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									 Curriculum vitae
 Personal information
      First name / Surname     Pavle Jureta
                   Address     Runjačica 79a, HR - 52100, Premantura, Croatia
           Telephone home      00385 52 384 677 (after 16.00 afternoon CET+1)
                    Mobile     00385 98 255 864 (whole day)
                     E-mail or
           Internet address

               Date of birth   13. November 1971.

                    Gender     Male

      Work experience
September 2002 – up to date    Industrochem d.o.o. – Pula, production and processing of non metals,
                               Company Industrochem is daughter of the mother company Omya AG (CH) and belong to the
                               region Omya Region South & East (RSE);
                               Prvi bljesak d.o.o. – Oklaj (Drniš) – exploration, daughter of the mother company Omya AG (CH).
                               Chairman of the board in both companies, Head of Operations in Croatia.

May 2002 – September 2002      Coopcostruttori s.c.a.r.l. – Italy, Branch in Croatia
                               Execution of the tunnel ''Mala Kapela'', highway Zagreb – Bosiljevo – Split.
                               Positioned as Technical Manager, responsibility: Excavation of the south portal zone of the tunnel;

    March 1999 – May 2002      Spie Batignolles T.P. / Mediteran Union Tunel d.d.
                               Execution of the three tunnels, highway Zagreb – Rijeka, sections Vrbovsko – Bosiljevo, Ravna
                               Gora – Kupjak. Main assessment: Execution of the Tunnel Veliki Glozac, after that assistant to the
                               technical Manager.
                               Execution of the methodology projects (excavation, reinforcement, final lining, primary support
                               system, pipe-roof method etc. in details) and tender documentation for execution of the tunnel Sv.
                               Ilija – trough mountain Biokovo;
                               Execution of methodology project (excavation, reinforcement, final lining, primary support system,
                               pipe-roof method etc. in details) for railroad tunnel named ‘‘Bour Moulay Omar’’ in Marocco;
                               Execution of the methodology documentation and project details.

    April 1998 – March 1999    Bouygues T.P. – Branch in Croatia
                               Adriatic motorway ''Istarski Y'', Istria peninsula, 47 km of half-motorway. Main assessment:
                               Assistant to the chief of site – in all 5 sections, main responsibility: drilling and blasting job and land
                               renting and expropriation.

   March 2005– June 2008.    Faculty of economics and tourism ''Dr. Mijo Mirkovic'' in Pula, University in Pula.
                             Master of science - degree in entrepreneurship and macroeconomic management - MBA.
                             Mentor: Prof.Dr.Sc. Marija Buselic, members of commission: Dr.Sc.Suomitri Sharma (Economic
                             Faculty – University in Pula, and Dr.Sc. Darko Vrkljan, Mining, geology and petroleum engineering
                             faculty – University in Zagreb.
                             ‘’Economy in exploration of the mineral resources as a precondition for ecological sustainable

  October 1991 – July 1997   Faculty of mining, geology and petroleum engineering in Zagreb, University in Zagreb.
                             Finished and get university degree 11. July 1997. as Dipl. Mining engineer – B.Sc.Eng. – Specialty
                             in geotechincs .(according to the Bologna directions – IX semesters).
                             Main subject in diploma work was ''Status of stress between two parallel tunnel tubes’’. Mentors:
                             Mrs. Lidija Frgic (professor), Mr. Mladen Hudec (professor).

September 1986 – May 1990    High school ''Rudjer Boskovic'', in Zagreb – specialty in precise mechanics


        Mother tongue(s)     Croatian

     Foreign language (1)    English – in reading and writing (used as official language in all projects I've worked)
     Foreign language (2)    German – basics

 Organizational skills and   Organization skills and competences are used everyday in my main assessment as a
            competences      Country Manager – as leader of the both Croatian teams as main part of the mother
                             ownership international company. Coordination between Sales and Finance departments.

                                  -     Croatian teams are constituted from 31 employers in Industrochem d.o.o. and 9
                                        employers in Prvi Bljesak d.o.o. –Drnis,

                             Both companies are production companies and mainly export orientated companies.

    Technical skills and     Various, implementing project assessments into organization and team work. Coordination
         competences         between team members as a team leader (and a member). During mining engineering
                             study I was appointed as assistant to the professor Hudec for subjects: ''Mechanics I –
                             static’s, and Mechanics II – dynamics and kinematics'' – for two years and after for Subject
                             ''Material resistance''.
                             I have finished fourth degree of English course in Zagreb/Pula (1998);
                                  - Passed ‘’State exam’’ in Ministry of economics, work and entrepreneurship –
                                        license to get over leading position’s in mining and similar industry – 2000;
                                  - License for surface blasting – issued in Ministry of Internal affairs – 2000;
                                  - License for underground blasting – issued in Ministry of Internal affairs – 2002;
                                  - ISO procedure (leading, following and improving of the quality system in each
                                        project I was worked);

    Computer skills and      - MS Windows operating system (XP Pro), MS. Office programs using in everyday work
         competences         (Excel, Word, and Power Point).
                             - AutoCAD 2006 pro and earlier versions – I am using in everyday work. (2D in complete
                             knowledge and 3D basics).
                             - Some other programs mainly develop for tunneling (Montabert Robofore drill rigs – three
                             arms), Surpack viewer, ArcGIS - Arcreader);
Other skills and competences        -   Issued professional articles in Summaries – Survey Faculty – University in Osijek
                                        and Faculty of mining, geology and petroleum engineering in Zagreb, University
                                        in Zagreb;
                                    -   Issued professional articles in magazine (mining and construction) ''Mineral'';
                                    -   Issued article with subject prior to entering to EU – facts and consequences;
                                    -   Get rewards for best entrepreneur for 2003, 04 and 05;

           Driving license(s)           B category

      Additional information        -   Married - three daughters (Dora 13 years, Klara 6 years and Marta 3 years);
                                    -   I can start to work with in 6 months period of time – due to the present managerial
                                        contract obligation, could be adaptable;
                                    -   Willing to change living place together with my family;
                                         In free time I am practicing mountain biking or spending time with my family;

                                Pavle Jureta

Application letter,

Dear Sir or Madame,

   I am applying to MRG (Mining recruitment Group) for possibility of my job change in close
future, bearing in my mind with full responsibility, that you represent Canadian executive-search
recruitment Group, as it is stated in your web site.
   Currently, I am employed in international company (Omya - CH) – world leader in calcium
carbonate fillers production - as chairman of the board – MD of the two daughter companies in
Croatia (operations activities in Croatia).
   In 1997. I finished Mining-petroleum and geology Faculty, as dipl.eng. in mining (geo technics)
- University in Zagreb and in 2008. finished Master Degree in Faculty for economics, University of
Pula with total 11 years of working experience.
   During my pervious working period of life I was part of international construction companies
which execute several projects (tunneling) in Croatia. Last 7 years I am working in production and
   Main reason why I am applying is my whish for change. Since 7 years I am working in leading
positions and wont to change way of work, culture and life. My family is in line with my whish.
   We, as family, are aware of consequences e.g. moving in Canada, and that would be a great
step for us but still we have strength and no fear to do it. My wife is nurse and we have three
   Hope that you will understand my application and if there is any chance for further discussion,
please fell free to contact me on above mentioned address or telephone, or e-mail.

           Best regards and thanks in advance!

           In Premantura, 07. December 2009

           Pavle Jureta


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