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Title: Energy Transformed Flagship
Duration: 4m14s

Ian Kiernan AO, Chairman Clean Up The World:

“In a rapidly changing world, Australia needs to progress from the image of the clever country,
and the way to do this is to take bold and innovative steps that will deliver us new science and
technology and assure the country of a bright future.”


Imagine a future which completely revolutionises our energy use.

Imagine new conversion technologies and vastly reduced green house gas emissions.

Imagine a country without air pollution, a country that runs on hydrogen - just imagine!

The Energy Transformed Flagship is a strategic part of that future, science and technology.

By the year 2020, Australia will spend 30 billion dollars on meeting its increased national energy
needs. To manage that investment, we need both vision and leadership.

The Energy Transformed Flagship will form partnerships with government and industry.

It will work across a broad number of disciplines with four central themes.

The first theme takes advantage of CSIRO’s background in precise economic modelling and
energy futures assessment.

The Energy Futures theme will define a pathway to the hydrogen economy and to near zero
emissions from fossil fuels.

It will define for us scenarios around which we can develop policy with local, state and federal
It will charter future which is both achievable and realistic - imagine it.

The second theme, Low Emission Electricity, centres upon the generation of near zero
greenhouse gas electricity.

With CSIRO’s long standing relationships in industry we will research the burning of Australian
coals and how their greenhouse gas signature might be reduced.

Over the horizon technology and advanced efficiency will ensure neither our wealth of our
abundant natural resources nor international trade advantages will be compromised.

Our energy future is, of course, our economic future too.

Low Emission Transport is the third theme. It takes up the challenge of the new vehicle
technologies, hybrid cars and hydrogen fuel cells.
It will involve intelligent traffic systems which, by the year 2050, will reduce Australia’s national
fuel bill by one third.

A close and continued relationship with car manufacturers, with component makers and traffic
authorities ensures that this theme can achieve the highest level of both research and
development. It will do so by leap-frogging current technologies and create a bold new future for
all of us.

The fourth theme, Low Emission Distributed Generation, targets the uptake of small scale energy
generation systems.

These new systems will challenge our ideas about energy supply - where we generate power and
how much.

They will challenge ideas about integration and distribution, about investment, town planning,
power quality, reliability and the environment.

Imagine resolving all that and getting a system that we really want and really need.

Currently Australia’s energy services are amongst the most cost effective in the developed world.
But the abundance of diverse high quality energy resources, energy intensive industries and very
demanding consumers, have resulted in high greenhouse gas emissions.

We must now massively decrease these emissions, while maintaining national competitiveness.

CSIRO’s flagship program pinpoints the commercialisation of a swathe of new technologies and
development opportunities.

It represents change driven by the highest scientific and engineering standards.

We can now create our sustainable energy future - imagine it!

Contact: Ms Sam East, Communications Manager, Energy Transformed Flagship

Phone: 61 2 4960 6039