to add if e=0, some values are given
from which we have to find out the value for O
                                         76547 ?
Q7:There is a question based on figure ?this is common to all sets
Q8:There is a question on some input given to a machine which performs
acc to a pattern described?
Q9:the probability of students appeared for CAT is 4/5 and for MAT is 2/5.
then find out the prob. that student appeared for at least one test

this what i remember i hope this will help you people
I have cleared the written but failed in GD .The topic of my gd was Brain Drain
There was two HR person Very friendly in nature one Female n one Male.
i was fourth to start n time is around 6 minutes.Well There is always nxt time.Hope 4 de bst.
BYE ALL DE BST GUYS N GALS I have learnt from this group that NEVER GIVE UP - Redefining the way freshers get job!


Satayam paper held at m a i t on march 4, 2006
The pattern of satyam:
It consisted of 15 questions 30 minutes and 1 for correct answer,
-.25 for incorrect answer.
the question that came in my exam were as.........

ques 1
find the angle between the minute and hour hand of clock when time is 15:30
4. 90
5 none of these
ans none of these
2.if simple int after 2 yrs at the rate of this % is this and compound int is % for 1 year
find the compound int for 2 yrs (some wat like this) was like if there are 3 cats ,3 dogs ,2 parrots,1 cow they eat in wat order
then some conditions were given like
13 dogs cannot consequtively
2 the parrot can be the first or last
3 the dog and cat cannot be together
one more condition was given i cannot remmeber the whole question.

4 the question was that a statement was given and after that a sentence was given
and 5 choice
1weathear statment one alone is sufficient
2 statement 2 alone is sufficient
3 both
4 none
like this
 5 it was some figures were given and u had to find the next figure on that pattern
four figures then u had to find the fifth one
5 choices were there
8 some series was given 8 8 8 3 2 5 9 then five steps were give
step 1 series no change like this 9 8 8 8 3 2 5
step 2 some more changes were done in step 1
step 3
step 4
step 5
now u had been provided with some other series u had to find the fifth step of it

9 if mumbai: crqust :delhi :?(not exactly like this but the question was of this format)
 10 data interpretation question
a sentence was given u had to tell wat can u depict from it again 5 choices
11 age problem (r s aggarwal)
simple one
 12 one question was in form of program u had to find the out put of that
 13 speed and distance problem again from r s aggarwal
 14 this is wat all was in test i can remeber the pattern is different
from the one previously given by them
they selected 1005 students out of about 3400 for gd . - Redefining the way freshers get job!

cut off was about 7 or 8
this is all i can remeber

Refer R S aggarwal and shakuntal devi , though this time other question like
figure question and data interpretation question also came so r s aggarwal
and shakuntla devi (just one puzzle sort of question came) - Redefining the way freshers get job!

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