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									                                   CALUMET COUNTY
                         DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES

                                Mary M. Kennedy, Director
Courthouse                                                        Crisis Line (920) 849-9317
206 Court Street                                                  Crisis Line (920) 832-4646
Chilton, WI 53014-1198                                                   Fax (920) 849-1468
(920) 849-1400                                          E-mail:
 (920) 989-2700 from Appleton

                       AND HUMAN SERVICES
                          JANUARY 2003

By action of the County Board in April, 2002, the Senior Resource Center and Human
Service Departments were merged. This report, which evaluates the impact of the merger,
was requested by the County Board.

The two previous Departments identified the goals of the proposed merger to be:
 Maximize the ability to use the relatively small revenue sources available to Calumet
   County by consolidating these sources between the two Departments and seeking out
   additional revenues such as through Valley Transit
 Reduce administrative costs by consolidating functions such as billing, payables and
   financial reporting
 Use saved administrative funding to ensure services meet the needs of the aging
   population particularly in providing home delivered meals more days of the week or
   more meals per day, to develop a Peer Companion Program and to implement a true
   Resource Center
 Eliminate confidentiality and other barriers resulting from the two separate departments
   to ensure a complete “one-stop” information and assistance service to older adults
 Maximize the use of volunteers rather than paid services in order to expand the
   transportation services

As might be expected when assuming responsibility for a small department which had
experienced a significant amount of time without a Department Head, Human Services
discovered a number of administrative processes that needed stronger management controls.
Management systems were revised to:
 Develop a process for proper receipting and depositing of revenues and instituting
    checks and balances in the financial system
 Ensure proper documentation and reimbursements of employees’ hours of work in
    accordance with county policy
   Complete caregiver background checks for volunteers in accordance with state and
    county rules
   Complete final client reporting and fiscal reporting not done in 2001
   Develop a proper cost allocation system for charging off expenses to appropriate funding
   Ensure correct accounting for donations
   Institute pre-trip inspections on county vans as required by funding sources but not
    previously done

 Reduction of half time secretary
  The merger has reduced the amount of business staff between the two Departments by a
  half time position by consolidating accounting, reporting and bidding and contracting
  functions of the Senior Resource Center into Human Services’ operations. Although
  there is still a full time secretary located at the Senior Resource Center, she is assigned
  other Human Services’ functions half time. This freed up $18, 924 in funding to use to
  increase services.
 Expanding transportation services
  Volunteers are being used to the maximum; thus allowing for expanding volunteer
  transportation to weekends, nights and holidays.
 Maximizing transportation revenues
  A contract with Valley Transit has been completed to achieve savings for Calumet
  County of $19,000 in 2003 plus ending the $5000 deficit for transportation that the
  Senior Resource Center had in previous years for an overall gain of $24,000. Assuming
  this first year proceeds well, Valley Transit will consider incorporating the Senior
  Resource Center’s van service in 2004
 Increased Home Delivered Meals
  Savings from elimination of some administrative costs have been budgeted in 2003 for
  providing home delivered meals additional days of the week or for more than one meal
  per day. A system for preparing and delivering the meals when the Congregate Sites are
  not open is being investigated
 One stop information and assistance services
  The complete merger of Senior Resource Center and Human Services’ intake and
  assessment functions into a true “one-stop” service is being implemented. There is joint
  sharing of information and follow through on referrals. Staff can be used
  interchangeably when more efficient. For example, the social worker doing an in-home
  Community Options assessment can also do the Meals on Wheels assessment; thus
  avoiding duplicate visits. Consumers can get complete information on all services
  available from both Departments. A link on the county website will be added with the
  Resource Center and all other community Health and Social Service information and
  listed services to be completed by May. Complete merger, including relocation of some
  social workers, is being planned.
 Senior Advocacy
  As a result of Human Services taking over many of the functions previously done by, the
  Senior Resource Center supervisor, Mary Schlautman, has been able to significantly
  increase assistance to seniors by developing bi-monthly newspaper articles, joint
   sponsorship of Fall Cleanup with the Chilton Times, large print meal listings in the
   newspapers, access to bus trips and social activities for seniors, and expanded social and
   recreation activities at the Congregate Meal Sites. She has also expanded the newsletter
   circulation and worked in conjunction with the county nurses at the Flu Clinics to reach
   more seniors and hand out newsletters

 Implemented Senior Care, the state’s low income prescription medication payment
  system with 558 residents of Calumet County enrolled
 Implemented a reduced cost medication purchase plan through Canada in conjunction
  with a statewide organization
 Conducted all required but not previously done assessments of persons receiving Meals
  on Wheels to determine continued eligibility for the program and to assess needs for
  other services
 Developed system to ensure that volunteers are used to encourage their continued
 Completed the three year Aging Plan using a process that solicited input from key
  stakeholders and consumers of service.
 Volunteers were recognized with a dinner and program this fall with 132 in attendance
  compared to 78 in the previous year.
 Obtained cheaper vendor of supplies for Meal sites.
 Expanded resources in Resource Center to be consumer friendly by adding more display
  info racks.

 Continue investigating other means of reducing transportation costs including sharing of
  vehicles with New Hope Center, bidding the service to outside private or non-profit
  providers, possible re-certification of the vans to achieve an enhanced Medical
  Assistance rate, and developing a plan for using the current $60,000 trust fund for
  vehicle purchase to preserve it’s availability for Calumet County Develop systems to use
  transportation cost savings to expand paid van driver (non ambulatory) transportation to
  nights, weekends and holidays.
 Expand the Benefit Specialist services by equipping her with a lap top so she can
  complete applications and assistance when meeting with older adults outside the office
 Assist Seniors with their own advocacy by helping the Senior Centers write a grant to
  increase social and recreation actives and to purchase video and other equipment for the
  Meal Sites
 Develop Friendly Visitor/Peer Companion program.

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